The Devil's Chamber Part 12

Two black Mercedes Benz SUV’s pull up in front of the Lazy Dragon Dojo. Elizabeth and Leslie watched as a young woman with long curly dark brown hair that came past her shoulders and wearing a tailored business suit walks towards the Dojo. Walking beside her was a black hairy dog.

Casey looks down at Zeus as he walks beside her as they headed towards the Dojo door. Zeus was one of her best-behaved Belgium Shepard. Where her Uncle Jack raised Wolves, she raised Belgium Shepards. They got the same training her Uncle gave his wolves.

She was asked by her Aunt Basset to come to the Dojo and bring back the girls that had been rescued by agents that work for her Uncle Jack. She was told to ask for Elizabeth Sumner and the Dojo owner, Ginja Kimiko.

Elizabeth and Leslie watched as she comes walking up to the door. Just as she approaches the door, Elizabeth opens it.

“Can I help you?” Elizabeth wonders who this young lady was.

“Hi, I’m Casey Holland and this is Zeus. We were sent here by Countess Charlotte Basset. I was told to ask for an Elizabeth Sumner and the owner of this Dojo a Ginja Kimiko.” Casey had a pleasing smile on her face.

Elizabeth notice she had an Irish accent and carried herself like someone who had been in the military. She noticed a scar along the length of her neck. It started at the bottom of her right ear and went all the way down her neck to her collarbone. Elizabeth looks down at Zeus and wonders if he was as trained as Jack’s wolves were.

When she looks back to Casey “I’m Elizabeth Sumner, and Ms. Ginja Kimiko is in the back cleaning up her kitchen.”

“May I come in?” Casey knew Elizabeth worked for her Uncle.

“Sorry, Elizabeth steps aside to let her and Zeus come in.” She looks towards Leslie to see if her sensei would object to an animal being in her Dojo.

Casey walks in with Zeus following her. He glances at the two women, but then ignore them.

“Let me go and get my sensei, Miss. Holland.” Leslie heads towards the kitchen where Elizabeth’s assistant and Kantha were enjoying a cup of
tea. She looks in the changing room and finds Ginja straightening up the changing room.

“Sensei, Countess Charlotte Basset’s representative is here and would like to talk with you. Also, she has a dog with her.” Leslie didn’t know how Ginja would react to it.

“Is it well trained?” Ginja looks at her student.

“Yes, ma’am.” Leslie looked puzzled.

“All creatures are permitted here.” Ginja puts her broom away and heads towards the front.

The girls they rescued and checked over were doing better. A few of them were going to need rehab to overcome the drugs they had been given. Ginja had them drinking a tea mixture that would help them. Before those girls leave, she wanted to mix up some packets for them to take with them.

Elizabeth watched Casey and Zeus as they watched the girls. She wonders if Zeus was trained like Jack’s wolves were.

“Casey is Zeus trained like your Uncle Bounty’s wolves?” Elizabeth knew she never wanted to have them come after her.

“Yes, Zeus is trained just like my Uncle Jack’s wolves. All my Belgium Shepherds are. Unlike my Uncle, I breed Belgium Shepherds. Zeus is the third Belgium Shepherd to carry his sire’s name.” Casey scratches him between his ears.

“Does your family line always breed dogs?” Elizabeth couldn’t believe she was looking at a female version of her boss.

“Yes and no. Uncle Jack is the only one who breeds wolves. My father breeds Irish Wolfhound’s and Great Uncle Sheamus and Uncle Nolan breed horses. Aunt Shannon breeds Red Deer’s.” Casey had several family members that had pets from either her Uncle’s or from her and her father.

Leslie and Ginja arrive “I’m Ginja Kimiko, Miss. Holland.” Ginja holds out her hand.

Casey shakes it “it’s nice to meet you, Ms. Kimiko. This is Zeus.”

Ginja looks at the black shaggy dog sitting next to Casey “my, he is a handsome fellow. May I scratch his ears?”

“He’s kind of protective, Ms. Kimiko.” Casey knew Zeus didn’t like being touched by anyone, except her.

“I have ways with animals.” Ginja looks into Zeus’s eyes.

Zeus just watches the woman in front of him. She was a friendly kind person. He didn’t react when she scratched him between his ears. If nothing else, he wagged his tail.

Casey stood there stun. Zeus never lets anyone other than family touch him. She watches as Ginja kneels in front of Zeus and petted him like he was her puppy.

Ginja notices the stunned look on all three women “I have a way with animals.” She stands back up and faces them.

“Now, you work for Countess Charlotte Basset?” Ginja could tell from Casey’s aura that she was a good woman, but there were some bad spots on her aura that showed she had been injured.

“She’s my aunt and asked me to bring the ladies you rescued to a private airfield the family owns. She figures the girls might be more comfortable without a lot of people around them.” Casey knew her aunt owned a few Lear Jets, just like her Uncle’s and grandmother.

“I can see how that would be a good idea. Will the Countess be there?” Ginja wanted to meet her and thank her for everything she was doing.

“Yes, ma’am. My aunt will be there.” Casey knew her aunt would be at the airport. She wanted to give the girls a gift before they left.

“Sensei, would you mind if we came with you?” Leslie knew Bobby wanted to go as well.

“I don’t mind. Will you be coming, Elizabeth?” Ginja turns to face Elizabeth.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be going with you. I want to make sure the girls get to the plane and head home safely. I know my boss would want me too.”
Elizabeth knew Anika would want her to.

“Very well. I have two SUV’s waiting to take the girls to the airfield.” Casey had brought two of the families armored SUV to transport the girls.
Elizabeth follows behind the two black SUV’s they headed towards the airfield. She had Isla, Leslie, and Bobby in her car. Ginja and her daughter were riding in the second SUV with some of the girls. Casey, her driver, and Zeus were in the first SUV with the other half of the girls.

“Elizabeth, Isla says you’re a US Marshal? How come you’re over here in England busting people?” Bobby was curious about that.

“Well, I’m over here helping my wife with her fashion show. Secondly, I have medic training from the army and Mrs. Shigeko felt my talents would be helpful.” Elizabeth looks in her rear-view mirror towards Bobby.

Bobby was sitting in the back along with Isla. Leslie was riding up front with Elizabeth. Elizabeth noticed that Leslie was hovering four metal ball bearing in her hand. They were a good three inches hovering above her palm.

“How are you doing that, Leslie?” Isla was amazed at what Leslie was doing.

“Magic.” Leslie had a sly smile on her face.

“I don’t believe in magic.” Isla never believed in magic.

“It’s really amazing, isn’t it?” Bobby knew about Leslie’s little magic trick.

“Really, how do you do that trick, Leslie?” Elizabeth glances at Leslie.

“As long as you keep the secret.” Leslie doesn’t tell many people about her abilities.

“I promise.” Elizabeth knew how stage magician was.

“I was struck by lightning when I was younger. It gave me the ability to do this and a really nice branded tattoo.” She couldn’t show them the brand.

“You got struck by lightning and survived?” Isla was amazed. Everything she ever read, people died from getting struck by lightning.

“Yea, I’m one of the lucky ones.” Leslie knew she was lucky about being struck.

“So, the lightning gave you, telekinesis’s?” Elizabeth was curious about that.

“Yep, it gave me a gift, but left me with its mark,” Leslie remembered the night it happened.

They finally arrive at the private airport. Countess Basset was there waiting on them. She comes out to greet them and the girls.

Elizabeth looks at the Countess and couldn’t see any family features in her that would relate her to Jack. As the girls are loading onto the two Lear Jets. Custom agents scanned their bags and the bags Mrs. Basset gave them.

When one of the customs agents got to close to Casey, a growling sound could be heard coming from Zeus. The customs agent backs off. He looks at the dog as it stood near Casey.

“You were to close to me and him. He doesn’t like people being close to him.” Casey knew Zeus was just like her uncle’s wolf Chaos.

Isla looks at the girls and hopes things will be better for them. She wonders if their family back home will be forgiven.

“Worrying about the girls, Isla?” Countess Basset walks over to the group that had been watching the girls.

Isla looks at the Countess and wonders how she knew her name. There was a surprised look on her face towards the Countess.

“I know everyone that help those girls, Isla.” Countess Basset was kept up to date on everyone involved.

Elizabeth just smirks. She sounded just like her brother. Elizabeth also knew she was the head of MI 5 & 6.

Countess Basset looks towards Leslie and Bobby. The report she got on Leslie was surprising. She learned that Leslie was transgender and was waiting to get her surgery. Her stage magician talents would be an asset either for her brother’s team or for her department. They could use her status as a performer to send her to places to spy for them.

As for Isla, she was already working on paperwork for her if she wanted to go to the States with Elizabeth’s wife’s company. Bobby, she knew he would never leave the country. He had family here.

They watch the girls fly off. Countess Basset looks at everyone left.

“Why don’t we return to my place and I fix you all dinner?” She looks towards the group.

Kantha looks towards her mother. She still felt uneasy being out in public, after what happened.

“You’ll be fine, Kantha. No one would be stupid enough to attack my aunt.” Casey saw how Kantha was acting a little nervous. She could read
body language like it was a second language to her.

Kantha looks at Casey and wonders how she geuss. She feels Ginja squeeze her hand.

“That is a wonderful ideal, Countess.” Ginja figured it gave her a chance to know more about the Countess.

“Then it’s settled. If you’ll follow me back to my home.” Countess Basset walks over towards her car.

“Lead on.” Elizabeth heads back to her car and Leslie, Bobby, Kantha, and Ginja head towards one of the SUV’s.

They follow in a convoy towards Countess Basset country estate.

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