Complete the Look Part 2

“WHAT THE HELL,” said Erica. “That wasn’t me speaking.”

“It was, Erica. I gave you a little bit of a psychological nudge when I transformed you so you wouldn’t constantly resist being a girl. If you really hate it, I’ll change you back, but first, go relax in your room, I have something to do, and then we’re going to the mall.”

“Okay. That also explains why I respond to Erica without protest.”

“Indeed.” Erica went to her room, which kind of felt weird for her. She wished it wasn’t so boyish, which was uncomfortable, as ten minutes ago it was fine. She decided that if she liked being a girl she would fix that. “I doubt I will though,” she thought.

15 minutes later, his sister knocked on her door. They went to the car together, Erica walking in her heels like she’d been doing it her entire life. As they were driving to the mall, they got in traffic, so they had tons of time to talk. “Why did you turn me into a girl, it’s kind of mean. Also how?”

“Sorry I just thought it would be a great way to bond while Mom and Dad are in Europe. I learned that spell and its reverse a few years ago from a book. I’ve mostly used it to teach guys a lesson. In fact, I’ve secretly dated guys just to teach them to not be sexist.”

“Interesting,” Erica said, not actually sure how to respond. “So what’s the plan at the mall?”

“I’ll tell you as we go along.”

They finally got to the mall and parked, and walked in. Erica followed Alyssa from the entrance into the mall, taking a left, and beelining to a store. When they entered, Erica saw it was a lingerie store.

“So, you need some bras and panties. You’re the same size as me for panties, but a cup bigger than me, so I’ll help you look. You’re looking for 34DD bras. They bought bras, some practical, some more flirty. Alyssa secretly switched all the boyshorts Erica tried to get with thongs and cheeky panties.

About half an hour later they went to the next store. It was a big clothing store, which pretty much everything she needed. As they shopped, Erica genuinely found that she really liked skirts and dresses. Her favorite dresses all had flower prints on them. She couldn’t believe it, but she was really enjoying it.

“Are we going to get makeup?” asked Erica, almost excited.

“Yeah, but it’ll take only ten or so minutes, I know what to get for you.” About ten minutes later, they were done. They headed to the car and drove home.

“Did you enjoy your day?”

“Yeah! And that’s half me actually thinking that!”

“Well, this will only get better...”

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