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Cindy though.

She has this smile when she seen Anika and her bunch looking our way and looking pissed and she passes me this box of staples.

I look at her. “They’re M&M’s just make sure she sees the box as you eat them.”

I hug her. “Oh, oh you are a crafty woman. Have I said how much I like you?”

Jenn looks at me. “Hey, you have Alex you can’t have Cindy too.”

We all laugh and Alex actually films me with his phone opening the box of staples and me tipping it back and eating them.

I do a happy really big snarky mouth closed and eating smile.

And Alex posts it up.

And someone’s seen me doing this and they pointed it out to Anika.

She gives me this a little freaked look and it shifts to this hard stare and I meet it in this across the cafeteria show down and I toast her with the box of staples and I have some more.

And look right at her and chew.

*And Now…

I’m not going to be a bully about it really but I’m definitely going with this.

And the staff are there watching and while they’re not doing anything about the looks Anika seems like she’s been definitely put on notice.

I let it go as we come up with some really good ideas.

Alex is kinda big in this with a whole bunch of the ideas being his.

Like the A/V club doing YouTube videos and other school related media stuff and things for the teams and the clubs. And then he has the idea of shot yearbook profiles with little videos and compilations that we could put together in a digital yearbook which will have links and stuff with like all the games, all the club wins and hobbies, plays and productions. This gets spitballed into the Drama club actually doing all they’re skits and things but also that we can get the Yearbook Club and The Computing club in on all of this.

And I get some of this on my phone.

I look at everyone. “Alex and I have practice and work tonight but how about tomorrow we all show up here with whatever ideas that we got and we can hash them out and we’ll bring the food. Anyone allergic to anything or like have menu restrictions?”

I get a few notes of what people can’t have and then we’re done and back to class.

I saved some of my staples to finish and to crunch as we’re filing out of the cafeteria and she and her little friends get a good look at that.

“Those aren’t real.” One of her friends sneers at me.

“People is plastic houses shouldn’t throw stones hon.”

She looks confused, and that seems to make her mad at me.

“You think that you’re so fucking smart don’t you/’

I chomp some more staples. “I do okay in classes, but I’m not smart, smart like some of the people here. Now if you mean I’m fucking smart well then that, that’s pretty damned true.”

She looks confused again and so do the others.

Jenn floats by holding hands fingers interlace with Cindy’s. “Heather, Heather, Heather, Heather.’ she says to all four of them and she gives me a nod. “Veronica.”

They look even more confused and I crack, I can’t help it because I’ve seen the movie “Heathers.” TBS played it a lot on TV.

It stopped them enough with the confusion that we moved on and were laughing and Kat Tremaine from Drama ended up laughing her ass off with us.

It was kinda this cool sight I think me this sort of semi-punk and semi-prep with two cheerleaders and Kat who’s this like really kind of artsy girl with the whole colorful leggings as pants and the oversized artist shirt as this semi-dress and the belt over that with a her hair in like five different colored tippings and up in a bun.

Sure it definitely earned up like hate points from all the socialites like Anika and her friends but it also got looks that we’re kinda blurring the lines here.

And honestly I’m still not doing that kind of thing anywhere close to Cindy and Jenn who are strongly pushing the envelope with their PDA and being Out and Lesbian and popular girls from being on the cheer squad.

I’m Intersexed and I’m Trans.

Yes you can be both.

Like I’ve pretty much recovering from stuff that was done to make me normal and I’m Trans because for the vast bulk of my life I thought that I was a guy. And I’m still like other trans people not putting out the right hormones for me to grow as a woman.

And then there’s the whole once guy me coming to grips with thinking that I was gay and a heavy femme at that.

So this kind of stuff means a lot to me.

I’m not out or anything and I’ve like pretty much started my whole life over.

But the whole LGBT+ stuff means things to me.

And like given mom and Cliff, especially fucking Cliff and his nazis skinhead full on gay hating ideology and his family and well friends...I’ve seen the bad side of that.

And some of the people around here might not be open and say that hateful bullshit but they’re going to think it and if they could they would do something.

Bigotry or Racism doesn’t vanish because you slap a polo shirt over it and a sweater vest.

So yeah my snarky assed friends are brave and well they’re pretty complicated too.

We part ways to class and Jenn looks at me. “You know I’m bringing tupperware right? That my ass is broke now right?”

I laugh. “We’ll make plenty, there will be take away from this.”

The rest of the day is pretty much just classes and having fun and I have study hall in there too which lets me post up the video that I took of Alex talking and spitballing ideas with people and I caption it with.

“Homecoming King talking and already running our working court.”

And I post it up to my Facebook page and to the school’s Facebook page as well.

I get most of my other class work done and play around with a few more ideas in my scribbler and then it’s off to Practice to watch Alex and The guys do their thing while I sit down closer than some of those “Player Wives” and I cheer them one.

No not like the cheerleaders who are there too.

I’m NOT a cheerleader, mostly because in no universe am I that athletic.

So I yell, happy yell, do the two finger whistles for them and for Alex especially.

I actually like doing this too.

There has been so much bad in my life that actually doing something like rooting for my boyfriend as cliche as it is feel actually pretty good.

And I have to admit I get a kick out of watching him not just do his thing on the football field but actually looking like he’s starting to enjoy it again.

And then there’s the after them practicing in the field bonus of the stop and kissing before he and the guys head to the showers.

And there’s that smell.

When Alex comes off of the field he’s still hot, like not sexy hot but like body hot and things sort of haven’t had a chance to get too funky.

It’s still funky.

It’s still sweat but there’s this very sexy and kinda hormone charge there.

Okay maybe it’s just me but that kiss after he runs in off of the field or a few kisses gets to me.

Gives me this little ping of girly-yay.

Which I actually don’t mind.

And on some days when they go to the weight room after they did stuff on the field I get to go inside and watch.

Most of the other girls don’t bother but I like watching Alex lift. Like in that whole pro styled gym kinda way.

I guess the other girls got bored of it and stuff but hell not me and not yet.

And this gives me another idea for tomorrow too.

Which I’m writing down as I’m waiting for Alex and it’s so worth the wait too because when he comes out he’s all shower and workout fresh and he’s pretty awesomely affectionate too.

So there’s some very nice kissing after he gets out from changing and after we do a few minutes of that we end up walking out together and holding hands all the way to the parking lot and the car.

I know soppy right?

I’m kinda loving it.

I will honestly admit that I’m really a sucker for this stuff and that I’m kinda love starved too, touch starved.

And then it’s off to work for our afternoon shifts.

Work was pretty cool but busy as we got a bunch of like old stock in from this estate bulk sale the boss scored and we’ve tons of all this freak stuff in clothes and shoes and everything from like the 60’s and 70’s in like clothing styles.

And of course there are things that I’m getting for myself with the bosses okay.

There’s this diamond tight knit dress that is in this limestone grey/green and it just looks classy and hugging.

This three blue toned almost tye-dyed looking fashioned thin sweater that is kinda eye popping but would look very cool under something else like a zip front hoodie or a jacket.

And two pairs of these vintage platform four inch ankle boots one in black and the other in suede.

And they’re full platforms and not like the platform pumps that you see these days.

Then there’s this suede matching vest and skirt.

It was in bad shape until the boss let me mend it and keep it and it’s that nice dark brown suede too which I can set off with black leggings and a cool belt and probably a really cool rock band shirt.

I’m pretty hyped with the finds and the discount and I work my butt off getting things cleaned and sorted to make up for her being so cool.

I’m in such a good mood when I go to meet Alex and he had his hot self and a coffee and a caramel drizzled brownie for me with him which I share as we lean on the car and we kiss.

Actually he picked me up and sat me on the hood of the car while it was warming up and I sat with him between my legs and we were kissing that way and me feeding him bites of my brownie with my fingers.

Yeah we totally do that until the brownie is gone and most of my coffee and I’ve a nice chocolate rush and a coffee hit as he opens my door and we head to Krogers.

I am still kind of blown away at the stuff in real stores and not the places that I used to go for food.

And it’s still like some sort of sweepstakes show that Alex and I can go and just get whatever we want in groceries when we want it.

And man...transportation makes a difference.

It some of the shitty neighborhood 7-11 sort of places and gas stations and things a cucumber was like two or even three bucks and that’d be almost a week of instant ramen.

Here in the store because we can drive there and carry stuff in the trunk we can buy stuff at these kinds of prices that I’m just not used to. Like that same frigging cucumber is sixty cents.

We get three.

I will learn to like them more at that price.

Alex is pretty strong on the healthy stuff so it’s no problem getting veggies and things like that and he gets extras of things and some of it’s stuff that I don’t know what it’s like with the zucchini and eggplant and some of the stuff I do recognize as being things for making pasta sauce like the canned tomatoes and even some of these bottled sauces and then there’s like the fresh pasta sheets and things to bake them off in.

“So we’re making pasta?”

“We’re making pasta, a veggie lasagna and a regular one so others can cut what they want and microwave it tomorrow and a big salad.”

“So you know how to make a this because I don’t.”

“Pretty much I looked it up the only big trick will be the topping for the vegan one.”

“Can I help?”

Alex leans over and kisses me. “I’d love that.”

He’s one of those organized guys and at the same time he’s an artist so it’s like he’s already got this picture of things in his head.

Then he puts on some music and it’s just the radio but I like the radio. I like news and the D.J. talking and I like even some of the jingles and commercials too and Detroit unlike some places still has some really good and still followed old school radio channels.

Then we’re cutting things together like the veggies while he’s making a pot of sauce that’s like neutral so we can use it for everything.

The sauce is just some onion chopped up and garlic and olive oil and when that was done he put in salt and pepper, bay leaf and a little sugar and then the tomatoes and the jars of shelf made sauce and then he turned it on really low.

And some stuff is just new to me with the cooking thing like Alex buzzing up seasoned croutons that he got in this big bags from the bread department and both the lasagna trays get a coating of olive oil and dusted in the bread crumbs.

There’s a pan with ground beef and pork fried until loose and crumbled and he has that in a bowl with paper towel to suck up the grease while he did that with some sausage.

And then there’s another pan with the zucchini, a whole bunch of these mushrooms and the eggplant simmering in with these artichoke things that are in Italian seasoning? It looks like salad dressing that fancy kind but like they pickled it?

Alex feeds me a quarter of one and it’s really strange tasting. Not bad but I can’t place what it tastes like to me. Well artichoke I guess...right?

But that’s a really good way to do some kissing and finger sucking as I feed him one as well and then he has his arms around my waist and we’re kissing and dancing a little.

I like dancing, I do. I liked going out and dancing with the girls and I want to do that again just because it was really fun.

But this is slow dancing to Clapton and the whole relationship thing with the care and the comfort and the sway dancing.

I even get to place my head on his chest and do that which is sooo good. Dancing this way in like romantic but it’s also like getting hugged and held too and putting my head there is really restful.

It doesn’t take that long before all of the fixings are done and the rest is the sauce. Which Alex takes off of the tove and actually puts it in the oven and sets the timer.

And we head over to our other stuff and start studying and doing the rest of our classwork together.

Him and me...the radio, the apartment starting to smell just amazing and just doing this together.

We even help each other.

Alex is really good at stuff like History.

I’m better in English and we’re both about the same in Math and Physics but we trade off.

And we talk about the ideas that I have and that we have and some of it we actually work on.

Like having the A/V club doing some of the social media stuff with the Computer Club. But also filming and putting up our games and other things on Youtube so it’s able to be watched by others and do like special clips that are added in. And with all of those as an idea we’re thinking that we could get the Varsity Boosters to see the value of maybe raising some of the usual money that they do for new and better camera equipment.

Alex shows me a sketch that blows me away and it’s this push styled lawn mower that has the body of an old classic car sort of.

“Small engine shop can fix them up and auto-shop does autobody so maybe they could do something like this to auction it off for money.”

I’m smiling and nodding. “And it could be like a semester project or something too.”

There’s a bunch of ideas too with things like letter writing to all sort of companies for help and even to ask in guest speakers for some of the clubs. A/V for example could see some of the local TV people come in and maybe even more and them coming to us might draw interest in the programs and the school.

Wood shop for making some greenhouses that the Biology students can extra credit in and then the cafeteria staff could use whatever we grow there.

Student art and auctions.

A school Etsy page.

I even type some of this stuff up.

It is all kinds of thrilling to do this with him and talk and spend time with him and us being all connected on the same wavelength.

I know it’s likely this whole girl thing and hormone thing but it is really something that lights me up inside.

And him too?

It definitely pulls us together and into another make out session.

Which lasts until the oven timer goes off.

Then he’s up and starting to see to stuff and I put our things away and set aside and ready for tomorrow then join him.

He thawed some pizza dough while we were doing things at some point and he has that out and he gets me to roll it out thin in two sheets on the table while he’s got his cast iron frying pan out and heating?

Then the lasagna is actually pretty easy when it comes to putting it together with sauce, pasta, sauce, pasta, fillings and sort of repeat. The vegan one gets the eggplant and mushrooms and stuff as it’s main layer plus a layer of tomatoes sliced up and another of bell peppers all sliced up. It looks great when it’s all put together.

The meat one well gets meat and the ground beef and pork is a main layer and the sausage is another and then he does this Chicago layer that’s ricotta cheese and diced up sport peppers.

And the dough and the hot cast iron pan is for our supper as he brushes the dough with olive oil and some of the chopped garlic and onions and gets it all stuck to the dough and the he puts it in the pan and it sizzles and he pushes it out to the side like a pie and then he takes all the leftovers from the two lasagnas we made and he even has three layers of the sheet pasta from the trimmings and he did it like this lasagna meets a calzone as he puts the rest of the sauce over the very top and covers it with the other half of the dough.

It doesn’t take long to cook either and the time gets past by Alex picking me up and setting me on the counter for more kissing.

And this time we really get deeply into it. I like it when I’m up here like this it feels fun and it feel like this is the stuff like I really came so close to never knowing.

I like the little sexual boost to the kissing when I hook him in between my legs into place even though we’re still dressed. It makes the kissing feel hotter.

It does there’s that edge to it.

And Alex takes that up a notch too with his hands and touching me, and doing all these amazing things with my really sensitive breasts.

Then I take it up a notch by taking off his shirt and he does the same with me and then it’s passionate kisses and more and more until we make love.

Oh god it’s super hot and super dumb too as we make love on the kitchen counter.

It’s true it’s like in the movies and it’s so damned hot and sexy and spontaneous.

And the most uncomfortable place really.

It’s like messy as we’re knocking things over and I almost burn my hand as I’m supporting my weight trying to get leverage and put my hand onto of the stove which is still super hot from the oven being on.

And I’m loud.

Really loud.

Alex has this amazing footing and leverage here and that lets him….use all him power and all of that muscle that he has...I screamed in the best way, screamed for more and harder and just screamed in joy and only muffling it when I was biting into his skin.

My brain was in this whole vortex of passion and being dazed by it all when Alex carried me to the couch and grabbed the comforter from the end of the couch and wrapped me in it.

He was gone just a few minutes getting our food and he brought over two drinks and forks and the pan and we ate it right from the pan and on the floor both naked and in that post great sex sort of floaty place and we watched on of the movies that he wanted me to see this take off Robin Hood that has the guy that played Wesley in The Princess Bride.

We fed each other, kissed and laughed while he showed me “Robin Hood, Men in tights.”

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