Red is for Embarrassment ..... and my new panties.

Red is for Embarrassment – and my new panties.

It’s so hard to deny when you blush so easily.

An AP-500 story

“You’ve been wearing my panties again, haven’t you?”

I tried to deny it – but I felt the rush of blood as my cheeks flared beetroot-red.

“Why do you do this, darling? Is it the feel of them in the hand or against your skin? I know I like silks and satins – is that what attracts you? Or is it something deeper – more about the girliness and femininity of it all? ………. I do need you to speak y’know!”

“It’s the whole thing really. I love the material – so different from normal. I love the colours, the patterns. I love the feel of the panties when I put them on and especially the feel of whatever I wear on top.”

“D’you mean you don’t just wear them with jeans and so on. What else of mine have y9ou been wearing. I thought it was just the panties.”

I hesitated.

“Oh, come on, Charles. You can tell I’m not angry. Puzzled, yes. Concerned, maybe. Angry, no. Not unless you lie to me.”

“I’ve tried on your skirt.”

“Just the one, hmmm? And what did it feel like.”

“Well, the long felt so strange as it swirled, if that’s the word, around my legs. Then I tried a short one. But I didn’t like the feel of the tweedy one – too scratchy. Then I found a lined one – and that felt nice.”

“So just panties and skirts, yes.”

“You shouldn’t blush so blindingly, my sweetie. Some more truth please. Concealing stuff is a sort of lie too. So, what else.”

“I tried on a couple of dresses. Those felt much nicer. But they looked wrong on the top.”

“What no boobage for my boy. Can’t allow that.” And her expression had to be a smirk.

“I couldn’t find a way to make it look right. A bra is one thing – but filling it – couldn’t work out how. I did wonder.”


“What it felt like to have things like that stuck on your chest.”

“Well, honey. If you’re wondering to that degree then you will be speaking with a professional. I’ll help as much as I can. Dressing-up, that I can just about cope with. Looking at more complex trans-type issues, that we need help with. And wondering about boobs – I can offer some ideas. If you want to try.”

My expression must have been a giveaway.

“So, more than dressing-up. Do you wank before, during or after?”

Eeeeel-Yuk-Whimper I couldn’t believe what mum was asking.. I mumbled, “Sometimes.”

“So, it’s not really about getting a sex thrill? Do you ‘feel you should have been a girl?’ ‘ Are you actually a girl in disguise’ or is it just a love of the clothes?”

“It’s mostly the clothes and the way they feel. But I do wonder about going out. Maybe to go to town en femme.”

“My, you do know some of the jargon. We’d better get you some panties of your own then – as a start.”

“Red, please.”

And she smiled.

This is a 500 word (basic text) story that anyone can build on if they wish. AP

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