"Look what I've found!"

"Look what I’ve found!"

Finders Keepers, Suitcase Peepers.

Another AP-500 story

Jeff had pulled the suitcase out of the hedge. We’d dragged it back to the house so we could investigate it properly. The first glance had shown that it was full of clothes. Girl’s clothes, or women’s clothes maybe.

“Hey, look.” Jeff held up a bra – we’d seen enough on the web to know what it was.

“What size is it?” asked Ken.

“Wat’cher want to know that for?” I said, (Pete).

“If it’s small – then this is girl’s stuff. If it’s big it’s mum-stuff.”

“It says 30 A – what’s that mean?”

“Come on. All the stuff on the websites – 36 is ordinary. There’s women going up to 40 and 45 and 50. Enormous. Tits like footballs.”

“30A is for girls. A is for boob and A is tiny. And 30 is the roundabout measurement.”

“Cor, Ken, you seem to know somethin’ about it all.”

“Well, yeah. I’ve got me mum who wanders round in her dressing gown. Three sisters older than me and Diane who’s a bit younger. Even if she’s taller than me already. I know too much about girls and what they get up to.”

“It’s good that you know about bras,” chirped Rod.

“Too much sometimes. They tried to dress me up one time. I learnt more than I ever needed about girl’s stuff that time. Not for me.”

“What was it like, eh?”

“Wat’yer mean. It was girls’ stuff. Not for me. Even if Di said I looked ever-so-pretty. Yuk.”

“Didn’t you enjoy any of it. Some of this stuff’s awfully pretty!” Oops. I had to ask.

“You wouldn’t like it if you were forced to wear stuff.”

“Nah. But what if someone tried it on for fun. Instead of being made to or forced to.”

“Are you suggestin’ ?”

“No. Just wonderin’. There’s a lot of stuff here. We should at least check it out. Perhaps there’s some stuff to give to your sisters or my sister – we’d gain some points if we gave them some nice prezzies, yeh?”

“Seems a funny way to find them some presents by trying it on first.”

“Oh, come on. When are we ever going to have a chance like this again. And if it doesn’t fit, we’ve wasted ten minutes. If any of it does fit, we can pretend a bit more. Y’know.”

Eventually, three curious just-teenage boys couldn’t resist investigating. We tried everything. And some of them felt so … different. Once we’d struggled with the buttons being inside out, we got on better. Eventually, it turned out that more things fit me than any of the others. I was taller but skinnier. The bra fit me – that felt just ‘really-weird’. The panties – nice-weird, the skirt – draughty-weird, the shoes – I couldn’t stand properly in them so found myself tottering round trying to keep my balance.

But after a while – I got used to them. I liked them. They felt ….. pleasing and …… I wasn’t excited by the clothes but there was something nice about them.

An AP-500 story (500 words basic text) available for anyone to take over and build on. AP

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