Complete the Look Part 3

The next morning, Erica woke up with uncertainty on her mind. She was excited to wear her new clothes, but at the same time had become uncomfortable wearing girls clothing. She decided to wear the clothing closest to her boys clothes. She changed into a new bra and pair of panties, both of which were turquoise. She a pair of skinny jeans, which her ass looked really nice in. She then found a white shirt with the Led Zeppelin logo on it and put it on. Looking in the closet mirror, she found that she could see her bra through the shirt. She kind of like the way she could see the lace, but hated the pants. She change into a white shirt that drooped of her shoulders and a baby pink pleated skirt. “Much better,” she thought. “I guess I shouldn’t have doubted my situation.

After breakfast with her sister, they began makeup lessons. Erica learned very quickly. Everything from simple to complicated, casual to formal, she learned. She was a natural. She ended up going casual, just some eye makeup and lip gloss.

“You look gorgeous,” said Alyssa. “You should wear your pink heels when we go out today!”

“That’s a great idea! Where are we going?”

“To the park, we’re going to the park to meet up with some of my friends. Some of the boys are single…”

“No way do you think I’m going to date someone. Also won’t your friends know that you don’t have a sister?”

“The spell alters reality so no one ever remembers you being a boy. If you change back that’s reverted. By the way, we’re leaving at 3:00.”

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