Going Home Chapter 11

Monkey Wrench:
Vicky pilot’s the Monkey Wrench into one of the docking bays at Upolu Station. She shuts down the gravity engines and slides down the old fashion wooden ladder from the cockpit. The ladder was made of a special tree that was as strong as the armor plating on modern starships.

“Hey, Vicky. I’m going to Kaleidoscope for some fun.” Jexa loved Kaleidoscope and enjoyed herself while she is there. She wonders if Zhora was going to be there?

“Alright, have fun. I’m going to check with Chasch and see if he has any jobs for us.” Vicky puts away her gun belt.

Jexa heads off towards Kaleidoscope, while Vicky heads towards Chase's office to see if he had any more jobs for her. Also, she was going to collect on her last delivery as well. She passes a few security officers and notices that there were more than normal security officers out on the promenade.

She wonders why there was an increase in security. She was lucky that Chasch was in his office. Vicky walks in “greetings Chasch, I’m here to collect on the delivery and to see if you have any more jobs available.”

Chasch looks at his favorite female human. He has known Vicky since she was with the rebels. She grew-up among freighter Captain’s and started at the bottom before she became a Captain herself.

He taps a few keys on his keyboard and transfers the credits to her account. He looks back at her “payment has been made to your account.
As for a new job, unfortunately, I don’t have anything for you now. I heard you ran into some trouble on your last job.”

“Yea, I ran into some Orgaian destroyers. Luckily for me, I had support from an Ailuro carrier.” Vicky was surprised when they came into the system.

“Well, it seems your little butt was saved again.” Chasch had a teasing smile on his face.

“Yeah, yeah, I know that the Monkey Wrench is an old ship, but he has a few surprises most people don’t know about.” Vicky had made some special modifications to the Monkey Wrench that came from other ships bigger than the Monkey Wrench.

“I’m sure you do, Vicky. Are you going to stay at the station for a while?”

“Yep, Jexa wants to have some fun. She’s more than deserves it.” Vicky knew it was dangerous to search damaged ships.

“If anything comes in, I’ll call you and give you first shot at it.” Chasch knew Vicky could handle almost anything.

“Thanks, I’m heading to The Naked Lady Pub.” Vicky leaves Chasch establishment and over to an old fashion Irish Pub.

The place has been passed down from one human to another human for over two hundred years. The original owner had been taken from Earth back during the 16th century. During the centuries as more people were stolen from Earth. The bar would pass down to either a decedent of the original owner or be bought from the few Irish clans on the station.

Vicky could hear a celebration going on inside the bar as she walks in. She walks right up to the counter “Jerry, give me an ale, please.”

An old man with salt and pepper hair turns around. He still retained some of his features from his youth, with his strong build. His right eye was cybernetic. He had a scar underneath his left eye.

“Victoria, where have you been hiding, lass?” As he fills a large mug with an amber ale.

“Been doing some planet hopping and deep space hauling.” As she accepts the mug of ale from him.

Vicky takes a good deep gulp of the ale. She misses drinking it. She has been all over the galaxy and hasn’t come across anything like the ale the Naked Lady makes. She takes another sip from it.

“Keep it coming tonight Jerry. I am planning on getting wasted tonight.” Vicky was going to find someone to take back to her ship and fuck their brains out.

Klara looks at herself in the mirror in her new quarters aboard the Viminacium. Dr. Hawkins informed her that they couldn’t transfer her essences from her artificial body back into a living body. The technology just wasn’t there to do that. Even with the equipment and notes, they found at the station she had been living. The technology only allowed a one-way transfer.

Dr. Hawkins did say they could transfer her essence into a much newer and older android body if she wishes. They constructed another model for her and transferred her essences into a new body. Her older one they made copies of and placed it into storage.

She was now a crew member of the Viminacium. They were protecting Vesta V colony until the space station was up and running. The Arthur Foss had towed the station into the system and several engineering teams from the Arthur Foss and the Viminacium were upgrading and prepping the station. The Revenge had come into the system to help out. They had sent over an engineering crew that had the Princess daughter with them. Shew as one of the best engineering around and she wanted to help get the station operational.

She had volunteered to go over herself, but the doctor told her to give it a few days for her mind to adjust to her new body.

Klara heads towards the agriculture center of the ship to help with harvesting the crops the crew had planted. They had expected to be aboard
the carrier for a long time heading back to Earth, but as it stands. Earth isn’t ready for the type of technology they would be brought back.

Lisa and Henry on patrol:
Lisa was loving the new fighters the engineers had come up with. They were based on the fighters she brought back from the planet she found them and Klara on. She still loved her Buck Rogers style fighter.

“Woohoo!” As Lisa streaks right by her husband in the fighter.

A smile appears on her youthful face as she puts the fighter through paces. She activates the practice drones and tests the targeting sensors on the fighter. They were a little different than the ones on her fighter, but they were extremely good.

Lisa knew her husband was having as much as she was having. She and Henry begin a cat-mouse game of who could tag who. In the end, her husband wins.

The two of them head back to carrier to give their reports and to spend some time together.

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