S-Idol - Part 10


S-Idol - Elimination 5  

Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. Another elimination. We started with 10 boys, tonight only 6 will remain. Lets start by deciding who will stay and who will go.  


Father speaks: It looks like my son is going far in S-Idol. Last week we have seen that he is gay and now is getting a new boyfriend. It was hard for me seeing him kiss a boy in another shower. It was nice seeing that he wont accept everything and protest  against wearing diapers. 

Question to Taylor: Is it not embarrassing that all your old friends have now seen you wearing diapers
Taylor: Yes, and especially when they seen that I liked wetting them, But its part of the game so I just have to see if I like it. I will be honest I don't understand why someone my age would wear diapers  

4% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol



Aunt:He was fighting against his old bully self last week. To be honest I think it was hard for many people not to smile at seeing 6 boys that are old being made look like baby girls.I am sure that he is not safe this time but on the whole I am happy that he thinks twice about teasing and bullying others now  

Question to Paris: Why did you not want to wear Diapers 
Paris: Thats a stupid question. I don't mind wearing dresses and things like that, but diapers are for babies. S-Idol just did that to humiliate us and make us look like real baby sissies. Some times you have to say no. 



Aunt: Last week bought tears to my eyes. I Know that I am hated and everyone wants my head chopped off, But last week I seen a side to Rose that I never seen before. He misses his mother. To be honest I have never helped him get over his own mothers death because I was so jealous. 

Question to Rose: Are you now a sissy? 
Rose: No, I'm not a sissy. I'm just a boy that does not mind wearing girls clothes. Wearing Diapers was fun too because it has been years since I have tried it. 

0% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol


Father: Nothing shocks me anymore in this show. The diaper bit and treated like a baby was a shock for him. But he accepted it at the end, didn't he. Maybe I should start saying she. S-Idol has convinced me that I have lost a son, but gained a daughter.  

Question to Nicolas: You said you think being treated like a baby is being reborn again as a girl. Is this something that you really mean?
Nicolas: Yes, When Nanny came with the diaper, I started crying. Then when she tied my hands down, I was afraid. But being being treated like a baby is really being reborn. I just want to be reborn as a girl 

8% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol



Mother: Again, Chrissy is having a hard time. He is definitely gay and wants a boy friend so much. The problem is that he has this diaper fetish and I am afraid that he will be so lonely in the future 

Question to Chrissy: Are you a sissy or are you just gay?
Chrissy: I Think I am a gay. Just no one loves me. I would be a sissy If that meant that I could find a boyfriend. I don't know. I mean I like wearing dresses and diapers. But I wouldn't wear them if someone thought I was a freak. 






Aunt: he accepted the baby and the diaper once again without asking saying now. I think its good that he at least asked. That is good because I believe that if you are told to do something that you think is wrong, you should at least ask why.   

Question to Ashley: Are you always happy?

Paris: No sometimes I get mad but i really don't show it. I think if one person smiles then others smiles. I think sometimes we have to do things that we really don't like. Maths in school is an example

13% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol


S-Idol in the Media

Boys lining up: Despite criticism that S-idol says it is OK for boys to be sissies and even gay, boys across the world are begging for a S-Idol 2. Dauphin has not yet confirmed if there will be a follow up to S-Idol. 



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58% has voted that he should go home 17% has voted that He should go home

Vote one Back

Last week, we have asked you to vote for one boy that was kicked out. This boy will have a second chance in S-Idol. Let us now look at who you have voted to come back to S-Idol


Summer 22%

has voted that Summer should return

Ali 0%

has voted that Ali should return

Reece 33%

has voted that Reece should return

Aaron 44%

has voted that Aaron should return







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