S-Idol - Part 11


S-Idol - Episode 6 (The Babies goes to the park with nanny)  


Standing outside S-House:


Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Last week Paris was voted out. We now have 6 boys left in S-idol. This is because Aaron was voted in again for a second chance
The Boys are now sissy Babies. Last week they have got used to the idea. But now they have to get used to the idea that they will be in public. To do this, we will take them to 6 different parks. Our make up artists have made them look more like girls, so they will not be totally humiliated. 
This week, you are allowed to ask the boys questions. There is a link under each boys picture where you can do this. Remember to vote who you want to leave S-Idol

To write your comments on your favourite boy, what you hope the boys will experience, your advice to them or how you think you are performing, write them here. You do not have to register to be write

Its time to hear about the boys own experiences right here in the Pink box, where each boy tells what they experienced and how they felt

At the end you will be able to vote who should go home. Last week we shocked you by bring one boy back. This week we will shock you once again. Two Boys will be sent home this week. 


Welcome to S- Idol





Aaron is back. This is bad because he loves being a baby, and now he could actually win this show. But I am still here. If I survive this week, I am in the top 5. 
This morning we were put in a diaper again and then we had a nice summer dress on. Lucky enough, it was down to my knees. Then they had us in a make up room to make us look a bit more like a girl. It tickles you know when you put make up on. I didn't care. 
Then a strange Nanny said that we were going for a walk. I was shocked when she said this, because it was a stroller I had to sit in. She would be doing the walking. I just shrugged my shoulder and said if she wanted to walk, that was up to her. I found out that we were going to some children's park. 
She told me that I could play with the other girls. Did she say other girls? I rushed toward the swings, but then she came and told me that is just for the big girls. I gave her the worse look that I could put on my face. She just smiled and led me over to the sand. To make things worse, she told me that I was not to get my pretty dress dirty. Its a pity I already used my bad look. 
Playing in the sand wasn't to bad. The other girls and boys were about 4 years old. Here I was playing with little girls. Thats life. It was actually quite fun, until one boy said that I was pretty and tried to kiss him. I pushed him aside and said that I was a sissy and maybe even a sissy baby but I was not Gay
Nanny came with two bottles, one was blue and one was Pink. She told me that she for got which one was mine. I looked at them and then looked at that boy that wanted me to be his girl friend and then I picked the blue bottle. Needless they thought i was a bit to old to be drinking out of a bottle, so they started teasing. I didn't care, at least I wasn't thirsty. I didn't care, even when they said that they bet that I had a diaper on. 



I was now used to be a diaper boy. No a diaper baby. Last week Paris left us. I think that's OK. He really did not want to be here. It was actually cool being a diaper girl again. It is like I was reborn, but God didn't make a mistake this time. Now I was reborn as a girl and could really be a baby. 
The Nanny put a diaper on me and some make up. She said I did not have to wear a wig because I my hair was so long that it looked like a girls anyhow. She put me in a stroller and we went to a park. There were loads of small children there. Did they know that I was wearing a diaper. Did they recognise me from S-Idol? I think not as I doubt that small children would not watch S-Idol. 
Nanny told me to play in the sand. I did. She also told me not to dirty the pretty summer dress that I was wearing. I just smiled at her. The other children were half my size so I was like the boss deciding what we should do. I suggested that we should make the worlds largest princess castle. They all thought this was cool. Once again in S-Idol, I was having a great time
Then Nanny came and offered me a bottle. She said that she couldn't remember which one that I used. I said it was the pink one. I think this shocked the other small ones. It was ages since they used a bottle. I just smiled at them and said that I was using the bottle so I didn't spill on my dress. Then they started talking about who used a bottle and who didn't spill their drink. Things went fine again as we quickly forgot that I was using a bottle. 
That was until Nanny came and asked was I wet. This made the other children laugh. I thought she could have whispered it in my ear. However I didn't expect that she would change my diaper right there and then. Of course when she pulled the diaper down she noticed that there was a thing in between my legs. Then they said I wasn't a girl, I was a boy. They started laughing and some were in shocked. I looked at them in a stern face that showed I meant business and said, I AM A GIRL 





Last week, I was nearly kicked out of S-Idol again. I am happy that I made it this far. I just don't understand why I am so unpopular. Maybe its because they think I'm a gay and as you know many people do not like Gays. 
Today we had this pretty summer dress that went down to our knees, and had straps over the shoulder. I was so happy that we were also going to wear diapers. I was so happy. Then she came with the stroller. I was really going to be a baby today and this was cool. 
Nanny and I went to this Park. There were no small children there they were all somewhat my age. The only difference was that I was a baby girl. I mean I was dressed as a Baby girl. I am not really a baby girl. You all know that. 
The next thing I knew was that my Nanny put me in the sand. There was no other person there. Slowly some others came and kept me company. That was OK. We just shovelled sand and talked a bit. I am not sure if they really knew who i was. If they didn't where have they been for the last few weeks. 
Then nanny came with two bottles and told me that she couldn't remember which one was mine. I said the pink one was mine of course. Then the others started asking why I still drank from a baby bottle, and some even teased that it was probably my mummy's milk. I started crying and they all left except one girl. 
We continued playing in the sand. She was cool enough. When I looked at her, she looked like a Tom boy. She said that I was very pretty and she gets teased to because sometimes she thinks other girls are hot. Everyone called her lezbo. Then she started crying and I put my hand around her and told her that I would not tease and I still liked her. Without knowing it she gave me a kiss. I felt the funny feelings inside me. Was I now in love with a girl, Or was I love with her because she nearly looked like a boy. 
Then nanny came and said it was time to change my diaper. I turned very red, and then the girl asked she could change me. I nearly fainted. Nanny said as long as she was not rude or nasty. Of course she wasn't, despite the fact that we just kissed. She soon seen I was a boy and smiled, and said that she was deeply in love with me. We agreed that after S-idol was finished that we would be boy friend and girl friend. Then we laughed because we said who will be the boy and who would be the girl. I found someone that loved me




I have been thinking that S-Idol has totally changed me. Before I came here, I wouldn't be seen dead with a dress. I wouldn't be seen with a diaper and you can sure bet I would not kiss any boy. What is happening with me, what will happen when I leave S-Idol?
I seen Rose leaving in a stroller. He looked so cute. I just wanted to rush and kiss him. Then I realised that this one of those days that we will not be together. I was not to happy about that. 
I was given the same treatment as the others. I was made to look like a small baby girl. Rather an over sized baby girl. I realised that I was going to be taken out in a stroller. If this was a few weeks ago, I would have created a tantrum, but considering everything i have tried, It really didn't matter again. Then I thought, was I being brainwashed???
We went to a park on the other side of town. There was absolutely no one there. Except for some old people that were all sitting and looking at me playing with some sand. They have heard Nanny's warning not to get my dress dirty. 
Then she bought two bottles to me to pick one which was mine. How do i remember which one is mine. I picked the blue one. It was just the one that was closer. 
Then she got mad and said that my dress was dirty. She got really mad. I didn't really understand why she was mad. Because there are things called washing machines. I suppose girls are to be clean all the time. She took off my dress and told me I could just play in my diaper. I mean how embarrassing is that. For the rest of the afternoon, I was playing around in a diaper so all the old people could look. 
At the end it was quite funny being the centre of attention with the old people. One woman came up to me and squeezed me on the cheek. She said she will look down my diaper to see if the little girl was wet. When she pulled the diaper out and looked down, she nearly fainted





Last week I got no votes. I shouldn't have said that because I notice every time some says that, then they get all the votes the next week.
I didn't speak with my new boyfriend today. I left the doll house before he could come. That was a pity, because I really wanted to kiss him good bye. Ah well, we could do it when we are home. It is hard to share a crib, as there is not a lot of place. Its extra hard to try to sneak in each others crib as you cannot come out of them
We went to this little park. It had a lake in the middle. my Nanny wanted to take me walking around the Park. It was so beautiful with trees and flowers and a few squirrels. Of course I ran straight for the lake. I didn't notice that my nanny was running and panting after me. It must look so funny on film. i am sure that you ll had a great laugh. 
Anyhow she caught up to me and I was put over her knee and spanked in the middle of this posh park. Some others that walked by started, not understanding that such a big girl could be spanked over someones knees. Little did she know that it really did not hurt because I had a nappy on. 
Then she put this baby leash on me. It looked like a dog leash. It was so that I could not run around the park all the time. We went around and she told me what the different flowers were called. It was fun and I hope I could do it again. I doubt my aunt wants to do it. 
Then she asked me if i wanted a drink. She asked if I wanted a pink baby bottle or a blue one. I picked the Blue one. 





I was voted back in S-Idol. The last time I was kicked out, I felt so bad. I was crying. I didn't understand why people hated me so much. When i went back to school, they said I was very brave for being in a show, and because I was voted out, It didn't mean that someone hated me. I mean someone has to be voted out. I hoped that Summer would come back, because he really did not have a chance. But maybe he didn't want a chance. 
Today i was dressed as a baby girl. I was allowed to be a baby. This was going to be one of the best days in my life. Even If I am kicked out next week, then it would be OK. I would have tried it. That makes me happy
We went to a park where there were loads of small toddlers. I asked the Nanny if I could play in the sand. She said, would I like to swing and she could push me. I went to the baby swing, but she said that I could use the big girls swing because I was so good. I was swinging back and forth, then I noticed that a few children were laughing. Yes, you guessed it. Every time I swung up, they could see up my summer dress and they could see that I was wearing a diaper. I didn't care. It was so fun swinging. Then The Nanny thought again and moved me over to the babies swing. The Children were after stopping laughing because I wore a diaper. Now they were laughing once again and saying that I was a baby
After this, we had a picnic. Nanny took this baby food out and started scooping it in my mouth. It was like Apple Sauce, but the others didn't understand that I had to be helped fed. The day ended up with me getting a Bottle. I picked the blue one, but then changed my mind, because it did not go so well with my summer dress. 


Voting is over. See next episode

Thats the 6 remaining contestants in S-Idol. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who will be sent home next week in S-Idol. Note that the vote is not who you want to stay, but who you think should go home. Remember this week, we are sending two home



Thats it this time for S- Idol. Next week, we say good bye to 2 boys. We hope to see you next week. Next week the boys will be visiting a beach.

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