Fixing the Problem Yourself

My name is Justin Case. Yeah i know, my parents have a really sick sense of humor. I go by my middle name Lewis. So you will never believe what happened to me today, i woke up in the wrong body. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. Yesterday i went to sleep in my bed and this morning, i woke up as a completely different person. Her (yes her) name is Lisa Michaels. Apparently she is this insanely girly chick. Seriously, its like an issue of "Teen Vogue" exploded in her closet. Or is it my closet now. Anyway, since this is now my body and I assume that I'll be stuck like this for the rest of my life, i think it's time to make some changes.

"Lisa" my new mom called, "can yOH MY GOD! Lisa! What did you do to your beautiful hair? And what are you wearing?"

"Mom, I'm transgender" i say this hoping beyond all hope that my new parents are as open as my old parents. I was wearing a baggy black shirt without a bra, some boxers that were way too big and pants that were nearly falling off. All held up by one of Lisa's (my) least feminine black belt. All of this clothes came from my new brother's closet. Apparently, Joe had gone to college and visits every other month. Well, Joe's belt wouldn't fit so i had to bite the bullet somewhere.

So fastforward six months to my eighteenth birthday. The day is finally here when i can relive my life as Lewis. To my surprise, everyone in my new life were so supportive. Six agonizing months of hormones and avoiding the advances of unwanted company. I fanally get to have my top and bottom surgery. Of course i will never look like the guy i was before the swap but i am willing to get past that to finally have my little friend back between my legs.

I was so happy that it took a little longer than usual for the anesthesiologist to put me under but when i went to sleep it was as if i had all the world lifted from my shoulders. I had a short dream. I dreamed i met the old Lisa. We bonded over waking up in eachothers bodies and before i knew it, i woke up in my hospital room.

"Oh good Lisa you're finally awake." My eyes shot open. My member is still missing and i have a bandage on my chest that seems to be lifted by flesh underneath. Once i get over that shock, i realize that the woman in the room is none other than my original mom. The only thing i can think of is that I'm back. That, and if Lisa ever finds me, she will probably kill me...

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