Thanksgiving for The Bounty Family

Haylee was snuggled comfortably between Christmas and Julia. Her mom Julia had come home late last night from California. She was so happy to have her mother and the wolves back for Thanksgiving.

Haylee knew her mother Christmas was happy she was back. She slides out of bed carefully and heads towards the bathroom. The door to the bathroom was locked and she really had to pee. She heads towards her grandfather’s bedroom to use his bathroom.

When Haylee walks in, she notices that both her grandparents were up. She spots her grandmother “grandma, can I use your bathroom, please?”

Debbie was brushing her hair when she spotted Haylee walking into the bedroom. Jack was getting dress.

“Go ahead, Haylee.” Debbie smiles at her granddaughter.

Haylee rushes towards their bathroom. Debbie just smile as she watches her granddaughter. She notices Jack turning around and watching as
Haylee rushes towards the bathroom.

“I think we are going to have problems with bathrooms with everyone here for Thanksgiving.” Debbie looks towards Jack.

“We’ll be fine. Anika and her daughter Aylin have one in their room. Gina and Arnold have the downstairs one and the girls have the upstairs one. If anyone needs a shower, there are showers in the changing rooms down in the gym.” Jack was happy the whole family was home for the holidays.

Selina, Gina, Silvia were in the kitchen fixing breakfast for everyone. Silvia was baking fresh muffins, croissants, and biscuits for everyone. Selina was cooking bacon, sausage, hash browns, and eggs. Gina was cutting fruit up. She knew which members of her family enjoyed fruit.

Alyona was setting the dining room table for everyone. She set Anika and Aylin plates down near her father. She was surprised to learn that Anika was her aunt and that she had a strange cousin that looked like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

She sets Haylee’s place between Christmas and Julia. She missed her big sister while she was in Los Angeles. Alyona knew she had gone down there for work. She sets a place setting for Arabella between Arnold and Gina. They finally got married at the beginning of the month.
Arnold finally graduated from law school and was going to work in Montana with their uncle Robert.

Alyona stands up and looks at her handy work. Everything was set-up for breakfast. It felt weird to her and Silvia to have such a large family.

Haylee and Arabella were outside feeding all the animals. They were dressed in their warmest weather clothes. Arabella was feeding all the wolves, including Trigger. She watches as Haylee’s little collie tries to get to her food.

Roxy was a little scared of all the wolves. She was still getting used to being around them. The only one she didn’t mind, was Trigger. She walks up to her food bowl and starts eating.

“That’s a good girl, Roxy.” Haylee kneels and pets Roxy.

Haylee goes to all the horse stalls and put food in the feed buckets, along with fresh hay for them. When she comes to Evening Star, she rubs her neck and gives her a lot of love. She knows Evening Star was a good horse.

As she is petting Evening Star, she hears Running Brook making a fuss because Evening Star was getting all the attention. Running Brook
was Haylee’s new horse. Jack bought him for Haylee, so she could perform in the junior rodeo.

“Okay, Okay, I’m coming to Running Brook.” Haylee walks over to feed and pet him.

Haylee loved Running Brook as much as she loved Evening Star. She pets him and gives him as much loving as she gave Evening Star. She
stays with the horses for a while, before feeding all the other animals they have. She liked helping her grandfather with the feedings.

Jack spots Haylee doing her assigned chores, while he feeds the other animals out in the pastures. She was already showing signs that she
wants to be a vet. He looks over and notices Arabella helping her. She was taking care of all the wolves, and Haylee’s Collie.

Jack spots Hatter standing on the porch watching the animals and looking out towards where he was. He read her file and arranged for Anika to have guardianship of Hatter. He used Hatter’s birth name but changed her last name to Anika’s. She was still listed as being dead in

Hatter was feeling a little uneasy being around so many unknown people and wolves. The mission in England was a success. She only sustained a few injuries, but otherwise, she was in good health.

She didn’t mind being with Anika, but she wasn’t used to so much open space. She had never seen real cows, horses, chicken and such before. Aylin didn’t know that the man she was working for, was also her adopted uncle or how many cousins she had.

She saw how Debbie cared for the twins and that brought back some deeply buried memories of her mother. She had almost forgotten what she looked like. She knew she had a half brother or sister. She couldn’t remember.

Hatter notices one of the younger wolves walking up to her. She couldn’t what his name was. Anika told her to be careful around the wolves. All of them were trained to kill their prey. It comes up and sniffs her.

Hatter spots a collar around its neck and saw Sphinx engraved on it. She holds her hand out some to let it sniff her. She stands still as Sphinx sniff her.

“He trustees you, Aylin.” Julia had spotted Sphinx sniffing near Aylin.

Hatter looks towards Julia. She hadn’t met her before or her wolf. Aylin knew Julia was a Montana K-9 police officer.

“He’s got good taste.” She looks down at the huge wolf.

“That he does. You can pet him if you want too.” Julia figures that Sphinx has determined this girl has problems and was hurting.

Hatter carefully touches Sphinx as he stood near her. She loved how soft his fur felt against her fingertips.

“He likes to be scratch between his ears.” Julia knew all of Sphinx’s favorite spots.

Hatter just watches as Sphinx starts to wag his tail. He was happy and enjoyed the attention.

“He’s an attention hound. Also, Selina said breakfast is ready if your hungry, Aylin.” Julia was told that Aylin was Anika’s daughter. She was
also told that Hatter had been more abused then she or Gina had.

Hatter looks at Julia “okay.” She stops petting Sphinx and head inside to have breakfast.

Later After Breakfast:
Jack looks at everyone that was going turkey hunting with him. There was Anika, Julia, Gina, Hatter, Debbie, Alex, and Robert. Arnold, Christmas, Haylee, Alyona, Silvia, and Arabella weren’t going hunting. Alyona and Silvia weren’t good shots with rifles and Jack wasn’t going to let them hunt, till he felt comfortable with their rifle skills. Haylee and Arabella were too young to hunt. Christmas and Arnold were only good with a handgun.

Anika looks at Hatter “are you sure you don’t want a hunting rifle?”

“I’ll be fine mom.” Hatter had her needler and throwing knives and playing cards.

“Okay.” Anika had one of Jack’s hunting rifles.

She thought about using her sniper rifle, but that would be overkill. She checks the hunting rifle she got from her brother. The sights were dead on and in perfect working order.

“Alright, everyone. I have set five turkeys loose on the property. I am going to give all of you a ten-minute head start before I start hunting.”

“Only ten minutes, dad? Jeez, you must be getting slow in your old age.” Julia looks at her father with a playful smile on her face.

“Let’s see how long it takes for you this year to hunt down a turkey.” A playful smirk appears on his face.

“I bet it takes her as long as it did last year, Jack.” Alec looks over at his niece with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll beat you this year, Uncle Alec.” Julia took two hours last year. Her uncle beat her for fifteen minutes.

Anika looks at Jack “are we using the wolves?”

“Nope, this is a wolf-free hunt. Meaning you have to track the turkey yourself.” Jack looks at Anika.

This was the first time she has joined them for the turkey hunt. He wonders how Hatter was going to capture a turkey.

“Hatter, if you get lost or are injured, shoot up into the air with the revolver I gave you.” Jack made sure if she got hurt or lost, she could signal them.

“Yes, sir.” Hatter was going to stay with her mother.

“When are we going to start dad?” Gina looks at her father.

“When I fire the gun.” Debbie fires her rifle up in the air away from the group.

Everyone heads away from the house and out on the property. Jack and Debbie watch as their girls head off. Jack glances at his watch to see when his ten minutes were up.

“Grandpa, you won’t hurt the turkey too bad, will you?” Haylee had walked over to Jack.

“I won’t hurt the turkey too badly, Haylee. Remember, they are our Thanksgiving dinner.” Jack knew how Haylee loved animals. That was why
he set the turkeys loose while everyone was eating breakfast.

Christmas walks up to her daughter and wraps an arm around her. She knew how Haylee felt about animals. She asked Jack if they could get a puppy for Haylee. He agreed and came home the next day with the little collie.

He knew a person that bred collies like he bred wolves. The moment he gave the puppy to Haylee, he saw how happy she was. He knew that Haylee was going to have to learn how to train Roxy to his standards.

Anika and Hatter were hunting together. They found one turkey in the woods near the right-hand side of the property.

“Do you want to try and bring it down Aylin?” Anika knew she could take it down right away.

“Okay.” Hatter slips one of her throwing knives into her hand and throws it.

She hits the turkey with her throwing knife and takes it down. Aylin walks over with her mother to the turkey.

“That was really good.” Anika couldn’t believe Hatter killed it with just one throw.

As they were picking their dead turkey up. They hear a rifle shot somewhere off to their left.

“I wonder who that could be?” As Anika and Aylin head back towards the house.

Gina knew where her father normally released the turkeys. She tracked it down and shot it. She looks at her watch and saw her father’s time was up and he could start hunting.

As she is walking back, she hears a gun go off near her location. As she heads towards the house, she spots her uncles coming out with their trophy.

“Looks like you beat Julia again, Uncle Robert.” Gina had her trophy in hand.

There were several more gunshots as everyone heads back to the house.

“That wasn’t fair dad.” Julia was upset that her father shot her turkey.

“You had plenty of time to hunt and kill it. Plus, it wasn’t me that shot it, it was your mother.” Jack just smiles at Julia.

“Sorry, about that sweetie.” Debbie had the turkey she shot in her hand.

“Still, it wasn’t fair.” Julia was going to have to hunt down the last turkey on the property.

“Come on sweet pea, I’ll help you hunt down the last turkey.” Jack and Debbie go with Julia to hunt down the last turkey.

Jack thinks back to the first time he taught Julia and Gina how to hunt. He had bought several turkeys to set free on his lands, so they could
learn how to track. It took a while, but the girls found the turkeys.

Julia does her turkey call and gets an answer back. She follows the sound back to its source. She does it again and gets an answer and spots the turkey. She brings her hunting rifle up and shot the turkey.

Debbie and Jack stay back and just watched as Julia hunted down the turkey. Jack was proud of how well Julia had grown since he rescued her.

“Looks like the hunt is over now.” As they hear her rifle goes off.

Julia collects her turkey and heads back towards her parents. She knew she was the last person again, thanks to her mother and father.

“Got it.” Julia joins her parents and heads back towards the house.

Selina comes out of the house “can I get some volunteers to set-up the table and bring the coffee urn and hot cider out.”

“I’ll help, Selina.” Silvia turns around to head inside the house to help.

“Us too.” Haylee and Arabella follow behind Silvia.

Alyona walks over towards Christmas and Arnold. She has been doing well in several chess matches.

“I heard you won your last chess match, Alyona.” Arnold looks at his sister in law.

He knew her exotic looks were turning some teenage boys head. He heard from Gina that she might have a boyfriend.

“It was difficult. The opponent I had was very good and has been playing since he was little.” Alyona knew her opponent. She met him at the
chess camp she attended over the summer. He had a professional chess tutor that trained him.

She was surprised to learn that Selina had been a chess player, just like her father. Jack was a chess player and was fairly accomplish as well. Selina was better than her father and was a good tutor for her.

“So, how does it feel being married to Gina and being a father?” Christmas was curious.

“It’s like a dream come true. I and Gina have been together since high school. We thought we might drift apart while I was in law school, but we
never did. As for being a father. I love Arabella as if Gina gave birth to her. She’s a really sweet kid and deserves a better life then what she had.” Arnold loved it when Arabella called him daddy or father.

“I wish things had been like that between me and Julia. I loved her the first time I saw her and Gina. It took me a while to realize that I preferred women over men.” Christmas knew a lot her reason was that how her parents raised her.

They didn’t approve of gays or lesbians. They didn’t have a problem with transgenders. They understood how mother nature could make mistakes.

Arnold just smiles at Christmas “we all knew you were gay when we were in school. September and Lisa figured you out first. Especially, after your date with James. He said that you were like a cold fish when he kissed you.”

“The only thing James was after, was getting in my panties. He and Roger had a bet going that he would take my cherry.” Christmas remembered hearing the rumors in school that he managed to fuck her.

“Well, between him and Roger, they got four girls pregnant and are paying child support.” One of the girls that James got pregnant was a good friend of hers.

“I’m just glad Gina didn’t get pregnant the first time we did it. The condom I used was too small and it ripped while we were doing it.” Arnold felt embarrassed that night.

“I didn’t think Gina and Julia could have children.” Christmas looks at Arnold with a puzzled look on her face.

“Oh, they can. The doctor that changed them, used an experimental process to make them fully functional women. Gina told me about it when
she told me about herself.” Arnold was surprised to learn about Gina’s past, but he still loved her.

Arabella comes running up to Arnold and Christmas. She looks towards Christmas “Selina needs your help, Aunt Christmas.”

“Okay. Thanks, Arabella.” Christmas liked her niece. She heads toward the house.

Arnold looks towards his daughter “how are things coming, Arabella?”

“We’re almost done setting the table up, daddy.” She runs behind Arnold and jumps up on his back.

“Umpf! You’re getting heavy.” He supports her legs and starts walking towards the house.

Arnold didn’t mind giving Arabella a piggyback ride. After he gave her one, he ends up giving Haylee a ride.

“Look, who won first.” Christmas spotted Gina coming back first with her turkey.

Right behind Gina was Hatter and Anika with their turkey. Behind them were Robert and Alec. Behind them were Debbie, Jack, and Julia.

“You lost again, sis.” Gina was teasing her sister.

“Mom and Dad got my turkey.” Julia hated being last again.

Gina just smiles as she gathers the turkeys up and teaches the others that didn’t go how to clean the turkeys. She saves the feathers for a friend of theirs that uses them to make handcrafted arrows.

All the women of the family help Selina in the kitchen. Even Haylee and Arabella helped. Alyona and Silvia prepared the turkeys for roasting under Selina’s watchful guidance. Julia, Gina, and Debbie worked on all the sides with Haylee and Arabella. Once the turkeys were in the oven. Selina instructs Haylee and Arabella how to make pies.

Haylee under her grandfather’s guidance took the inners of the turkeys and prepared them for the wolves and Roxy. Haylee liked working with her grandfather.

“Thanks, grandfather.” She gives him a hug.

“Any time, sweetie.” Jack returns the hug.

Once the food is done and everyone is sitting around the table. Jack stands up and looks at every member of his family.

“I don’t think I have ever seen this table so full before.” As Jack looks out at all the food that had been cooked and all the people sitting around the table.

“Years ago, I never thought I would have such a wonderful family. Then, I rescued two young girls that had been experimented on. From there I got married and two more young ladies came into my life. Then the two girls I rescued got married and give me grandchildren. I never told you all I adopted a young girl as my younger sister. Who in turn adopted a teenage girl as her own daughter.” Jack glances over towards Anika and Hatter.

“It’s not easy being your little sister, you know.” Anika smiles at Jack.

Jack just smirks “I want all of you to know how proud I am of you and how thankful I am for you being part of this family.” He sits back down.

“We all love you, dad.” As Gina, Julia, Alyona, and Silvia announce all at once.

Everyone starts filling their plates and eating.

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