Godmother Chp. 3

I opened the mansion's front doors wide, and got the attention of my guests. "My apologies for the wait, everyone! Please, let me introduce a friend that is staying with me." The Godmother stepped into view, and bowed for everyone. "My name is Elena, and Hailey is giving me a place to stay in exchange for some legal help with the inheritance. Please follow us to the ballroom."

We helped our guests into the ballroom, keeping a close eye on the Jamesons. As soon as the party properly started, I had people all over the Godmother and me wanting to ask the both of us questions. As much as I loved the admiration, I feared we wouldn't be able get the alone time we needed with Samuel and Sally.

"You know, I have to wonder, where does the money come from? I mean, it must eat through a lot of your inheritance maintaining this huge mansion?," an older gentleman asked me, though I didn't really hear it. I was trying to keep an eye on the Jamesons. I saw Samuel inspecting some of the architecture, while Sally was pacing near the punch table. "Ms. Bonne?," the gentleman continued, catching me off guard. "Oh... um... heh," I stammered. I was floundering, but the Godmother saved me. "Kayla Bonne had a lot of assets. I've been helping Hailey file claim to some of the more obscure ones," she said, "We only figured out Hailey was her granddaughter a few years ago, so legally it's been sort of a challenge."

The man seemed satisfied with her answer, and I whispered my thanks to the Godmother. "Try to get one of them to a private place," she responded, "I will handle the others. I will join you when you are ready."

We were very close now, and I wasn't about to disappoint the Godmother. I thought Sally was the most nervous, so I approached her first. "Oh, Hailey, thank god I found you," she said, walking over to me, "Do you have anything stronger, you know, in the drinks department?" I motioned for her to come in closer and started whispering. "You mean alcohol, yes?," I asked her. "Yeah, I had been thinking there would be some nice wine at this old mansion," she replied.

I smiled, knowing I had the perfect opportunity. "This way to the cellar," I told her, motioning for her to follow. "So, why do you want wine so bad? Do you have any particular troubles?"

She sighed. "I've just been trying to find some new ways to feel good. I mean, you know what it's like, right, to come from wealth, and all these luxuries you get just don't do anything for you?"

I wasn't sure what to say, but I tried to just go along with her, "Yeah, why don't we just talk about it over drinks, girl-to-girl?"

The cellar was more modern looking than the rest of the manor, with deep red walls that lacked the sort of flourishes the ground floor had. The wine collection was held in a large refrigerator with a glass door, and there was a nice coffee table with cushy couches to either side. I told Sally to take a seat and I would get the wine with glasses.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," the Godmother spoke out, coming down the stairs to join us. "Not at all, Elena. Sally and I were going to try some of the family vintage," I said, making a knowing smile, "She's been trying to find something that gives her that zest in her life again. Money can't buy happiness, it seems." I could feel the nanite density increase drastically, and out of the corner of my eye, saw some enter Sally.

The Godmother took a seat across from Sally and opened communications with my brain. "It's time," she said, "I'm going to connect you to how Sally is feeling. Rebirthing must be personal, and you have to be with her as she goes through it." Just as she was done, I was able to feel it. It wasn't like I was feeling what Sally felt, but I knew exactly what she was feeling, as though I had an interactive map of her body. The Godmother continued. "I'm going to slowly give her a taste of enhanced pleasure now. I have a few ideas about what will help her, but we need to learn more about her inclinations first." I was already feeling giddy, thinking about how good and full of purpose she was going to feel, because of us.

"You know, Mrs. Jameson," the Godmother said aloud, "Hailey here had been feeling the same way. That's why we started this little charity mission together. Service can feel wonderful." "Don't give me that," Sally rebutted, "You're just talking about praise." I sensed the enhanced pleasure activate. "And I mean, you're both super knockouts, that's gotta be part of it," Sally continued, "Honestly, how did I even let you get so close to Sam?" I felt her blood pressure increase. She was feeling the aesthetic pleasure of our beauty.

"Oh, don't knock serving until you've tried it," the Godmother said as I returned with a bottle of wine and three glasses on a tray, and placed them on the coffee table. She giggled, and I felt the effect in Sally. Then, she motioned to the tray. "Why don't you try serving all of us our wine?" The Godmother giggled again, and Sally's breathing was a little heavy now.

"Okay, okay, but just to prove you wrong," Sally said. She uncorked the wine, and as she poured, I could sense her pleasure spike up, about three times what it was before. Sally was trying hard to keep a straight face, and when it came time for her to pour her own glass, the pleasure died down, and I could feel her relax a little. The Godmother sent a message to me: "Exactly as I expected. I know what life she needs now, so let's nudge her in that direction."

"See, nothing," Sally said. "Please, tell the truth," I responded, "It isn't much of a service to hide things from us." Her brain lit up at the word 'service'. "Okay," she admitted, "It felt kind of good. And it feels kind of good to tell the truth." I felt her warmth return from telling the truth, and smiled, knowing we were teaching her what made her happy and fulfilled.

"Could you help me with this, then?," the Godmother spoke, as she pulled out a pair of lacy white elbow-length gloves, "I need someone to try them on for me. It would be a real service." Sally stared for a bit at the gloves. "Okay, they do look kind of pretty..."

She put them on, and I felt the pleasure in her arms rocket up. She kept staring at them on her, loving the way they made her feel and look. Underneath the lace, Godmother's nanites were busy making her skin blemishless and 5 years more youthful, as well as giving her a short French manicure. She spoke up, "Elena, Hailey, you two don't mind if I keep these, do you?"

"Of course we don't," I said, giggling. "But maybe you could serve us a bit more in return. Would you like that?," the Godmother offered. "Serve..." Sally spoke. The word effortlessly left her mouth. "I... I would like that."

We gave her a feather duster, and kept a close eye on her as she dusted off a shelf nearby. I was suprised at how diligent she was, but I suppose she was trying to soak up the pleasure of serving and her gloves, savoring the experience. Still, it had to end eventually. "Do you have anything else? I'm really loving this, and..." Sally paused when looked at us. The Godmother had been slowly building that beautiful feeling in her, and it was starting to awaken something. The Godmother smiled. "We have some things that need done in the bedroom."

Sally followed us to one of the spare bedrooms, and once the doors were closed, began to confess. "Listen, I've never, and I mean never, felt this way toward to a woman before," she told us, "But I'm feeling really attracted to the both of you. I'm not sure if I should feel like this..." "We understand you wish to stay loyal," I told her, "and you know, if don't want to serve us, we could help you serve Samuel. You'll feel the same way." The more sensitive she was becoming to beauty, the more attracted to women she was becoming. It wouldn't be long before she was fully lesbian. The Godmother admitted to me she wouldn't have done this unless it was necessary, but she wanted to prepare everyone for a world with only avatars of beauty, and it wouldn't affect her romantic feelings for her husband, only her sexual ones.

"Thank you!" Sally let out, jumping a bit. It was the first time I had seen a true expression of joy from her. The Godmother got out a small bag and laid it on the bed, "I think these clothes will make you feel beautiful, and be a wonderful service to Samuel," she said.

Without further prompting, Sally began to strip, until only her jewelry and the white gloves remained. We helped her into the lingerie, which included a set of black lacy bra and panties, with matching garterbelt and pantyhose. We let her look at herself in the mirror, as the nanites in her body got to work, clearing her skin under the covered areas and slightly padding her 'assets'.

"Wait, hold on," she said, "This all feels great, like nothing ever before and all, but did my butt just get a little bigger?" "Maybe it did," the Godmother answered, "But you, Hailey, and I like it, don't we? And everyone who can appreciate the female form would too." Sally was very much enjoying herself, but the reservations were still there. "I love it. I feel beautiful inside and out, but... this shouldn't be possible."

"Elena here is a very special woman," I assured her, lovingly putting my arm around her, "She wants to help people become their most beautiful, purposeful, enjoyable selves, and she has many ways to do it you may think are magical. She helped me, and she has been helping you tonight, hasn't she?" Sally took a long pause to think. "Elena... You helped me find service and the way I'm feeling right now, and I'm very grateful. But..." Sally paused.

"But what, child?," the Godmother asked, "I have so much more better things for you, but if you want to go back, I will respect your choice." Sally took a good look at her old clothes on the floor, furrowed her brow, and said, "...But nothing. I want to see what is next. I wanted to feel like Hailey does." The Godmother and I smiled, and started digesting Sally's old clothes, turning them into black high heels. Sally made a few steps to test them out, and I could sense a boost of endorphans with every 'click' against the floor. "The balancing is as easy as flats. You really are magic..." Sally muttered.

"Sally, please put on this black dress," the Godmother told her, and Sally did as she asked. "I know you love serving, Sally, and I will give you the opportunity to serve forever, whenever, for whomever you wish." Sally's dress began to grow white frills underneath the lower third, until they pushed it up almost horizontally, and a white half-apron appeared on her front. A black corset materialized over the half-apron, and her short sleeves gained lacy edges and became puffy. A small black choker with white trim formed on her neck, and a black headband with white lacy edges appeared on her head. Sally's pleasure was rising all this time, as viewed herself in the mirror. Next, the nanites replaced her gemstone jewelry with pearl variants, and started turning her short blond hair into medium-length dark brown ringlets. The Godmother slightly altered her facial features to avoid recognition, adding a generous round of make-up and a beauty mark on the right side of her mouth.

"I'm beautiful..." Sally said, enjoying herself in the mirror, "Just like you two! I'm a beautiful maid, and I get to serve people and have this feeling forever!" The Godmother approached her, "Sally, I have to tell you, even this isn't everything. To truly accept my gift, and become an avatar of beauty through service, you must allow me into your mind." I explained that the Godmother was a bunch of nanites throughout the manor to Sally. "Oh, of course, Elena, how could I refuse? You've given me a reason to be, Elena! But please, I don't want to be needy Sally anymore. My name is Sophie Couer now." "Very well, Sophie. You are one of us, one of the truly beautiful, now."

The Godmother put her hand on Sophie's head, and ascended her. I was so proud of all of us.

A few minutes later, all of us returned to the party. "Attention everyone!," the Godmother announced, "If anything needs replacing, please ask our lovely maid Sophie." "I live to serve," Sophie said, then curtsied for the guests. Though I had lost my sensory connection with her, I could tell she was struggling to contain her happiness.

Sophie had sent the Godmother all her memories of her husband, and after a bit of analysis, the Godmother said she was sure Samuel would love being a maid, too. "It also leaves plenty of time for the couple to be together," the Godmother sent to me, "It looks like that was part of why they drifted apart." I was sad the world cared more about money than the beauty of love, but knew we could at least fix this love soon.

Oddly enough, Sophie was the first to find Samuel. "Sophie, right?" he was saying, with a look of desperation in his face, "Have you seen my wife? I haven't seen her for an hour." Sophie giggled, and answered him. "Monseiur, I only came after she left. I do not know where she is, but I do think she is perfectly fine. Please enjoy the party." Samuel wasn't having any of it, but luckily Godmother and I came to Sophie's rescue. "Sally had a little too much wine, and made a big mess. She's resting right now." "Oh, Sally's been really into drunken messes lately. Just take me to her, and I'll handle it."

Sophie stayed behind to tend to the party, and Godmother and I went with Samuel. After getting some distance from any on-lookers, we entered a room that looked completely trashed. It was a lot like the tea room, although this room was more focused on reading, with many bookshelves replacing the tea equipment. I was bit puzzled about how it happened until I saw a knowing wink from the Godmother. She had made the mess to help give beauty to Samuel.

"Oh no, oh no no no..." Samuel put his hands on his head, surveying the damage, "I'm so sorry Ms. Bonne, if I had known Sally would make such a mess..." "No, no, it's okay, really," I interrupted, but Samuel was insistent. "Please, let me clean this up, it's the least I can do," he told us, grabbing a broom and dustpan from nearby closet and beginning to sweep up the shards of a broken vase.

While Samuel was preoccupied, the Godmother began to attach her nanites to his senory neurons, just like she did with me. "The three of us are about the go to our own private world, darling Hailey," she messaged me, "I would take a seat." I did, and felt the world change around me, though I did not see it. The new virtual world, at least here, looked exactly like the old one. I saw Samuel perk up for bit, but quickly convinced himself it was nothing.

We watch Samuel clean for a bit more, and then the Godmother spoke up. "I must say, you are very good at cleaning." Suddenly, I felt connected to Samuel, in the same way I had been connected to his wife. Samuel began to speak, though he was too busy with a wine stain to face us. "Thank you. I just don't like dirty things. I never have." "What don't you like about them?," the Godmother asked. "I'm not entirely sure. I'm not a germaphobe, or like shiny things..." he elaborated, "I guess I just like the idea of something being in its best condition. Pristine. Pure."

"I agree, Samuel," the Godmother calmly said, "Everything should be the most perfect it can be, the ideal of itself." "Thank goodness you understand, Elena," he said, "I don't think Sally could get this." "Samuel, could you stop for a second?"

Samuel stood up, turning to face the Godmother, and I felt the warmth slide over him. The Godmother was enhancing his natural pleasure. Samuel blushed, and averted his eyes slightly. "Elena, I just want to say, I am married. Just getting that out there."

"I know, Samuel," the Godmother told him, "But I have a very special thing I need you to clean tonight." She giggled at him. "It's nothing that would upset your wife if she knew, trust me."

Samuel picked up his cleaning supplies and followed us into a door I didn't think existed in the real world. Inside a was an art gallery, with plain white walls and a wooden floor. Both paintings and statues decorated the place, but every piece was dull and dark, and covered in either dust, dirt, and grime. All of the pieces were of some male figure, too, and not even some of the more beautiful men. I wondered a bit why Godmother would take us to such an ugly place.

"The Bonne collection has been sitting unviewed for some time now," the Godmother told Samuel, "And I though someone with delicate cleaning skills like yours could help us. It would much more help than sorting out the other mess, trust me."

"Oh, why didn't you say so? I'll definitely do it. It'll be such a story for my friends." "Wonderful."

The first painting we approached was of a scowling man in 17th century Dutch clothes that resembled Samuel, but only a little. "It's too old for it, but this guy could definitely be my dad," Samuel said. "Your dad was kind of guy who would scowl for a painting, huh?," I asked. "Unfortunately. He was my only parent, but he never really did much for me. He was always trying to spend as little time with as possible." Samuel felt sad, and began using a very slightly damp cloth to remove the dust. At the first swipe, though, something surprised him.

"Oh, no, no, no..." he said, heart racing, "The painting is coming right off!" He was right, instead of a dark corner of the a room like had been there before, there was a patch of blue sky. The Godmother put her hand on his shoulder. "Keep going. Yes, I'm sure."

Hesistantly, Samuel continued, but I could sense that he enjoyed wiping away his father. It made him feel good, and by the time he was done, he was better all over. I also felt his body hair dissolve away as he cleaned, and a nice, smooth sensation all over him. The image underneath was of a mother, holding her two children close on sunny day in a green pasture. "It's so much more beautiful, don't you agree," the Godmother commented. "Yes, I do like it a lot more," Samuel said, looking longingly at the image.

The next painting was of an older man studying hard at a desk. He seemed frustrated, and there were a few snapped pencils beside him on the desk. "He looks like one of my old professors at college," Sam said, preparing to wipe away the dust, "They were all real social darwinists, you know? They didn't have respect for people they thought were 'failures'." As he wiped away the dust, his pleasure rose again, and I sensed his shoulders soften, his neck take on a more feminine shape, and his stomach become sleek and womanly. He didn't seem to notice the changes, but I could definitely sense relaxation and a 'clean' feeling. After the cleaning, the painting showed two women reading together. "Collaboration is a nice thing, isn't it?," the Godmother asked. Samuel nodded in agreement, and spent some more time looking at the image.

The following painting was of a rotund man overlooking a factory floor. "This is getting a bit eerie," Samuel remarked, "Now this guy looks like my boss. It's not the same industry, but..." "It's the same feeling you have at work, right?," I answered. Samuel sighed in a way that might as well have been a 'yes', and got to wiping. The pleasure built a third time, and I could watch as his face feminized, with full lips and eyelashes, a cute nose, and well-styled brows. He received make-up and hair like Sophie, but his ringlets were red, and her beauty mark appeared on the left side. His gender was ambiguous to anyone who would happen to see him. It was kind of amazing what you could get away with in a room without reflective surfaces.

Underneath the factory and the boss was an image of a woman soldier leading the charge of her all-female squadron. This was the last straw for Samuel, who broke down crying. "What's wrong?," the Godmother asked, reaching out to comfort him. "I feel ...dirty. I feel full of the dirt of rotten people." "I understand, but that's why we are here. We want to help clean you."

Samuel wasn't sure how to react. "What?" The Godmother, on the other hand, was composed. "Hailey and I have taken you to a special place, a place where by confronting the dirt within you, you can clean yourself. You felt cleaner everytime you confronted something, didn't you?" Samuel paused to think about what the Godmother was saying, but he couldn't deny it was true. "I do feel cleaner. I feel much cleaner, like just after a shave or shower, but times two." "Wonderful. Every time you feel cleaner here, you will become cleaner, more pristine, more pure, more of your ideal self. So please, trust us, and trust the changes that you feel. It is just the cleansing."

"Fine," Samuel said after a moment of contemplation, "I like feeling clean, I want to be clean."

The fourth painting was of a featureless figure cowering in a corner, surrounded by megaphones. Godmother encouraged Samuel to express his feelings on it. "This is how I feel sometimes at home, whenever people mock me for cleaning too much. I feel ashamed." "Wipe the shame away," I told him, and he did, with energy. Samuel's arms began to smooth, as his sleeves receded into the black, puffy, lacy short sleeves Sophie had. He also gained the gloves and the manicure. The underlying image was a more feminine figure dancing freely, but Samuel was more preoccupied with his own body. "What is going on with me?" The Godmother touched him. "Trust the cleansing. Trust your feelings." Samuel backed down. "I will, Elena."

The fifth painting was of two figures, a man and woman sitting, facing away from each other in the rain. Wiping it away revealed two women facing each other, and gave Samuel a poofy maid skirt with womanly wide hips. I could tell from his expression he enjoyed the feeling very much, but was still holding onto something he was afraid to let go of.

The sixth changed from a collection of grey squares to a collection of expressive dresses, and gave Samuel smooth thighs with the same black heels and stockings as Sophie, as well as the choker, headband, and pearl necklace.

The last piece of art to clean was a bronze statue of a man, that looked just like the old Samuel. As Samuel approached, he hesistated to clean it. "Do you not like the changes, the cleanliness?" the Godmother questioned him, "All of this is temporary. I can undo it anytime."

Samuel started to cry again, and began violently scrubbing away at the statue, slowly revealing a marble woman that looked like his new form. The remainder of shirt became a maid's uniform, and his chest expanded to slightly larger than mine, completing his female form, but he didn't seem to care. Then, he saw his new reflection in the marble, and rushed into the Godmother's arms. "Oh, Elena," he confessed, crying throughtout, "I'm so, so sorry. I didn't want to admit I needed this. I thought I needed to be a big strong man, but was just more filth in my soul. Thank you, I feel clean and free from masculine dirt, for the first time in my life." The Godmother consoled him, telling him there was nothing to feel sorry about. When Samuel started expressing his fears about what his wife would think, and what his wife would be like, we explained who the Godmother is, and his wife's rebirth as Sophie Coeur.

"Okay... If Sally is Sophie now, I want to be Sadie. Sadie Coeur," she said, "And please, make me an avatar of beauty like she is. If she did it, she'd want me to do it too." "As you wish," Godmother said, moving her hands into the head and groin position like she did with me, "You will be reborn as Sadie Coeur, avatar of beauty through cleanliness."

I smiled as rebirthing completed and we re-entered the real world. Sadie took a moment to examine her new plumbing, then ran over and hugged me. It felt magical.

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