Trouble and Strife Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Charlie had his doubts but he couldn’t deny that Shelley was trying to make amends for her affair. It had been a week since he had agreed to give her a second chance and he had enjoyed waking up to breakfast in bed every morning since. As he sipped at his orange juice he thought back over yesterday’s conversation and the document that he had signed.

Shelley had come into the room clutching two documents and asked if they could talk, naturally Charlie said yes.

“I don’t want to keep saying sorry because you already know it but I can’t stop,” she began, “I just feel so bad about everything I feel the need to apologise every time I see you. I am so glad that you have given me another chance, even though I probably don’t deserve it with what I did. I got to thinking and I decided that I wanted to show me how committed to our marriage I am so I got Jane, my solicitor friend, to draw up a legally binding document that says I promise that I will do everything in my power to save our relationship. Now I am going to sign it in front of you so that you know, would you like to read through it?”

Charlie nodded, slightly confused but pleased that his wife was showing commitment. The document did little to help his confusion with a lot of legal language that he didn’t understand, but he did get the general gist of it and it did clearly state that Shelley would do everything she could to maintain her relationship with him. Folding the document so that the last page, where she would sign, was visible he handed it back.

“Are you sure you want to sign something that binding?” he asked.

“Of course I am,” she replied, “I love you and I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. Signing this doesn’t make any difference as far as I’m concerned because I am fully committed and would do anything with or without an agreement, I just thought it would give you peace of mind.”

As she spoke Shelley signed the document with a flourish and smiled and her husband.

“I’m glad you said that,” said Charlie, “and I want you to know that I’ll do everything I can to make our marriage work as well.”

“Really.” Shelley sounded excited.

“Well, yes. I mean, I guess there must have been reasons for you to turn to…him,” said Charlie, “and at least some of them must have been things that I did or didn’t do. So, I will do my best to make those things right.”

“Charlie, that’s more than I could ever have hoped for. Thankyou.” Shelley paused. “Do you think you could sign an agreement like mine?”

Charlie frowned, his wife looked terribly excited and for some reason it made him feel uncomfortable. Something nagged at him, all of a sudden this didn’t feel quite right, but how could he say no. After all she had just signed one for him, would it show that he wasn’t as devoted as her? He had just told her that he was, could he back out now? He went through the details of the agreement he had just read and couldn’t think of anything that would be a problem to him, maybe…

“Go on then.” He said, making a decision.

“Oh thank you. Would you like to read it first?”

“Is it different to the one you signed?” he asked.

“Jane said there are some differences in language because you’re a man, but there’s nothing major.” Answered Shelley.

“In that case I’m fine. Pass it over.”

With that Charlie signed the document that would shape the rest of his life.


The next few weeks went well for Charlie. Shelley was very attentive and was doing everything to make him feel wanted. Even in bed things were starting to improve with the discovery that his nipples were becoming increasingly sensitive. Something that Shelley took a huge advantage of, sucking and playing with them constantly. She had even managed to make him come without touching his dick. Of course, she was a bit unhappy when that happened but he made it up to her with his tongue on her clit. He did such an excellent job that she told him, in a very breathy voice, that he would make a great lesbian.

Even though it was a weird sort of complement, looking back, Charlie felt good about it, he knew that it was his fault their sex life hadn’t been particularly good and that was one of the reasons she’d had her affair. For her to appreciate what he had done meant a lot.

Of course, had he known that she was at that moment in bed with Steve he might not have felt quite so happy.


In the afterglow of sex Steve turned to the woman that he loved.

“So, have you got rid of that husband of yours?” he asked her.

Shelley shook her head. “I told you, I can’t. He’s my best friend and I need him.”

“And I told you that I will not share you with another man.” Steve sounded angry but Shelley kissed him on the lips and smiled.

“Don’t worry Lover, you won’t have to.” She said

“What? You just said you weren’t going to get rid of him.” Anger became confusion for Steve, he seemed to spend half of his life in one mode or the other.

“I’m not, he just won’t be a man anymore.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You’ve heard of feminisation haven’t you, making men wear skirts and all that.”

“You’re going to turn him into a sissy?” Steve could hardly believe his ears.

“Oh no, he’s not going to be a sissy. I’m going to make him into a proper girl, she’ll be my BFF and you’ll be my lover. That way everyone will be happy.”

“I’m sorry but he is willing to let you turn him into a girl and you don’t think he’s a sissy? You ever try any of that shit on me Missy and I’ll be out of your life faster than you can say shit.”

“Why on earth would I try to turn you into a girl, I need your cock to be all man all of the time…and for your information Charlie isn’t letting me turn him into a girl. He doesn’t know anything about it. Yet. By the time he does it’ll be too late and then he’ll accept it. You’ll see.”

Steve shook his head and grinned. “You are one fucked up lady, Shelley. Now I think my manly cock is needing a little attention.”


It was Monday morning and Charlie had just discovered that his pants drawer was completely empty.

“Shelley, where are my pants?” he shouted.

“In the tumble dryer.” Was the reply.

“What…all of them?”

“Yes, all of them. Somebody around here hasn’t been pulling his weight in the laundry department and left it for me to do. I noticed that you had a huge pile of dirty pants so I scooped them all up and washed them. They should be done by now.”

Feeling a little guilty over his lack of help Charlie walked down the stairs to the utility room and opened the door of the dryer.

“Shelley, they’re still wet.”

His wife appeared in the doorway. “They can’t be, I turned the dryer on before going to bed last night.” She said. Shelley stuck her hand into the drum of the machine and felt the clothes. “How odd?” She shut the door and poked the start button, nothing happened.

“I assume it’s plugged in.” said Charlie helpfully.
“Well it was last night.” Replied Shelley, which it had been. After she had removed the fuse from the plug. “Look, I don’t know what’s wrong with it and I can’t do anything now. You’ll just have to borrow a pair of my pants today and I’ll put some of these on a radiator for tomorrow.”

“I can’t wear yours.” Said Charlie, his face reddening. “What will people say?”

“They won’t say anything because they won’t know.” Responded Shelley with a little bit of anger in her voice. “Maybe if you’d helped more you wouldn’t have a problem. Go and pick out a pair of pants and stop complaining, even you’ll forget you have them on before long and, unless you intend to drop your trousers in public nobody will see a thing.”

A feeling of guilt spread through Charlie replacing the embarrassment. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” He said. “I’ll do more to help in future.”

He went upstairs and opened his wife’s underwear drawer. Inside were several pairs of feminine undergarments in a variety of colours. He instantly dismissed the thongs and anything in bright pink. Then the ones with flowers and two pairs that consisted of nothing but the flimsiest of lace. He was left with a choice between a pale blue pair of high cut satin bikini briefs and a pair of black shorties that were covered in sequins at the front and a mesh back. He was unaware that his wife had carefully removed the standard cotton panties that she wore on a daily basis and picked up the blue pair. He pulled them up his legs and fiddled with his bits trying to get them to sit in a comfortable position. When he was happy he walked over to his own drawers and pulled out a familiar pair of plain black socks that he threw onto the bed. He pulled a shirt out of the wardrobe and a pair of trousers of the back of a chair before sitting on the bed. As he sat he felt his wife’s briefs tug at his penis for a moment before giving up and letting the head pop out above the waistband.
Frowning he stood up again and had another fiddle, making sure that everything was tucked away again. But as soon as soon as he sat it happened again. Grumbling he took them off and walked back to Shelley’s drawers. He grabbed the sequin covered shorties and pulled them on, grimacing as he glimpsed the sequins sparkling in the mirror. He was, however, pleasantly surprised at how much more comfortable they were compared to the briefs. His bits simply fell into a comfortable position and when he sat down they stayed there.

He quickly pulled on his trousers and shirt, fastening everything to hide the sequins from view. As he pulled on his socks he began to relax a little, with his clothes on there really was nothing to suggest that he was wearing anything other than his normal jockey shorts and Shelley’s shorties were probably as comfortable.

Shelley was also proved right as her husband went about his job as an estate agent and forgot all about his unusual under garments. He worked in a small-town branch of a well-established regional company, Richard Sole Agents. Being a small branch there were only three permanent occupants of the shop, Charlie, Beatrice and Simon. The manager of the branch worked in the neighbouring town and only visited once or twice a month meaning that the three agents were allowed to enjoy a more relaxed working environment.

Charlie had enjoyed an exceptionally good day at work, finally closing the sale of a house in his own village that he’d been working on for several weeks. When he got home he had a smile on his face and was more than happy to accept the attention his wife gave him.

Wrapping her arms around her husband’s waist Shelley pulled him into a deep and lingering kiss. Trying to dominate him with her lips she eased her hands to the waist band of his trousers and gently slipped them inside.

“Oh, I’d forgotten you were wearing these,” she said, feigning her surprise.

Charlie’s face went bright red as he remembered for himself. He went to break away from her clasp but she would release him. Instead she grabbed hold of his belt and slid her hands to the front holding her husband firmly in place as she unfastened the buckle and gave the trousers a yank. Accompanied by a squeak from Charlie they fell to his knees and his sequinned underwear was exposed.

Shelley knew that the next few minutes were vitally important, if her husband was to escape her grasp and take the knickers off now her whole plan could fail. Returning her mouth to his she kissed him again and replaced her arms around his waist. This time, though, she allowed her hands to caress his buttocks through the black mesh of his knickers. His stiffening penis pressed into her groin and she smiled inwardly. She squeezed a buttock as she broke the kiss and shifted her mouth to Charlie’s neck. Nibbling as she went she worked herself around her husband until she was able to grasp his penis through the fabric of the undergarment. Sequins dug into her hand but she couldn’t stop, she rubbed his member gently with one hand and his butt with the other as she continued to caress his neck with tongue and teeth.

Charlie was unprepared for such an assault and his breath began to quicken as his body responded to his wife’s touch. His brain screamed at him to get control and slow things down, but it was too little, too late. With a groan he ejaculated into his panties.
Shelley put on a disappointed face while she cheered inside.

“Oh Honey.” She said. “I was…”

“I’m sorry love, that was…” Charlie stumbled over his words as guilt spread through his mind. He knew he wasn’t the most prolific lover in the world but to come before he even had his pants off was not good.

“It’s all right love, maybe we could try again later.” Shelley kept a tone of disappointment in her voice, trying to sound encouraging at the same time. “For some reason seeing you in those panties really turns me on.”

“Really?” Charlie may have been a little surprised but his guilt was the overriding emotion and he wracked his brain for a way to make things right. His mind found its way to the complement Shelley had paid him just a week before and he knew just what he had to do.

He kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his trousers and placed his hands onto his wife’s shoulders, gently pushing her backwards until she sat down on the sofa. Dropping to his knees between her legs, Charlie slowly worked Shelley’s panties down her legs and discarded them before moving his head to her most private place.

It took a bit of gentle nudging and the occasional verbal instruction, but Shelley was quite pleased with the progress her husband was making. Naturally she exaggerated her responses, moaning and groaning far more than her body required and just before she faked an explosive orgasm she spoke.
“Oh Baby, if you were a girl I would seriously consider turning lesbian.”

Sitting together on the couch fifteen minutes later having recovered their breath Charlie looked up at his wife. She had made sure that he was lying with his head in her lap so that she had the dominant position.

“What did you mean?” He asked.


“Earlier, you said that if I was a girl you consider becoming a Lesbian. What did you mean?”

“Oh, I err…” Shelley paused as though she was thinking, “I…Well for me sex has always been about cock, as soon as I get horny all I want is to feel a hot cock inside me. I guess that’s one of the reasons I strayed a bit in the past. I mean, don’t take this badly but you didn’t always make it…last. I loved the way you made sure I orgasmed but it wasn’t the same…you know?”

“I never realised.” Answered Charlie meekly.

“Well I wasn’t going to say anything because I love you and that is far more important than sex…and it doesn’t matter anymore anyway. You see I didn’t think about cock once today, what you did with your mouth was so good I didn’t need anything else. I guess what I was saying was that, if something terrible happened and you lost the ability to…you know…then I wouldn’t be worried because you could still keep me happy.”

Charlie wasn’t sure whether to take heart from his wife’s words or to feel insulted but he wasn’t given time to dwell as her hand reached between his legs and began to stroke his penis through the sequins of his knickers. His body responded and his wife smiled.

“Of course, those sexy knickers really help.” She whispered and increased the pressure.

To be continued…

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