The Body Snatcher - Chapter 2

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When I get on the bus, I don’t know what I expect but hardly anyone pays any attention. These students are in various stages of self entertainment. Most are on their phones. Some have books out.

There are a few empty seats and fewer empty rows. I pick one of the empty rows and settle in. The bus hisses before it’s on it’s way. I haven’t had any time to myself to process and I won’t find that here either because a boy jumps in the seat beside me.

“You ignoring me, Hill?” he asks with a smile

“ What'd I do now?” his expression is carefree.

I remember him from my phone's gallery. Murphy.

“I.. nothing..” He caught me by surprise. I try to imitate this kid’s soft voice which surprisingly comes out very easily. “I’m sorry". I sound like a fucking chick.

“Nah nothing to apologize for" he says as he settles into the seat. “You're being brave today, I like that"

“Huh?” I don't understand.

“Valerie sits here. We sit over there” He gestures to an empty row in the opposite column.

“Right” I say before letting out a soft sigh.

“You more than anyone know that she can be a real bitch" He shifts to get a better look at me “You okay? You seem different"
I smile. “I’m fine"

“You sounded awful last night. Are you ill?”

My mind darts back to the recording. He did sound awful. I begin to wonder whether it has anything to do with me.

I let out my most convincing smile. “I’m fine. I promise".

He doesn’t believe me but he let’s it go. Without warning, he takes my hand and pulls me across the bus to our usual seats. He let’s go as soon as we're sitting but I still feel his hands on mine. I hate feeling so small but I feel protected near him.

“So.. “ he says eventually clearly trying to spark conversation. I turn to him. “Are you going to take Kara up on her offer?”

I have a system. When I’m in conversations I’m not familiar with, I just spam “I don’t know” until I get more information so that’s exactly what I do.

“I don’t know"

The bus climbs over a bump which causes most of us to jump.

“Evening shift at the pool is a sweet gig" he adds.

The bus hadn’t been driving for a long time but I already had a sense of this place. It’s very upscale but also small town at the same time. Most houses seem new and the cars are also modern. There's also a few lots still in the works.

“I think you should take it. Would be nice to work so close together" he bumps me slightly with his elbow.

Every time I turn to look at him, he’s smiling at me. It’s disorienting.

“Maybe” I say simply. Better not make any decisions.


It’s not that long until two girls get on the bus at the same time. They’re hot. They don’t look alike but they’re dressed similarly. A skirt, jacket and tights. They don’t have a lot of makeup but it’s visible enough. The blonde one smirks in my direction as they both walk past us to the seat I’d been sitting in.

Murphy makes a show of shooting himself with his fingers. I chuckle. The bus hisses again before it’s on it’s way.

“You were in my seat, bitch?” a shrill comes from behind me. I don’t turn. I suddenly feel my unkempt hair get yanked from behind.

“I’m talking to you” A voice I’ve decided belongs to Valerie echoes again.

“Sit down" A stern voice belonging to an older woman in the driver's seat rings throughout the bus.

I feel the pressure on my hair dissipate and pain replace it. My shoulder length hair falls back in place.

In a much quieter tone, Valerie says “Don’t you fucking mess with me".

I hear the other girl say as Valerie got back in her seat “Can you believe her?”

The bus is quiet after that. This is the worst day of my extended life.


Murphy taps me as we're stepping off the bus.

“Don’t let Valerie get to you, Laura" he says. He pauses as if waiting for a reply but when he doesn’t get one, he adds “Seriously. She’s not worth it. Now come on"

He turns and begins the short journey to the school entrance.

Unlike most of the buildings I’ve come across so far, the main building is ancient. The new coat of paint does little to hide it’s aging features. Even the ground seems well walked on but that seems normal for school grounds.

There is a much newer building to the right and after that are some trees. To the left however, I can see part of a football pitch with the words “Wolverines" in red and gold on one endzone.

It takes me a second to move. I just take it all in for a moment. It’s a wonderful morning even if on the noisy side.

When I look up, Murphy is gesturing to me. Mum was right, we do spend a lot of time together.


The halls are even louder than it was outside. A hundred kids in various conversations, a thousand footsteps. I’ve actually not been in such an environment since I died so this brings back many memories.

The noisiest group however was a group of boys clad in football jackets discussing loudly. I stopped to look at them. That was me once. It really was a better time.

One of the group, a kid on the younger side is now looking at me. As far as I can tell, he’s the only one there around my age. For a second our eyes lock.

Suddenly he let’s out the creepiest smirk that makes me feel so dirty I turn away, my eyes searching for Murphy. I don’t dare look back.

I see Murphy fumbling with a locker and make my way to him in a hurry.

“Woah there" he says shocked “what’s wrong? You look like something's chasing you" he let’s out a small laugh.

“I...” I begin but my voice cracks “It’s nothing".

Right next to his locker is one that’s clearly mine. A crude writing of the word “TRANNY" probably done by a 4 year old is scrapped at the bottom right corner of the locker. It’s subtle but clear enough to hurt.

Why would anyone want to go through this? I kinda feel bad for the kid but can't help but think that he brought it on himself. Also doesn’t help that he’s so hot.

I’d be upset if I got attracted to a dude that looks like a chick. None of my business though, I’ll be halfway around the world tomorrow if I’m lucky.

Murphy is snapping his fingers in my face. “Earth to Laura. It’s almost first period. You have to hurry".

I unconsciously bite me lip. “I forgot my combination”

He laughs “who are you and what have you done with my friend?”. He gently pushes me aside. He begins to turn the dials while saying audibly “ fourteen.... twenty two........ seven".

The lock clicks open and I breathe a sigh of relief. He even knows my code. There is a picture of Murphy and I in the corner. I look a bit less like a girl there. A short haircut and an oversized suit tries and fails to portray a man but hides the femininity that is on display now.

On the floor of the locker, something catches my eye. A note. In sharpie it says “Lunch, Behind building 2, Don't be late”.


I eventually make my way into my first class mostly with Murphy's help even though we have different classes. He kept looking at my funny but thankfully that’s where the probing ended.

I initially intend to hang around the classroom until everyone is seated then take the free seat but an ever helpful “TRANNY” sticker helps me decipher which desk is mine.

I study it for a moment. It’s written in the same crude and unsteady script as the last one. Looks like Laura has a secret admirer.

The class is yet to begin and most students are in various states of preparedness so eventually my mind begins to wonder as a result of boredom.

Most people ignore this kid. How long has this been going on for? I know there are effeminate boys but this is on a different level. He looks as much a girl as any female student in this classroom.

In the past I’ve gotten used to referring to these temporary bodies as myself but I just can’t bring myself to do it with this one. Not when I have breasts. I make a quick glance around before stealthily bringing a hand to my chest.

My right hand grips my left breast and I squeeze gently. I squirm in my seat. I withdraw my hand. It’s such a weird feeling. They’re not the most prominent but they’re definitely there. I wonder what people are thinking about him. About me.

My body is feminine but it is put to shame by my face. I think back to this morning and my soft face is still burned in my memory.

Everything about me is a stark contrast to Murphy. In my high school experience, birds of the same feather flock together. That isn’t the case here. Murphy is at least 5’9 and quite well built. He’s also really handsome... I pause. My unconscious smile falls from my face.

Before I can finish mentally slapping myself, Valerie and two other girls walk into the classroom in hurried footsteps and close behind them is a young woman, maybe in her late twenties.

She’s not too shabby but not outstanding either. A better body than face in my opinion. I’m happy with myself for so easily admiring a woman's body after slipping a second ago.

“Morning class" she says as she sets a few books and materials on the large table in front of the class.

All she receives are a few grunts of acknowledgement but she doesn’t react to this. “Please take a seat" she says before turning to write ‘English Lit’ on the white board.

She turns around with a more serious look on her face.

“Before we begin today's lesson, there’s something we have to discuss". She walks from behind the desk to its front and rests on it.

This opener has the desired effect and the class is now quiet for the first time today.
“It has come to my attention that some of the students have been less than welcoming to some of the changes we've had around here"

The class is quiet but I sense they all know what she’s talking about.

“So" the teacher continues “before we begin today’s lecture, we’re going to take a few minutes to hear some of your complaints"

She pauses again but the class is still silent.

“Don’t worry class, whatever you have to say will be addressed and you will not get in trouble" she let’s out a reassuring smile.
The class is quiet for a bit longer before someone speaks up. “Miss Danvers?” the voice belongs to a bigger kid in the corner.

“Yes Bill?”

He stands “I think it’s unfair that we're probably not going to make the playoffs this year because someone doesn’t know how to take a joke".

The class begins to murmur.
“Okay class, settle down" The teacher says before nodding at Bill. He sits. “I assume you’re talking about the Jeffrey incident. Jeffrey was suspended for making some derogatory comments towards another student, correct?”

“And kicked off the football team" Bill adds. He seems really upset by that.

“Yes well Jeffrey put the school in a very tough spot. I think you'll all agree that we're big football fans here at this school but this is also a loving environment.

We treat each other like family and we trust one another and Jeffrey broke that trust when he said all those hurtful things to another student. I hope you understand that such behaviour is unacceptable, Bill?” She looks intently at the student.

“It was a joke. It wasn't a big deal. The playoffs are a big deal" he just replies.
She laughs “ Whatever the case may be, we're to follow the rules at all times and Jeffrey was in clear violation".

She turns to the class. “And students, I know you’re all upset but that is no reason to retaliate on any student here. She is the victim and she didn’t even bring it to our attention. Another student did. Even if that is no excuse to...” She stops herself before he voice gets too high “.... just treat each other like family, is that clear?” She finishes in a more composed manner.

“Yes, miss Danvers" the class echoes.

“ Let's begin".


I haven’t been able to concentrate on any of my classes all day. The closer it gets to lunch, the more my mind wanders. Who sent that note? What do they want? Should I even go?

When the long bell rings, my heart skips a beat. Lunch. I start looking around the classroom. Could it be someone in this room? No one pays me any mind. Most are already on their way out the class.

One person is looking at me though, the teacher. A middle aged Korean man named Kim Seung-ho. He gestures for me to come to him.

We’d just finished Algebra 2 and like most of my classes, the teachers have ignored me. Not that I’m complaining. I put my things down And make my way to the front of the class.

“Laura, what’s the matter?” He asks in a caring tone “You barely paid attention in my class"

I swallow. My mouth suddenly feeling dry.

“Lot on my mind" I say in a low voice.

His face turns serious “A student giving you trouble?”

“No, it’s not that" I reply sharply. “It’s nothing”
“Laura, you don’t have to talk to me" he places a hand on my shoulder “But talk to someone. You’re too young to have to world on your shoulder".

He’s so kind. I want to tell him about the note but that cannot go well. Besides, my one rule is to leave their lives how I found it.

“Thank you" I say simply.

He smiles “I expect you’ll be back to normal by our next class"

I smile “without a doubt".


I decide that it’s best to go see where the note leads so while other kids are going into the lunch room, I leave the building and make my way towards the newer facility.

It is still a pretty chilly day even this far into it and I’m glad I'm dressed for it. I wonder if I’m allowed to be out here as no one else is but I haven’t been stopped so far so I keep going. I wish someone would stop me but no one does.

I make the turn around the building and I’m now out of sight from the main building. There’s a lot of equipment and sealed boxes back here. It doesn’t seem like a place meant for students and it gives me an eerie feeling being here.

I haven’t really been scared since I died and I’ve been a drug dealer. I am now.
I feel a hand on my shoulder and I scream and turn.

It’s the boy in the football jacket from earlier. The one with the smirk. He’s shushing me.

“What’s wrong with you?” he says in a hushed tone “You want the whole school to hear?”

I’m shaking. I’ve never screamed like that before. My body is betraying me.
I don’t say anything. I just wait for him to reveal what’s going on.

“God, you look hot today” he says eyeing me up “I just wish you’d try like the other girls"
I’m confused.

“I’ve been thinking of you all day. No bra, naughty girl"

I’m mortified. What is going on? He steps closer to me.

“Umm...” is all I manage before he grabs both my breasts and squeeze. It takes all my strength not to scream again. I push him with all my strength. I feel violated.

“What the fuck?!” I halfway yell.

“Yeah what the fuck?” he replies with a questioning look.

“No" I shake my head while taking a few steps back “This is not happening!”

His expression changes. He looks visibly angry. I start contemplating whether I can take him in a fight.

“Do I need to remind you what happens if you refuse me?” he steps closer to me “Maybe I’ll fucking send the video anyway, is that what you want?”

What is this kid involved in?

I don’t reply.

“You know what? The price of my silence has gone up.” He begins unzipping his pants and my heart goes up into my throat.

I don’t know what to do.

He grabs my right arm and I struggle to get free but it’s useless. Attacking him would only serve to make him angrier.

When I see his briefs, I go to turn but I'm interrupted by footsteps rapidly approaching us.

Before the asshole can react, he is thrown to the floor by a strong pair of hands.

The switch in motion makes me lose my balance and I fall to the floor.

“Don’t you dare touch her, Gino!" Murphy is standing over the other kid yelling at him.

“You don’t get to fucking touch her!" He is so angry.

Gino rushes up to his feet and steps in Murphy's face. They’re staring each other down.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Gino is yelling back.

“Go ahead, find out" Murphy replies through his teeth.

It takes a second but Gino takes a step back. He glances at me on the floor before returning his gaze back to Murphy. He points at him before saying “This isn’t over".

He turns and walks away. Murphy just stands there until Gino is out of site before turning to me. He helps me off the floor then looks straight at me. “Ok. Explain.”

So much for leaving their lives how I found it.


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Jamie Lee's picture

It would be nice if he could access the memories of the person whose body he was placed into. Right now it would help him understand what Gino was talking about, especially about the video.

Gino is one of those who needs dropped kicked as far as possible out of school and/or the planet. Unless he gets his ears pinned back in a memorably way, he's likely to be the next thug in town after he gets out of school.

Maybe Laura should tell her mom about a video Gino told her about, and can honestly claim ignorance about it when it comes to light.

Others have feelings too.

Nearly Five Years

joannebarbarella's picture

Between chapters 2 and 3.

The story seems to be well worth continuing. Our protagonist has hopped involuntarily from body to body but now finds himself/herself in a body that's not letting go. Maybe it's a case of a lost soul who has been searching for a home where it can finally do some good.

Being landed in a body not knowing where, when or who you are means that every step is an unknown, so you're groping for the answers in your whole waking life. Add to that that all your attitudes, instincts and reflexes are those of the boy who died in a car crash and you must learn in short order to be the girl whose body you inhabit and to survive in an environment hostile to you with but one friend who you don't know how to deal with.

This is a different take on transsexual experience and I hope you continue with the story, and post much faster than you have until now. I will follow Laura's journey.

Truly a long time

Emma's picture

between chapters. I started writing this sometime during my final year in the midst of an already intense workload.

Recently I've been feeling an itch to come back and finish. I have so many ideas about where I want this story to go but I'm taking it a chapter at a time. Chapter 4 is halfway done and I look forward to you reading it very soon.

Worth The Wait

SuziAuchentiber's picture

I have unfinished stories all over my PC and some I completed but am not quite happy with sections. Its frustrating as a reader when the author loses their muse and abandons things but having you back with a new zest for the story is wonderful and you have my full attention ! Its an intresting scenario and well worth the exploration!
Thanks & I hope to read lots more !