Going Home Chapter 12

Upolu Station, Monkey Wrench:
Vicky looks at the man she brought back to the Wrench last night. He had a military hair cut and was well built. He was one of the security officers that guarded the station. He had come into the pub to enjoy himself.

They had a few drinks and the next thing she knew. They were back at the Monkey Wrench tearing each other’s clothes off. She slips out of her bed and walks into the bathroom. She shivers, as the cold air in her quarters hit her warm body.

Once Vicky is done in the bathroom and has washed her hands, she heads back to bed. She snuggles up to the man she had sex with last night. It has been a long time since she has had sex like she did last night.

Lieutenant Suder wakes up and notices the woman he had left the pub with, laying next to him. She had milked him so much last night, that his testicles were hurting. He looks down at her sleeping form and notices she had a vine of roses that started down near her tailbone and climbed up her spine. It weaved in and out with different color roses in full bloom.

There was also a tattoo of a Monkey with a huge Wrench in its hand. There was something written in some sort of alien language underneath the Monkey. He wonders what the translation of the writing was?

He slips out of bed and finds the bathroom in her quarters. He notices the bathroom was simple and a little small, but it had everything a person needed. He walks out of the bathroom and back into the main room. He looks at all the decorations the room had. He notices that over in one corner was a custom-made weapons locker. Inside were all sorts of energy and black powered weapons in it, along with some more ancient bladed weapons.

Next, to the custom weapons, locker were suits of body armor. Some of them still had battle damage that hadn’t been repaired.

“I wonder what did this?” Derek was curious what weapon had left such a deep carter in heavy armor.

“It was an Ojmox plasma rifle that hit me. I spent a week in a recovery tank being put back together.” Vicky had woken up again.

She saw the man she came back with looking at her collections of weapons and her old combat gear. The body armor he was asking questions about was when she helped protect a Zurunda colony from the Ojmox. An Ojmox assault squad had been sent to kill the colony and the Monkey Wrench had been pinned down. An Ojmox plasma beam from a soldier’s rifle had hit her body armor. If the armor hadn’t been as tough as it was. The beam would have removed her whole entire left arm.

“You spent a week in a recovery tank?” Derek had never heard of that before.

“Yeah, the Zurunda have medical technology that is more advanced then Draconic Empire or the Orgaian Empire. They completely fixed all the damage done to my shoulder area.” Vicky loved the Zurunda race.

Vicky hated that she had to leave their planet. She wanted to stay, but they preferred to be left alone and didn’t like off worlders. Their homeworld was all the way out on the fringe of space. Which meant it would be hard for her to get jobs.

“So, how long are you going to be on station?” Derek wouldn’t mind spending more time with this young Captain.

“Don’t know, it could be just for a few hours or a few days. I’m waiting to hear back from my booking agent.” Vicky hopes she gets some jobs soon.

“Well, I don’t have to be back on duty, till later. We could continue what we started last night.” Derek smiles as he looks down into Vicky’s eyes.

“Sounds like a good idea, but I need food first. Come on, I’ll make you some breakfast.” Vicky grabs a pair of clean panties and slips them on. She also slips on an oversized t-shirt as well.

Derek slips on his pants and follows Vicky to the common area. He notices that it was rather plain looking. There was a wooden table that could seat eight people around it. There was also a relaxation area where the crew could relax.

Vicky starts cooking some food for the two of them. It was rare when she could cook some normal food. Sure, her and Jexa shared the cooking and the food, but there were things that she couldn’t eat that Jexa made and there were things she could eat, that Jexa couldn’t.
Derek finds the entertainment unit and selects some music, while Vicky cooked. He couldn’t understand, why Vicky would want a ship so old.

“Do you want some freshly brewed coffee?” Vicky had fresh coffee beans on her ship.

“You have fresh coffee?” Derek looks over towards Vicky.

“Yep, I have fresh coffee.” A smile appears on her face.

“Good, I would love a cup.” Derek walks over to the counter and watches Vicky as she cooks.

Once the food was done, Vicky serves it up along with some freshly brewed coffee. The two of them walk over towards the table and sit down to enjoy the meal.

“You should be a chef.” Derek was enjoying his meal.

“Thanks, I use to be a line cook on a passenger ship.” Vicky served for a few years as a cook on a space liner.

Entry Port, Upolu Station:
Juno follows the rest of the passengers from the transport through the arrival gate. Her hood hid her alien looking face from anyone trying to look at her. She is stopped by security and asked for her identity card. She hands it over and watches as the security officer scans it.

The security guard hands her card back to her. Juno accepts the card and tucks it into a hidden pocket on her bodysuit, under her cloak. She walks over towards the main directional map of the station to locate some lodging.

Juno selects a decent place to stay at, while she is at the station. Once the arrangements are made. She heads towards the place.

It has been a long trip from Yoirus. Juno wanted to finally get some rest and sleep. She has been on the run for the past seven days with little sleep and little food. She doesn’t regret what she did and was still getting used to her new form.

Juno never thought what happened to her could change her life so much. She receives the card key to her room and heads towards it. Once she is inside, she lowers her hood and removes her cloak. She drapes it over the chair in her room, along with her gun belt.

Juno looked at her new form in the mirror. She hadn’t realized that the alien device she stole from Governor Tillis of Gezoanides would change her as it had. It merged her male body with the rare Nightshade Tiger that the governor kept as a pet. The device had combined their DNA and changed her into a humanoid female Nightshade tiger with all the abilities the Nightshade had. She removes her bodysuit and examines her new body.

She hasn’t had time to examine her new body since she changed. Governor Tillis had hired a hunting party to bring her back. He wanted to place her in his private zoo and breed her to produce more like her. every station or planet she stopped at, there had been someone there trying to capture her.

The last hunters she encountered, she was forced to kill them. She turns around and looks at her gun belt. The strange cylinder object on her gun belt, she had found in a crashed transport. Most of the weapons she had, she found in the crashed transport. She didn’t know what the race was of the pilots, but they were catlike in appearance. She had taken their weapons, clothes and whatever credits they still had on them.

The escape pod she had crashed landed in, had landed near the crashed transport. She had been nude and had no way to defend herself. She was glad that the bodysuits she had taken off the dead bodies were self-forming.

It had grossed her out to wear something someone had died in. But she needed something to protect her soft fur body from the harsh sand storm that had blown in. She was lucky that the survival gear in the escape pod had fresh water.

Juno heads into the bathroom to take a sonic shower. She would love a nice hot water shower, but the rooms that had those were expensive. She had to be careful with what money she still had left. She steps into the sonic shower stall and takes a shower.

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