The Lord of Petty Revenges (LoPR Part I)

The Lord of Petty Revenges

Anthony was a small man who worked at the DVLA in Swansea processing driving license photo cards using the large machine they had there is churn out the new licenses. He did not have much of a social life, and spent much of the time he was not drinking down the pub with his only friend Bernard (who worked at the local zoo) doing sculpture in his own home. Anthony was a man who took being slighted very seriously and ever since he had been bullied at school had enacted petty revenges on those that he felt had done him wrong in any way.

Indeed he had taken to calling himself the "Lord of Petty Revenges" and had recently started to raise his game in getting even with those that had slighted him. For instance a rather large man had aggressively tailgated him on a dual carriageway and had been flashing the lights of his Audi to try and make him pull over.

Working at the DVLA meant he could use the database to look up the man's name and address and even give him a photo card. His name was Richard Evans and the database pointed his address as being local in Swansea. Anthony had worked for about a week and a half on a sculpture of both his own face and one of Richard Evans face. Using the two sculptures he was able to make a thick mask that fit over his own face and had the big jowly features of Mr Evans. With the aid of a padded foam fat suit and some oversized clothes from a charity shop Anthony was able to make a passable resemblance of Mr Evans. With that he reserved a table at the top restaurant in Swansea, The Wharf side Retreat and ordered the most expensive meal possible. On getting up to go to the toilet he slipped out the entrance without any of the staff noticing him and legged it as fast as he could in the fat suit.

His second victim was a woman who had stolen the car parking space he'd been waiting ten minutes for a family with children to vacate in a crowded car park. As the family vacated the space this woman in her Renault Clio nipped in from the other side and stole his space. He took careful note of her registration number and discovered that she was called Kathy Williams from Port Talbot. Using her photo from her driving license he was able to carve a likeness of her face and made a realistic looking mask. He bought a blond streaked wig that matched her hair style and attached it to the top, a blouse and bra from a charity shop and made a couple of seed bags to fill the cups. He then purchased a second hand Renault Clio (which he would sell on later) and made up some number plates to match those registered under Kathy's name. Anthony drove the car to the site of the most notorious speed cameras in the area and then fitted the mask and breast inserts to his disguise so that from the waist up he looked just like Kathy. He felt exhilarated as he drove at 50 mph through the 30 mph zone ensuring that he went through as many speed cameras as possible. At the end of his little speed rampage he headed home, removed the number plates and removed the disguise. Within a week he'd sold the car on and only made a small loss.

Over the past month Anthony had started to develop a feud with his new neighbour, a woman by the name of Claire Hughes. It had started when Claire had paid someone to cut down the tops of the lovely fir trees that Anthony had been nurturing on the side of the garden. She had done it whilst he was out and couldn't object and when he went round to complain she told him that they were cutting off her light and she could do what she wanted. A row had ensued. A week later her boyfriend first started to come round and stay over at the house. The walls of the houses were thin and Anthony could hear their nightly exploits, particularly Claire's loud sexual ecstasy well into the night. The Lord of Petty Revenges wondered just how he would get her back when he overheard her telling her big lump of a boyfriend that she had an important works function on the 20th of next month and that he could come along as long as he behaved himself. There was no way he would pass for Sean her boyfriend since he was 6 foot tall and Anthony was a weakling at only 5 foot 7 inches, about her height. Could he possibly pull of such an audacious revenge he wondered to himself?

He looked up her driving license and found her photo card whereby he began working on a sculpture of her head for a mask, however he knew that he would not fool anyone with the birdseed inserts that he'd used last time. He needed something better and went into a sulk for several days as he grumpily concluded that the whole thing would be impossible. Then when googling the internet under the search term disguises he found a site called Bodysuits. They seemed to make custom built full bodysuits for transvestites that were really lifelike. The photos of men wearing them (with and without a mask) were quite impressive and Anthony knew that he had the answer to his quandary. They were expensive but Anthony knew that the price for revenge would be a small one. He measured himself up, chose a hair colour for the pubic hair similar to Claire's hair, choose C cup breasts and clicked on the order button. The bodysuit included built in hip and bottom padding and silicone breasts already moulded in, but warned that the user would need to be wearing at least a 4" corset to achieve the best results.

Anthony scoured many a site both for a suitable real human hair wig in Claire's colour and style and a corset that would nip his waist in as tightly as possible. He needed to fit in her clothes and could see that she had a tight waistline. Over the next few weeks he completed the new mask of Claire and practised daily talking in her voice. He'd found several sites that had good instructions on achieving a more feminine voice and by the end of it felt he'd just about got it right just as the custom made bodysuit arrived.

Opening the box was an exciting experience for Anthony and he noticed that his member was particularly excited at the prospect. The suit was made of a thin but sturdy latex foam compound that had a bit of a smell to it. Anthony knew that he'd need to ensure that on the night he didn't smell like a latex factory so he determined that he'd need to mask the smell. Before any big night out, women bathed in all sorts of nice smelling bath salts. He found a nice selection that he hoped would be powerful enough to mask the smell and filled a bath with warm water, the scents and then deposited the suit into it before he went to work. For the rest of the day he was excited and impatient to try it on and went through his job on automatic.

When he got home he satisfied himself reading the instructions on putting the suit on and off whilst he cooked a light meal. It seemed that the legs went on just like a pair of tights (another thing he would need to practice) and then he needed to manipulate his member into a built in pouch in the suit that linked up to the fake vagina. There were diagrams in the booklet, but Anthony was itching to try it on in person. The rest of the suit he needed to get into the arms first before zipping up the small zipper at the back.

After he'd finished eating he went upstairs to the bath and fished the Claire suit out. It was ringing wet but it certainly smelt alot better than before. Whilst the suit was dripping dry on the towel rail he went to put on the mask he'd made. He opened up the back and parted the long brunette hair so that he could slip it over his features and mould it into place on his face. As he adjusted it he touched up the edges with bits of make-up to ensure that it blended in. He looked at himself in the mirror and barring a bit of brushing out the hair, he looked like Claire without any makeup on the body of a gangly man. Next he put the corset on and started to tighten it up around his midriff. The corset was tight but he started to tighten it even more as he really wanted to get Claire's body shape as much as he could. The pain in his midriff increased as he tightened and he realised that he was going to need to do this nightly for his body to adjust to the new shape.

By now the suit was nearly dry and Anthony towelled off the last remaining bits before taking the suit off the rail and sitting on the toilet to start putting it on. The legs were relatively easy to slide into, though he had to stop to ensure that his toes fitted into each individual toe in the suit. As he pulled it up he looked down at the inner workings of the vagina and realised he would need to check the instructions again. It seemed that he needed to push his balls back up into a cavity in his body so that there would be room for his member to slot into the pouch provided. It felt kind of funny when he did this, and then he slipped his member into the tube and attached it to the catheter provided. As he pulled the suit up over his hips and bum his dick was naturally pulled by the tube underneath him.

He slotted his arms into the sleeves of the suit, and then struggled to get his fingers to match up to the fingers on the suit. He had to be careful that the long nails at the tips of the fingers did not tear the suit as he aligned his fingers into them.

Lastly he tried to reach around and pull up the zip at the rear of the suit. After several attempts he realised that this was going to be an issue and that in future he might want to attach a rod with a hook on it to assist him in doing it up. After five frustrating minutes he finally caught the tiny zip and started to do it up. The suit was tight on him and difficult to zip up, but eventually after a bit more contortion he got the zip up to the top of the suit. He looked up at himself in the full length bathroom mirror and saw Claire Hughes sitting on his toilet. He stood up for a better look and noticed his wider hips and lovely full breasts which he cupped in his hands, fondling them greedily. Then he decided to explore down below to the full lipped vagina sitting below the mass of brunette pubic hair. He was a bit disappointed as although the opening went in a ways into his fake body, it was dry and not at all realistic. The other thing he'd noticed is that the join at the neckline was clearly visible and that he'd need to wear some sort of necktie to hide it.

He posed in a seductive way in the mirror and used his best imitation of Claire's voice to issue a come on line to her boyfriend Sean. All in all the effect wasn't bad, but Anthony realised that he'd need to practice hard over the next two weeks if this was to work. He still needed to learn about make-up, walking in heels and generally practice at being ladylike - all things instilled in real women, but a mystery to most men. One of which, he suddenly realised, he was going to need to do very soon and he knew he wouldn't have time to take the suit off first. Sitting down on the toilet to pee was a very strange experience and Anthony marvelled at how well the fake vagina channelled his pee round and out through the slit. It was amazingly lifelike from all he could tell and started to make him think he could really pull it off.

He practised all week, even getting a pair of heels and a dress from a charity shop for his "girlfriend" so that he could start getting used to walking in heels. Friday was the only night that week that he did not practice at being Claire as he had his usual meet with Bernard down the pub for a drinking session. He didn't dare mention his plan to his friend as the whole thing would sound weird and twisted, but he couldn't help himself in complaining about that "bitch" next door. After they'd had 3 pints Anthony plucked up the courage to ask his friend if he could borrow the elephant tranquiliser gun on the weekend of the 20th.

"What on earth do you want that for boyo?" Bernard asked him.

"Err well, I've got a large rat problem at the end on my garden and I want to try and get rid of them humanely" he lied.

"You're really better off getting a man in to do it for you" Bernard said mildly "and you'll have to be careful with the dosages in those darts. They usually have enough to knock an elephant out for about 4 hours. Something the size of a rat would need considerably less.

Anthony filed that information away and merely said that he'd pick it up on the Friday night, glad that his friend didn't enquire any more into his business. As he sat in the pub drinking and talking to his friend he began watching the women in the pub. Normally he would watch them to eye them up, but now he was starting to watch how they moved and their little mannerisms.

"You gonna buy the next round Ant or I am going to die of thirst here." Bernard demanded.

"Sorry mate, I was miles away." He responded "The usual I take it?"

After they'd finished drinking they went back to Anthony's house. He'd been careful to lock up his sculpting room that contained his entire disguise for the following weekend and they settled down to watch a DVD.

"So, what is her name then you miserable bastard? I'm surprised any woman would want you but you have that look of love about you. You've been distracted all night" Bernard said as the credits started to roll.

"No one" Anthony replied a bit quickly.

"Oh that's OK boyo, if you want to keep it from your best mate. I don't mind if she's not a looker, I promise I won't tease you. Apart from that brief fling with Lucy Pevans just after high school I've never seen you with a woman. Be good for you mate." Bernard drunkenly rambled on. "Maybe you'll lighten up a bit about the world being out to get you!"

"I'd rather not say at the moment" Anthony replied blushing. He knew that Bernard would leave it for now but would come back at him at some time in the future. He'd need to think hard about what he was going to do when he was a bit more sober.

"Alright I won't push it. Now do you fancy a quick game on the PSP?"

By the end of the following week Anthony had got quite good at impersonating a woman. He decided that to test out his disguise he'd send his new "girlfriend" Tina round to pick up the gun from Bernard on the Friday night. This would stop him asking questions and give him a way of testing out his disguise before the big night. He already had the blond wig he'd used as Kathy Williams and the clothes he'd been practicing in all week, so Tina was quite easy to create. By now getting into the bodysuit had become a lot easier, and this was in part due to practice and in part as he'd been deliberately dieting to lose weight. He applied the mask and the blond wig and made his new face up. He was glad it was summer and that he could go out in the dress and heels that he'd bought from the charity shop.

He parked his car around the block from Bernard's house so that Bernard would not notice it and recognise it. He started walking round the corner and almost immediately caught his heel on a broken bit of pavement, losing his balance and falling to the pavement. He cussed under his breath, thinking silently that he needed to get revenge on the man responsible for organising the repair of them, and silently adding them to his list. He picked himself up and was relieved to see that no one else had spotted his tumble. He needed to concentrate on where he was walking so he didn't experience a repeat of the incident. He took a deep breath and then carried on towards Bernard's door where he rang the bell. He was surprised when it was not Bernard but his younger sister Anwyn who answered it.

"Hello, if you’re selling anything or peddling religion then we don't want it thank you." Anwyn said bluntly. Anthony was slightly caught off guard and had to think for a second with his mouth open.

"Oh no I'm not selling anything. I'm Tina, Anthony's girlfriend" he said in his breathy female voice "I'm here to pick up the tranquiliser gun."

"Oh well then you'd better come in then. Bernard" she shouted up the stairs. "It's your mate Anthony's girlfriend here to pick up the tranq gun." Anwyn disappeared into the house and Anthony cautiously stepped over the doorframe and into the house just as Bernard came bounding down the stairs with the gun in his hand. He still had his khaki shirt and shorts on from the zoo and Anthony thought he looked a bit like a wildlife hunter.

"Err hello I'm Tina" Anthony whispered in his breathy voice.

"Cor, he never told me what a cracker you were" Bernard blurted out without thinking. Anthony knew that if he were really a girl he should be blushing now, but the mask did not allow for that so he decided to play bashful instead. Anwyn came to his rescue however.

"I can't believe how bloody rude you are Bernard Thomas. You don't say those sorts of things to a girl you've just met. Now apologise to Tina."

"I'm sorry. It's just that I was expecting Anthony to call round and well he's not known for having good looking girlfriends, let alone girlfriends at all." Bernard continued to dig himself into a hole.

"Now Tina dear just ignore my Neanderthal brother. It’s very nice to meet you and I'm glad that Anthony has found someone nice. Perhaps the two of you could come round sometime when my brother has developed some manners." Anwyn asked politely.

"Oh that would be nice" Anthony replied as Tina, thinking to himself "that will be impossible." He would need to ensure that he split up with Tina next week or this all could get awkward. He could not be two people at once.

Remembering the gun Bernard handed it to Tina carefully. "It's OK love, its not loaded. The darts are in this box. Tell Ant not to use too much in each dart or those rats will be sleeping into next centaury."

Anthony as Tina laughed a little silvery laugh at Bernard's humour.

"Well I'd better be getting back to Anthony. It's been very nice meeting you both."

"And it's nice to meet you." Anwyn replied. "Sorry you had to be submitted to my brother Fred Flintstone."

As he turned and walked away with the gun he heard Bernard comment to his sister that he wondered where Ant had met her. Anthony was conscious to keep his concentration on the walking and not falling over. As he round the corner he visibly relaxed. He'd passed the first test. He drove back home and as he was stuck at the traffic lights near the art gallery he noticed a man in a van checking him out. It was a strange feeling for Anthony being the object of someone's scrutiny and potentially lust. It was both scary and nice at the same time and he got a peculiar thrill out of it.

After practising hard all night when he got home, he had fallen asleep on top of the bed still with his suit on. Anthony awoke suddenly as the light streamed and as he bolted upright he sensed his chest moving up and down. Something was odd as well, with his morning glory that was feeling very restrained. He brushed the hair out of his eyes and looked down at the breasts and fake vagina below. Then he remembered that he'd fallen asleep in the bodysuit. He smiled as he played with breasts briefly, but stopped as he smelt the stale sweat that had built up in the suit. He needed a bath before his grand revenge tonight. He decided that it would be too much hassle to take it all off so he did his business on the loo, ran the bath; put some girly bath salts in before getting in with the suit still on. The bath salts were relaxing and even made Anthony forget that he'd not yet had his morning coffee yet. Mornings were a particularly grumpy time for Anthony normally, but this morning he luxuriated in the warm water and then washed his long hair in fragrant shampoo and conditioner.

He put an old track suit on and was just drinking his morning coffee when he noticed that Claire had decided to take her breakfast on the patio. There may not be a better opportunity that day, so he quickly loaded up the gun putting half a capsule in the dart and headed out to his garden. The fence had a two knot holes in it and he poked the gun through one and looked through the other. The first shot went too high and so he prepared a second dart. This time Claire dropped her tea spoon on the ground, so she got up and bend down to pick it up. Anthony got a great view of her shapely bottom in a nice short skirt and he took no longer than a second and he fired. Success! Claire thinking she'd been stuck swapped her hand at her behind and knocked the dart out. For several agonising seconds Anthony thought that he'd failed, but then suddenly Claire dropped to the ground like a stone.

Anthony went back to the house and picked up his carrier bag of items he'd need then clambered over the fence. It was important that no one else see him and the real Claire like this so he dragged her limp body back into the house as soon as possible and propped her up in one of the armchairs in the lounge.

He'd never really been in her house before and the floral designs and pastel colours grated on him a bit. He looked at the clock. It was 09:53 and he still had several hours until the party tonight at 8pm, but he decided that he needed to find out if he really could fit into her clothes. He headed upstairs and found her bedroom, the bed immaculately made and clothes were laid out on top of it for tonight. A low cut blue dress with a short hemline hung on a hanger on the door. This made things much easier since he now knew most of what she was going to wear tonight. He stripped off the tracksuit and his old charity shop bra and picked up the blue silky knickers. They felt slinky to his touch and Anthony had a shiver of pleasure in fondling them. He slid the panties up his legs and they slotted nicely into place around his fake padded arse. Then he took the matching blue bra and as he usually did fumbled around the back to hook it in place. The bra was a little tight, but that only served to push his cleavage up higher. He decided against trying on the blue tights and slip for now since he was sure they would fit. Next he took the dress off the hanger and slipped into it, carefully doing it up at the back. Finally he located the matching blue 3" pumps and tried to put them on. Disaster - they wouldn't go on his feet! He looked at the size and noted they were size 5's. He normally took a 7 which meant he would never fit into any of her shoes. He would have to go into Swansea and pick up a new pair in his size or else this would never work. Before removing the party clothes he took a look at himself in the mirror. It was an incredible likeness of Claire without any make-up and he knew that if he could just get the voice right he could pull this off.

The walk in wardrobe revealed a nice white floral summer dress that he thought would go with the shoes he had bought from the charity shop. He found a pair of white tights, put them on and slipped the dress on before admiring himself in the mirror. He immediately noticed a problem. The dress was partially see through and the blue bra and panty set could be seen through it. He removed it all, found a matching white set in her drawers and began redressing. This time it was much better and he slipped into the white pumps before sitting down at Claire's vanity table to do his make-up for the day. Even after the weeks of practice it took him three attempts to get it right. He strapped on Claire's watch, some bangles and made some holes in his fake earlobes to fit a pair of hoop earrings. Finally he took out a scarf and tied it around her neck to cover up the join. The wig was looking a bit messed up so he brushed it out into the same style as Claire's before heading back downstairs.

"Don't you think I look particularly lovely today" Ant said to the unconscious Claire in her voice. He then took out some rope and tied the unconscious Claire up and blindfolded her.

"We wouldn't want you waking up now when Claire is out doing her shopping now would we?"

The fake Claire located the real Claire's handbag and added sort out the purse. There was only about £15 in it and her cards that he didn't know the pin numbers for, so he when into his carrier and pulled out his own card putting it into her purse.

To all the rest of the street it looked like Claire Hughes was going out for a Saturday morning shopping trip as she locked up the house and opened up her car. It took Claire a couple of goes to start the car this morning, which was a little odd as the silver Vauxhall Corsa usually started first time. Inside the car Anthony's adrenaline levels were going crazy. Just going out into the world dressed as Claire was giving him one of the biggest highs he'd ever experienced.

After going through the normal Saturday queue to get into the Car Park, the fake Claire purposefully headed down to the bank to get money out, before heading to the shoe shop. The click of her heels on the pavement made something stir inside her and her walk took on a more exaggerated wiggle as a result. Several men turned their heads as Claire passed them and Ant secretly smiled at the effect that his disguise was having on them.

Inside the shop was an assistant whose name tag declared she was called Juliet came striding up to the fake Claire.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Oh yes I hope so" Anthony responded in his best Claire voice. "I'm going to a party tonight and I have a new blue dress but the heel broke on my old blue shoes, so I need a replacement pair."

"What style were they?" Juliet inquired.

"Oh." Anthony said not really knowing much about women's shoes. "They were a bit like those" he said pointing at a pair of white heels. "But they were sea blue. Size 7"

"We have these in blue" Juliet told the fake Claire. "But they have straps. Are they any good?" Anthony really wanted the same shoes if possible such that no one would be able to tell the difference later.

"No do you have any others?" the fake Claire replied almost sadly.

After going round 5 shops he eventually found what he was looking for. Walking round in heels had started to make his feet hurt so he decided to stop for a coffee. He was quietly sipping his caffeine injection, idly musing on the lipstick mark on the rim when suddenly a woman behind him shouted out.

"Claire, oh my God! It's been like ages since I've seen you."

Anthony had no idea who this woman was but in response to her outstretched arms moved in and gave her a hug.

"Oh hi. How are you doing?" Knowing that he had no idea who she was Anthony decided the neutral question was the best approach.

"I'm getting married next month." The stranger responded as she proffered her hand. It had a large diamond ring on it and Anthony pretended to examine it closely. He was on dangerous ground here and he knew he had to be very careful.

"Oh congratulations. Your still with ..... " He left it hanging waiting for the stranger to fill in the blanks.

"Mark. Yes of course silly. I'd never leave him. It'll be on our gravestones. Theresa and Mark shackled together forever. “Theresa responded.”Are you still with that hunk Sean from the rugby club?"

"Yes but he's a bit of a thoughtless oaf though, even if he is hung like a horse." Anthony decided to take a risk and plant a few seeds.

"Oh you are naughty. I'm sorry I can't stop; I've got a dress fitting in 5 minutes. It's been nice running into you again." The fake Claire wished her good luck and with that the whirlwind that was Theresa headed off as fast as she had arrived.

Anthony was both relieved and pleased. He'd passed the first test of fooling someone who knew Claire. By now the coffee was starting to go through him and Anthony picked up his handbag and headed for the loos. He started to head for the men’s and then stopped himself and changed direction to the ladies. He headed straight for one of the stalls and sat down to pee and think. This suit was amazing and when he started this revenge he had never dreamed that he'd love dressing up as a woman so much. But everything was going to end tonight once he'd got his revenge on Claire, and he wanted more. There was nothing to say that further revenges down the line would not require him to be a woman now was there? And to do that effectively he'd need to have a wardrobe ...... he couldn't use Claire's clothes again after tonight. With that he made up his mind that he'd need to go shopping now whilst he had the chance and get himself the start of a woman's wardrobe.

It was around 3pm in the afternoon when Claire returned to her house laden with shopping bags. Her neighbour on the other side Arthur Beesley was out the front watering the plants.

"I see you've been a busy girl" the old man said.

"Yes. I've had a great day shopping." Claire replied and Anthony really meant it. After checking Claire was still unconscious he headed upstairs and put the bags on the bed. Anthony decided to be naughty and go through Claire's drawers whilst he had the chance. At the bottom of her knickers drawer he found something surprising - a Rabbit. He turned it on and the thing vibrated and made a loud humming sound. A wicked smile crossed the fake Claire's face as she pulled down her tights and panties. She tried to insert the device into her fake vagina, but found it a little difficult to push in. Putting down the Rabbit for a moment she headed to the bathroom and found some KY Jelly which she brought back in with her and lay down on the bed to push into her fake pussy. This time the Rabbit slotted in nicely all the way and Anthony could feel some of the vibrations of the Rabbit.

"Nice to see that I can accommodate a gentleman. This might make the revenge even better." Anthony's voice came from Claire's mouth. "And afterwards the real Claire may have alot more need for her Rabbit." A wicked grin appeared on the fake Claire's face.

Anthony spent the rest of the afternoon bathing in Claire's herbal bath oils to get her smell and preparing for the evening. Then he dressed himself in her party gear and did her evening make-up. By the time he'd finished it was 6pm and he was still early for the party. Anthony hunted around the lower floor for any alcohol and eventually located a drink cabinet in the lounge.

"Now my dear, you are going to need to take a little medicine for later." Claire said to herself. With that the fake Claire took a bottle of Gin and propped up her comatose double, carefully opening her mouth. Slowly the fake Claire poured the entire bottle of Gin into the real Claire, stopping frequently to ensure that she swallowed it. Then she headed outside and opened up the garage to put the car away inside and close the garage door. The fake Claire opened the boot up and put her carrier of things into it. Then she went back and lifted the dead weight of the real Claire and deposited her in the boot.

"Well Cinderella you shall go to the Ball after all" Anthony said sarcastically to the sleeping Claire.

Anthony transferred Claire's stuff from her day bag to the smaller matching blue handbag she was going to use for the evening, ensuring that the ticket was inside and then gave himself a final check over in the mirror. He prodded the human hair wig for a while until he was satisfied and then decided to head back upstairs to give himself a quick spritz of Claire's perfume. The heady smell of the perfume assaulted his nostrils and once again Anthony could feel a stirring in his loins.

Anthony drove from the valley to the venue in the new marina area in Swansea where he parked Claire's car.

"Showtime!" Anthony said to himself and he swung his legs together out of the car and locked it. Waiting by the entrance of the venue was her oaf of a boyfriend Sean, constantly checking his watch,

"Where've you been Claire?" He demanded, "We said we'd meet here half an hour early!" Anthony of course had known nothing of any such arrangement and decided to use a defence that he'd often heard woman use.

"Well I had to get ready to make myself look nice for you. You wouldn't want me to look like a tramp would you?"

"You've had all day to get ready" Sean countered. He really was quite thick if he thought that a real woman was going to take that, and Anthony wanted to deliberately goad him anyway tonight.

"I had an emergency broken heel. I didn't expect you'd understand you thoughtless oaf." Anthony pitched up Claire's voice to as much of a shriek as he could manage.

"Well I didn't know that did I? You could have at least have rung and told me you were running late." He countered more defensively.

"In the middle of your Rugby game?" Anthony guessed hoping he was right.

"Well no, but you could've rung after." Bingo

"What whilst you were in the bar with all your drunken mates. I don't think so." With that the fake Claire stormed into the venue, stopping only at the concierge to show her ticket. Sean followed on like a beast enraged. He finally caught her just inside the venue and spun her around, shaking her in the process.

"What's got in you tonight Claire baby? It's not your time of the month you had that two weeks ago." He demanded.

"How dare you mention that in front of my work colleagues. That's a private thing that you don't blurt out you moron." Anthony included the word to see if he could get a further rise out of Sean. He could see that there was clearly anger in Sean's eyes, but also he noted that the big man had spotted he was moving into dangerous waters.

"Look I'm sorry hon." he said apologetically. "Can we just forget it and enjoy the party." Tempted though he was to continue the fight now, Anthony thought that it may be more effective later.

"Alright apology accepted" the fake Claire said in a more conciliatory tone. With that Sean leaned in to kiss Claire. Unable to think of a good way of getting out of it he leaned forward to give Sean a peck, and got a shock as Sean slid his tongue into his mouth and began to move it around. Anthony was revolved but could not outwardly show it.

Throughout the evening the fake Claire mingled with people from the office that she should know well, but had to pick up names as she went. She proceeded to appear to drink 8 or 9 glasses of champagne, but in reality the plants in the venue were well watered. When talking to a group of the girls from the office it seemed that Trevor from IT was the biggest letch in the building and had already propositioned one or two of them. They'd turned him down of course, but they said they could still feel his eyes on them. As Claire drunk she seemed to get drunker and drunker, often abandoning her boyfriend for large periods of time.

As the dancing started she began to home in on the man she had identified as Trevor and started to dance seductively around him in a drunken state. Trevor seemed to be loving the attention and leaned in as she whispered something in his ear. He nodded enthusiastically as she headed off towards the ladies loo. A few minutes later he too headed towards the loos and was yanked inside by Claire's arm.

Anthony could hear his heart beating strongly as he pulled the young man into a cubicle. It may have been the dancing making his heart beat faster but he doubted it. This was a very dangerous part of the plan and it could easily go wrong. He could see Trevor looking down the front of Claire's dress at her assets and also see the tent pole arising in the young man's trousers. The lad was primed certainly,

"What do we have here" the fake Claire said grabbing the bulge in Trevor's pants. "Have you got a present for me?" With that Claire turned and dropped her knickers and tights, bending over in the process.

"Oh dear, I sheem to have dropped my bag." Claire slurred. She was acting in a manner that could leave no mistaking what she was after, and Trevor duly obliged by letting his cock free from his pants. Outside the cubicle two more women entered the restroom.

"Give it to me big boy" Anthony chimed in as Claire hearing the two women come in. He vaguely felt Trevor closing on him through the suit and then found the man's hands sculpted round his breasts, greedily massaging them as he started to thrust into the fake Claire's vagina. This was Anthony's cue. He'd heard Claire's sex noises night after night and so now he started to mimic them loudly so that all could hear them. Trevor managed to last nearly five minutes before he himself made a noise that indicated that he'd shot his load into her, all the while squeezing her fake tits. The noise that he'd been making Anthony hoped that he'd built up quite a crowd outside, and once he'd pulled up his undergarments and left the cubicle he was not disappointed. In the doorway of the ladies was a crowd of women stretching out into the corridor. Some clapped ironically and some gave her disapproving stares. Trevor looked very sheepish as he hid behind Claire as the staggered out through the tunnel of women. At the end of the tunnel Anthony saw Sean with arms folded and looking like a storm.

"That's it you stupid bitch I'm through with you. You didn't even make it subtle tonight did you. Have a nice life." He said as he stormed out of the venue.

Another angry older man came up to Claire that Anthony didn't recognise.

"I've had complaints from the hotel manager Ms Hughes that you have been engaged in improper activities in the rest rooms" the man stated bluntly.

"So what if I have you stuck up old goat." Claire replied. "I'm only avving a bit of fun." Anthony really hoped that it was her boss or someone senior.

"I shall be reporting this behaviour to personnel first thing on Monday" the man continued.

"That's it go tell teacher - shee if I care. I'm orf home now - you're really bringing the party down you miserable git." The man went red with anger and looked like he was having a fit as the fake Claire staggered out the hotel towards her car. Anthony, who'd hardly touched a drop all night, started the car up and drove sensibly until he got to the valleys a short way from his home where he parked up in a deserted lay-by. He went to the boot and dragged Claire into the passenger seat. He then got his bag and quickly undressed from Claire's party clothes and dressed himself in the plain tracksuit and running shoes. He then proceeded to redress Claire in the clothes he had worn that night including the semen stained panties.

"You'll have to buckle up now my dear." Anthony told the sleeping Claire as he did up her seatbelt. "This may get a little rough." With that he started the car and drove off, speeding up and then heading the car for the wall beside the road.


Anthony felt himself jerked forward and the airbags went off. He staggered out the car and dragged Claire around to the driver’s seat and squeezed her into the seat behind the air bag. Then he took all his gear from the car and jogged off back towards his house, removing the mask as he did so.

After letting himself in to his house he slipped over the fence into Claire's house and removed all his new purchases from the house, including his card from her purse. He headed out the back and slyly said in her voice "Been nice being you."

The stories got around the neighbourhood fairly soon. That nice young woman Claire Hughes had flipped, got drunk and crashed her car - the police are investigating her for drunk driving. The insurance company she worked for had suspended her and were taking disciplinary action against her. To top it all off her boyfriend had dumped her. When he saw her outside she looked lost and a bit uncertain of herself and the Lord of Petty Revenges smiled to himself.

That Friday Anthony met his friend Bernard in the local.

"I met your bird Tina last week. Cor is she a little hottie." Bernard began as he brought the beers back to their tables. "You two are invited over to my mum's place for dinner if you want."

"I'm sorry mate" Anthony said. "We split up two days ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that" Bernard said trying to make it sound genuine. "So she's back on the meat market then? You couldn't put a good word in for me could you?"

"Well if you want to travel to New Zealand then you may have a chance. We split cos I found out she was emigrating out there." Anthony hoped that would be the end of it.

"If you come back to my place after the beers I'll give you your tranq gun back. I managed to bag the biggest rat and dispose of her humanely." Anthony said with a straight face. "If I have any more rats then can I borrow it again?"

End of Part I

Coming Soon – A new book by Katerina Hellam – Finneas Awakes!

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