The Master of Self Deception (LoPR Part III)

The Master of Self Deception

Things had been going well Anthony's schemes recently with both his revenge on Claire Hughes and her rehabilitation going to plan; albeit with a hiccup here or there. Anthony was becoming increasingly confident in his ability to impersonate a woman. His neighbour Claire considered that Anthony's alter ego Angela was a transsexual and she had been giving "her" tips to point out the odd little things that Anthony hadn't picked up himself. As such whilst he was dressed as Angela he now considered that he was a woman. Angela's identity was building up nicely as well with her bank cards having come through and Anthony had managed to apply and get a copy of Angela's birth certificate. All he needed now was a passport to maintain a complete identity as the now dead woman. With his other identification the passport should be a cinch and Anthony had posted the application form with confidence. He could now fool anyone that he was Angela; he was the Master of Deception.

Bernard was in somewhat of a quandary. He had been debating or not for some days as to whether or not to talk to his friend about his Transsexual friend Angela. Bernard had known Anthony since he was at school and had never met Angela. Indeed he had never even heard Anthony mention her before. So when Claire had mentioned Angela being Anthony's friend and described her as the woman he had met in the pool on their second date he realised that this was a part of Anthony's life that he had kept completely separate from one of his oldest friends. He was even more confused by the fact that initially he had been strongly attracted to Angela, more-so than his new girlfriend Claire. The problem was that now he knew that Angela was a Transsexual he did not know in himself what he really felt about her. He did not fancy men and the fact that in the past she had been a man turned him cold. Yet she was stunning and she had some of the best breasts he'd seen. He wanted to talk to Anthony about her but he couldn't bring himself to do so. Anthony and his friend Angela had brought him together with the first woman who wanted more than a one night stand with him. He could not bring himself to betray their trust in him by confessing his mixed feelings. So Bernard's problem remained.

Bernard looked up to see Anthony entering the King's Arms.

"Hi mate. Your round first this week." Bernard told his friend boldly. He inwardly cursed himself for being such a coward but for now by not acting he had effectively made a decision.

It was a Monday night and Anwyn was sitting at home again whilst her brother Bernard had gone down the King's Arms pub with Anthony for their weekly drink. Once again she had failed to speak up when she'd last seen Anthony and every time she failed to do so she felt that it got harder and harder the next time. The problem that she had was that she really didn't know much about Anthony beyond the fact that he had known Bernard at school and that he now worked in the DVLA in Swansea. As a result she didn't know what he liked and didn't really have anything to talk to him about. She could always ask Bernard of course, but if she did she would never hear the last of it and he would have made her life miserable for months.

There was alternative of course. She could go to the King's Arms and spy on them but the place was a male enclave and any female going in there that was not bar staff would have been on full display in front of all the men there staring at them. It didn't mean she couldn't go in there, but just not as herself, which suddenly gave her an idea. She could disguise herself as a man and go to the pub for a drink and spy on the pair. Her hair always seemed to be scruffier than she would like and if tied back it would look more like a man's pony tail than a woman's hair. She could strap her breasts down, pad her stomach and put a sock in her knickers. With a bit of dark make-up as stubble, track suit trousers, plain trainers and one of Bernard's shirts she thought that she could make it work.

Having put her plan in action she examined herself in the mirror and considered to herself that it was not a bad job all round. She was about 5'7" so although a little short for a man she was just about tall enough. She took a deep breath and walked out the door. It was now or never!

Anthony did not notice her at first since he was busy chatting to Bernard, but as he got up to go to the men's toilet he spotted the "man" in the corner sipping on a pint of larger. He went and did his business and then had another good look at "him" on the way back to his table. "He" was wearing women's trainers and Bernard's shirt. After a quick squint he confirmed that the "man" was in fact Bernard's sister Anwyn. Anthony decided that perhaps they could really have some fun tonight!

"Hang on a moment mate, there's a bloke I know over there. I'm just going to invite him to join us."

"Alright mate, but I'd prefer it if it were just the two of us" Bernard replied.

"Oh but he's on his own mate. You can't leave a man drinking alone" Anthony persisted.

Bernard relented and Anthony headed over to the table that Anwyn was sitting at.

"You seem to be on your own. Can't have that, my name's Anthony. Wanna come and join us mate?"

The pretend man looked around the room nervously, coughed to try and get a deeper voice and replied.
"That's mighty kind of you Anthony. I'm Alex." Anthony had to stop himself laughing at Anwyn's attempt at a male voice and instead pretended to choke. After he'd finishing pretend choking Anthony led the way to the table that he and Bernard were sitting.

"Bernard mate, this is Alex whose going be joining us." Anthony nodded at the disguised Anwyn and Bernard glared at him as if to question his sanity of inviting a stranger to their Monday night drink. He was so riled that Anthony was sure that Bernard had not clued into the fact that it was actually his younger sister in disguise.

"So what do you do then Alex? I work at the DVLA and Bernard here is a Zoo-keeper." Anthony asked a nice easy question to kick the entertainment off and to see how good a liar Anwyn was.

"Oh I'm a builder" Anwyn replied too hurriedly to think of a better lie.

"So what are you working on at the moment?" Bernard asked without too much enthusiasm. He just wanted to get rid of this third wheel in their weekly pint.

"Building houses" came the response from the fake man. Anthony decided to try and start to poke at Anwyn's lies a little. He was pretty sure she wouldn't know much about building work since she worked as a PA in an office. Clearly Alex was not really built to do building work.

"So what mix of sand and cement do you use to make your mortar? I was looking at re-doing my patio and I don't want to get it wrong."

"Five to one" Alex answered cautiously and Anthony had to suppress a snort that would have seen his beer spray all over the table.

"Thanks mate" was all Anthony answered.

"I have to go off to the toilet." Alex continued and scuttled off. Anthony noted that "Alex" had to pause before selecting the Gents, an issue that he had himself had when he had first become Angela.

"What did you have to invite that wimp over to our table for?" Bernard demanded of him. His mate still hadn't seen it. Perhaps it was because he was used to disguises and the subtleties involved but Anthony could believe that his mate couldn't see through the poor disguise. Maybe Bernard had had one too many before he came out to the pub.

The evening continued in that manner with Anthony getting Alex to reveal things about "his" life and love-life. The question of how many "birds" he'd had that had come from Bernard was particularly priceless given he still hadn't recognised his sister. The game of darts was entertaining and when Anthony suggested the challenge to see who could pee the highest in the urinal had the fake man suddenly remembering a prior appointment and having to bid them both a good night. Bernard harangued Anthony for an hour after Alex had left about the whole inviting strangers to their private conversations. Anthony decided that rather than let Bernard in on the secret the best thing to do would be to enjoy the moment and apologise to his mate.

Anwyn hurried away from the King's Arms trying her best to stop herself from blushing and headed home as fast as her legs would carry her. It was obvious that Anthony had worked out her disguise and had been having fun at her expense. Clearly he saw her for the fool that she was and had exposed her for all the world to see. The fact that Bernard hadn't sussed were was the only saving grace of the entire episode. She headed through the door and slammed it behind her before storming upstairs and throwing herself on her bed. The sobs of embarrassment came shortly afterwards . The man she fancied had not only seen her make a fool of herself but had also humiliated her. To top it all she had found out next to nothing about him. She threw off the bits of her disguise between sobs and told herself that she was going to be a spinster forever.

On his way back from the pub Anthony at last could laugh out loud to himself. The whole episode had been enormous fun for him, and he began to realise that teasing Anwyn had been fun for him. The whole thing reminded him of being at the playground at school. The girls that the boys teased were often the ones that they liked the most. Anwyn was shrewd and sensible and would often try and get her oaf of a brother to do the right thing. He teased Anwyn because he liked her. He hadn't noticed her really before as she'd always so been sensible. She was about as straight laced as they came and Anthony realised to his chagrin that Anwyn would not approve of his little hobbies. It was a pity because if she loosened up a bit then they could have a lot of fun together.

Though they had been going out with each other for just over a fortnight now Claire was nervous about her date that Saturday night. Things had been going well for her since her neighbour's Transsexual friend Angela had come into her life and she really didn't want to mess things up. Her new job had been much easier to get used to than she had expected and already the Garden Centre sales had improved by 9% as a direct result of her initiatives to bring in Women's Institute members for talks on gardening and coffee. Those talks had generated sales directly afterwards in the shop on previously barren weekday mornings. She had also had a surprise in the mail that morning as well. She had been entered into the National Gardener of the Year award by Angela and she had won the regional heat. She must remember to thank Angela in some way for all the help she had given her in turning her life around.

In the meantime Claire worried about the dress she was going to wear tonight. Was it too long for a meal out in a restaurant? Her shoes were not quite the same shade and she worried whether the shoes, bag and dress would all go. Having tried it on she pulled a number of other options out of the closet and tried mixing and matching them. If all went well with the date tonight then she'd finally have a real man in her bed again and she could feel complete. She'd tried dating her neighbour Anthony who had sent Angela to help her, but Anthony was too small and neat for her tastes. Although she herself was a neat and tidy woman she liked her men to be rough and ready. The rawness and ruggedness of a man and his animal spirit really got her motors running. Outwardly she wanted to appear the proper lady, but deeply inside she wanted a man to dominate her and put the moves on. Anthony had been too polite. Bernard had got straight to the point. Tonight it was all going to be perfect and she would invite him back here for coffee and maybe more. She got excited just thinking about it and eventually reached into her drawer for her Rabbit. That would have to do for her until the real thing later.

Anthony was feeling as pleased as punch with himself that Saturday evening as he arrived back at his house dressed as Lady Julia Rosewood of Camarthan. There was of course no real person of that name but Lady Rosewood had persuaded a rather pompous library official (who had previously fined Anthony for being a hour late returning a book) that she was going to make a large donation to the library if the library would reclassify all its books under the Dewey Decimal system. Lady Rosewood it seemed was not in favour of these new fangled Computer library systems. The Library Official, Mark Lewis, had promised that they would re-catalogue it ready for Lady Rosewood's visit with the cheque in two weeks time.

Lady Rosewood had used a new mask and blond wig that he had bought especially for the revenge that went together with Angela's bodysuit. Anthony headed up stairs in his heels to his sanctuary to begin stripping himself out of his disguise now that his revenge had been done. He sniggered to himself thinking the time that the pompous library official would waste re-cataloguing the library. Anthony would never perform revenges as Angela as she was his Angel of Mercy, but it didn't stop him reusing her body. Anthony studied the reflection in the mirror, amazed at how far his craft had come. He slipped out of the pink heels and reached behind his back to start unzipping himself from the pink and yellow flowered dress that Lady Rosewood had been wearing. Angela had been shopping earlier today specifically for that dress to get the look he wanted for the character. When he'd been shopping with women in the past he'd hated it when they went to shop after shop looking for that perfect item. Now that he was at least partially a woman he found himself doing the same thing and he at last understood. He hung the dress up in the closet in his Sanctuary and put the shoes in the rack alongside the other fifteen pairs he now had. The matching pink bra and panty set was something he'd seen in one of the shops and although he didn't need them for the disguise, he felt he needed to make the outfit complete.

He unclipped the bra from his false breasts and pulled his hose and panties down his legs, throwing all into the dirty linen basket next to the washing machine and dryer. Since starting all this he'd found that he had to do twice the washing he previously had to, and he could hardly put all his women's clothes on his washing line outside.

He jumped up and down to make his false breasts bounce up and down now that they were finally freed from their pink prison. He never got tired of that one and his imprisoned penis briefly began to swell until he realised that something was wrong. Angela's body did not have her head on it and somehow it was not right in Anthony's mind. She should have her head and perhaps she should go out and celebrate today's victory. Anthony was finding that the more he got used to being Angela, the more he felt becalmed when he was her. All his other troubles went away and he could be a beautiful sexy woman who men eyed up. He was no longer a weedy little man that people ignored, he was the centre of attention.

Anthony made a decision then. Angela would dress herself up and go and celebrate the victory today. After all she deserved a good night out. Anthony fiddled around behind his head under the wig and began to unzip the back of the Lady Rosewood mask and strip it off, trying his best to keep the blond wig out of his eyes. He blinked once it was removed and fitted it on the empty wig stand on the shelf. The other twelve masks including Angela and Claire's empty eyed faces looked back at him from the shelf. Anthony went straight to the Angela mask and removed it from its wig stand, taking it back over to the makeup mirror. He slipped it straight over his head and started to ease it into position, all the while feeling his cock get harder and harder in its prison within the pouch attached to his vagina. He adjusted it until he finally was satisfied with the positioning. He then pulled out the blending makeup from his make-up case. Of all the masks he had, the only ones he thoroughly cared for were the Claire and Angela masks.

Anthony took his time dressing in lacy white underwear, hose, a short purple skirt, scooped white lace top with a pair of 3" white heels. After choosing accessories and a bag Anthony took his time getting his makeup right. Anthony knew that Angela was curvy and hot and he really fancied himself. He slid his hand under his skirt and into his panties and began to feel inside his fake pussy. As before he was disappointed that it did not feel as feel in there as he would have liked, so he sashayed down the stairs in his heels and went and got some olive oil a little of which he squirted into his pussy. He could not wait to go back upstairs and he eased himself down on his sofa and once again slipped into his panties and began to play with his pussy as he would have done with a girlfriend. He engorged cock could just feel his fingers massaging it inside his pussy and in his mind he mixed his desire to do this to a woman with his desire to be seen as desirable. His legs were spread wide as he continued to masturbate as a man, but seemingly as a woman. His excitement was building to such a climax as he'd never had before and afterwards the semen from his orgasm started to drip from his false female urethra onto his clean white panties and hose.

After coming down from his climax Anthony cursed at the spoiling of his undergarments and went to get a kitchen towel to wipe things off and remove most of the olive oil. He resigned himself that he would need to go and change his underwear again before he could head on out into Swansea to have some celebratory fun.

Bernard waited in the restaurant for Claire to arrive. The place was in the New Marina in Swansea and was much posher than he was used to. The menu was even in French and he didn't speak a word of it. Bernard was feeling very out of his element in this place, he'd have much rather gone to any number of pubs or clubs in the city but he had wanted to impress his new girlfriend. When he'd asked her Anwyn had told him that this was the best restaurant in Swansea and so he had booked it on her say so. Now however, dressed up in some monkey suit he was feeling very out of place amongst waiters who looked down their noses at him.

He was relieved when Claire arrived only ten minutes later and he went over to give her a big hug. She shifted away from his hug and gave him a per functionary peck on the cheek which somewhat disappointed him. They headed over to the table and Claire waited by the table as he seated himself in the other seat. The waiter pulled the chair for Claire and Bernard felt that she'd deliberately shown him up. He quickly dismissed it as she was looking gorgeous and showing him some cleavage. It was amazing just what a bit of cleavage could do to distract Bernard when it came down to it. That was how he'd first noticed Claire's friend Angela and how they had ultimately met. Bernard was a big fan of breasts, they figured in a lot of his fantasies and he was a regular reader of Page 3 of the Sun. A good breast could wash away many sins in Bernard's book.

"Monsieur, je voudrais le saumon rose avec les legume et un tasse de vin blanche si vous plait" Claire said to the waiter in perfect French. The only French that Bernard had been keen on was a French kiss, but he really didn't think that applied in these circumstances.

Bernard knew that he couldn't read the menu, let alone order in French and an awkward silence descended on them as the waiter looked on expecting him to order.

"I can order for you if you want?" Claire offered. Was she trying to make him look thick in front of all her posh friends? Apparently so.

"No I can order" he said confidently. "There, that one there" Bernard said pointing to something on the menu. "And un bier mate" he said using the only French he remembered from his booze cruises to France. Bernard saw a small smirk creep on Claire's face. Now she was laughing at him. Breasts or no, he was not going to take that and he was starting to get riled. Had she been leading him on to have a bit of a laugh at the ignorant Welshie?

"Bon. L'escargo pour Monseiur et Le Saumon pour Madame." With that the waiter headed off towards the kitchens.

Anwyn had headed into Swansea that Saturday night determined to cheer herself up with her mates from the office. Alison Webster was celebrating her 30th birthday and had invited the entire office to her birthday bash. Anwyn had decided to go along as there was a chance that she might meet the man of her dreams there. After the first hour at the club though Anwyn realised that this faint dream was not going to happen, all the men there having come along to the party with the various women from the office. Whilst it was fun chatting with the girls from the office for a while all the topics were quickly exhausted and the various cliques of people who knew each other clumped together leaving Anwyn on her own staring at others enjoying themselves in the club.

Whilst watching the people perform their ritual seductions in the club Anwyn noticed a bunch of local yobbos harassing a red haired woman in a short purple skirt. No doubt later on they'd say that she was asking for it. Anwyn hated that excuse for harassment and decided that ask she had nothing better to do she would go and rescue the woman.

"My brother works at the Zoo. If he finds out that you lot have escaped he'll get his dart gun out and put you lot back in the monkey pen." Anwyn shouted above the music at the yobbos.

"We're just talkin' with sexy legs here, mind your own business plain Jane." One of the yobbos shouted back, now having a new target for the groups ridicule.

"Yes they just learned to talk but they haven't got the hang of names yet." The red-headed woman answered somewhat relieved. "Evolution being somewhat slow around here. I have a need for the ladies, care to join me?"
Anwyn nodded and together they headed for the sanctuary of the ladies where they joined the inevitable queue for the stalls.

"Don't mind those lot you look lovely in that dress" the Redhead began. "I'm Angela Clemence by the way" she continued offering her hand. Anwyn took her hand and suddenly the name clicked. This Angela was Anthony's Transsexual friend. Bernard had mentioned her as having suggested that he and Claire got together. This was perhaps an opportunity to find out what Anthony really thought of her if she played her cards right.

"Anwyn Thomas" she replied. "I believe that we have a friend in common. Does the name Anthony Danforth mean anything to you?" A look of pleasure came over Angela's face at the mention of the name.

"Anthony, yes he's a good friend of mine. How do you know him?"

"Oh he's best mates with my brother Bernard." Anwyn replied worrying how to ask the question that she really wanted to ask. Just then the next stall came free and Angela whose turn it was next headed in and locked the door. Shortly afterwards the neighbouring stall became free and Anwyn went in. She took some toilet paper to wipe the seat before she sat down.

"So does Anthony ever talk about me." Anwyn said over the stall wall. Obvious, far too obvious she chastised herself.

"Well he did say that you were Bernard's interesting little sister, but he didn't want to upset his best mate by asking his sister out." Came the reply from Angela. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh well" an embarrassed Anwyn started "I've sort of fancied him since school, but then I was in a class three years younger than him. I've sort of been scarred to ask him out ever since in case he laughs in my face, and now I think he will." It was easier talking to Angela girl to girl about this. Bernard would never understand and she really couldn't take the risk with Anthony. Angela had got Bernard and Claire together. Maybe she could help me too, Anwyn wondered.

"I didn't thank you for my rescue by the way. It was very kind of you and you didn't need to step in. Perhaps I can help you with Anthony in some way?" Angela replied. Anwyn suddenly felt a thrill go through her body. She finished up and exited the stall just as Angela emerged and headed to the basins to wash their hands. Instinctively both also checked their makeup in the mirror.

"Perhaps we could go somewhere quieter and talk" Anwyn offered. She was being given a chance to pump Anthony's friend for all the information she needed on him. Maybe there was a God up there watching over her and this Angela was really an Angel sent to help hopeless cases such as her.

Angela touched up her lipstick before answering.

"Let's go to Lupo's, this is nothing but a cattle market." With that the two women left the noisy club. Angela's heels clicked noisily on the pavement as they headed down the street to the aforementioned wine bar.

The final straw with a cherry on top had been the dessert for Bernard. How the hell had he known it was pronounced Soo-Flay. It was spelt Souffle so it should have been pronounced Soo-Full. He was sick of being shown up and corrected by Claire, showing her obvious superior education to his. She had tried to explain that she was just trying to help him learn, but that had just made him even more enraged. So he wasn't good enough for her. He had to be moulded into the perfect little French speaking Soo-Full loving toff by her else she wouldn't be happy. He'd paid for the food angrily and stormed out saying that he never wanted to see her again. He was better off single than being Claire's little toy Poodle. At least his right hand didn't insist on Soo-Flays or make him eat snails.

Claire was almost in tears as she left the restaurant. She managed to get around the corner to the taxi rank before she burst out crying. She had messed it all up but she wasn't sure how. She'd tried to help Bernard with his French, it being obvious that he couldn't speak it, however the more help she'd tried to give him the more he'd got angry with her. He obviously didn't really want to be with her on a social level and it was only a physical attraction. Maybe it was for the best. She tried to believe it but deep down inside she could not finally accept it as fact. On the surface she knew that it was over though. Her great new start was starting to unravel.

Anthony had not really known how to get rid of the yobbos in the nightclub and he had been genuinely delighted at Angela being rescued by Anwyn. He'd never been a sexy woman in a short skirt out on the town before and he'd never appreciated the kind of attention he'd get. He'd given that sort of attention to women in nightclubs before but he'd never appreciated the subtle difference there was between being admired for being sexy and being harassed by lewd and ignorant men. Now he did and he was extremely grateful to be extracted from that situation without resorting to violence or exposing his secret in any way. It was a fine line he'd been treading with his deception and only now did he start to realise exactly how fine it was.

"So tell me about Anthony. What exactly does he like?" Anwyn asked from across the table.

Anthony wanted to play footsie with her under that table but he was Angela at the moment and flirting with her was definitely out.

"The usual sort of things men like. Football, beer and women, though not me." Angela replied coyly.

"Why not you. You're his friend and from what I can tell the two of you get on extremely well. You'd make a cute couple." Anwyn said curious but obviously wanting him to give her a reason that Angela was not a threat.

"Anthony and me. It's complicated." Angela licked her rouged lips before continuing nervously. "In many ways he's my soul mate. We are closer than brothers, but far too close for us to have a relationship. Besides he knew me before the change and I don't think he can accept a relationship with the person I was. I'm not a threat to you Anwyn and I'll help you all I can with Anthony." That was as close to the truth as Anthony could give her for now. Angela could be seen to set the two of them up together and they could all live happily ever after as two couples. Bernard and Claire and Anwyn and him. It was perfect.

"I'm so pleased to hear you say that." Anwyn face lit up with the offer of help. "I'm so glad that I decided to help and we met tonight." The wine was starting to go to her head and she was starting to babble. Anthony had never seen Anwyn tipsy before and he found that she was really cute like this.

Anthony finished his drink, the lipstick staining the glass as he did so, and he suggested they share a cab back out of Swansea.

The queued for the cab and Anthony had to be careful of exposing his knickers in his short skirt and heels or falling on his face after the wine he'd drunk this evening. He sat in the back of the cab close to Anwyn and he desperately wanted to hold and caress her, but as Angela he could not. Instead he crossed his legs and hoped that he penis that was starting to get excited would not explode at an inopportune moment. He kept himself busy fishing through his handbag for his purse for some money and trying to think of anything else but screwing Anwyn. It not working, but thankfully he managed to control himself. The taxi driver charged her the usual exorbitant fee, it seemed that although women could get into nightclubs free they were subject to the same taxi fare rip-offs. Anwyn and Bernard lived a short way further on, so Anthony as Angela wished Anwyn a good night saying they would get together again on Wednesday night at the wine bar in Mumbles to talk, before heading into his house somewhat unsteadily on his heels from both the drink and the engorged penis between his legs.

Anwyn was going to head straight home in the cab but with the fortification of drink within her decided that she wanted to know exactly what Angela was telling Anthony about her. So she decided to let the cab go and waited a few moments before heading towards Anthony's house. She waited and listened at the side door that Angela had gone through before she was certain that neither she nor Anthony was on the immediate other side. Feeling naughty for the first time in her life, emboldened by the booze she tried the door which was open and went inside. She could hear Angela upstairs humming to herself and then heard Anthony say something though in the kitchen she could hear little of what was being said. So Anwyn decided to get closer to listen and crept up the stairs where she sat at the top step where she could see Angela sat at a vanity in one of the bedrooms.

"God Anwyn is so sexy when she's tipsy" she heard Anthony say but she could not see him in the room. How did he know that she was tipsy; it made no sense; she'd been out with Angela all night. Angela began humming to herself but did not answer Anthony in any way. Anwyn continued watching as she reached up to the back of her neck under her long flowing hair and she heard a zipper. Then Angela's red locks started to move up over her head and gradually the head of Anthony Danforth was revealed wearing a wig cap beneath. The weird half man, half woman disappeared for a second with the mask, then came back in front of the mirror minus the wig cap. The head belonged to Anthony but the body was very much that of a woman. The half woman slowly stripped out of her skirt, top and underwear revealing the nude figure that was definitely a woman. Was Anthony really a woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman? Anwyn was very confused as she continued to watch.

The figure in the room reached behind his/her head and felt for something that they knew it was there. Slowly the figure started to unzip her back down to her backside and underneath the skin Anwyn could now make out that the figure was wearing a corset beneath. As the figure started to divest itself of the outer skin Anwyn could see that the rear and breasts were well padded and that the figure had to carefully extract a very erect cock carefully from a pouch in the skin. In a way seeing Anthony's erect cock excited Anwyn. She had longed to play with it for years but now she was confused with what she was seeing.

"Oh Anwyn you are so sexy" Anthony purred in Angela's voice as he sat at the dressing table and pumped his manhood.

"I want you now Anwyn!"

He continued to express his desire for her until not long afterwards a spurt of cum hit the mirror in front of him.
"Damn it's never been that enthusiastic before" Anthony said to himself in his own voice as he sought a tissue to clean everything up. Anwyn had seen enough and fled down the stairs and out of the house. She was confused in a major way. Was Anthony queer, dressing up and pretending to be a woman? If so why did he masturbate with her name on his lips?

Anwyn walked home in deep thought trying to reconcile her feelings about what she had witnessed, wondering just what she would do on Wednesday when she had to meet Angela again.

Anthony heard about the split over the next two days. His regular Sunday outing with Claire was filled with tears, though a determination to move on from her experience from a man who clearly did not understand her. On Monday Bernard however told of his anger at being shown up, and told his friend that he'd not see Claire again unless she apologised to him in full. And so it was that the couple who were perfect for each other in Anthony's mind had split up. Bernard not having seen that he'd booked the restaurant in the first place and that it had mostly been his fault in the first place and Claire who had failed to see his embarrassment and pain.

Angela was the Angel of Mercy, but Anthony felt that now that Humpty had fallen off the wall, not even she could put him back together again. There was only one answer. Claire had to apologise, but she had told Angela that this was something she would not do. It had not been her fault and she'd just been trying to help Bernard and he'd thrown her help in his face.

Anthony had concluded that there was only one option left open to him. Claire had to be seen to apologise to Bernard. If the real Claire wouldn't do it, then the "other" Claire would have to do it. Once Claire had apologised to Bernard, he would get Bernard to apologise to the real Claire later and all would be set to rights again. Anthony knew that Claire was away this Saturday visiting her mother and disguised as Angela he could get Anwyn on Wednesday to tell Bernard that Claire wanted to see him that day. Then disguised as Claire he could set everything to rights again.

Anwyn had heard all about the break up from her pig headed older brother the day after it all happened. She strongly suspected that it was all his fault since Bernard had all the sensibility of a blind newt. However his constant grumpiness around the house since Sunday had started to get her down and she almost longed for him to return to that lost puppy-dog of love look that he'd had on his face ever since he'd started going out with Claire. It had been a lot for her to bear his air of happiness, but far preferable to the grumpy guts of doom that now pervaded the house in the evening.

In some ways she was glad therefore to get out of the house, but in other ways she was dreading it. She still didn't know what she was going to say to Anthony / Angela when they met at the wine bar in Mumbles. Could she tell him what she knew?

Angela had selected a longer skirt and a more sensible top that went some way to not showing off her large bosoms that she had displayed in all their glory last Saturday night. Anthony had leant that lesson and was determined not to repeat the mistake, though the local wine bar was a much safer option than the meat market in town that called itself a nightclub.

Anthony was pleased to see that Anwyn was wearing some makeup, had done her hair and was wearing a nice top and skirt. She was making an effort, but why would she make an effort for a girlfriend?
"Is that new? That looks nice on you." It was something that Anthony would never have said, but with Claire's tutoring he had begun to understand it was the sort of thing that women said to each other to give each other a little boost.

"Oh, this old thing? No I've had it ages." Anwyn replied. Anthony now knew that this was a little lie designed to show that she understood the compliment and wished to move on. Female conversation was much less straightforward than male banter but slowly Anthony was starting to learn the nuances.

Anthony was glad that he was wearing flat shoes that had been much more the fashion of women of late. The combination of high heels and a raging hard on between his legs had been almost too much to bear last Saturday. Now that he only had one of these problems he found it easier to manage. Anwyn was hesitating before continuing the conversation and Anthony worried that something might be wrong. Eventually she looked up and said.

“ You look nice too An-Angela. More subtly to your beauty I think.” Anthony wondered about the stutter but let Anwyn carry on. “If you don’t mind me saying your outfit on Saturday was somewhat revealing and though it is never an excuse for those lads behaviour, it did encourage them.”

Was that a simple statement or an accusation? Anthony found it hard to work it out. He decided to take the conciliatory approach. He needed Anwyn to help in his scheme to bring Claire and Bernard back together, and he also really liked her.

“It was perhaps not the wisest of choices” Angela conceded. “I take it you know all about Bernard and Claire’s break up.” Anwyn nodded distantly. “I think I’ve persuaded Claire to apologise to Bernard on Saturday night. Do you think you could get your brother to meet her at the Taj Mahal Indian down town?”

“It was his fault the stupid lug, Claire doesn’t have anything to apologise about” Anwyn suddenly all fired up took Claire’s side. Angela’s face dropped at this as Anwyn continued. “But they are good together, so just this once I’ll help. I don’t want to see either of them get hurt. I’ll tell him. What time does Claire want to meet there?”

“Oh, she said eight o’clock” Anthony replied as Angela, making the time up on the spot.

“Fine. Talking of relationships how exactly are you going to help me with Anthony then? Don’t tell me that he has some skeletons in his closet that I’m going to find out about and hate?” Anwyn changed the subject rather swiftly. Anthony was not sure where this was coming from and inwardly within his beautiful disguise he was turning over thoughts of what Anwyn might have meant by this.

“Anthony has a little hobby.” Angela replied carefully. “He takes revenge upon those that have caused his anguish and suffering. It’s kind of a way of getting back at the world that has been cruel to him. More recently though he has come to see it both ways and that revenge is not the only thing in life. He can also help people.” Anthony could see Anwyn nodding at this, though she waited expectantly for Angela to continue. “This is why he suggested that Bernard and Claire get together after his date with Claire proved to be a wash-out. So when he found out about the break up he asked me to help them again now.” Anwyn looked a bit more relieved after Angela had spoken, but there was still something she was seeking.

“So how exactly does he get his revenge and help these people?” Anwyn continued.

“Anthony is becoming very good with disguise. He came make it seem like a man has done things that he has not done. He can become a workman. Anthony’s skill in disguise allowed him to spot you at the pub the other week. He had some fun there, but you know that men only tease women that they really like in that way. You know he could help you improve your disguise as Alex if you were interested. If you want to get close to him and the prospect interests you, then ask him to help you.”

Anwyn again went quiet, deep in thought at this.

“You know it was kind of exciting and thrilling going into the pub that night. I’ve always been good; I was a perfect student at school and never put a foot wrong. But that night was the most excitement I’ve had in a long time. I’ll think about it.”

Conversation swung away from relationships and they enjoyed the wine and company for another couple of hours. The two walked out of the wine bar around 10 pm and began to look for a taxi. A group of three Rugby player were slightly ahead of them drinking bottles of larger and singing rather rude Rugby songs. Suddenly the middle one of the three collapsed on the ground, struggling for breath. The other two initially began to joss their mate about his inability to take his drink. The two ladies by now had caught up with the men and when their friend had not got up from the pavement they started to get worried.

“Shit, heeez not faking it.” One of them slurred. “Go ring an ambulance quick Dai.”

Anthony had taken a course in first aid for work. He was the designated first aider on his floor at the DVLA and he knew the basics of what to do.

“Stand back, I know first aid” Angela said to the Rugby player’s mates as Anwyn looked on.

Angela crouched down beside the stricken player, glad she had a long skirt on tonight and set him into the recovery position and checked his pulse. It was only then that she saw who the stricken player was. It was the Wales scrum half Gavin Rodgers. Angela found he had no pulse and determined that only CPR would save him now. Quickly she put her first aid training to use and began to pump his chest and start to breathe into the stricken man’s mouth.

“Breathe damn you” she demanded urgently between breaths. Angela was going to give up after two more tries when Gavin Rodgers suddenly started sucking air into his restarted heart.

After that it was all a bit of a blur to Angela. A crowd had gathered and were taking pictures and tweeting the news. The Ambulance and the Police had been called and after talking to the police about what had happened for half an hour a local news crew turned up. This was a big story and they were keen to interview the woman who had saved the life of Gavin Rodgers, the man who had won the triple-crown within the last minute of the last game in the Six-nations. The news crew asked her a bit about herself before “she” was interviewed on air about the story. Anthony had never figured that a simple night out would suddenly turn into so much more, but he was pleased that he could help and even more pleased that he could not only fool ordinary people but the world through the media. He revelled in the fact that he was now a master of deception.

Mrs Ruth Clemence was now in her eighties and usually went to be before 11 pm. However tonight she couldn’t settle her stomach and had got back up to take some Horlicks. She’d absently put the TV on for some noise in the house whilst she drank the Horlicks. Being as it was gone eleven now it was the local news programme and there was a big story about some Rugby star having collapsed. Although Rugby was the national sport in Wales, Ruth had never been that bothered with it and was only paying scant attention when she spotted the red-haired woman being interviewed. She had to put her glasses on to read the name of the woman who’d saved the Rugby star. Her sight and hearing were not as bad as she thought. It was definitely Angela who had saved this man, but how could that be? Angela had been dead for three months now, killed in a car crash on the M4 motorway. Ruth had been distraught at having to bury her daughter, but how could it be that she was still alive? A she stirred her bedtime drink she determined that she would need to find this woman and track her down and find out the truth of the matter.

Claire had left to go to her mum’s house about several hours before, but if a neighbour had been watching they’d have seen her slip back into the side door of the house wearing an old track suit around 5pm. Anthony had been practicing his Claire voice all week ever since he’d come up with the plan and it had been exhilarating to once again slip into the Claire suit and mask and once again become his neighbour. Although he loved pretending to be Angela, there was a special place in his heart for being Claire. She was his first and she was someone real that he was impersonating. It would be a simple job tonight. Apologize to Bernard, have dinner and then set up a return apology the week after.

First of all he needed to smell and dress as Claire again so he first of all ran a scented bath and began selecting clothes from her closet for the evening. Claire had a large collection of clothes, much bigger than the meager selection that Anthony had acquired in his spare room, and it took him a while to select out just the right length blue dress with matching bag and shoes. He then went to her underwear drawer and selected some skimpy lingerie and some blue tinted hose. Finally he went into her jewelry box to find some opal earrings, a matching broach and Claire’s gold evening watch. He took off his old track suit and went to soak in the bath, luxuriating in the soft foamy bubbles and feeling up his own fake soapy breasts. They were not real and he could not really feel anything through the latex, but this was as close as he was going to get to fondle Claire’s breasts now.

He got out, dried and talc’ed himself before getting dressed in the clothes he’d laid out. Whilst he knew he should have worn flats, he couldn’t resist the heels that he'd brought with him. Besides, it was a date with her boyfriend and a woman has got to look her sexiest Anthony thought.

Anthony remembered to spritz on some perfume before heading out to the bus stop to town, Claire’s heels clicking on the pavement as his stride took on that sexy female walk.

Unlike the real Claire, the fake Claire turned up to the restaurant exactly on time and spotted a glum looking Bernard waiting at a table by the window. Oh well, here goes, Anthony thought as he headed over to the table and looked down at his cleavage deliberately arrayed within the scoop neck of the dress. He knew Bernard’s love of breasts and he wanted to ensure that Claire’s were sufficiently on display for his mate.

“This meal is on me Bernard, it’s the least I can do to make up for what happened last week. And a little bird tells me how much you like a nice curry.” Bernard grunted and looked slightly less intense that when Claire had arrived, so Anthony took that as a cue to sit down opposite, smoothing his dress out before taking the seat.

“I really want to say sorry about last week. I know I must have come over as trying to make you look like an idiot, but it really wasn’t my intent. Believe it or not I was genuinely trying to help. I’d have never chosen that restaurant to go in a million years Bernard. I love you just the way you are and I don’t want to change you.” Anthony knew exactly what a man wanted to hear in this situation and he played it to the full.

“Well, OK I suppose. I suppose I over-reacted.” Bernard replied.

“Save your apology for next week.” Claire replied. “This week is my apology to you. Next week you can ask me out and do your apology if you feel it necessary. You do know that I love you very much.” Anthony felt that perhaps he was laying it on a bit thick, but he needed this evening to succeed for both his neighbour and his mate.

“Alright, next week I’ll take you to...” Bernard began but was stopped by one of Claire’s fingers touching his lips.

“No, don’t tell me now. Surprise me next week.” She told him. With that she took her nail from his lips and put it on her own and kissed it. Bernard shifted in his chair a bit, something below was obviously causing him some discomfort. Claire’s nylon clad legs started to rub up his inner thighs as they stared at each other across the table.
“I can’t stay mad at you. “ Bernard said as his voice raised slightly as Claire’s leg brushed his upper thigh. “Now what do you fancy then?”

“You! Oh, you mean to eat. You too.” Claire giggled and Bernard gulped. He couldn’t believe how much she was coming on to him. Maybe his luck was in tonight with her.

The meal went very well, but then that wasn’t a big surprise. The fake Claire new all about Bernard and the sorts of things he liked. Part way through the meal she had gone to the toilet and had swayed her hips enticingly, her panty line deliberately visible under her dress. Bernard had only had a single beer and drove Claire back to her house. He pulled up outside and leaned across to the passenger seat to kiss her. Anthony moved in to kiss him back on the lips, after all that should surely seal the rift, but he got a surprise as Bernard slipped his tongue into her mouth. Anthony was revolted at French kissing a man, but he could not let it show so he pretended to enjoy it.

“So you do like French after all?” Claire told him instead. “Do you want to come in for a coffee.” Anthony thought naively that they could seal the rift finally with a coffee and a smooth on Claire’s sofa. The fake Claire came back with the coffee and settled down beside him gently on the sofa. Ignoring the coffee Bernard moved in for a smooch.

“I’ve had a hard on all night watching you Claire you little tease. “ With that Bernard moved in for another French kiss and his other hand went up Claire’s dress and in her panties. This was going out of control for Anthony, but he could not stop it. If he denied him now after teasing him earlier he might cause a break up again. He therefore kissed Bernard back, but he realised that Claire would need to start getting wet down below or else Bernard would work out something was wrong.

“Just a minute lover.” Anthony had done it once before as a Claire. He could do it once again for the sake of his friend’s relationship. He picked up the olive oil on the way to the downstairs loo. Once there he squirted it up his fake cunt before heading back to the sofa. Bernard was on him once again and this time he started to ease down the zipper of the fake Claire’s dress to reveal her fake bosoms. Bernard continued kissing the fake Claire and massaged her breasts. Anthony was forced to moan with pretend pleasure at Bernard’s touch. He had never planned for it to go this far, but now it was too late. Bernard stripped his sweatshirt off to reveal his hairy chest and he began to undress the fake Claire further, whilst also taking off his trousers revealing the true stake of the bulge in his underwear. The fake Claire knew there was no going back now and she pulled Bernard’s underwear down and Bernard’s large engorged penis sprang free. The fake Claire massaged Bernard’s large cock whilst Bernard began to finger Anthony’s fake pussy. Anthony gave moans of pleasure that he knew that Bernard would want to hear and then pulled his hand from Bernard’s cock and drew him closer. Bernard gripped the fake Claire’s arse and pushed her legs apart as she lay back down on the sofa with him on top.

Anthony was scarred now but did not let it show. What if Bernard’s cock was too big for his fake pussy? What if he detected that something was wrong down there? Anthony could feel Bernard thrusting against him, but did not have the sensations that a real woman would have down below. He knew the noises of pleasure that they made though and was careful to ensure that Claire’s moans of pleasure were kept up between passionate kisses from her partner. Bernard was very excited it seemed and came quickly, not having learnt yet to make it last with a woman.

Bernard made love twice more to Anthony in his Claire suit that night on the sofa. By the time he had finished and they headed up to Claire’s bed the coffee was cold and forgotten.

Anthony awoke the next morning in Claire’s bed wearing nothing but his Claire disguise. Bernard’s arm was wrapped around him and he was being spooned by his friend. He looked at the clock. It was 10 am. The real Claire was due back at midday and he had to tidy up this house. He needed to wake Bernard up and get him out of here quickly. If he was like most men then Bernard would have a morning glory down below. Anthony who had already had to pretend to be a woman enjoying sex five times in total last night figured that one more on the total would not be any worse, especially if he could get Bernard moving.

Anthony moved his torso forward slightly and adjusted the position of his bum so that his female flower was facing Bernard who slowly began to stir a bit from his slumber. Anthony maneuvered his vagina onto Bernard’s morning glory and then started to move his fake derriere backwards and forwards on Bernard’s dick. This definitely got Bernard’s attention and he slowly started to wake up, loving the attention that his cock was getting. From Anthony’s point of view it was all going too slowly. He needed a result quicker so he turned and shifted Bernard on his back and mounted him, riding him and moaning as Bernard grunted below. Eventually Bernard came and the fake Claire kissed him on the cheek and rolled off him.

“Time to get up sleepy head.” Anthony knew that Bernard was going to watch Swansea City play that afternoon, so he hoped that Bernard would take the hint.

“Very well Miss Bossy.” He replied and headed downstairs to find his clothes. Anthony quickly put on the track suit that he’d come over in and made Bernard and inadequate breakfast of tea and toast before kissing him goodbye at the door.

Anthony looked at the time. He had less than an hour to clean the place up and leave before Claire came back. He’d never cleaned anything so fast and he hoped that he’d put everything back where it belonged. The dress he’d worn the night before he hung back up, there was little he could do about the creases. As he left and locked the back door he spotted the bus coming back. He hid and watched Claire get off and head to her front door as he went into his own house to sigh with relief. He’d pushed it but once again it was a triumph for the Master of Deception had pulled it off again.

There were two other people getting off the bus that day. Anwyn had decided that she would take Anthony up on his advice whilst dressed as Angela and she would talk to him about disguises. She had sat at the front of the bus above the driver and so had a far way to go to get off the bus. It was a surprise therefore to see an old lady heading down Anthony’s path towards his door. Was this perhaps another of his disguises? It certainly looked very realistic.

The door was answered neither by Anthony, nor Angela but by Claire wearing an old tracksuit. She had seen Claire getting off the bus from her position on the top deck so she knew that something was amiss. In all likelihood the old woman was real and was perhaps delivering leaflets or the like.

Anwyn moved closer to the door and for the first time could hear the conversation.

“Are you sure that Angela Clemence doesn’t live here? The man from the TV station wrote the address down for me here young lady.” Ruth Clemence thrust the paper at the fake Claire together with a picture of Angela from the Swansea Echo.

“My daughter has been dead for 3 months, so you tell me how she could have saved a man’s life?” She continued poking her target in the ribs. Anthony as Claire looked lost and unable to deal with this old woman from hell.

Anwyn decided that though it was fun to see Anthony in trouble again, she really ought to help him.

“Excuse me” she said from behind the old woman “that’s my girlfriend you are harassing. We’ve lived here together alone as partners for years now. There’s no one called Angela here. “ The old woman turned and looked disgusted at the thought of two lesbians, so Anwyn decided to make the point further by going up and kissing Anthony, dressed as Claire on the lips. My first kiss with my new boyfriend Anwyn mused, not that he knew it yet.
“I don’t approve of that kind of thing” Mrs Clemence stated, her arms folded and her lips pursed.

“Let me look at that address” Anwyn demanded taking the slip of paper from the fake Claire. She studied it and looked for the flaws in the handwriting.

“Oh I see the problem” she said boldly. “You think he’s written down Ave but in fact it’s Gdn. I’m sure that is over Sketty way. I do hope you find this Angela that you are looking for Mrs Clemence, but for now I have to reacquaint myself with my girlfriend.”

Mrs Clemence looked disgusted again and mumbled out loud.

“Well I’m going to get a private investigator to look at this. I’ll leave you LADIES to your business.” With that Mrs Clemence shuffled off muttering to herself about the state of the morals of the young people today.

Anwyn had pushed past the fake Claire into Anthony’s house, pulling Anthony inside and closing the door as the old lady shuffled away. Anthony didn’t know what to think. Anwyn obviously knew that something was wrong but didn’t know if she suspected. He open his fake mouth to speak but could not think of any words to say.

“Well Anthony you’ve really done it this time. You are going to tell me all about how you’ve come to look like your neighbour and how Angela came to be, and you can do that over a cup of tea.”

So the game was up. Anwyn knew the truth, or at least part of it. He ushered her in the kitchen still feeling like a deer caught in the headlights. Perhaps the Master of Deception was fallible after all? The lies he had built up to serve his purposes – were they only really a self deception? He put the kettle on.

“Oh and you look really good as Claire. You would have fooled me if you hadn’t been in your own house and I hadn’t seen the real Claire get off the bus. Now you are going to tell me all about this and you are going to teach me about disguises as you offered as Angela the other day. Oh and you are now my boyfriend, so I’ll have no arguments from you.”

Anthony as the deer felt he was in the sights of the hunter’s gun. Surprisingly he did not feel like he minded getting shot, so he sat down and began to tell Anwyn all about the events of the past few months – or at least a slightly edited version. Anwyn had no need to know what really happened with her brother last night.

Just as he’d finished his tale and Anwyn had finished asking questions and checking out the authenticity of his disguise something hit him. If the old woman was going to hire a private detective the first thing he would do was to check the DVLA records and his bank records which would have Angela’s (his) address on it. He had to get that changed as soon as possible. If it stayed as it was then Angela’s mother would find him and he would be exposed as the fraud that he was to the world.

“I need to go change into Angela.” He told Anwyn.

“Look I haven’t finished with you yet, you can play your dress up games later” Anwyn still in assertive mode informed him.

“It’s not like that. If that Old Woman gets a detective on the case today then I’m lost and the police may get involved. Do you want to visit your boyfriend in jail?”

“OK do what you must” Anwyn replied, “but I expect my BOYFRIEND back here tonight to take me out on the town.”

Anthony went upstairs and changed into Angela and put some modest clothes on. He had no time to really make himself look pretty and that was not the essence of the task he needed to accomplish. He drove into town as Angela and headed straight to the post office where Angela took out a private mailbox. He then headed home and logged onto his computer to change Angela’s mailing address using online banking to that PO Box. Tomorrow morning first thing he’d change her driving license on the DVLA computer to the alternate address that Anwyn had suggested. It had been a tiring day, but when he’d finished on the computer Anwyn came and drummed her fingers beside him.

“Now Angela I told you to be a good girl and let me have my BOYFRIEND now else I will tell the world about you!

Anthony saw he had no choice but to obey his new girlfriend’s wishes. Life certainly was going to get more interesting in the future now that the bubbles of his deceptions had been burst.

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