Going Home Chapter 13

Visitor’s Quarters, Upolu Station:
Juno slowly wakes up, after sleeping for two days straight. She was feeling dehydrated and extremely hungry when she woke up. She gets up and heads towards the small bathroom her rented quarters had. It wasn’t much, but it had what she needed in order to clean herself and to relieve herself.

After she goes to the bathroom and slips the form-fitting body suit back on. She grabs her weapons belt and put it on. she pulls the slender circular cylinder that hung from the belt. She has never seen anything like it before.

Juno examines it for about twenty minutes and just as she was about to give up. A blueish white blade erupts from it. The blade itself was about 4 foot long. She has never seen anything like it before.

Juno cuts it off and manages to turn it on again. She wonders where it came from and who constructed it. She hangs it on the gun belt and grabs the battered cloak she has been wearing to conceal her looks.

Juno leaves her quarters and heads down to Promenade Deck 2 to see what food places they had. As she is walking around, she remains on guard and aware of anyone that is around her. She doesn’t know if she has lost the bounty hunters that were trying to capture her and take her back to Governor Tillis.

Her nose guides her to a place that was owned by an Ailuro. Since they were like her, she figures the food they served would be compatible/acceptable with her new form.

She walks up to the vendor “I would like a sampler plate please.” Juno figures it would be a good place to start.

Moya looks up at the person before him that just ordered some food. His nose told him the person was female and had a feline scent to them. He tries to see the persons face, but the hood of the cloak they were wearing hiding their body, hid the woman’s facial features.

“That will be ten credits.” Moya wonders why the person was being so secretive about their looks.

Juno digs her credit card out and slides it into the card reader to pay for her meal. Once the reader accepts the payment, she removes the card and slips it back into the secret pocket on her bodysuit. She has found the form-fitting bodysuit she was currently wearing very handy.

“Here you go, one sampler. If there is anything you find that you like. Please come back and let me know.” Moya hands the sampler over to Juno.

“Thank you.” As Juno walks over to a table, so she could eat her meal and watch what was going on.

As she attentively takes a bite of the food. Her taste buds seem to come alive. She has never tasted anything so wonderful before. All the feeling she was feeling from her taste buds was new to her. She never experienced anything like this before when she used to be human.

Her body crazed more as she takes another bite. She moves onto the next sample that was on the plate. It was okay, it didn’t set her taste buds off as the first one did. She wonders what she is going to do now. The device that combined her male body with the female DNA of the
Nightshade Tiger burned itself out. She didn’t know that the device could do something like that. The client told her that it was a device that could transfer the soul of a healthy person to a dying person. Nowhere, in the description or diagram did it mention anything about combining the DNA of two different species to form a new species.

Juno enjoys the rest of her meal. She did find that of the samplers she had been served, there were three samples her taste buds loved and that her body craved. She had ordered some sort of cream drink and loved it. She ended up drinking four of them.

Once she was done with the sampler and full for the first in the past seven days. Juno walks around the Promenade decks. She buys a few odds and ends that she was going to need in order to survive. The credit card she was using, couldn’t be traced back to her. It was one of the cards she found on the dead alien pilots.

If she hadn’t managed to take cover in their crashed ship, she would be dead right now. As she is looking around. She checks out transport ships that was taking on passengers. There was one transport named the Monkey Wrench that was heading to the Ailuro’s homeworld Anchorage IV.

Juno heads back to her rented quarters and packs the stuff she bought while out on the Promenade. She hopes she could hide among the population on the Ailuro homeworld. She gets house credit for the rest of the days she didn’t use.

Juno buys a few weeks of survival rations to take with her. Once she was ready, she heads over to the berth where the Monkey Wrench was docked.

Monkey Wrench:
Vicky couldn’t believe that Chasch managed to get her a big supply run to the Ailuro homeworld. It was going to take her a week travel time from the station to Anchorage IV, but she didn’t mind. The Royal Court on Anchorage IV was picking up the bill. She also had several passengers that had booked passage on her transport. Which was a welcomed bonus? As she supervises the last load of the supplies she was paid to transport. A figure wearing a dark hooded cloak approaches her.

Juno found the berth without any problems. She spots a short human female, directing a loading drone as it loads the ship. She was dressed in a pair of black pants that hug her hips and legs and a white uniform shirt. Her medium length dark brown hair came a little past her shoulders.

Juno walks up to the woman “excuse me, but is this the Monkey Wrench?”

Vicky turns around to face the person that just spoke to her. The voice sounded female and from what she was seeing. The person was wearing a dark cloak and hood that concealed her features.

“This is the Monkey Wrench, I’m Captain Vicky Adams how can I help you?”

“I booked passage on your ship. I thought I would introduce myself to you.” Juno could tell the human female standing before her was rather young.

“So, you’re my last passenger. If I remember correctly, there was only a single name listed.” Vicky memorized all names of the passengers that booked passage on her ship.

“Yes, is that going to be a problem?” Juno hopes this Captain wasn’t the xenophobic type of person.

“Nope, welcome aboard. Your assigned room six. We will be having a communal meal. Dinner is normally served around seven o’clock ship time. I maintain a twenty-four-hour time cycle on my ship.” Vicky has experienced several different times on the different ships she has served on.

“That is fine with me.” Juno didn’t care what type of time the Captain kept. She originally came from a thirty-two-hour rotation planet.

“Then welcome aboard the Monkey Wrench. We’ll be leaving in about thirty minutes.” Vicky smiles as she watches a loading drone, load her ship.

Juno boards the ship and spots a humanoid skunk woman climbing up a wooden ladder to the next deck. She follows up behind her and finds herself on the second deck. There was a sign with an arrow pointing where the passenger berths were.

Juno finds them without any problem and saw that the number assigned to each room was written in several different languages. When she opens the room, she notices it was a little smaller than the room she rented on the station. She makes herself comfortable and familiar with the room.

Vicky makes sure her cargo was secured and locked as she heads up to the cockpit. She spots Jexa prepping for takeoff. Vicky takes her place and double checks everything.

“Everything is ready Captain.” Jexa looks towards Vicky.

“Thanks, Jexa.” Vicky gets permission to launch.

The Monkey Wrench pulls out of her berth and once he is far enough from the station, Vicky engages her hyperdrive.

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