Avenging Angel Chap. 15

Gypsy winces when she moves. Not only did her right shoulder hurt, but so did her anal opening. She figures Ralph must have stretched her opening and tore some of the linings in her ass. She gets up from the recliner she slept in last night because of her shoulder being immobilized. The doctors found that she fractured her shoulder from the car crash and from the new Gauss rifle slamming into her shoulder when she fired it.

She spots Ralph sleeping on his sofa near her. He was still recovering from injuries he received in the car accident they had been in. She heads into the bathroom and does her morning business. She will be happy when she has the final operation to get her own vagina.

She heads towards the kitchen to cook some breakfast for her and Ralph. She wonders if everything she is experiencing is worth the pain?

She could have accepted the fact that she was a male and gone back to her Amish family. She could have lived her life without so much pain.

Ralph wakes up to the smell of bacon and sausage cooking. He looks over towards the recliner Gypsy slept in last night after he picked her up from the hospital. He couldn’t believe someone had tried to kill her yesterday. He figures that it had to be the same people who tried to kill him and her on their way back from their date.

He walks into the kitchen and spots Gypsy standing at the stove wearing the t-shirt he had given her last night. It came down past her waist and looked a little baggy on her. He walks up behind her and wrap his arm around her stomach and gives her a kiss.

Gypsy was a little startled when she felt an arm encircle her and place a kiss on her cheek.

“Good morning.”

She returns the kiss “good morning to you as well.”

She loved that Ralph was doing better and that he had picked her up from the hospital. They sat down and enjoyed their breakfast. They watched a news report from yesterday about the battle between Nathan and two armor guys. Gypsy couldn’t figure out how they were mass producing the armor plates as fast as they were. It took time to form those plates. That’s not counting the robotic skeleton frame they needed to build.

Ralph noticed that Gypsy was in deep thought as she ate. He wonders what she was thinking about.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Gypsy looks at him “is that the going rate right now?”

“Nope, its more like a quarter or so. What are you thinking about?” As he takes a bite of the bacon on his plate.

“How Andy Poffo and the remaining members of his team are able to manufacture the armor plates as fast as they are. So, far we have encounter four of those armor figures. I took one out by overloading its electrical system with my taser and using the new gauss rifle I built. Nathan said he took one down and injured a second one. Plus, we injured the first one we encounter.” Gypsy wonders how Andy was building these things.

“Do you know what makes these things tick yet or how they are being controlled?” Ralph knew Gypsy and her lab partner were extremely smart.

“We haven’t dissected the remains yet to see how they are control, but I’m betting it’s by an encrypted signal. They could use the cell towers and repeaters around town to control them.” Gypsy had been putting some thought on how they could control the armor figures.

“What are you going to do about your Mustang? Will you be able to fix it?” Ralph knew how much Gypsy liked her mustang.

“I’ll use the insurance money to buy it back and repair it. I still have my other one to drive, once I get the time to work on it.” Gypsy loved her Mustang.

“If you need a car to get around. My uncle has a 4x4 Ford 350 he is selling. I could ask him if he would let you drive it.” Ralph figures he could talk his uncle into it.

“How much does he want for it?” Gypsy knew she was going to need a new car, till she got her other Mustang up and running.

“He’s asking $18,000 for the truck, but I could get him down to $14,000.” His uncle liked pretty girls, so he would like Gypsy.

Gypsy knew the $14,000 was out of her price range. Even with the insurance money from the Mustang, she still wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“Thanks. Let me talk with a friend of mine and see what he has for sale.”

Gypsy figures Tony might have something for sale. After, all she bought both her Mustang’s from him. Also, he could do the bodywork to the Mustang.

After breakfast, Ralph gets dress and drops Gypsy off at her place. Gypsy places a call to Tony to see what he had for sale. He informed her that he had a pick-up that was in her price range. It had close to two hundred thousand miles on it, but the motor, transmission and transfer case had been overhauled. He is willing to let her have it for $8,000.00. He would also give her a discount on the bodywork on the Mustang.

While she was waiting for a cab to come and pick her up. Her cellphone starts ringing. She looks at it and notices it was FBI Special Agent Regina Garcia. Gypsy wonders what she wants?

“Hello, Mrs. Garcia. What can I do for you?” Gypsy was wonder why Mrs. Garcia was calling her.

“Gypsy are you home right now?” Garcia had gotten information from an informant that a hit had been put out on Gypsy, Patrick, and Nathan.

The hit had gone out last night after the armor figures failed to kill the trio. Her informant was an undercover agent of theirs.

“Yes, I’m home right now. I was about to head to my friends Tony place to buy a truck he has.” Gypsy wonder why Garcia wanted to know.

“Don’t leave your apartment. I’m on my way to you. A hit has been put out on you, Patrick and Nathan. I’m putting the three of you in protective custody to protect you.”

“Don’t worry about Nathan. He has the armor at his house and Patrick is hold up in our command center.” Patrick sent an email to Gypsy telling her about what they did yesterday after she was taken to the hospital.

“Isn’t that kind of dangerous for the armor to be out in the open like that?” Garcia figures they would have locked it up like they normally do.

“The armor has safeguards that prevent anyone other than Nathan from wearing it. That was one of the security measures Pat and I installed in the armor.” Gypsy knew that was one of DARPA’s requirements.

“Well, I have agents heading towards Patrick’s house and Nathan’s place to take them into protective custody.” Garcia was only a few minutes away from Gypsy’s place.

Gypsy sends a text to both Nathan and Patrick telling them what Garcia just told them. She hears her cellphone beep. The first message was from Nathan and he said he is flying towards the army base. The second message was from Patrick and he said he was joining Nathan at the base.

“Call your people off Garcia. Nathan is flying towards the army base right now and Patrick is going to meet him there.” Gypsy knew the base was the best place for them. The Commander of the base liked them.

“Alright, grab what you want to take with you. I’m only a few minutes away from you.” Garcia ends the call.

Gypsy tucks her cell phone into her back pocket. She grabs a gym bag and fills it with clothes. As she is filling her gym bag. The alarm on her door goes off as it is smashed in.

Two men dressed all in black come charging in. One of the men spot her and start coming towards her. Gypsy ducks into her workroom and slams the door shut. She locks it as she looks around her workroom trying to figure out some sort of weapon.

Gypsy spots the prototype laser she was building for the armor. The thing was a mess with all the wires hanging down from it. She still hasn’t finished getting all the bugs worked out yet. But it was strong enough to blind her attackers or pop balloons.

Gypsy powers it up, just as the door is kicked in. She aims for the guy's face and pulls the trigger. She had it aimed at his eyes.

Charles felt his eyeballs burst as an intense beam of light burned across his face and into his eyes. He screams from the pain as he feels the blood run out of his ruined eyes. He drops to the ground with his hands over his eyes.

The wires hanging down from the laser rifle catches fire and burn Gypsy’s hand. She heard a popping sound as the guy's eyeballs exploded.
As she was looking at the guy she just took down. Another appears behind him out in the hallway. He points his gun at Gypsy and starts firing.

Gypsy ducks down in time as the bullet hit right where she had been standing. She grabs a bottle of alcohol she keeps under her workbench and pours it in her super soaker. She pumps it up and from the safety of cover. She sprays the guy with it, just as he pulls the trigger.

Gypsy feels the bullet hit her in her left arm, but the guy is caught in a fireball from the alcohol being sprayed at him. He starts burning and screaming. The fire alarms in her apartment start going off. Gypsy watches as the guy on fire falls on top of the other one.

Garcia pulls into the parking lot of the apartment complex Gypsy lived it. She jumps out of her car and rushes up to Gypsy’s apartment. When she gets up there, she notices Gypsy’s front door was smashed in. She also smelled smoke in the air and hear the fire alarms in Gypsy apartment going off. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air as she rushes in. The smoke was coming from the right. She spots a person on fire and the wall behind him.

“Gypsy, where are you?” Garcia was looking around for Gypsy.

“I’m in here.” As Gypsy grabs the fire extinguisher she keeps in the closet of her workroom.

She puts the guy that was burning out first and then the rest of the fires around her. The guy that she burned his eyeballs out of, was unconscious from the pain. The laser rifle she had used was ruined and she would have to start from scratch again.

Garcia looks at the bodies and then at Gypsy “did you do this?”

“Yeah, I burned that guy's eyes out with my laser rifle and soaked this crispy fellow with my super soaker filled with cleaning alcohol. When he pulled the trigger on his gun, he ignited himself. However, he did manage to hit me in my good arm.” Gypsy’s left arm was bleeding.

Garcia looks at the wound and saw the bullet had gone completely through it. She spots a first aid kit hanging on the wall of the workroom. She grabs it and starts cleaning the wound. The fire department shows up and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The paramedics take over for Garcia.

Gypsy is taken to the hospital again and after a few hours, Garcia takes her to Patrick at the army base. The Commander of the base gives them a place to park the command center and a place they can sleep while they are on the base. He assigns a couple of MP’s to watch over them.

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