Mistaken For Law Enforcement

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“Come on Tammy, you need to improve on your fighting skills.” Greg swings his Bo staff at Tammy.

Tammy brings her Bo staff up in time to block and strike back at Greg. She twirls it and manages to whack him behind his head. She put some power behind it because they were wearing protective gear.

“Good, your doing better.” Greg attacks some more and is blocked each time.

Tammy keeps attacking and finally sweeps Greg’s legs out from under him. She spins her Bo staff and put the end under his chin.

“I surrender.” He was impressed with Tammy’s weapon handling.

Tammy extends her hand out to help Greg up off the ground. She had to get used to having breasts and fighting with them. Her center of gravity has changed ever since she decided to start taking estrogen and progesterone.

She was already on them, but they were at half strength. She started taking them when she was thirteen years old. She didn’t want her body to develop secondary male characteristic. She wanted a female body.

Tammy walks over towards the women’s restroom and starts undressing. She had the surgery last year to get rid of her penis and testicles. Now, she had an artificial vagina. Once she was able to have sex, she made up for all the years she dreamed about going all the way. She must have gone to bed with at least twenty guys or more.

She finally found one guy she liked a lot. He was an FBI SWAT officer and ten years her senior. They met at a shooting competition at Camp Perry. She outshot him during the competition. What he didn’t know, she had been a competition shooter since she was fourteen years old. She also had been to Camp Perry several times to compete against some of the best shooters around.

She held several first place trophies ranging from handguns to sharpshooting and trick shooting. She also held a few trophies for her sniper shooting as well. Her father taught her and her brothers how to be snipers.

Her father competed and so did her mother and brothers. Her parents didn’t have a problem with her wanting to be a girl. If nothing else, it thrilled her mother that she was going to have a girl finally. She was the last born of four boys. Her mother had wanted a girl, but she had been born a boy originally. The thing was, she never had any interest in doing or playing with boy toys.

She always enjoyed dressing up in her mother’s clothes and wanted baby dolls and such for presents. Unlike her brother’s, she didn’t like the rough and tumble they enjoyed. She also loved the dresses and such when she went shopping with her mother.

Her mom did buy her a few dresses that she could wear around the house and such. Her brothers teased her and sometimes called her a sissy, but she didn’t care. Her father finally caught onto the fact she wanted to be a girl, instead of a boy.

She fingers herself as she lathers her body. She loved having her own vagina and how it made her feel when she masturbated. Her breasts had increased in size, once the new hormones she was on started to take effect. She finally finishes her shower and dries off.

The group she hung around with had been practicing moves they were going to perform at an exhibition. The team was originally formed for a
Halloween party, but after they started working together. They found out that they were a good fit and had a lot in common.

Each member had things they brought to the team. She was the sharpshooter and tactical adviser. Her father had been a Navy Seal and he taught her and her brothers everything he knew. That included how to fight. Her mother had been a police detective for the San Diego Police Department. She taught her how to look for clues, solve puzzles and interrogate people. Two of her brothers are in the military and the other two became police officers like their mother. One was on a SWAT team.

Her mom was still with the police force. Her father retired from the navy and worked part-time as a physical trainer. He still got together with his buddies from Seal Team 6. He had been their sniper and he taught her how to be a sniper as well.

Tammy puts on the uniform they had special ordered from a law enforcement supply company. It had their special design patch on the left shoulder. It looked a little like the logo for Marvel’s Shield, but instead of being black and white. It was gold and black had “Golden Eagle Squad.” Written on the outside of the image.

Once Tammy was completely dressed and had her gun belt on and secure. She walks out of the ladies dressing room with her gym bag. She notices the guys were already waiting on her. She was the only female among the group.

“So, who’s car are we taking?” Tammy had her driver license, credit card and some cash in one of the pouches on her web belt.

“We’ll take my SUV.” David had brought his SUV.

“Alright, let me put my gym bag in my car.” Tammy walks over towards her Challenger and put her gym bag away. She grabs her XD Mod2 .45.
She makes sure she has her competition rounds with her and her normal rounds for it. Her handguns were the tactical model.

The rest of the group carried Glock 19’s. she prefers her XD over the Glock. She locks her trunk and heads over to David’s SUV.

“So, have we worked out are routine for today?” Tammy looks towards Stanley since he was their elected leader this time around.

“Yes, all the routines are worked out and everything should go smoothly without any problems,” Stanley remembered the last exhibition they did.

It had been a mess, but they managed to adapt without their audience realizing they made a mistake. She was going to do some shooting
tricks and pole fighting. She takes a sip of water as they head towards the place they were performing.

Once they arrive, they grab their gear and check in with the organizers. They were performing outside, which made things easier on Tammy and Jerry. He was doing some tricks with his bow and crossbow. Along with his swords and throwing knives.

Greg and Tammy start off with their Bo staffs. Greg’s popped out like the Minbari fighting pike the Rangers on Babylon 5 used. Hers were two fighting sticks, that she could screw together to make her Bo staff.

They start their demonstration adding some gymnastic moves and such. She managed to knock Greg down several times and make him yield. He managed to knock her down and made her yield. After they were done, Jerry and David perform their sword fighting and bow tricks. David performed some of his Martial Arts routines with Zak.

Zak was trained in Martial Arts and stage illusions. His grandfather passed along the martial art technique his family had been practicing for the last hundred years. His father had been a stage magician in Japan and was rather popular. He didn’t have David Copperfield level of popularity, but he had a following. That was how he meet Zak’s mother. She had been his assistant on stage. He performs a few tricks using his talents. Tammy and Jerry go out and Jerry tosses up coins, clay disk, playing cards, and other items for Tammy to shoot at. She even did the mirror shooting trick. It got a lot of applause from the crowd.

Tammy wipes the sweat from her eyes when she is finished. She takes her shooting glasses off and hangs them from her web belt. She holsters her pistols and interacts with the crowd.

A few guys asked her a few questions. There were a few women as well who wanted to know how long she has been shooting. They also wanted to know what weapon she used.

After the exhibition, they decided to go and get some lunch. There was a nice restaurant they spotted on the way to where they performed. It had an outside café, so they sat outside while their food was being cooked.

While they were sitting and waiting for their food. A van pulls up outside the bank across the street from them. Tammy was watching the van and how it moved as several people exit from it. The next thing they hear is gunfire coming from across the street.

One of the patrons sitting next to them look at them “aren’t you guys going to do something? Aren’t you law enforcement?”

Tammy looks at Greg “you know, we could take them out.”

Greg looks at the rest of his people “let’s go.”

“Tammy, take the driver out. Zak, Jerry you guys come with me. David, provide cover for Tammy.” They get up from their seats.

Tammy switches magazines in her guns and shoots out the tires on the van. The driver inside goes to open his door but is stopped by David.

“Not today, big boy. You might as well sit there and be comfortable.” He had his gun pressed against the glass.

Greg, Jimmy, and Zak waited for the robbers inside to come out. Just as they were running down the steps towards the van. Zak throws a handful of marbles on the ground, causing them to fall flat on their backs. Greg and Jimmy cover them with their guns.

Tammy had her guns out and came around to help Greg, Jimmy, and Zak. She looks down at the robbers “you guys are really stupid to pull a heist in the middle of the day.”

The police show up and order Tammy and her crew to put their weapons away. One of the police officers recognized Tammy.

“Tammy, what are you doing here?” Officer Mark Wallace knew Tammy’s mother.

“We were having lunch across the street when the robbery took place. So, we decided to intervene.” Tammy just smiles at him.

“You’re not law enforcement, Tammy. You and your friends could have been hurt or killed.” Officer Wallace was concerned about Tammy risking her life.

“Oh, give me a break, Mark. I and my friends are trained better than any law enforcement officer. Hell, I'm trained better than most SWAT officers thanks to my father and mother. My friends are specialist in their fields. There is nothing we can’t handle.” Tammy knew her, and her friends were capable of handling anything.

“I don’t want to hear about you and your friends playing cops again. If I do, I’m going to have you arrested. Plus, I’m going to inform your mother.” Officer Wallace walks off.

Greg had watched as Tammy and a police officer talked. He walks over to her once the officer leaves.

“What did he have to say?” Greg was curious.

“He said if he hears about us acting as law enforcement again, he is going to have us arrested and threaten to inform my mother.” Tammy didn’t want to hear from her mother about playing cop.

She turned down becoming a cop. She couldn’t deal with the fact that crooks could get off easily if the evidence wasn’t done right. She hated some of the lawyers that got the crooks off as well. David was a licensed lawyer and worked for a law firm that he and two other classmates of his start. They were pretty good and had a good clientele. She watched him in court one day and he tore apart the other lawyer.

“Why would he go to your mother?” as they walk back to David’s SUV.

The rest of the gang was following behind them as they headed towards the SUV.

“He and my mom worked together before she retired from the force. She was his training officer.” She remembered him coming by the house a
few times.

“I doubt your mother would disapprove with what we did.” They climb into the SUV.

“My mother feels crime-fighting should be left to the police. She believes people who aren’t police shouldn’t stick their noses into police
matters.” Tammy reaches for her bottle water as they headed back to their training facilities.

When they get back to their training facilities. Tammy heads towards her Challenger.

“What time are we training this weekend?” Tammy looks towards Greg.

“0500 hrs. It’s going to be a long day, so don’t make any plans.” Greg had come up with a new training program for them.

“I hate early morning training. Jerry, it’s your turn to bring the donuts and coffee.” Tammy climbs into her car and drives home.

Tammy was living with her boyfriend. She heads home and parks. She loved to surprise her boyfriend and had a new outfit to wear to surprise him. She heads inside and secures her guns. She has one she keeps concealed behind the headboard in the bedroom. She hangs her gun belt up and removes her combat boots and outfit.

Tammy starts a nice bath for herself and drops in one of her favorite scented bath balls. When the water level reaches the level she likes, she slips in and relaxes. She presses the button to turn the jets on in the Jacuzzi tub.

Once she is done with her bath and dried off, she puts on her new garter belt, stocking, thong panties and the new lace bra that had the center cut out, exposing her nipples. She slips on her black six-inch heels and sprays her favorite perfume on. She fixes her hair and hopes Jason liked her new outfit.

Jason couldn’t believe the raid they made today. The warehouse they raided was full of weapons and drugs. He couldn’t wait to get home and have a nice cold beer. As he pulled into the garage, he notices Tammy’s car was already there.

He parks and closes the garage. He walks into the house and notices Tammy leaning against the wall.

“Hello dear, how has your day been?” A playful smile appears on her face.

He smiles as he looks at her toned body while wearing a black lacey garter belt, sheer stocking and a pair of panties that barely covered her vagina. He loved how her nipples were poking out from her lacey bra.

He drops his gear and walks over to her “I’m doing better now.”

Tammy leans forward and starts kissing him. She jumps up and wraps her legs around his waist. She was horny and wanted Jason to fuck her senseless.

Jason carries Tammy to the bedroom and tosses her onto the bed after he stops kissing her. He gets the handcuffs and ankle cuffs and starts handcuffing her. He knew she enjoyed being handcuffed on the bed.

Tammy shivers as she feels the cold metal of the handcuff’s and ankle cuffs lock around her wrist and ankles. She totally trusts Jason and loved when they play games like this. She could escape the handcuffs if she wanted too.

Zak taught her how to escape from them. For the next few hours, Jason sexually teases her as he leaves her secured in the cuffs. By the time they stop, Tammy’s mind was completely blown from all the orgasms she had and was extremely tender down between her legs. Her mouth still had the taste of Jason’s semen that she had swallowed.

Her nipples were sore from where he sucked them, shocked them and bit them. He had gotten her bra off without tearing it. She had his teeth marks on her breast, between her legs, and on her stomach.

Jason tore her panties off her and threw them on the floor. She lays curled up next to Jason with his strong arms wrapped around her body. Tammy sighs as she lets sleep claim her.

When she wakes up the next day, she could smell bacon in the air. She gets out of bed and slips her house robe on. She heads into the kitchen and spot Jason cooking breakfast. He was making omelets.

“Mmmm, food.” Tammy walks over and places a kiss on Jason’s cheek.

“How did you sleep last night?” Jason knew he wore Tammy out last night.

“Like I was in heaven.” She was still a little sore between her legs, but she loved it.

She grabs her coffee cup that had her teams’ symbol on it and fills it with coffee. Tammy takes a couple strips of bacon off the plate filled with it. She munches on it, till her coffee was ready.

“So, what mischief did you and your team get into yesterday?” As Jason add bacon bits, peppers, and sautéed onions to the omelet he was

“Nothing much. We had an exhibition we did and afterward went out for lunch.” Tammy wasn’t going to tell him about the bank robbery.

“Are you sure that was all you did, yesterday?” As Jason slides the omelet he had been working on, onto a plate.

He carries the plate over to Tammy and set it in front of her. He sits down next to her and turns the television on. He switches to a channel that showed video footage of her team taking the robbers out.

“That’s, not me. That’s a different woman. She looks shorter than me.” Tammy just smiles and takes a bite of out of the omelet.

“Yeah right, why did you and your team get involved in that mess?” Jason wasn’t mad at Tammy. He knew she could take care of herself.

“Because by the time the cops or even the FBI got there. They would have left. Sure, they might have been apprehended sooner or later, but why take the chance? I and my team are formidable. You and your team found that out in the mock combat we beat you guys at.” Tammy was
proud of her team.

Jason’s, Captain wanted to see how good Tammy and her team were. So, they accepted the challenge and went against them. They even let the SWAT team chose the place and time. They beat them so badly, that the Captain started changing up their training program. Tammy herself took four guys down from her hidden position.

“You could have been shot and you guys don’t have body armor.” Jason didn’t want his girlfriend getting hurt.

“I know but believe me. We weren’t going to give the robbers a chance to fire at us.” Tammy takes a bite of her omelet.

“Still, you guys have no real training and things could go sideways quickly.” Jason looks at Tammy as she ate. He wanted her to understand that it wasn’t a game.

Tammy looks back at Jason “look, I know how bad things can get. My mother was a cop for thirty years. During that time, she had to pull her weapon like fifteen times. I know how much trouble we can get into. I still think we can handle it.”

Jason just shakes his head back and forth. They finish eating in silence.

“I’ll clean up. Go ahead and get ready for work.” Tammy gives him a kiss on his lips.

Jason returns the kiss and squeezes her butt cheeks. He lightly slaps her on her butt as he walks away. He knew Tammy loved their little games. He heads into their bedroom to get ready for work.

Tammy cleans the kitchen up and sets the dishwasher to wash the dirty dishes. After she finishes in the kitchen, she heads to the bedroom. She changes into an old work shirt and a pair of shorts. She needed to clean her guns.

Jason gives her a kiss before he leaves. He saw that she was getting her cleaning kit to clean her guns. He gets into his SUV and heads to work.

Tammy grabs an absorbent pad and places a bunch of newspaper on it. She gets her guns from yesterday and sits down at the dining room table and start cleaning her guns. She turns the channel from the news to a movie.

Tammy puts her guns back together, after cleaning them. She checks them to make sure everything was working nicely before she put them back in her gun cabinet. She couldn’t believe how much slack she was getting for stopping a bank robbery.

She and her crew were the best of the best in everything they did. There wasn’t much they couldn’t do. Most of them were either military brats or children of civilians that trained extremely hard.

The thing is, any of them could go to work for any government agency and be accepted. They trained extremely hard and were able to do things most people only dream of. She goes back to her bedroom and changes into a leotard to workout in her home gym.

Her home gym had everything she needed to build her muscles and tone her body. She was a big fitness buff and liked to keep her body fit as a fiddle. Tammy works on her bo-staff training and her hand-to-hand training as well.

She knew this weekend they were going to do something special. What it was, she wasn’t sure, but she did know Greg had something planned. She works out till she is done and takes a nice shower. She had to be to work in a few hours. Once Tammy is done with her shower, she puts on a clean pair of panties and socks. She slips on a tight pair of blue jeans and her favorite black lace bra. She looks through the different t-shirts that had the gun store logo she worked at, trying to decide what color she wanted to wear.

She finally settled on a dark blue one. She puts her long straight strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail and ties it off. She grabs her helmet and heads out to her 1996 Kawasaki EX500 (Ninja) motorcycle.

Tammy bought it at a police auction and loved to ride it. She’s been thinking about upgrading to a custom chopper but hasn’t decided yet. She mounts it and heads to the gun shop she works at.

The owner of the gun shop was a former police officer and a friend of the family. When she asked to work for him, he jumped at the chance. He knew she held several trophies from the shooting competitions she enters each year.

It takes her about twenty minutes to arrive at work. She was still upset about being told off for stopping a bank robbery. While Tammy is
working, several guys come in to buy some firearms.

“Hi, what can I help you with?”

Ralph looks at the young lady standing before him. She had shoulder length Strawberry blonde hair and stood at least a foot shorter than him. He notices she had a gun on her waist.

“I would like to talk with someone else.” Ralph didn’t want to talk to a young girl.

“Fine with me.” Tammy looks over towards Edward “Hey Eddie, we have a male chauvinist’s pig here that thinks a girl doesn’t know anything
about guns.”

Ralph looks at Tammy with anger on his face “I don’t need to take any harassment from an immature brat like you.”

“And I don’t have to stand here and put up with an asshole like you.” Tammy turns around and walks back towards the warehouse.

She pulls a few throwing knives she keeps with her and tosses them at the target board her boss keeps set-up in the back for them to practice.
She was pissed because most of the red necks that came into the gun store never came to her. If she had big boobs and was an airhead, they would talk with her. However, when they look at her and see she carries a gun. They think she doesn’t know anything about guns.

She tosses her knife and buries the blade into the wood. As she walks towards the target to retrieve her knives.

“You know, you need to stop angering the customers.” Keith knew Tammy knew about guns. That was why he hired her, along with the fact she held several trophies.

Tammy looks toward Keith “he is an ass. He thinks because I’m a girl I don’t know about guns.” As she tosses the throwing knife in her hand at the board.

“I know. Look, why don’t you inventory the new guns and ammo we got in and cool off.” Keith figures she might be cooled down by the time she had everything done.

“Fine.” Tammy retrieves her knives and put them back where she keeps them.

As she is working on the task Keith gave her. She receives an email from Stanley letting her know he has signed them up for some special training with a company and will explain later.

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