That Was Close

That was too close.
Sorry, i forgot to introduce myself. I am or was Titus Albertson. Right now though it seems that i got thrusted into the body of my swap partner. Seeing this rope around our neck... thank the goddesses that she's safe in my body. Time to get rid of this and find out what's wrong.

24 hours later

I woke up in my original bed with what looks like a letter from Titus. It reads

Dear Macie Danaher

I am writing this letter to you because of the situation i found us in shortly after the swap. Let me be the first to tell you that you are an important person. Man or woman, you can change the world. Though i do not share your need to be the opposite gender, i give you full rein of my body to be the man you were destine to become.

Now what i wanted to talk to you about. I saw the cuts. When i asked Mom about them she was in tears. Your old man is the single most evil fucker to have ever walked the earth and i am glad we never have to see his ass ever again. Oh yeah, when we testify to the courts on Mom's behalf, tell them everything. I will keep you in the know in this same way but i want to get a diary so it doesn't look suspicious. Lets keep in contact because i know with the phones out of the question, we still have a way to keep eachother safe.

Your Partner,


Short PSA
I know it can be hard sometimes, feeling like you can never be the person that you are inside. This is especially hard for those of us who are still in the closet. You are loved by at least one person. Two if you count yourself. Suicide is never an option, whenever you feel like you've had enough, talk to someone.

This is a link to all the Suicide Prevention Hotlines listed by country

Lots of love

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