Amber pt 17 ***** A Kymmie verse Story*****

Amber part 17

The last of my girls to get married was Keely and Kalley. They got married the following summer. Keira and James were blessed with Ashley and Amanda. Karla had Frank, Jr. in January. I have had the pleasure of bringing all of my grandchildren into this world.

Kennedy and Mark's surrogate had Troy and Jace later that year, Keely and Peter had Madison. Then Marsha 18 months later.

So, six years after Brook and Kelsey gave us our first grand babies. We now had 9 grand kids to spoil rotten. I gave Whitley and Riley their school physical. They started Kindergarten. Brook graduated with a masters degree in both business and chemistry.
That spring I get a call from Kelsey.

“Hello, “

“Hi, Mom. How are things?” Kelsey asked.

“Same, empty house.”

“Well you do have your grand kids fill it up most weekends.”

“Well, yeah. That is great I can spoil them rotten and then send them home.”

“Thanks, Mom for doing that.”

“Well, that is a grandparents job.”

“Me and Brook have decided that since Brook is graduating this May. We are finally going to have our official wedding.”


“Well our 7 year anniversary is on a Saturday this year we want to do it then.”

“Dad, will finally walk his first married daughter down the isle 7 years after the fact.”

“I know, Mom. But me and Brook love each other. We didn't want to wait.”

“OK, Let me and dad know the details as you make them. I know Dad will want to buy your wedding dress as he has for your sisters.”

“I know, Mom. Talk to you later. Bye.

“Bye, honey.”

About 2 month later I see in my schedule that Brook is on it, 4:00.
OK, I thought, maybe a check up or she isn't feeling well.
3:45 Tawny tells me, “ Amber your daughter in Law is here in 3.”

“Thanks, Tawny.” I said as I went into room 1. A little after 4 I finish and head to 3.

“Hi, Honey” I say as I go in.

“Hi, Mom.”
Sitting on a exam stool. “ So what brings you in today?” I ask.

“Well, I” She hesitated. “I'm pregnant again.”

“OH, Brook.” I hugged her. “That is fantastic. So have you told Kelsey yet.”

“No, I am waiting to surprise her again.”

“OK, Honey, I'll keep it a secret …...... again.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“how far long do you think you are?”

“Maybe a month.”

“Well lay back and lets see if I can hear anything.” Brook laid back and pulled up her shirt.

“Well you have done a great job getting rid of your first stretch marks. Now you went ahead and going to cause more.”

Giggling, “Yeah, and I finally figured how they come about.”

“And went again working on getting them again.” I said as I put my stethoscope on her belly. I could hear Brooks heart, I moved it around some I began hearing faint heartbeats. Yeah, I said heartbeats. Listening closely, I smiled as I realized what I heard. Three distinct heartbeats, Triplets.

“What Mom, What is it?”

“everything is fine, Let's check with an ultrasound.”

I had Donna bring me the machine. I positioned it at an angle so Brook could barely see it. It was my time to surprise her. First the gel then the moment of truth. Yeah, I was right triplets. Three little ones growing. I couldn't help but smile again.
Trying to see the screen, “ Well Mom, I take it the baby is doing well.”

“Which one,”

“Which one? Twins again?”
I shook my head with a huge smile.

“Your kidding, triplets”

“Yes,” I nodded smiling. “Three.”

“ Holey smokes,”

“ uh huh, What do you think Kelsey will say?”

“ Oh, She will be thrilled,”

“ And Riley and Whitley?”

“ I think they will be happy too. Why wouldn't they be they are girls.”

“ Yeah, your right.”
After the figuring we put the due date February 23.

“ So is it OK to tell your father and sisters in law?” I asked.

“ As long as they don't tell Kelsey. It is fine to tell them. I already told my parents and Meagan. But they don't know they are triplets.”

“ Well like I said before come see me in 2 months.” I told Brook and gave her a hug.

“ OK, See you at the rehearsal on Friday.”

“ Bye, Honey.”
Brook was my final patient of the day. I finished up some paperwork and headed home.
I was relaxing on the couch in my shorts and a tank top. When Greg got home. Well he knew me too well. I took one look at me and asked.

“ So who is pregnant now?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Baby, I know that look having seen it several times over the past few years.”

“ God, it must be time for a divorce you have figured me out. But that would mean training someone else and I'm not doing that again.” I teased.


“ Brook is having triplets.”

“ Triplets, are you serious?”

I just nodded.

“I take it Brook hasn't told Kelsey yet?”

“Yep, it is a wedding gift.”

“ At least it is only a couple of days. This time.”

Being it was my turn to make dinner. I did some buffalo chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

As we ate, Greg reminded me that next week Riley and Whitley are staying here.

“So, We can let them use Kelsey and Keely's old room. I think they would like to sleep in their Mom's room.”

“When is Kennedy and Mark dropping them off. Sunday or Monday morning.”

“ She hasn't said yet. I will make sure I ask her on Friday at rehearsal. I had found the perfect dress to wear for Brook and Kelsey's official wedding. It was on sale at Lord and Paige. Of course I had to have it. It was plum colored, Knee length, kind of a foux wrap style. It fit my curves great. I plan on wearing a lavender thong, matching bra and garter set with smoke colored stocking. With my 4” heels. I just hope we aren't late to the wedding as Greg may keep me occupied when he see me in it. I giggled.

On Friday we showed up at Mom and Dad's dealership at about 5:00. Dad had put up a huge tent again like with Kalley and Keely's wedding. He loves doing this for his granddaughters. Also why him and Mom buy them their first house, and invests for them. He has already started with his great grandchildren. With Riley and Whitley being the oldest Great granddaughters. They already have a nice portfolio of a little over 2 million each. While Kelsey and Brook's is almost 11 million. That is not even counting in KSR. Which is doing quite well.

I could tell when Brook, Kelsey, Whitley and Riley showed up right at 5:30. I can hear their car a mile away. Keira showed up at the same time. We did a few run troughs. Making sure everyone did what they needed to. My beautiful granddaughters did great.

About 7:30 Dad and Mom took the whole wedding party and their families. Out for dinner to a small restaurant in Clarkston. Me and Greg have been there before. Greg and I took off for home about 10:30 Kelsey and Brook took off at the same time. We followed them to I-75. However as soon as Kelsey hit the highway they where gone. I figure we might wind up behind them again depending on the traffic. It was a Friday night. Me and Greg chit chatted on the way. About how we felt with an empty house. All our girls have families of their own.

“ Well we could adopt?” Greg suggested. “ Or start as a foster home. We do have experience with transgender children.”

“ Yeah, and you have experience with a transgender wife.”

“ That I do.”

“ I love you, Greg.” I said.

“I love you............ What in the hell?”

All of my stories are purely fictional, the some places are real, some are not. The names and personnel used in all my stories, are also fictional. They may be based on people I knew but, Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or un-dead are purely coincidental.

I write my stories as a fantasy. While based on this world. Things in my story could stretch reality. However I write my stories from my mind. I reserve all rights to my work. Any form of duplication without my permission is forbidden. Please enjoy reading them as I have in writing them.

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