Kelsey pt 10 *** A kymmie verse story*****

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Kelsey part 10

“So, 2000 horses, what are your plans. I know the stock block won't handle that much power.”

“I know, I will be using an MMR Monster mod 5.8 block. So, if we choose, we can up the power.”

“Up the power? Hell, even at 2000 horse I won't be able to handle it.”

“Well, I will show you. But I will build this mild for now. Then up the power as you get the hang of it. It will be in a controlled environment. Well go to Milan for test and Tune. If I have to, I will rent it for a day or two.”

“You would rent the track for me to learn to handle a fast car”

“yeah, in a controlled location. If you want you can go the drag racing school in Gainesville, FL. And get your pro stock license. They are only right now I think 3500 horsepower.

“Well let’s get it built before we start making those kinds of plans.”

“Sure sweetie”

“So, what is your dream car, besides your bug?”

“A split window bug, with semaphores and crotch coolers.”

“I'll work on that but anything new?”

“Even though I have only driven it a couple times. This.” Brook pointed at the Marauder.


“Yeah, as you said it is comfortable, and has some guts for a big car.”

“Well this one will have more when were finished with it.”

Brook and Kelsey relaxed for the rest of the day. The show came to a close about 5:30. Brook and Kelsey joined in the possession leaving. Once she got on straightened out on M-59. Kelsey punched it. The Marauder took off. Slowing down.

“It is not too shabby.” Brook commented.

“fair for factory stock, but I am used to more power.” Kelsey said.
Brook just shook her head.
Kelsey headed west on M-59. Through Waterford.



“Have you ever thought about being a boy?”

“And give up this body, No, never, neither have my....” Kelsey stopped quickly.

“Neither have who, Kelsey?” Brook asked. “you started to say something.”


“Kelsey are your sisters also transgender?”

“Just 3, me, Kennedy, and Keira.”

“You’re kidding, right.”

Shaking her head, “Nope, not at all. They are just like me. All three of us where raised as girls. We don't know anything other. We all have great bodies, Of course. Mine IS the best.”

“God, I would have never in a million years, guessed.”

“That comes from years of practice, and a mom who did spot checks.”

“Spot checks?” Brook asked.

“Mom would make sure everything was well hidden ever since we could dress ourselves.”

“Whatever made your parents turn their sons into girls.”

“I was never a son I have always been a girl. Maybe because my mom is one too.”

“NO WAY, Your mom, Really.”

“Yeah, but that is also our family secret. Of course, my Grandparents know as do my Aunts and Uncles. Very few people outside the family know. But you are family so now you know.”

“Has your mom always been, like you.”

“No, she was raised a boy, but she came out when she was 6. and started transitioning at 8.”

“So, your Grandparents are cool with it.”

“Of course, they are. Her and Dad gave them 7 granddaughters.”

“How did your mom get pregnant?”

“Very carefully. No, we were carried by a surrogate mom. My Mom did some splicing and lab work to have one carry the four of us. Another carried Keely, Karla, and Keira.”

“So, do you know the lady who carried you?” Brook said.

“Nope, don't know a thing about her. Neither do the triplets. Once we were born, we were taken away to mom and dad. Once she was out of the hospital she was paid and gone. Dad says she was very pretty and Australian, I think. They keep in touch with her”

“Holy shit, talk about baggage. And to think I thought my family was complicated.”
“Not complicated. Just family history. For me it's no big deal. I am who I am. Kelsey Shadow Reid.”

They drove out towards Highland. Where Kelsey pulled into a drive in. The parking lot was full of hot rods and street machines.

“How'd you hear of this cruise night?

“The club always comes here after the Pontiac Ramchargers show.”

Brook did notice some of the club members cars from last night.

“Yeah, but I didn't see some at the show.”

“It is a club function. Some didn't show at Ramchargers.”

“Some of the member have had problems with Ramchargers. Luckily I haven't”

“I have gotten a few things from them but you can't get any bug parts from them.”

“Yeah, they are mostly American stuff.”

“I have to use the ladies’ room, care to join me”

“Nawh, I might get carried away with you in there.”

Smiling, Brook got out and headed to the bathroom. Grabbing a blanket from the back seat. Kelsey placed it on the edge of the fender to lean against.
Just as Brook was getting to the door to the restaurant. Caleb Walker came out. While he was club member, he thought of himself a lady’s man and bothered most of the wives or girlfriends of the other members. He has been talked to by the club leadership about it and has cooled it some but looked like he was going to bother Brook.

Kelsey watched as Caleb hit on Brook. She seemed to hold her own. But seem like Caleb wouldn't take no for an answer.

Kelsey waived a little to get his attention, once she had it. She waved one finger at him and no-no. She then put her right fist into the palm of her left hand. Caleb just Immediately shut up and left. While they didn't know of her Ninja training, the club knew Kelsey could take out just about everyone. Brook looked around and saw Kelsey who just smiled. Brook proceeded to do her business.
Brook returned. “What did you do to stop that guy from bothering me”

“Me, not a thing.”

“I'm hungry want to eat?” Brook suggested, “this time my treat.”

“Sure, do you want to eat inside or outside”

“I'm sure we can find a place at a table; all of the club members have had their shots.”

“Are you sure?” Brook answered.

“Well at least I think so.” Kelsey said as they walked over toward the covered tables.

“maybe not Mike thought”

“Mike may not have what, Kelsey?” Mike said.

“Had your shots”

“I will let you know I went to vet just yesterday. Full round of shots. So, I am good for
three years. What about you, Miss Reid?”

“Still got two more years on mine”

All the time Brook was 'What the hell are they talking about.'

Leaning to Brook, Kelsey said. “Mike is just a big teddy bear, so tease him about his shots.

“Oh, OK. What do you want? Brook asked.

“Chili dog combo large with a Mountain Dew.” Kelsey told Brook, she went to the speaker and ordered.

About 10 minutes later the car hop brought their food. Brook paid, Her and Kelsey sat with the other members and ate.

Finishing, “God, I didn't realize that I was that hungry” Brook said.

“Me, too” Todd said.

“Me also” Keith said.

In turn all the members said the same thing. Kelsey hung and shook her head slowly.
Kelsey and Brook stayed for about an hour more, said their goodbyes and headed out.
They chatted about nothing in particular on the way to Kelsey's house. Dropping of the Marauder in the barn, Kelsey told her parents she was staying at Brook's tonight. She grabbed a change of clothes, and her sleepwear. Brook changed back into her jeans and CB performance shirt. While Kelsey changed into a pair of a little longer shorts and a Harley t-shirt

Brook and Kelsey stopped on the way out to talk to Kelsey's mom and dad. They were sitting on the back deck out the dining room.

“Mom, Dad can we talk?”

“sure, Honey, pull up a chair” Kelsey's dad said. “What's on your mind?”

Brook and Kelsey sat down, taking Brooks hand.

Taking a breath, “Well, I have told Brook everything. She knows about Kennedy and Keira and you too, Mom.”

“She does” Her Mom said, kind of shocked. Kelsey nodded.

“It doesn't make any difference to me, I am in love with Kelsey” Brook commented.

“And I love Brook, she is the co-owner of the Marauder, and listed on my car insurance as life partner. I do intend on marrying her, once we are out of school.”

“Are you two sure?” her dad asked.

“positive,” They said in unison.

“OK, So what's the problem?” Mom asked.

“It may be my parents.” Brook said. “I think they wouldn't have a problem with me being a lesbian. Them finding out she is transgender, may also not be a problem. With her not having any sign she was ever male.”

“But her having two transgender sisters and a mother to boot. They may not” Kelsey's dad interjected.

“Yeah,” Brook said meekly.

“I was thinking,” Kelsey smiled. “If Need be. Could you possibly tell them? An adult thing. Maybe have them over for a bar-b-cue. Or something like that.”

After a couple minutes of silence.

“Kelsey, invite Brook's family over next Sunday for a barbecue. We will have a discussion with Brooks mom and dad.” Dad said.

“But are you prepared on that they may not like the idea of Kelsey and the rest of us being, Transgender.” Kelsey's mom cautioned.

“Well let's cross that bridge when we come to it.” Brook said. “I could leave home and live with Kelsey”

Smiling, “You are always welcome here.” Her dad said.

“I will invite Brooks family,” Kelsey said as her and Brook got up and left.

“Bye, Mom and Dad.” Brook said.

Kelsey gave her a slightly strange look.

“What?” Brook answered. “They are my in-laws, right”
Kelsey just smiled and shook her head.

Brook drove over to her house. Parking her bug in the garage. They came out to Ruffy and Sammy waiting.

“You two scoot.” Brook said.

Both dogs ran off into the backyard.

“Hi, Brook” Her mom said as her and Kelsey walked in the back door.

“Hi, Kelsey”

“Hi, Mrs. Robinson, How are you tonight”

“Just fine, how are you?”

“Great, I spent a fantastic couple day with Brook.”

“Yeah, Me too.”

“What does that mean?' Her mom asked. “What's going on?”

“Well Mom,” Brook started. “We are in love.”

“What do you mean, In love”

“Just what I said, I love Kelsey and she loves me”

“I love Brook with all my heart” Kelsey added, taking Brooks hand in her own.

“Brooklynn Alesha Robinson, are you saying, you are a lesbian.”

“Yes and no, Mom”

“What does that mean, yes and no. So, your bi sexual, you like both girls and boys”

“Kind of”

“Kind of, what are you talking about, Brooklynn?”

“Well,” Brook said meekly.” I do like boys”

“So how can you love Kelsey, and only like boys”

“Mom,” Brook swallowed hard. “Kelsey is both. She is transgender”

Brooks mom looked Kelsey up and down, even motioning for her to turn around. “you have to be kidding, there is no way, Kelsey is or was ever a boy”

“It is true, Mrs. Robinson. I do have a penis.”

“yeah, Mom she does have one. I accidentally saw it.” Brook lied.

“Mrs. Robinson, I have been a girl since the day I was born. I don't know how to be a boy. If I ever wanted to be one”

“Then how do you explain being a motor head?”

“MOM, I am a motor head. I am a girl. There are many girl motor heads, John Force's Daughters and Danica Patrick”

“So your parents raised you as a girl?”

“Yes, me and my sisters, Kennedy and Keira” Kelsey said.

“Wait, there are 3 transgender girls in your family.”

“Yes, like me, my sisters where raised as a girl from day 1”

Kelsey could tell by the way Brook was holding her hand she was nervous. She gave a reassuring squeeze.

“How could your parents do that?” Brook's mom criticized.

“Well” swallowing Kelsey continued. “With my mom also being transgender, I guess they just wanted girls”

“What your Mom is also one”

“Yes,” Kelsey added nervously, “She is”

“ AH, Mom. Your Doctor is Dr Reid, isn't she?” Brook asked, her mom nodded.

“Mrs. Robinson, that is my mom, Doctor Amber Reid.”

“Wait, no way. She isn't transgender”

“Mrs. Robinson I can assure you my Mom is.”

“I have been going to her for 3 years. Ever since she opened the practice. She left Botsford after moving back from”

“Japan.” Kelsey added.

“That is right, Oh my god. I was going to have you start going to her shortly, Brook.”
Just then Brook's dad came into the kitchen.

“Brook going to see who, Sally?”

“Dr Reid”

“Oh, I like her.”

“She is my Mom, Mr. Robinson” Kelsey answered.

“We are going to my room, come on Kelsey.”

Brook almost pulled Kelsey away.

“Well the cat is out of the bag now. Let's see how the reaction is?”

“Yeah, hope everything is going to be OK.”

Once in Brooks room, she turned Kelsey toward her and gave her a deep kiss.
“Well, we should be hearing something any minute now.”

“Let's get changed into our pj's.” Kelsey said.

“don't forget to tuck something away. At least for now” Brook smiled.

“Good idea, maybe for a while at least when I am staying over. Yeah, don't want to rock the boat too much. This early in our relationship”

All of my stories are purely fictional, the some places are real, some are not. The names and personnel used in all my stories, are also fictional. They may be based on people I knew but, Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or un-dead are purely coincidental.

I write my stories as a fantasy. While based on this world. Things in my story could stretch reality. However I write my stories from my mind. I reserve all rights to my work. Any form of duplication without my permission is forbidden. Please enjoy reading them as I have in writing them.

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