Faerie Justice, Erin Grows - Book 2: 5 – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Faerie Justice, Erin Grows - Book 2
5 – The Good, Bad and Ugly

By Jessica C


Once Darcie saw me, she said, “I was going to thank you, but seeing you here with him, I’m not so sure.”

Mrs. Bruno said, “I’m not sure that I want you here.” She looked to the Police, “You didn’t say anything about bringing Drew.”

The Police said, “She’s not with us. She just came at the same time.”

Darcie had looked into the room and started to say, “Where’s Teddy, I came so we could talk face to…” Then she said, “Oh my, Teddy is that you?”

Instead of running as he wanted too, Teddy just bowed his head. Officer Roberts said, “Where is he? He sure better be here.”

Mrs. Bruno made introductions and asked us to stay for now. Officer Roberts, slow on the uptake, said, “Are you going to tell Teddy he needs to come and speak to us?”

I spoke, “Maybe you should go and come back and speak to the Brunos alone.”

Darcie said, “I just wanted to come and simply ask, ‘Why me?’ But now, I think I understand better than most. I used to be angry at someone too and they had nothing to do with my problem.”


It was the junior police officer who quietly who told Roberts, “Tracie is Teddy Bruno.”

They made a call to the police department to send Officer Dawn Hedricks. The two officers went outside to wait for her.

Tracie said, “Drew, I know it’s too late, but sometime in the future, I hope you can forgive me.”

Darcie asked, “How long have you been hiding from who you are?”

Tracie said, “You shouldn’t be upset with Erin. You were correct she had helped in stopping me at the school …She just came a while ago and she outed me. I’m Tracie or at least I want to be.” His mother stood a bit surprised but gave him a hug.

She said, “Darcie, I guess everything is our fault. We were in denial. I didn’t think this was really him. We pressured him to stop and thought it had. We thought his anger went with his change.”

Darcie turned to me, “How is it, Erin, that you happened to be there for me and now Tracie.”

I said, “I’m not sure. We used to be close friends and I wanted to try to reach him. I was as surprised about him as Tracie like I was when I saw you at the Salon. What’s the likelihood I would know two like you.”

I continued, “It did surprise me that you both thought it would gross people out.”

Darcie said, “Then you are in for a rude awakening like Tracie there. There are more than enough people to make things ugly for us. I have the scars and bruises to prove it. Don’t I Teddy?”

Teddy said, “I wasn’t the one who did it to you.”

Darcie barked back, even louder, “But you were there! And you were ready if Steward and his henchmen didn’t get it done. Weren’t you?”

Tracie fell back into a chair and began to cry. I heard Teddy moan, “Yes.”


While others turned their attention to Teddy/Tracie; Darcie and I walked to another part of the room. We were talking when the police knocked and let themselves back into the house.

Officer Dawn Taylor and arrive, looked over to Tracie and Darcie and said, “Can I talk to you two in the kitchen? The other officers get information from the rest.”

Darcie asked, “Could Erin be in with us; she knows us both.”

Dawn said, “Is this the same Erin who broke things up at the Prom? …I heard you were very helpful. But if you come back with us, I don’t want you talking for either of them. If you want to say something, I will decide when and I may cut you off. Do you understand?” I agreed.

She asked Tracie, “Is this something new. I thought you were going to hurt Darcie for looking like you do now? …Wait. First, let’s backtrack, do you acknowledge you interrupted Darcie’s introduction at the Prom and were set to ruin her gown?”

It was the shaky voice of a girl that answered, “Yes, and I’m awfully sorry Darcie. And that I made the prom less enjoyable for everyone. I guess I was really angry at myself and jealous of Darcie. I thought Darcie and I were sick for wanting to be girls. She at least had the courage to do it. She even looks like a girl.”

Dawn replied, “You’re correct, it doesn’t excuse what you’ve done. But I do understand, that denial is not unusual for someone with a gender identity problem. But this soon stinks of an attempt to circumvent your responsibility. Would you be willing to undergo some testing and counseling to determine what is really going on here?”

“Yes, I’m sure I need it,” Tracie said. I was surprised as Tracie seemed to be stronger and more certain of herself.

Darcie asked, “Officer Dawn, can I ask you a question?” Tracie said, “I kind of believe her. I know a lot of people in the LGBT community are in denial before we come out to others. It’s like we have to accept ourselves first which we resist. If Tracie really has come out, I don’t think I want charges pressed against Teddy.”

Officer Dawn said, “Even if you did not follow through with charges; there is still the school which likely will. The city attorney could do it even if neither of you did. There are people in town, who might insist on making an example of Teddy even more. I shouldn’t say it, because I don’t think that way, but there are people who would like to punish both of you for being different.”


I spoke up and Officer Dawn didn’t stop me. “I think that puts a lot of pressure on you, Officer Taylor. If this is going to be treated in a healthy manner, how well you do your report, will make a big difference. I would suspect even fellow officers wouldn’t be happy with you. …I’m sorry to say that because I think you are actually the type of officer who is needed right now.”

Officer Taylor said, “While I need to be objective. I will need to meet with each of you alone another time. Don’t worry Ms. TeraNova, I will do my job. It wouldn’t be the first time that it isn’t a popular task.”

She said, “Ms. TeraNova, we’ve met before and I did not see this strong character in you. I hope you are genuine as well. These two will need some students of character to stand with them. That’s if they’re to be accepted by a good portion of the students and community.”

Darcie and I were excused. Officer Dawn Taylor actually encouraged Darcie to go home. Which was what she would soon do.

Darcie and I did do a little girl talk and reminisced about the good things that happened at the Prom. She said, “I was surprised that anyone else would vote for both Stan Mann and it former girlfriend Valeri as King and Queen. It made for some awkward moments when they had to pose or dance together. But I thought it was a shame that they made it through most of high school, and then broke up two months before the Prom.”

I said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re back together before graduation.” We also exchanged pictures of us in our prom gowns. I couldn’t believe as I almost asked if I could try on her gown.


Darcie went home and it wasn’t until Tracie came back out that people noticed Darcie had left. Ann helped me to finish Tracie’s makeup and hair, and we insisted that she ride around town with us.

She tried to resist, but soon knew it was a losing battle. She sat in the front passenger seat. One could tell, she enjoyed herself once she relaxed. People would wave and I was sure all they saw was three girls.

Later, we went home and Dad met us at the door, “Your friend Marpe came and asked if she could stay the night before she returns home.” Dad said, “I can’t argue about how intelligent she is; she knows a lot. But she’s more than a little eccentric. I heard her talking to imaginary little people; she called them faes. You guys can take over entertaining her while she’s up.”

It was actually helpful that he went to his own study and allowed us to be alone with Marpe. Marpe said, “Princess Ayala and I were talking. She was wondering if you knew it was your healing spirit that has helped Teddy come to see and accept himself.”

“I didn’t do anything; it was all Teddy’s doing,” I said.

Mom said, “I was wondering about that. But how did you and Princess Ayala know what happened?”

“We listened to the wind and saw all that happened.” Mom tried to correct Marpe, ‘You heard what happened.’ Marpe said, “No, the wind allowed us to see you as you were talking.”

I said, “Mom, my senses as a faerie aren’t that strong, but I think we should accept what she’s telling us.”

Marpe said, “And you, Isy. I mean Erin don’t need to go check with Ayala about what to say. You are the healer, not the Princess. Where she’s positioned in the community, doesn’t give her your gifts. This is why you are in this world. Your faerie mother would love to see you. There is still much she can teach you, but not in the healing realm. That is for you to learn.”

“I think, your friend Darcie sensed your healing spirit. I think she will be seeking to become a close friend again. That will be good, for she can help Tracie in ways you can’t. I know you were a boy who became a girl, but the dynamics are different.”
I took a shower and tried to go to sleep, but my girly body had taken my attention. There I was lying in bed and I found my hands exploring my sensitive areas as a girl. Exploring, I better understood why I was excited during the prom when I was with Jeff. Ann with a soft giggle she asked, “And who were you enjoying just now?”

When I became defensive, she said, “Calm yourself, I understand full well. It is nice to see one of my younger sisters come into womanhood so we can talk. I think it is good for a woman to explore her body and come to know herself…

I liked having more sister moments and my own experiences, and not just using my memory.

Monday afternoon I wanted to go see Mother Ayala, but I got a request during school to go see Tracie Bruno after school was out. Mrs. Bruno met me outside as I got to their house. She said, “We had an initial consultation with a Psychologist today. She confirmed much of what you had already said. But she said you must have been guessing about what you told us.”

“Teddy… Tracie insisted you come as she’s sure you understand. …I just ask that you encourage her and let the counselor do the rest.”

I said, “If Tracie had some money we could go shopping. That would give us something to do. It would probably stop me from having to say much.”

“Teddy can use my car to get to some good stores, but Tracie better be careful in driving. She wouldn’t want to explain about using Teddy’s driver’s license.”

Tracie was quite anxious about going out shopping, but that soon gave way to a long-anticipated girl moment.

If everything went well, the following week it would be Tracie going back to school. A judge had agreed to a plea deal of three months of community service with an alternative of two years of juvenile detention should he/she fail in completing the agreement or getting into further trouble with the law.

I spoke up in Teddy’s defense, “Your honor this agreement was more severe than many other youths were given. I believe you have it within your discretion to make it less so.”

The judge reiterated, “Yes, and I have the power to set it aside and give a punishment that is more severe and appropriate in my view. I think we coddle people supposedly of a different disposition. Do I make myself clear Ms. TeraNova?”

When I became quiet and turning to go back to my seat; the judge got huffy. “Ms. TeraNova, the court asked a question of you. Before you go back to your seat, I want you to agree that I am most fair in approving this. I did after all have some input to the agreement.

I did not want to be in contempt of court for not answering nor did I want to be seen in agreement with the barbaric judge. “I agree you are within your ability to approve such a deal. I didn’t know a judge was usually involved in a deal he would be approving or not, but it is not the first time I am wrong. I certainly do not know the law as well as you. But I do not want it to be seen that I see you as you term it ‘most fair’ for I do not.”

I heard my mother and others in the court take a deep breath. “I hope you won’t hold it against Tracie my own opinion.”

The Judge said, “Note the name McDonald, Ms. TeraNova, you will not want to find yourself in my court. I would not be so kind to your attitude.”

Once out of the courthouse and riding home, my inhibitions became unfettered. “Mom, if this weekend or the next is free; I think I need some fae time.”


I was in my room when I transformed back to being Isy, and I began to fly. I was to Josie, telling her I would be gone. Then she surprised me. “You know Jeni told me, you could leave your spirit in the part of you that is still here.”

To be continued…

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