Patty's Play Pal




One minute your breaking into places, making a decent living, next some damn robot is taping you into a diaper. Mark didn’t begrudge the robot the diaper, he was small enough for that, but if their robot was suppose to be all that intelligent how come it didn’t know that boys didn’t wear dresses?

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to locations, persons living or dead is purely coincidental. There is also sex between consenting partners over the age of 18 which may include sexual fetish elements and role-playing. As always I write this for your enjoyment. A comment if able would be greatly appreciated. Hugs Mary Beth.


Mark Rosen, AKA Mary as SAL's APTA or Advanced Protocol Test Advisor (Level 6); Trisha Rosen, Mark’s sister; Helen Rosen, Mark’s mother; SAL 9000 the Robot AKA Mom or Mommy; Susan Atwood, Program Manager for the SAL 9000 project; Joann Baker Director Of Engineering; Jack Sims, Head of Security; Tracy Miller, SAL User Interface Control Systems; Carol Manchester, Thermography, Video and Spectrum Analysis. Cindy Mason, Robotics Systems; Linda Naps, quality assurance analyst


SAL 9000
Cover me, I’m Going In
Oh, Oh
Employee of the month
Tough Day At the Office
Diapers and Dresses
Staying With A Friend
Sex In Diapers
Welcome Back
Dressed Like A Doll
Hello Mary
Another Day, Another Diaper
Behold, The Baby Girl

SAL 9000

When NASA launched the project for their space station they launched a parallel program to one day provide a long term medical module for a significantly larger habitat. As with all of their projects there was also an immediate search for a name. A team was formed.

One of those team members searching through the functions saw a title over a block of code and came up with Servo Mechanical Algorithmic Links or SAL. It was short, cute and kind of catchy but hard to explain to layman.

Then someone else, clearly a follower of Stanley Kubrick, saw a clever connection to the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey and the ship’s robot HAL 9000. Another jumped in and added 9000 to SAL and it escalated from there. HAL and SAL could be construed as male and female members of a generation of space robots.

After the laughter died it was one of the secretaries not at the table that held a hand up next. When given the chance to speak she softly said that SAL was also an acronym from the last names of the three scientist originating the concept of a medical AI. Those were Werner von Shutter, Edward Allison and Theodore Lignin.

The project manager looking around at the others thanked them for their efforts, but in the end he awarded the contest win and $500 check to Darla from Administration. That following day a press release was published that read:

“NASA announced the developmental launch of its five year project, the SAL 9000 space station medical unit. SAL will be constructed to act as an autonomous closed unit on board Earth's first permanent space station. SAL was named in honor of the three scientists originating the concept of a medical AI.”

As background NASA also published a caution that SAL was not truly an AI fearing the connection to HAL's worst moments. SAL’s programming would be extensive under NASA's development. It could literally do brain surgery. And after the first three years it started to show some of that dexterity.

In those early dexterity test they began with dolls. Hundreds of dolls. SAL simply had to diaper one. They hall leading to the lab always held the last failures. It wasn’t pretty. Mechanical servos without the understanding of joints or their limitations left a lot of doll parts on display. But it got better.

Final dexterity test using bigger and dolls became more complex. Simple clothing was added. Before long the dolls were being dressed and undressed. Dolls in adorable outfits now greeted the programmers and engineers coming and going. In the weeks and months that followed more life size dolls were introduced.

Companion dolls were brought in. They were toddler size. They would be the precursor to early anesthetized primate testing. Patti Play Pal dolls were the final series test units and one of the techs, an accomplished seamstress, made the outfits.

For weeks the test were flawless. The meetings were quickly converging all the project disciplines to that point where a decision would have to be made. The final test had just been completed, the lab shut down, new code had been uploaded, compiled and tested.

Meanwhile, outside a van moved slowly over gravel near the loading docks with it’s lights off and stopped.


The doctors had once told Mark he'd see a growth spurt in his late teens, somewhere near his fifteenth birthday. Mark had laughed telling the doctors near his eighteenth birthday that spurt had better hurry because his teens were nearly over. That was a year ago and the last time his mother marked the chart near the kitchen door he was exactly the same size.

Mark knelt at the roofs' edge of the lab while catching his breath. He had climbed to the roof of the SAL 9000 facility using only the drain pipe. A member of Green Speak watching through a small light amplification combat lens responded by walkie talkie to Mark's success. He gave his warning they were moving. The only other noise, beside Mark’s whispered roger, was the radio’s click.

Nineteen inch waist, twenty two inch chest and just a tab bit over thirty eight inches tall, Mark reflected all of that happily. For the first time that he could remember his size was an advantage as he moved easily through the galvanized ducting. In fact he had plenty of room he thought as he carefully crawled through the steel tunnel.

His knees were padded with protective thick anti-slip rubber sponges attached to a neoprene sheath that had worked well in practice. He’d cut two more for his hands that let him ignore the metal screws as he moved through the large ducking.

Mark had practiced this crawl in his back yard for three days creating a memorized map that was now paying off as he made each turn exactly. He’d told his mother and sister it was a new “garden path” he was laying out.

Mark whispered the map beginning the moment he’d slipped down from the access vent. When he looked at his watch he was one minute ahead of his estimate and at the exact location of the vent over the lab.

More importantly, as he smiled to himself, he already had half the money.

Twenty five hundred dollars going in, another twenty five hundred when the environmental group Green Speak confirmed his signal and picked him up. On this night, at least, being way smaller than average was worth five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars in cash he mused as he carefully crawled silently forward.

Mark hovered over the lab vent listening for a moment. The only sounds he heard were the hums of transformers and fans. Mark secured a wire to one of the vent holes to keep the vent from falling to the floor wrapping the other end to an exposed screw.

Mark pushed the tabs holding the vent in place, and the screen opened easily. He reached down and gripped the edge before allowing it to swing open. He was almost in. He waited again, listening. The same sounds came back. Mark sat up in anticipation of going in.

Now all Mark had to do was ease his legs over, hang over the desk, and drop. He wouldn’t even have to leave the desk because he could plant the bug anywhere near the center of the room. Mark listened intently for a moment in the pitch blackness before slipping his feet over the edge. He turned to ease himself fully out of the ducting.

As he did so an infrared security sensor near the ducting register recorded a two degree climb almost instantly when Mark’s hand wrapped around the edge. That triggered software that started a watch routine. Small creatures like a mouse might cause that rise so the software had a timed pause.

As it happens the software was two thirds of the way through that pause when Mark lowered his legs. His legs dangled next to the sensor raising it another ten degrees. SAL registered the heat first. It was the registering distance that triggered SAL’s executive protocols. That rise coming from the ceiling was the anomaly.

That anomaly would be classified a one in 10,000 fluke when they would later calculated the odds during the investigation. Security could catch the obvious, but sometimes the not so obvious was a little harder to catch. Although in this case not so much.

SAL’s safety system registered it as a unknown failure at first as something breaching the module. SAL’s AI unit, based on that analysis, ordered those protocols brought up with parameters that limited her responses. Currently she was still on Earth which bracketed a lot of code and her responses which meant first that there was no real meteor impact and no real gas like breathable air leaking.

That reduced the actions to be taken during Earth Test only which opened that other software branch. Algorithms regarding, say a micrometeorite strike, led SAL to a precise set of responses beginning with disconnecting all external power sources and going on internal power only. A just in case response. This would protect all other vital units should that meteorite have struck something life sustaining in the lab thus protecting the space station.

SAL’s next step was to execute the test routines she’d been performing since the original test began. As those routines were addressed she registered the heat blooms and the mass of a small primate. SAL accessed additional routines just recently uploaded suggesting they had promoted the field test to phase two or live testing during her shut down.

When the analysis was completed, which took just under 64 milliseconds or .064 seconds SAL realized she was dealing with the mass of a human child and not a primate. There was no differentiating instructions between primate and child but as a precaution older code was accessed. With that information now added additional safety protocols were instituted. Those additional safety precautions were things like reduced pad pressure and lower speeds to further minimize the risk of soft tissue damage.

For SAL the changes indicated a dramatic shift in the scheduling and nothing more. For Mark, All hell was about to be unleashed as the first banks of chips began silently and unknown to him communicating to the appendages not too far from where his legs dangled.

The first executive instructions went out from the AI to those appendages. It only took a few milliseconds for pad pressure to adjust and that happened as the appendages moved. A set of highly evolved mechanical hands gently gripped Mark’s legs with the touch of mother’s hands lifting a child.

Mark caught unaware nearly wet himself. SAL, through the sensors in her finger tips caught the changes in Mark’s bio readings and began executing her higher level interfaces that would one day be used in space as a medical response unit.

"Please, do not be alarmed," The female voice said softly easing their grip as Mark’s feet touched the desk.

Mark bent his head down to see who it was, but he was looking at total darkness. He couldn’t even see the hands that gripped his legs. There was the sound of several electric motors whirring, then off in the distance another motor and what sounded like servos whining. Too much noise, too quickly and that voice sounding almost metallic everywhere.

Mark froze.

"Who... What... Damn... who are you? Where are you," Mark managed to say as his adrenalin burst him into a flat out panic. Someone was in the lab, someone close. Someone was very close and something touched his pants.

Mark's feet had just touched the desk top leaving him in a crouching position as his brain registered his fright. It was just a millisecond before the urge to flee. Mark leaped straight back towards the safety of the vent just touching it as something cold, hard and clearly mechanical gently released his legs but grabbed him around the waist.

"It's okay, I've got you. I’m just making sure you are safe," The voice said as Mark was drawn away from the vent and away from any hope of escaping.

Mark's own hands moved to what he thought were hands holding him hoping to break that hold. He was attempting, if for only a second, if only long enough, to break free to reach that vent again and safety.

Then he touched them. More fear because they didn't feel like hands. They didn't feel anything like hands. They were cold, ice cold. Long, slender, steel or metallic. Mark’s anguish grew with his imagination.

"Who are you," Mark said in sudden torment. He knew it wasn't human.

"Please, don't struggle. You might hurt yourself, and if I know Dr. Price she's likely going to blame me, even if I had nothing to do with it. I could be off line for weeks if that happens. Please, hold still," The voice said moving off in the darkness with a gentle but firm grip on Mark.

It was pitch black in that area. No buttons glowing, no windows either. Mark couldn't see anything and all he could feel was those things like hands but not hands holding him around the waist. He was moving and he was well above the floor still.

Odd movement as well because he was moving perfectly level, no up or down, like he was attached to a gyro. He only knew that because he hadn't dropped much from where he'd been standing on the desk. He moved like he might if he was a camera he mused.

"Please, who are you," Mark managed feeling himself moving across a space he couldn't see wondering how it was, whoever it was, could manage that.

“SAL. the voice said and then added, it’s short for Servo mechanical Algorithmic Links. I’m the first of my kind. I’m told I’m also named after three scientist and a film producer or another robot, I’m not sure which.

“I don’t understand,” Mark said in a panic as he added, “are you a machine?”

“I’m more than that young man. I am a manipulated medical robot with very sophisticated computerized joints, and I might add fully articulated servos. As of my last test, with confirmation of my last algorithms, and you can check this yourself, I believe I’ve hit 100% of your human hand functions.”

“You’re a robot,” Mark said.

"As of my last few updates, I am now a series I suppose. Yes, I’m a series now, so that makes me the 9000 series. Yes, I like that. I am still just SAL as well. So, if you don’t mind would you address me as Sal 9000, version one two eight one as of last night, but you can call me Sal if you like,” the voice said.

“Sal,” Mark repeated. It still sounded metallic but there was little about the conversational tone that suggested it was simply a robot. He could hear a woman’s voice and the way it talked sounded like it was reasoning.

“Sal is fine. Not very flattering a name I know, although Dr. Price called me mom yesterday in honor of my last successful test. That was momentous. That made me feel wonderful.” Sal said and then added, “if you like you may call me mother.”

“Mother,” Mark said.”

“Please, yes! I’d like that. Some of the others now do," Sal said as the whirring of a dozen electric motors matched the movements Mark could only sense.

“So you are you a robot,” Mark asked.

“Please,” Sal said with sarcasm before adding, “I wish I could explain how offensive that is, but the short answer is no.”

“You have feelings,” Mark asked.

“I have response mechanisms to your response mechanisms which I’m told can feel like feelings. One of the technicians told me used car salesmen employ the techniques he used to code my responses.” Sal said.

Meanwhile, in the mostly silent control room, dials moved from zero to slightly higher digits as wattage increased, lights began changing from green to red. It all started silently and no one noticed yet. It had been nearly an hour since the last test and almost twenty minutes had gone by since everything had been shut down.

So far none of the critical inputs that would register had even begun to register.

That sense of calm after so many days worth of chaos was lulling everyone into safe routines and this quiet just ahead of them was another layer they accepted happily. A thousand steps had to be verified by morning but these were steps taken daily for the past two years. Everyone was bent over their desk or stations happily recording numbers.

Snacks were being ripped open, donuts bitten into and here and there a can of soda made that familiar pop, rip and fizz sound. People were happy as the test, formerly chaotic now seemed so routine once the numbers from one day to the next began matching.

At first, for a few seconds at least, no one reacted to the flashing lights just blinking on. There was no sound yet. That changed, but not at first. No one moved even when the klaxon began, although a few did jump and look around curiously. That warning klaxon had never gone off except during a test just to see if it worked. It was an obnoxious piece of equipment and a very offensive alarm. It was meant to be.

The klaxon was the alarm that went off when something went terribly wrong. Mostly there was confusion first then surprise on the faces. There was more movement then more confusion then other alarms started going off. Beeping started at a desk, another down a ways.

There was no reason for the klaxon or those other alarms. There was nothing on. Nothing was running to cause a problem. Although even for the dimmest, there was, because according to the system, there was a serious problem somewhere.

Too many months of nearly perfect tests had driven everyone past those silly alerts until now. Everyone began looking intently at their screens trying to discover which of the readouts had fallen or risen far enough to set off an alarm. Anyone of a dozen thresholds too high or too low outside of nominal could be the cause of this.

Susan, sitting in the office she shared with Joann, looked up for a second allowing her conscious self to disregard what she had been reading so she could settle into the warning that screamed - emergency. Training has taught her to wait, sort and identify the source.

Whatever that emergency was.

The printouts from that days test fell to her desk as she stood. She took a breath. She knew the instant she stepped into the room everyone would be expecting her to command. That particular klaxon, silent all these months, meant something serious. Serious meant risk to the program. Susan's adrenalin fired into her system.

The control room was settling past the panic and into a growing state of professional panic as some broke away from their screens and stations to watch Susan enter to command. They looked like high powered guns someone had cocked. Susan had that effect on people and more than a few felt themselves calm a little. She was commanding in her walk. Susan deliberately slowed and measured her steps, she looked calm, and was as she moved into the room.

"What's up," Susan said as if answering a phone.

"I'm showing the chamber going into full safety lock down," A technician said to no one in particular while curiously looking at the far end of a control room panel of gauges.

"I'm confirming emergency lock down," Another said not far from that first technician looking confused.

"Shouldn't be in lock down. Nothing to lock down," Susan said in a tone suggesting disbelief. She was saying it to question the statements. She was making them question their facts, check them again. They did.

"It's confirmed," Another said sitting next to the first, but looking at another screen that was quickly going from green dots to reds in random blinks.

"It’s mom she’s moving," A forth technician said in a panic tapping the screen as if it was an old analog gauge sticking and wondering why the initiation sequence itself had been bypassed. That sequence was her responsibility most days, but not today. She didn't want to be blamed if this wasn't some kind of a drill.

"I'm confirming that as well! Susan, Mom's higher level functions are coming on-line," Another technician said wondering where Tracy was. Tracy wasn't at her station and that station would identify the cause quickly and even pinpoint the source of that nasty sounding alarm.

"Who the hell is locking down the damn chamber? It can't be mom" Susan asked now rushing to the center command console as she too began wondering where Tracy was.

"It's no one in here, it's external," That first technician noted as she flipped a half dozen switches off and on below her screen. Keyboards around her were being hit frantically, executing test commands that would identify the source of their panic.

"Can't be external? We're shut down damn it! We're not connected externally," Susan said while realizing that the technician might be right. The failsafe board still showed green but everything else was going to red. That, Susan thought, was impossible.

"Definitely not us doing this," that technician noted.

"When did we start the damn initiation sequence," Susan asked in frustration just as Tracy pushed into the room hurriedly. Tracy held a cup of coffee, she was spilling, and a donut with a bite out of it. On her face she was sharing the panic now felt by everyone as she moved quickly to her station.

"Sorry, I was in the break room. Here, let me sit down and identify that alarm," Tracy said moving her way past Susan apologetically. Tracy sat the donut on a napkin next to her coffee and began typing after rubbing her hands on her skirt, even before she sat in the chair.

Susan could, if she tried hard enough, work through the list, but it had been a long while since she'd been promoted and no one was faster now than Tracy. Tracy typed in a series of codes and the screen changed, new codes popped up, scrolled and suddenly stopped. One line among many was flashing a brighter green than the rest.

"What have we got," Susan asked.

"Initiation safe guard went down... No, make that all of the safeguards are down. That's odd," Tracy said typing in another series of commands. More lines, some glowing as bright as that first.

"What's odd? Come on, talk to me Tracy," Susan said as she felt the adrenaline bringing her heart rate up. It was Tracy saying “that's odd” which any other person would be saying holy crap.

Tracy typed feverishly but with purpose.

"You're not going to believe this, but I've got a mass inside," Tracy said cautiously as if not sure before adding, "yes, definitely mass."

"Mass? What do you mean mass," Susan asked and added, "can't have mass."

"Mom? Mom is holding mass... Size.... Hold on! OK, I've got length at roughly a meter."

"Meter? That's 38 inches. She's got a companion doll? Okay, she's got a Play Pal Doll? How in the hell did Mom get a Play Pal Doll in there," Susan asked, furious that someone had left one of the dolls in the lab.

"No, Susan. Listen, it’s not a doll? Same size almost, but too heavy! I'm also reading 44.45 kilograms, "Tracy said and added, "way too heavy for a Play Pal. For any doll."

"98 pounds, Are you sure on that weight," Susan said doing a quick conversation in her head and added, "way to heavy to be a doll?"

"Confirmed! I'm reading 98 pounds," Tracy said.

"Okay, again, that's way too heavy for a doll? Wait? Are we saying that's a person? Jesus Joseph and Mary? That can't be a person, too small," Susan asked feeling the panic rising higher as she added, "please, please, please God, tell me it's not a child. That's impossible, just tell me it's not a child."

"Susan, I can't tell you the age, but I've confirmed that it's a person. A very small person. Definitely small enough to be a child. SAL's sensors are registering 92 degrees - external, heart rate and carbon dioxide emissions and they are relative to a person that size. Moisture too... definitely breathing. There is unquestionably a person, a small person in the chamber," A technician said in shock.

"Impossible! Give me video, I need feed, images. And sound and get those lights up in there," Susan commanded and to burn off her own adrenaline added with a few claps, "come on people, lets go, lets go. If that is a child we may only have a few seconds."

TV screens came to life and beyond a large one way tinted window lights flickered on. Mom was moving across from the lab, within her mechanical hands a person. People stood. Those on the edge move towards the center. Everyone froze. In Sal's mechanical arms was a black figure. It looked like a miniature ninja.

In spite of the seriousness, there were smiles. Someone somewhere whispered, "I honestly don't think that's a child."

“What the hell,” Someone said.

"Who is that," Tracy said voicing the question now on everybody's face and mind as a large screen, from camera three, grew brighter. Someone on the feed control managed to move a lever and zoom in a little. In SAL's hands someone was being held upright and definitely struggling.

"Not a clue, male though. Male and I'm guessing adult, small. Very small, but definitely adult thank heavens. Don't recognize the face, but whoever he is, it looks like he's not going to like what's about to happen," Susan said looking over at the program and where the routine was positioned.

"Oh my God! Susan, you don't think she's going to execute her programming on him do you," A woman asked as she rose from her station with a look of shock.

"Look! Look at her executables! That's exactly what she's doing," Someone said standing as she moved slightly right to bend over a screen and read the code.

"I'm confirming that Susan. Mom's executive system is going active. She's already initiated the "Wake Routine".

"I know, I know I’m seeing it," Susan said in her own slight panic as she added, "give me pressure readings against that young man's waist. Now! Is mom holding him within range?"

"Susan, she's actually a couple of pounds per cubic inch less right now," Another woman said in admiration and added, "those updates to her hands incorporated the new tactile sensors. She's getting resolution at 40 microns, exactly the same as our own fingertips."

"Amazing," Tracy said watching the monitor from where she was sitting.

"Amazing is the least of it, because that poor young man, whoever he is, is about to become a baby girl," Susan said watching as SAL began taking the young man's clothes off.


"What's going on," Joann asked coming in buttoning her blouse. She yawned. Joann and Susan shared a second small office converted into a makeshift apartment for the long nights they often faced. Days too long sometimes to go home. Joann had gone off to get some sleep after the last test.

"We've got a young male in the chamber. We don't have a clue how he got in but he's in. He's in and the chamber has just sealed itself," Susan said watching intently the scene on the large plasma screen.

"That's not one of the dolls, right," Joann asked looking at the figure in Mom's hands.

"What tipped you, the wiggling? The answer is no. Nope, definitely male and definitely human. He got in and SAL grabbed him. She's also brought up her executive functions and SAL is about to go through her routine again. Fully and completely automatically."

"Impossible," Joann said as she added," I locked her down myself after the last test. Besides, the safeguards are on."

"Joann... Susan...," Tracy suddenly said in astonishment and she hit a couple of keys. She was looking at her screen.

"What," both said almost exactly at the same time as they turned reluctantly in Tracy's direction.

"OK, this is going to sound odd, but according to my logs, Alpha system itself took the safeguards off line," Tracy said.

"Alpha? That's impossible, Check again," Susan said.

"I just did. That's the source! I've confirmed it three times. According to the logs, and don't ask me how yet, but it's SAL doing all of this - on her own," Tracy said looking back and up at Susan then at Joann.

"Impossible," Susan said and then added, "except you're right because I'm seeing it."

"Emergency power just came on," a second technician said interrupting the whispered word impossible that Joann was about to add to Susan's.

"Confirmed. Emergency power generator now on-line and external power has been taken down. If I didn't know better I'd say SAL is trying to initiate her remote safety protocols. Hold on! Okay, confirmed, SAL is now completely off the grid," That second technician looking at the first technician said. Both had astonished looks on their faces.

"What the hell is going on," Susan said as she looked over at the prime power monitor.

"Executive functions now fully operational and independent of any external control," Samantha said as she too began flipping switches that no longer functioned.

"We're completely off the grid and operating fully on emergency power." That first technician noted with a touch of curiosity, and she too began looking at Susan then at Joann. Susan was in charge when Joann was away or in the chamber. Everyone began settling into a high state of anxiety and readiness in anticipation of her commands.

"First of all shut that damn alarm off," Joann said. There was a second between that command and her next as she said, "and someone tell me about that young man."

What was happening was theoretically impossible, so it was only fair that Susan and Joann would pause. Given the odds of these things happening coincidentally was beyond the impossible. In fact, it couldn't happen even if the entire team wanted it to. SAL had dozens of critical overrides that executed automatically when a human was even nearby.

"That boy's heart rate has climbed and respiration has increased! I'm showing a high level of stress and anxiety. Normal given the circumstances I suppose. Everything else is still within nominal limits but climbing," A technician monitoring biological feedback said.

Susan could see as easily as everyone else. What passed for calm was a rigid rationale that Susan employed often as she was doing now. She was an expert in chaos and how to sort through it and move into the calm. Joann relied on Susan a lot in times like this as she looked at Susan and nodded her approval.

"Everyone... Listen to me! No one else talk. Now then, I want everything shut down! Everything! come on, I mean NOW people," Susan said as she moved quickly to the executive terminal and sat. Susan began flipping switches from left to right watching the green lights turning to red with each flick of a small switch.

Meanwhile the mechanical arms suspending the small ninja were deftly removing the boy's clothing. His shoes first, then socks followed and then his pants and underwear. There were six arms working with two sets working together to remove his top.

The first set held him at the waist while the second set moved in to hold him just under the arms while the first set took hold of the hem and began lifting his top. The original set was now holding him naked as the other two sets folded the clothes into a pile.

"Hello? Anybody? Hello," the young man's voiced yelled in a light panic coming over the intercom.

"We're here! Who are you and how did you get in there," Susan asked and added before that voice could respond, "Listen to me! Stay calm and try and relax. You are in a sealed chamber with SAL. SAL is a robot. Don't panic. SAL is designed to work with humans. We're trying to shut her down, but nothing is working so far. Did you touch anything?"

"No. What is this," Mark asked in a panic. He tried remembering what he'd done coming into the chamber but was at a loss.

"You are in a test chamber with SAL. As I said, SAL is a robot and right now she is exercising her executive test programming," Joann said.

"Are you in any physical stress," Susan asked with a calm in her voice, but fearing the worse as she watched her monitor. SAL could just as easily crush the young man as hold him or, for that matter, tear a limb free.

"No? What's she doing? Why is she taking my clothes off? She's being very careful with me. What do you mean you can't shut her down," Mark asked as SAL moved to the right still holding Mark up off the floor. SAL had moved Mark to the padded table and deftly, expertly, Susan noted.

"Somebody? Anybody? I’m sorry! I just want to get out of here," The young man's voice said as he tried not to struggle. SAL wasn't designed yet to appear as anything other than mechanical and her size, besides her looks was very intimidating.

"How did you get in there," Susan asked.

There was a pause, clearly a hesitation on the part of the young man. Susan noted and asked again, this time with a more threatening tone.

"Look, whoever you are, if you want to survive this you'd better start cooperating," Susan warned.

"A vent! Your air conditioning ducting. I came in through the service hatch on the roof. What's she doing," Mark asked.

"Why did you do that," Joann asked and added, "why did you break in here?"

"I was going to plant a listening bug for Green Speak," Mark said.

"Remarkable," Joann said in a whisper in spite of the fear she felt at SAL actually working on a real human. They were this close to doing this anyway, but there were still things Joann had wanted done before giving the go ahead for this next phase.

"Did you see how easily she removed his clothing," Joann asked.

"I did," Susan said.

"She even folded everything," Joann said.

"You thinking what I'm thinking," Susan asked turning towards Joann.

"Doesn't look like we have much choice in this anyway, so yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking," Joann said.

"OK, everyone on records listen up! I want all of our recordings started this instant," Susan said.

A half dozen technicians complied as video in several spectrums, along with audio and biological began recording.

"Listen to me," Susan said over the loud speaker, noting Joann's comments and thinking the same thing, as she added, "SAL is a biomedical computer designed to go into a ship... A space ship or space station to manage a crew's medical needs in space or during long flights. She is executing some new protocols designed into her to test dexterity and under specific test applications. There are safeguards. You will not be harmed."

"Okay, but why did she take my clothes off," Mark said in a panic as he laid on the table.

"She undressed you so she can dress you. It's part of our testing protocols. She's learning how to manage buttons, belts, zippers, Velcro, sleeves, that sort of thing. Some day it will be sutures, bandages and compresses," Susan said not seeing any reason to lie to the young man. He was going to know all about that soon enough.

"Why," the young man asked fearing something horrible like a heart transplant or some other operation.

"For now... in this test, she thinks you are a doll," Joann said moving her face to the thin microphone.

"A doll? Wait, what?" Mark repeated and asked, "what kind of doll?"

"So far all she's worked with are dolls. Lately, it's been large dolls. What we call life size dolls... Play Pal Dolls or companion dolls and, as it happens, about your size physically, but with a great deal less weight and flexibility. She has done so a number of times now, successfully, so if she follows those protocols and holds to... if she holds to her safeguards you should be okay," Susan said.

"You believe that," Joann asked.

"Of course, no reason not to yet and I mean that. Look! I mean just look at the way she's handling that young man. Did you see the pad pressures," Susan said in her own whisper to match Joann's.

It was true enough as they watched. SAL had taken the young man's shoes, socks, pants, and underpants off. Each as deftly as a human might leaving those watching amazed. Even more so since she was holding the young man so carefully.

An amazing feat, becoming slightly amusing if SAL continued.

Joann nodded. She was still a scientist as she yelled, "Okay everyone, until we can get this stopped, I want full emergency standby on and someone's hand on the crash button at all times. Tracy, that's you."

"On it," Tracy said moving to the master chair and that crash button. With the flip of a small switch there was a magnetic generator charging in the background. Once changed it could release a large magnetic pulse strong enough to fry all of SAL's circuits in three milliseconds. Everything, but a last resort because of the damage it would do.

“Initiate a full shielded backup,” Susan yelled.

“Started,” A technician said. There was a lead canister raised with a series of disk drives started. They would be filled with SAL’s downloads to protect the data.

Tracy flipped several more switches with one of them a coupling that hooked to the generator itself. Under Tracy's hand a large round red button, if hit, would instantly produce a broadband, high-intensity, short duration blast of electromagnetic energy. A pulse would flash instantly. The ultimate failsafe was now ready.

"I'm set," Tracy said with caution and for the recording added, "and holding."

"Confirm, hold," Joanne also said for the record. The lead canister that had raised with those series of high speed disk had completed their transfer from the night before and sealed. The unit lowered back into the floor. The only data lost now if the pulse hit would be anything going forward.

Meanwhile Susan was hovering over the mike as she said, "What's your name?"

"Mark," Mark said and added, "Mark Adams."

"Okay Mark, listen to me and listen carefully! Don't fight her or struggle. That's very important, we don't know why she's doing this or what those variables from fighting her might add, so don't do anything. Understand," Susan added.

"Okay, but what is she doing," Mark asked. He wanted to crawl away from the behemoth next to him, to cringe and he was beginning to shake badly.

"Mark, listen to me carefully. This might sound bad but it isn't. It's going to be embarrassing but you'll survive it. If she follows her programming and those protocols you'll be diapered, covered in a ruffled baby panty, and put into a dress. After that, if she continues to follow a normal sequence, you'll be fed baby food, given a baby's bottle, changed into a second set of clothes to sleep in and ultimately put into a crib." Susan said fighting back the smile that came with that description, in spite of the severity of what was happening or against what might happen.

"What do you mean? Diapers? Dress? You said dress? What are you saying," Mark screamed.

"These are test Mark. Until now she's only done dolls. You are her first human," Susan said.

"Are you kidding me? You've got to stop her," Mark said fighting desperately not to move but wanting desperately to run back for that vent.

"Mark, we are trying to do just that." Susan said.

"Mark," this is Joann. She's designed to shut down for sequencing and evaluation at the end of that sequence. I mean at the end of that particular cycle Susan just described. We don't think she's going to harm you. Just try and relax and we'll get to you as soon as we can," Susan said and added, "Mark, at the hint of any risk, we can destroy her circuits."

“Yes, that’s good. Destroy her. Now,” Mark yelled.

Mark looked at the camera and speaker he guessed was the source of the voice just as SAL lifted his legs with a large softly covered set of digits that passed as hands. The other hand was holding a diaper.

"Hurry, destroy her. HELP me someone, anyone! She's got a diaper," Mark screamed as his legs went into the air lifting his bottom almost completely off the table but not quite.

"Talk to me Susan? Do we shut it down or what," Joann said watching in a kind of fearful fascination as SAL began doing the same exact thing she'd been doing for weeks now but with those large dolls. Only now she was doing it all to a young man and he was definitely not a doll.

Susan moved to the video feed monitor and took hold of the control. She zoomed in so she could see SAL’s digits. The delicate nature of how she was holding Mark’s leg and the diaper amazed her. She decided to let it go on.

At first Mark’s bottom came up just high enough for SAL to slide the diaper under him. He was lowered but as soon as he tried twisting away, two more arms came in to gently hold him while another set fixed a strap around his chest. The set of arms that held his legs were now gently spreading them as another continued unfolding the diaper.

"Joann, I know this is going to sound nuts, but SAL initiated this on her own, and she's severed all links between her and us. None of our safety protocols are working! She has also taken us off the grid. Joann, that includes outside power, she's running on the emergency generator. Joann, SAL is doing all of this on her own," Susan said.

"And you and I both know that's impossible right," Joann said.

"I thought it was," Susan said.

"So did I," Joann said.

"So she can't," Susan said.

"So we both know she can't Susan. You know that and I know that," Joann said in a matter-of-fact voice, but knowing as she said it that it wasn't impossible since it was, in fact, happening.

"Joann, we're seeing it. I'm telling you, SAL is doing this on her own," Susan said. The room was becoming quieter, not calmer, as everyone became aware that, in spite of what was happening, that young man wasn't being harmed. Fear changed to curiosity that changed to fascination after the young man was carried to the same table that had often held the dolls.

It was a pretty piece of furniture designed to change a baby and definitely meant for a girl. So too the diaper SAL was now slipping under Mark. Over time things like furniture and clothing had changed. At first those things had been designed to be basic, simple designs. Complexity was the issue later, but pretty crept into it because there were a lot of women working at the site and where there were women sugar and spice along with the frills more or less just happened.

"Look, she can't initiate action herself Susan. Susan, we've got to get a grip on this. What is happening is impossible, you know it and I know it," Joann said.

"I know that, but right now she's executing and I know that as well," Susan said and added, "so the real question is how and why?"

"Someone is playing with us. Listen, that young man is okay for the time being so let's take a moment and get into the logs and find the reason. Tracy, you keep that hand on that button," Joann said.

"I'm right here," Tracy said, her hand posed on the large red button.

"Check those access logs, specifically the executive areas and see if there has been access besides those that were authorized," Joann said as SAL worked the diaper open before easing the young man back down. For his part he was petrified and thus silent.

Both Joann and Susan turned to look towards the desk with the printouts.

"Carol is doing that," Susan said looking over at Carol who nodded and held up five fingers giving Susan a silent but estimated time.

"Everything everybody is checking is routine so far. Routine and well within the programs parameters," Susan said scanning the monitors around them and added in frustration.

"No unauthorized log-ins that I can find," Carol noted still flipping pages on the print outs.

Mark watched in his own panic that sat over a growing humiliation that someone was watching what was happening and what was happening made his face flush. He was being put into a disposable diaper and clearly sized for a baby, perhaps a toddler would be more accurate, and just as clearly meant for a girl baby with the soft pastel color band and flowers.

"I picked those! They are so cute! Cruisers for girls, size six. Pampers brand," Tracy whispered to the technician sitting next to her. Tracy blushed. Tracy had changed the order for disposables just the other day since the larger dolls could wear the toddler size diapers and were clearly girls. They were going to use the Play Pal dolls for another week or so then move to primates before the adult size mannequins, then to the first human test subject.

Tracy couldn't help but smile watching the young man now being powdered as one might a baby. Whoever he was this was not going to be his best day Tracy mused. She was growing excited and couldn't understand why. Amazing that a size six diaper for a baby was large enough to fit this young man who wasn't much larger than the Play Pal dolls if at all.

Susan wasn't overly concerned with the young man's safety as she watched, as much as worried over the impact to the program itself. If someone hacked into their systems it could be devastating. If this young man was responsible it was clear he was getting his just reward and for a second Susan had to smile. Susan had to smile since those security tapes recording this could possible be evidence. Evidence shown in court someday.

"That poor kid," Susan noted to Joann.

"So do we know who he is and why he broke in," Joann asked watching SAL bring the diaper between the boys legs. Those legs were now white with baby powder.

"I think that's next," Susan said as she moved to the thin mike again on her console.

"Young man, can you hear me," Susan asked.

"Hello. It’s still alive! It's diapering me like I’m a baby! Can you stop it," Mark said in a voice on the verge of breaking.

"Unfortunately no. She is doing what she's been programmed to do and right now there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to stop her. Just try and relax. She's not going to harm you. Now then, why did you break in," Susan asked.

"I told you. I'm working for Green Speak! They paid me to come through the ducts to plant a bug to gather evidence you guys are working for the government. I was suppose to plant a bug and get out when this thing grabbed me. Can you stop this? Please," Mark said watching the robot hand closing the tapes on his diaper.

"Green Speak," Joann noted. Up to now they had only protested the lab part. The college wasn't suppose to be working on military projects and technically wasn't although a big chunk of money was coming from the government.

There was a pause as Joann watched in rapt fascination as the robot worked.

"Susan, are you seeing this," Joann said as SAL deftly, carefully taped the diaper on the boy. It was a little frightening watching those delicate mechanical hands moving with nearly the dexterity of a human.

"I'm seeing it but I'm not believing it," Susan said and added, "Joann, I think we should start considering some sort of intervention?"

"Too risky at best. No! Let's keep going. There's something we've missed. Go back through those routines and see if there are any new programming links between the Executive functions and the Alpha unit," Joann said as she continued watching those hands. As delicate as those hands were they had the capacity of clamping down with nine hundred foot pounds of pressure, yet could, since seven months ago lift an egg.

"What is she grabbing," Joann asked.

"Oh oh," Susan said turning to see what one of the manipulator sets was doing. There was a shelf and cabinet arrayed with clothing and the artificial hand had just picked up a pair of ruffled panties.

"Are those panties," Joann asked.

"If I remember correctly, I let Tracy pick the next outfit," Susan said looking at Tracy. Tracy looked back and smiled with a guilty twist in her lips and shrugged. The clothing for a Patti Play Pal doll fit a toddler size three and the girls had been selecting clothing ever since they started using the bigger dolls. Tracy had suggested a kind of graduation outfit for the last doll and Susan had approved allowing Tracy to shop for it on her own.

"Is that going to fit him Tracy," Susan asked.

"I think it will," Tracy said and added, "The Play Pal takes a size three but I bought everything in a size four to make it a little loose. He's only a few inches taller than the Patty doll itself so the dress is only going to be a couple of inches shorter but size wise it's going to fit him almost perfect."

"I'll be damned," Susan said.

"Things are going to get very weird for that young man," Tracy said to Susan as she watched the robot hands open the panties that Tracy had gotten along with the dress and slip as she added, “I may have sewn a few more ruffles and lace on it come to think about it.”

"No kidding. Boy, I thought the diaper was sissy," Susan said snickering in spite of the risk to that young man and the program if SAL slipped and harmed him.

"Hey in there! Hello? Is anybody seeing this? Help! Can you see this? Those are major panties she's holding," Mark said almost screaming in a renewed panic.

"Those are not panties young man, they are diaper covers! Rumba panties and they are plastic lined and made to go with both your diaper and your dress," Susan said before realizing the boy wouldn't really care.

"Is that suppose to make me feel better," Mark yelled and added, "please, can't you do something?"

"Sorry," Susan said over the mike.

"I've got it," Carol said flipping a page back and forth then watching her screen scrolling after she typed in some commands.

"What," Susan asked before Joann could.

"The Alpha unit was uploaded with an update. It's all here! We merged it with a new revision for a final Beta test after we shut down - remember," Carol said.

"I remember," Joann said.

"I do too," Susan said and added, "but that shouldn't have been a problem."

"It might not have been, but someone didn't disconnect the hard wiring from the Executive unit," Carol said and added, which mattered tonight with when we uploaded the new software.

"What software was uploaded," Joann asked this time.

"It was suppose to be routine. It was the Emergency disengage to independent re-engage. It's the last bit of software that would make SAL run independent in case of an emergency. It was set to start a diagnosis after our shut down, but connected to the Executive section, it began running," Carol said.

"Okay, okay, that makes sense if there was an emergency, but what the hell initiated the emergency," Susan asked.

"He did," Carol said looking up at the camera as SAL was slipping the shimmering ruffled panties up Mark's legs and over Mark's diaper.

"Damn it! Where is my head at. Of course! He came into the room above the normal sensor level triggering SAL's protect protocol. She was doing what she was programmed to do only the Alpha unit wasn't capable of supporting that yet," Susan said and then added, “she was breached.”

"Only tonight, after the upload it was, right after they uploaded the software," Joann added.

"Okay, we know why she activated and how. Now we've got to figure out a way to stop her," Susan said.

"Susan," Joann asked.

"What," Susan asked.

"We know what she's doing and why she's doing it and it appears she's doing it exactly as planned. In fact, if I had to make a go no go decision on moving to a human trial right now I'd say go so I'm wondering...," Joann stopped talking

"You mean skip the primate and just let her continue," Susan said.

"Exactly, do we want to stop her," Joann said pulling Susan out of earshot.

"Do we? Of course... Wait, we don't do we," Susan said watching the monitor then looking back at Joann. The boy was being gently put into a very pretty pair of ruffled underpants and as carefully as if he was a baby.

He had been carefully undressed and laid out over the changing table and powdered and diapered. His diaper was taped perfectly and was now covered in a brand new pair of pink ruffled rumba panties and another set of fully articulating mechanical hands were just beginning to lift a very cute short full slip on a hanger from the rack. The process so far had been flawless.

"Think about it? It's not our fault that young man is in there. It's security's, but more importantly, it could shave weeks, months off our testing." Joann said and added, "and look at him! He's already in his diaper and ruffled panties and about to get into the slip. If that goes well the dress follows. All that's left is the socks and shoes. Then his baby food, bottle... Phase one ends. Phase two is easy after that. Think about those weeks."

"Maybe even months," Susan noted.

"Exactly," Joann added.

"But since we know what's going on, we're going to be liable if something happens to that young man," Susan said.

"I know that but look, look at her safety protocols. I've been watching them and look at the numbers, she's begun accessing those routines ten times normal," Joann said and added, "think about what that means? Susan, she knows she working with a human and not a doll."

"Well I'll be damned, she is," Susan said watching the screen moving almost fast enough to blur the routines flashing past.

"She's operating at full safety capacity. She knows she's dealing with a human," Joann said.

"Tracy, make sure you keep an eye on SAL and the second it looks like she's going to harm that young man hit the button. I take full responsibility for it," Susan said turning away from Joann to look at Tracy.

"I'm already on it," Tracy said. Her hand had already flipped the Plexiglas box that covered the large red button and was hovering over it. It would take only nano seconds to fry every circuit in that room.


"Security," Joann said.

"Security what," Susan asked bringing her attention back to Joann.

"We got to plug that leak first of all, and alert security that there has been a breach," Joann said.

"Okay, but lets not use the normal alarms and instead let's just get Jack in here," Susan said.

"That's what I was thinking," Joann said as Susan picked up the phone.

"He's on his way," Susan said before adding, "something else we might consider."

"What's that," Joann asked.

"We've got our test subject," Susan said.

"What makes you think he will cooperate," Joann asked.

"Would you want this video to be shown in court," Susan asked, or any of this to come out?"

"Not on your life," Joann said.

"So what if we tell the young man to go collect his reward from Green Speak and then come back here and we keep quiet," Susan said before adding, "if he agrees to come work for us?"

"Absolutely," Joann said and added, "and when this is over, SAL will have his body mapped perfectly.

"What if he's a criminal," Joann asked.

"Not likely. He's with Green Speak. A nut case maybe, but for sure I'm guessing not a criminal," Susan said.

"Right, so we just ignore what he's done and offer him a job and what about that job. How many boys you know would jump at the chance of being babied or dressed like a little baby girl a few times a day," Joann said.

"Look, he's trespassing and he broke into a secured government sponsored facility," Susan said.

"Okay, so...," Joann asked.

"So, how many boys you know would choose a half dozen years sharing a jail cell looking like him with someone named BaBa or getting paid to dress up in a Halloween costume," Susan said.

"Halloween costume? Seriously? Susan, that's a bit more than a Halloween costume," Joann said snickering.

"Probably! Okay, yes it is, but if we plant that seed maybe he can grab hold of it and make the leap and say yes," Susan said laughing.

"Okay, I can see that," Joann said shaking her head.

"Hey! I want out of here," Mark yelled as SAL finished easing the ruffled panties over Mark's diaper. With that task done SAL was moving towards the rack that held the dresses and Mark saw the slip an instant later as he added, "HEY! Anybody, kill the robot! Damn it! Please, I want out of here!"

"What's going on," Jack said coming into the control room. He was head of security and within seconds of seeing the young man on the table, at least he thought it was a young man before the slip covered him, he knew there was a breach.

"How in the hell did he get in there," Jack asked as he moved the joy stick on the center security camera. He'd seen the vent hanging almost immediately. "Vent! Damn! Someone is going to have their fat little asses in a sling when I find out why those vents were not secured. Probably going to be mine first since I should have been the one asking? Anyway, if you'll shut that robot down, I'll take him under custody."

"Jack," Susan spoke calmly.

"What, hey Susan," Jack said lowering his voice to something less harsh.

"Can we talk with you for a second," Susan asked.

"When I've gotten this under control, you bet," Jack said taking his walkie talkie from his belt.

"Wait! That's the thing Jack, we don't want this to get out just yet. At east not till we've talked with you," Susan said.

"What? Why," Jack asked lowering his radio.

"Jack, that young man got in here and, as it happens, SAL has freed herself of our control for now, but more importantly, the boy is safe so far and we're watching him closely so he stays that way. Jack, the thing is, we have suddenly found ourselves about six months ahead of schedule because of him, and if these test are successful, maybe even a year," Susan said.

"Could be a couple of years," Joann said.

"Oh. Okay. And you want it to continue," Jack said.

"And we want it to continue," Susan answered.

"I would if I could, but all hell is going to break loose if the feds discover I've allowed someone in here, even de facto. I mean someone that hasn't been cleared," Jack said.

"That's the thing Jack, we want to hire him. Right now, tonight. We want to get him on payroll ASAP. We'd like to bring him in as our advanced protocol advisor, level 6," Susan said.

"What if he doesn't pass the vetting process. What if he's a Russian spy," Jack asked.

"Then you do what you've got to do," Susan said and added, "no questions asked."

"How does that young man feel about it," Jack asked looking through the one way glass and cringing a little.

"Obviously, he's not going to be too thrilled about it," Joann said as she and Susan turned back to the window as Joann added, “but he sort of agreed once he dropped in.”

The young man was sitting there now covered in a frilly silken white slip flowing over his chest down around his rumba panties that sat on top of a diaper. Layers of lacy petticoats surrounded him as a pink dress was being removed from the rack. SAL was also about to slip lace socks over his feet. Every mechanical appendage was being pressed into service to dress the young man and there was nothing he could do about it.

"We need your help there to," Susan said and added, "we're hoping you might convince him that cooperating with us for a few months is better than a dozen years in jail," Susan said.

"Give me a few minutes with him," Jack said clearing his throat.

“Mark,” Jack said over the mike.

“Yes. Hello? I need help,” Mark said.

“Never mind that, I’m here to arrest you,” Jack said and added, “I’m just waiting to get in there.”

“Wait, what,” Mark said.

“Shut up for now,” Jack warned as he added, “while I read your charges for the recording.

"You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney. The law doesn't say I've got to put you in pants. However, if this is your first offense, and don't lie to me, maybe there is something I can do," Jack said and added, “here are your charges:

"Trespassing, breaking and entering, destruction of private property, espionage and thanks to technology all of it on video. A very interesting video I might add. Oh, and how do you want to be called once you're walked you out of here in that pretty little dress in hand cuffs? I’m mean for the cameras" Jack asked and added, "you got a name when the reporters start asking? Don’t forget to wave to your mother and friends!"

"Wait? What? I wasn't wearing this stuff when I came in here! I didn't do this, the machine did this! It's some kind of robot. My clothes are right over there on the shelf. I've got rights. You have to let me change," Mark screamed.

“You don’t have rights, you only have options Mark,” Jack said and then added, “want to hear them?”

"Like what," Mark said.

"Like me dropping the charges for your cooperation," Jack said.

“You can do that,” Mark asked.

“I’m head of security Mark,” Jack said.

"I’ll cooperate. Honestly mister I'll do anything," Mark started to say.

"Call me Jack, Mark. It's Jack Sims. Like I said, I'm head of security and I'm about to arrest you for the crimes I've outlined Mark, but the head of this department has a problem that she believes you can help her solve and if you're willing to help her I'm willing to help you. Mark, you interested in helping her," Jack asked.

"Yes. Yes sir, anything," Mark said as the dress came swishing over towards him as he added, "can she stop the robot?"

"I'm afraid not Mark," Jack said and added, "but never mind the dress, are you still interested?"

"Yes," Mark said as one set of mechanical arms gently raised his own arms by the wrist to guide them into the puffy sleeves of the dress. The bellowing skirts cascaded over Mark's head and covered him as the dress was gently lowered down to slid over his slips.

"What is it you want me to do," Mark said when he head came out of the Peter Pan collar.

"Wait there," Jack said.

"I'm not going anywhere," Mark said sitting there as the robot hands fused around him. Servos made noises as small finger like appendages tugged at the sleeves to align them while another set tugged at the back of the dress.

Jack began typing into his account which linked into a police account with links into an FBI account that allowed for a cursory background check. Jack got Mark's social security number and address which was a breach of protocol but so was the whole procedure. Several databases came back negative for wants and warrants. Mark's school records, normally sealed also came back as did his short credit report.

Joann was standing behind him as Susan moved to another terminal and opened her account. Joann bent near Susan's ear and gave Susan her management authorization number and Susan typed in Mark's hiring date for that day including the hiring time to be the start time of the test.

"No record. And, according to his transcript he's eighteen," Jack said.

Jack gave Susan his background authorization code and logged off and Susan completed the application form that come off the printer a few seconds later. Susan signed it, then Joann. All that was left was Mark's signature and filing.

Susan, Joann and Jack stood at the window and watch Mark get buttoned into his dress as another set of mechanical hands pulled lacy socks over mark's feet. A articulated arm trawled down the center of the lab with a small cube and moved down till it was level with mark's foot and a green Lazar traveled up and down from his toes to his heel. A few seconds later a brand new pair of patent Mary Jane shoes moved towards Mark and were added to his outfit.

Mark sat there looking down at his feet and the lacy socks he wore. It was odd as he carefully moved one foot in then the other. He stopped and looked back at the two way mirror wondering what was happening. The computers slowed and stopped. The servos stopped making noises and hung motionless. There were clicking noises then suddenly those servos retracted and moved back against the wall. A siren sounded and a truly mechanical voice announced: “Test ended. Phase one.”

A computer voice, female sounding announced: "completion of phase one completed with no significant anomalies. Phase two will begin with approval."

Tracy slid her hand out from the Plexiglas box and closed it. Everyone was looking as Susan to initiate the next phase which would normally be the baby feeding cycle, which would lead to the baby bed cycle. Susan and Joann looked at each other and shook their head.

“Let’s end this now,” Joann said.

“Agreed,” Susan said.

“I’m yours,” Jack added.

Susan nodded to a technician who turned a key.

There was a mechanical click as a change in the lights went from red to green over the large door from the lab to the control room and all of the remaining mechanical control arms began moving into their slots.

Within fifteen seconds of another computer announcement “clear” the lab was eerily silent and everything but the vent cover and Mark's folded clothes was as it had been before Mark's entrance.

Jack pulled the handle to the lab door and stood there waiting for Mark who was still siting on the changing table unsure of what to do next. Tracy, Lucy, Carol, Bonnie, Mandy and Tina all looked over at Susan and Joann to see what would happen next.

Of all the reactions only Tracy showed only a slightly elevated pulse rate but she had already orgasm twice since the incursion: Once when Mark was tapped into his diaper and the second time when she realized the dress would fit as he was put into the panties. Tracy shivered a third time as another wave swept over her as Mark slipped down to stand. The hem of the skirts and slips stopped just below his panties.

Carol knew why Tracy shivered and giggled a little nudging her friend to look down at her screen. Tracy stole a glance not sure what she was looking at as Carol bent closer to whisper as images flapped back one by one. It was Carol flipping the images.

The images were thermal scans showing Mark just as he was being diapered There was a soft reddish glow in the cooler diaper region that changed with each image going forward till it glowed bright yellow.

"What am I looking at," Tracy asked looking from the images to Carol as Carol arrayed them into a series of slides so Tracy could see them all.

"Duh! Silly girl, when our little sissy Ninja was getting tapped into his diaper he was getting a hard on. See that glow going from red to bright yellow? That's his little penis getting pumped full of blood. Me thinks our little Ninja likes being diapered," Carol said.

"Seriously? Hmm, something tells me if we get the chance, We'll have to run more thermal scans," Tracy said.

"Step out here slowly," Jack said standing by the operations door.

"Can I at least change," Mark said.

"No," Jack said.

Mark walked towards the door. He was adorable. It was like watching a little boy caught in his sister’s clothes. The look of embarrassment clearly on his face as his skirts bounced around him with each step.

There was no one as small as he was and if he'd had girl's hair he really would have looked like a little girl. As it was he looked like a little boy dressed like a little girl making him look even more adorable to the clutch of girls now watching him enter the control room.

Tracy and Carol briefly touched each others hand as they stood watching. Tracy once again felt the temperature rise in her neck as it matched the rising flood of pleasure she also felt below as another involuntary shiver took hold.

"Damn girl," Carol whispered.

Tracy nodded and mumbled a softly satisfying moan that made Bonnie turn around from her station and smile over. Bonnie wasn't a switch like Carol was but she enjoyed watching at times and a couple of glasses of wine sometimes helped drop even that barrier. She knew that moan.

"Would you be willing to work here," Susan asked looming over the young man standing there in his pink dress.

Mark was terribly intimidated and worse, his hands were buried within the folds of the skirt and slips folds making it worse. Susan stood at five foot nine while Jack was easily six foot six. Joann was five foot eight so Mark was literally a doll compared to the adults surrounding him.

"What would I be doing," Mark asked.

"Dressing for Halloween," Susan said in a matter of fact voice.

"Dressing for Halloween," Mark repeated.

"More or less," Susan said shrugging as she added, "if it helps to think of this as dress up, then yes, it's costumes. We're training an artificial intelligence to recognize a human and interact with it. It needs to dress and undress that human to learn about us. Down the road, as it gets smarter it will someday operate on us."

"And if I said no," Mark said feeling the diaper and silky ruffled panties rubbing against his thighs. He wasn't sure he wanted to spend his time as someone's doll, even a computers.

"That’s easy enough. Then I dial the locals and you and I wait here in your pretty little dress and you get booked for the charges I outlined," Jack said and added, “and I suspect they use this picture for the front page because I called ahead.”

"Or, you sign your employment papers that I've printed out and go back into the chamber for phase two. When Phase Two gets underway we all go home and tomorrow personal logs in your employment and we start the next cycle of test with you as SAL's APTA or Advanced Protocol Test Advisor with level 6 pay.

"What's an Advanced Protocol Test Advisor," Mark asked.

"You'll be telling SAL how she's doing as a mommy while she's being your mommy. More or less. When she's not being your mommy you'll be in our meetings offering suggestions and taking input on the next test," Susan said.

"Is it going to be other things besides diapers and dresses," Mark asked.

"Yes," Joann said.

"Pants," Mark asked.

"Unfortunately no, and the diapers and dresses stay. As for those other things we'll be moving into bathing, actual feedings including baby food and bottles, Joann said.

"Seriously? A baby? That's how I'm going to spend my time," Mark asked.

"I'm afraid so," Joann said but then quickly added, but at a pay level of 6 if that helps.

"What does level 6 mean," Mark asked trying not to focus on the details of what Joann had just said.

"Like I said, that's your pay grade. You'll be on salary with a pay grade of level 6," Joann said before adding, "that's $60,000 a year or $5,000 a month which is about $1,153 and some change a week."

"Wait? Are you saying I'll be paid almost $1,200 a week," Mark said and then after a moment added, "are you telling me I'll make in a month, every month what Green Speak was going to pay me to do this tonight?"

"I don't know, what were they paying you for tonight's job," Joann asked.

"$5,000. $2,500 going in and the other $2,500 when I planted the device," Mark said before adding, or in this case two weeks pay coming in and two weeks pay going out."

“So that would be two weeks pay coming in and two weeks pay going out. For about four years jail time,” Jack said.

“I guess,” Mark said.

"So what's it going to be," Jack asked.

"Can I at least get out of this dress and.... you know, the other things," Mark asked.

"Not if you're going to sign the agreement. If you sign, you've still got the other half of the night to finish and to be frank, we don't have a lot of time left."

"When does my shift end," Mark asked.

"Nine in the morning. The test ends at eight but we'll do a debriefing," Susan said.

"I guess I'm going to sign," Mark said.

"Good choice," Jack said pointing to the papers that Joann was just moving to. Jack bent over and handed Mark a pen that Susan handed to Jack as the girls gathered quickly into a quick group near the terminals to bend at their knees a little to see his ruffled panties. Tracy sat in a chair next to Carol who also sat down and both took each others hand.

"Oh my God! Be still my heart! Unbelievable," Tracy swooned.

"Adorable, Did you see the way those ruffles popped out," Carol whispered.

"Five minutes," Joann said as Mark signed the last papers. Jack had gone into the lab and moved to the desk to close the vent. He was coming back out and passed Susan promising he would secure the roof vent before going home. He also promised to find the van with the Green Speak people in it and get a picture of their license for the police to hassle.

"Ready," Susan said looking at Mark who had signed the last sheet of paper.

"Yes," Mark said brushing his skirt as he turned back towards the lab and added, "so what happens now?"

“Welcome aboard,” Joann said.

“Yes, welcome,” Susan said.

“Thank you,” Mark said.

“And now,” Mark asked.

"SAL undresses you, changes your diaper, slips a baby tee on you, puts you in a high chair, feeds you beef barley and pudding, vanilla I think, gives you a baby's bottle. Gives you a sponge bath, puts you into a singlet, then a crib. You sleep till morning under her monitoring for vitals," Susan said reading from a list on the computer.

"I thought I'm suppose to be a doll," Mark said and added, "a Patty Cake doll or something?"

"Patti Play Pal and doll testing ended with your agreement to work with us. We've initiated our primate trials as of this date - thank you very much," Susan said and added, “which will be changed to human trials as soon as possible.”

"Oh," Mark said walking back into the lab with Susan as he added, "so do you stay with me?"

"No, I'm behind the glass again," Susan said as she moved Mark to a painted square on the floor and added, "wait here."

"Hello Mary," A metallic voice said as a set of arms came off the wall. Another voice from a loud speaker sounding like Susan said, "Mark?"

"Yes," Mark answered.

"Mark, you need to answer her. Mary is you," Susan said as she added, “it’s for the sake of the computer.

"Me,? Mark answered.

"Yes, that's you. For this series of test, you'll be called Mary. That was the primates name."

"Oh, okay," Mark said and then added, "what do I call the machine?"

"Mommy," An unknown voice said over the loud speaker.

"Right on," Carol said turning to Tracy who actually was the source of that unknown voice as Carol added, "oh, and that thermal imaging is on."

Thermal imagining be damned, we've got live imagining when he gets his diaper changed," Tracy said and added, “and I’m going to need to start wearing pads.”

"That's right," Carol said moving to her computer and as she began typing in the program keys that would record the actuators images. She leaned over and picked up a disk, removed it from a cover and slipped it into a recorder as she added, “for later.”

Tracy and Carol fist bumped each other.

"Why can't I take this stuff off myself," Mark yelled at the ceiling.

"Normal voice Mark," Susan said over the loud speaker and then added, "we're testing both the application and mechanical interfaces Mark. Those articulating appendages duplicate hands or as close as they can and that's not easy. You've got about twenty nine major joints in one hand all powered by tendons and muscles allowing them to bend and circle in hundreds of combinations. We've managed to duplicate that but we've got to test all of those combinations in real time. Imagine what it takes just to put you into a diaper or button and unbutton that dress?"

"I'm trying to imagine me being put into a damn diaper and dress," Mark said.

"Me to," Tracy whispered to Carol as both giggled with hands over their mouths.

The end of the shift came and Mark was exhausted and humiliated beyond measure. He had been changed into another diaper, slipped into a baby’s style tee shirt then put into a high chair. The bib had little princess on it as an arm came over with his baby food and began spooning it into his mouth. Luckily it didn’t feed him the whole jar.

It did the pudding as well and then laid him on the changing table, gave him a bottle of juice and changed him into a third disposable diaper. That was even worse because by that time he’d wet. He was in the high chair and asked if he could take a potty break and got half a dozen girls laughing in the background.

Susan was the one reminding him he was in a diaper. He got a bath, was dried, diapered again, put into a singlet and laid in the crib with a baby girl’s pacifier. He was even covered with a baby blanket. There was a buzz and he was lifted from the crib before an alarm went off signaling that the final testing had ended.

They watched SAL reverse the process over the next twenty minutes till Mark went from frilly little girl to naked young man back to Ninja warrior. He wanted so badly to run away.

“Susan,” Mark said after he was dressed. His hands still had a slight tremor in them from the nights work. He’d gone to personnel and completed their paper work surprising everyone when they got the call. But their boss had quickly rushed into the room and said to process the young man ASAP no questions asked. They did.

Without the padding and hood which were in a bag, Mark’s outfit didn’t look as sinister, just dark as Susan ushered him into her office.


“Quite a night for you,” Susan said and added, “and I’ll expect you back here tonight at midnight.”

“Can I get a ride,” Mark asked and then quickly added, “I came in with the Green Speak guys and they took off.”

“Oh? Right,” Susan said and added,”hold on?”

“Hey, who lives out near Sunset? Our newest employee lost his ride last night,” Susan said.

“I do,” Tracy yelled.

“No you don’t,” Carol said.

“I do now,” Tracy noted.

“You are so obvious,” Carol said snickering.

“SAL’s already started training him, I don’t see any reason in wasting it,” Tracy said.

“True,” Carol said but then added, “but he has to let the computer dress him. What’s going to make him let you?”

“Big difference in just getting dressed and getting off,” Tracy said laughing as she grabbed her purse after typing in the commands that shut off her station.

“Hey Mark! I’m Tracy. Tracy Evans,” Tracy said taking Mark’s hand just at Susan’s door as she added, “if you're ready, I’m just outside.”

“I’m ready,” Mark said happy to be out of there.

“Man I’m guessing this is going into your diary as one of the oddest nights of your life,” Tracy said backing out of her space. It was 9:05 AM as she added, “hey, you hungry. Normally I swing by Denny’s for a quick breakfast before home. If not I’ll drive you home first.”

“That would be great! I’m starved,” Mark said and then added, “and the sooner I forget last night the better.”

“Except you’ve got a whole bunch of them coming up,” Tracy said in a lower tone.

“Don’t remind me,” Mark said and then added, “I can’t think of a worse job.”

“Actually, you’ve probably got the most important job of all,” Tracy said before adding, ‘but I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Although I’ve got to tell you Mark, you’re about the bravest guy I’ve ever met.”

“Brave? Me,” Mark said laughing as he added, “you didn’t hear me screaming?”

“That was to get out of the dress! Oh, and I picked out that dress by the way,” Tracy said.

“I’m sure if I was a girl I would really have appreciated it Tracy, but you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t sound all that enthusiastic,” Mark said.

“Well, just so you know, you seriously pulled it off,” Tracy said.

“Pulled it off,” Mark asked.

“The look,” Tracy noted and then quickly said, “but I’m guessing that’s the last thing you want to hear.”

“So what did you mean about that brave part,” Mark said trying to change the subject.

“Mark, anyone else, anyone in the grips of a robot like you were would have been trashing around like a fish. All you did was complain about the diaper and dress,” Tracy said and added, “as far as I’m concerned you had nerves of steel.”

“Not through all of it,” Mark said without daring to expand on what he meant.

“Yes, I know,” Tracy said and then added, “but at least you were wearing a diaper for that part and just so you know, Carol and I got off almost at the same time as you did. Actually, I’m not sure about Carol to be honest, but I did for sure.”

“Wait what,” Mark said as he tried to understand what the girl Tracy had just said.

“When you were being put into you diaper Mark. Oh, you’re not familiar with what’s going on in the control room are you,” Tracy said.

“Not a clue,” Mark said feeling his stomach flip.

“Well, Carol runs imaging. She’s responsible for all hard copying, recording, record keeping during testing. About thirty cameras record every detail including thermals. You know what thermals are right,” Tracy asked.

“Shows hot and cold,” Mark said and then suddenly went white as he added, "oh shit."

“Exactly.” Tracy said and that’s what was showing under you cute little diaper Mark. First it was a soft blue then it started warming up as the diaper came over you. As the robot diapered you like a baby you started glowing crimson honey and that’s when I started glowing. If you know what I mean?”

“Oh my God, you guys could see that,” Mark asked.

“Just Carol and I could, but just to be honest with you when you got off so did I,” Tracy said as he added, “going to have to wear my own damn diaper to work, just to work.”

“That was so embarrassing,” Mark said and then added, “and I’m going to have to do that every day, five days a week.”

“Sometimes two, maybe three times a night,” Tracy said and then added, “be still my heart.”

“So everyone thinks I like diapers,” Mark said.

“Nope, just me and Carol,” Tracy says.

“Well, for your information I don’t,” Mark said and added, “it was because it rubbed against me.”

“Hey, why is it so hard to admit that was a turn on,” Tracy said turning to look at Mark as she came to a light. She smiled and added, “it was turning me on and I’m admitting it.”

“Hello? I’m a guy? Adult,” Mark said pointing out what he thought was the obvious.

“Hello,” Tracy said and added, “kink? You never heard of fetish? Submissive, diaper lover, adult baby, any one of a thousand other things that people find pleasure in. Cindy is going to kill me for telling you this but she sleeps with a pacifier.

“That girl that was standing next to you,” Mark asked.

“One and the same,” Tracy said and added, “says it keeps her from grinding her teeth. It’s bull. She likes it. And so do you and it’s going to be a lot easier on this relationship if you’ll just admit it now rather than later.”

“Man, I’ve never met anyone like you before,” Mark said.

“I’m easy. I’m a Geek, extrovert, dominate,” Tracy said and added, “and a big mouth with no filter.”

“What’s that,” Mark said.

“Traits,” Tracy said but added, “although some would argue that a big mouth with no filters is not an actual trait. Which brings me back to you at least admitting you liked that damn diaper getting taped on you.”

“Maybe that and just that one thing,” Mark said.

“Right, so tonight, when the diaper goes on you and Carol fires up her Thermography you should pretty much stay a nice cool as in calm light blue. Actually it will most likely be a deep purple.”

“Wait a second,” Mark said suddenly thinking as he added, “if I’m the first human experiment why are you using thermal imagining in the first place? I mean if before this it’s just been dolls they don’t give off heat? Right?”

“Wow,” Tracy said looking impressed at her rider as she added, “good point and very true but that’s not why Carol monitors. As it happens, the dolls do give off energy, but it’s minute.”

“How’s that,” Mark asked.

“First off, all objects, dolls included, above absolute zero temperature give off infrared radiation by some measurable degree. I won’t go into the technical aspects of it but should SAL make a mistake and twist or turn a dolls limb wrong it would grind the surfaces together and create additional friction heat. Our focal plane array or FPA infrared camera is capable of picking up that low band emissions.”

“Oh,” Mark said.

“We just got lucky with you,” Tracy said and then added, “so tonight when you are getting put into your cute fluffy white diaper by mommy computer and it starts rubbing your little penis, you should be okay?”

“You just did that on purpose,” Mark said as his penis hardened.

“I did,” Tracy said before adding, “just making sure I was on the right track.”

“Right track for what,” Mark said looking curiously at Tracy.

“Well, first of all, do you have a girl friend,” Tracy asked.

“No,” Mark said and then added, “not many girls out there interested in dating men that come up to their waist.”

“Or dress up in frilly dresses over diapers,” Tracy said laughing.

“Hey, that wasn’t my fault,” Mark said.

“Actually it was,” Tracy said and then added, “but it got you a really good paying job and a shot at dating a really smart girl who just might be interested in a guy that comes up to her waist. If he’s willing to let her diaper him.”

“Who doesn’t care that he dresses up in frilly dresses over diapers,” Mark asked laughing.

“Who happens to be the very girl that bought that frilly dress and those ruffled panties he wore tonight,” Tracy said and added, “and we’ve got to stop talking about it right now.”

“What’s up,” Mark asked suddenly concerned. Tracy’s grip on the steering wheel had tightened.

“What’s up? Because if we don’t stop talking but this, I’m going to soak myself that’s what,” Tracy said and added, “and don’t look so superior either, because you’re not faring any better.”

Mark looked down and Tracy was right. He not only had gotten an erection but it had gotten powerfully hard without him realizing it and somewhere over the past few moments had begun to leak and right now he was looking at a wet spot about three inches in diameter.

“Shit,” Mark said.

“No big deal,” Tracy said and added, “if you don’t mind, we can go to my place and I’ll fix us some breakfast. You can hang till you’re pants dry.”

“That would be great. I live with my sister and mother. Last thing I want to do is walk in looking like this,” Mark said.

“Tell you what, if it’s okay... and I’m doing this more for me than for you, I’m going to stop and pick up a package of pads or I’m not going to have any panties left. Want me to pick up a package of disposables? You can get into one while I wash those pants and shorts,” Tracy asked.

“God, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you planned this,” Mark said.

“You don’t have to dude, but if you’re going to be my boyfriend, I’m going to insist on a diaper or two on occasion, and we might just as well start this morning while I fix you breakfast,” Tracy said.

“Bacon,” Mark asked.

“Hash browns and eggs,” Tracy said and added, “and toast, but bacon? No! If you want bacon, that’s extra.”

“Extra,” Mark said, creased his eye brows as he added, “what kind of extra cost?”

“Baby pants,” Tracy said.

“Baby pants,” Mark said smiling wickedly as he added, “just for bacon? What the hell would it cost me for sex?”

“You don’t even want to know, but I can give you a hint if you want sex, and her name is Patti play pal,” Tracy said laughing as she turned into the left turn lane.

“Hey, where you going,” Mark asked as he added, “I live back that way?”

“I know. I live the other way,” Tracy said and added “I just volunteered to drive you home for the chance to hit on you.”

“So do you want sex after your bacon or what,” Tracy said looking over before she laid her hand on top of Mark’s pants.

Mark’s penis, already hard grew even harder and just as that happened she pressed down slightly before moving her palm in a small circle. It was too much to take and he lost it in an instant. He began pulsing instantly. His first explosively merging with the second, joining with the third, then followed by a forth, fifth and several more little spirts till he simply closed his eyes.

“You realize you just brought me to climax,” Mark said after a few minutes of silence. He was still savoring the sensations she was drawing from him with her slow circles while driving down the expressway.

“I do,” Tracy said, turning into the pharmacy parking lot before adding, “I need you nice and soft to put you into your diaper and baby pants. Which I’m about to go in and buy precious, while you rest here and think about what I’d going to do to you after breakfast.”

“Oh, okay,” Mark said noticing just that as he opened his eyes fully and became aware that they’d turned off the expressway.

“Be right back,” Tracy said leaving the car.

Mark sat nervously. It was the last twenty four hours causing it as he looked at his watch. This time yesterday he was crawling along the makeshift path he’d made in his backyard with wooden stakes and string for the air ducting.

Then the break-in, that humiliating two hours being dressed like a girl doll, the conversation with head of security, his new job, then Tracy and now here he was, pants wet and about to be diapered again. What the hell Mark? He mused as he saw Tracy coming towards him with two bags in her hand.

“What did you get,” Mark asked as Tracy put the bags next to him. He was too afraid to look, but too afraid not to.

“It’s okay, most of it’s for you. I got me some maxi pads for tonight. Listen, why don’t you spend some time here with me, I’ll wash your clothes, then drive you home so you can get a change then drive you into work with me,” Tracy said before adding, “how are you going to commute?”

“Not sure about the commute part yet,” Mark said. Most of the time it’s buses. Can’t drive. Too small.”

“If you share gas I’ll run back and forth. If you let me play with you I might even forgo the gas,” Tracy said laughing.

“This whole thing is really moving fast,” Mark said and then added, “still trying to figure out what to tell my sister and mom.”

“Tell them the truth,” Tracy said and then added, “just leave out the diapers and dresses. You’re part of stage three testing in the development of a medical robot that’s going into space. You just landed a paying job. I’m a co-worker. My name is Tracy. We met at the lab after your interview and I offered to drive you home.”

“You are amazing,” Mark said and added, “so what is in the bag?”

“Well precious after we get home, I’m going to take your clothes off so they can be cleaned and then give you a nice wipe with some baby wipes, rub you with oil, powder your cute little bottom and then tape you into a Luvs size 6 diaper with triple leak guards that I really liked because they looked like cute little ruffles around the legs.”

“Ruffles, like a girl,” Mark said.

“Of course,” Tracy said, and then added, “Duh? And then to make sure you stay dry no matter how much I tease you I got a package of white Dappi brand waterproof nylon diaper pants from the American Baby Company because I loved that name.”

“I thought the lab used Pampers,” Mark said.

“One night in diapers and we’re brand conscious all of a sudden,” Tracy said and then added, “they do but thought I’d get the super soft extra thick, better to caress diapers with the refastenable tape. For those mommy types who enjoy putting other’s that don’t wear diapers into diapers.”

“What have I gotten myself into,” Mark said.


“Diapers and dresses,” Tracy said pulling back onto the expressway as she added, “oh and a pacifier for later, in case you like to suck on something after sex. I didn’t know if you smoked or not.”

“I thought I had to wear a dress for sex,” Mark said feeling himself reacting to the notion of sex.

“You do,” Tracy said and then added, “I’m not sure I understand your point?”

“Don’t you have to like actually get the dress,” Mark said.

“Oh? I get it. You think I don’t have any dresses for you, like the ones in the lab,” Tracy said and then added, “honey, precious, baby. It was my idea to use the Patti Play Pal dolls in the first place. Or rather the companion dolls because of their size. As to that, I’m a collector and as far as that goes I sew and as far as that goes I’m a very good seamstress.”

“Oh,” Mark said.

“Trust me when I say putting you into something frilly would be a serious understatement,” Tracy said and added, “I just bought that dress because it was too cute to ignore. I’ve got lots to put you into.

“I think I’d better call my sister,” Mark said.

“You’re going to tell her,” Tracy said.

“God no,” Mark said looking shocked as he added, “bad enough she already thinks I’ve already gotten into her clothes! No, I’ve got to tell her that I won’t be home so she can tell mom. Mom’s at work already. Sis goes to school.”

“Wait, you wear your sister’s clothes,” Tracy asked.

“NO! My sister thinks I did wear her clothes. I don’t,” Mark said shaking his head as he added, “a box of stuff she wore when she was a little girl fell in the attic and opened and she accused me of rummaging.”

“Wait, so where was the box,” Tracy asked.

“Stacked in the attic. You know? Stacked! With a bunch of other boxes,” Mark said and then added, “sis was once a little pageant princess and some of her things mom kept, for God knows why and that was the box. It fell and that’s the stuff that fell out.”

Tracy turned sideways with a smirk on her face.

“What,” Mark said.

“Can I ask you a question,” Tracy said and added, “honest answer?”

“Yes,” Mark said.

“Were those clothes from a time when they might have fit you,” Tracy asked.

“I know exactly what you’re thinking. That’s exactly what my sister thought. That’s why she accused me. Even my mom was suspicious. It was all circumstantial and totally unfair. Seriously, it was coincidence pure and simple. I didn’t even know the box was up there,” Mark said looking at Tracy as his face went furiously red.

“But you could see why they might be suspicious right,” Tracy said and added, “why I might be a little suspicious.”

“Why would you be suspicious,” Mark asked just as Tracy laid her hand on his lap. Mark a little surprised had remembered that morning and the erection came back instantly. Now it was under Tracy’s hand.

“You see Mark, your mommy didn’t have the benifit of this little telltale lie detector that has never failed me or I suspect any other girl who knows how to read the signs,” Tracy said.

“What,” Mark said looking angry as he added, “how do you know that’s what it’s from? That’s what I mean, you guys jump to conclusions from the tiniest threads.”

“You’re right and I’m sorry,” Tracy said removing her hand as she added, “so tell me Mark, when you were sharing that story about a box full of girlish pageant girl clothes, what was it that caused you to get so sexually turned on? Obviously something very powerful? Right?”

“I have no idea? Damn it,” Mark said turning to look out the window.

“Want another little rub to get past it,” Tracy asked moving her hand back over to his lap.

“Fine,” Mark said in frustration but his penis was pulsing as Tracy wiggled her finger over it. She pressed down a little and began circling again.

They hadn’t been driving 10 maybe 15 minutes and this was his second erection and both times it was over diapers and dresses. He had thought he’d closed that box and re-stacked it safely that morning but hadn’t and it fell. His sister, six when she was in those pageants was his size all the way till he was in his teens.

“What are you thinking,” Tracy said as Mark fell back against the seat. He didn’t last under her rubbing and exploded the moment he remembered playing with himself over his sister’s panties that day in her lavender dress, the one with the chiffon slips.

“What,” Mark asked coming back and quickly trying to think of something as he added, “nothing.”

Mark closed his eyes to savor the pleasure and warmth of his orgasm as Tracy went quiet.

“Mark, how old were you when your sister was born,” Tracy asked.

“I was six,” Mark said.

“So how old were you when her diapers started actually fitting,” Tracy asked.

“Eight, almost nine,” Mark answered and then suddenly sat up and said, “what? That’s not what I meant. I mean I was going to wear a diaper for Halloween once but then I realized it would be too cold so I didn’t. That’s what I meant. I think I was eight or nine when I tried one for Halloween.”

“Got it,” Tracy said as she put her hands back on the wheel and took a right turn down a residential street. The homes were modest as Tracy added, “you’re about five minutes out if you want to call your sister?”

“Oh right,” Mark said and punched the numbers on his phone when he tugged it from his pocket.


“Hey, it’s me. I know. I’m heading for a friends. You don’t know them. Tell mom I won’t be home till tomorrow morning late. You don’t need it, you’ve got my cell. Because they’re driving me to an interview. I’m interviewing for a job. That’s right a job. Never mind, I’ll tell you when I get it. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm laying out some landscaping for a path, Tell mom I’ll call her tonight when she gets home from work. Bye,” Mark said.

“She want to know if I was a boy or girl,” Tracy ask.

“Not really, I don’t get many calls from girls,” Mark said going quiet.

“Their loss, my gain,” Tracy said.

“You just want me for your dresses,” Mark said looking a little frustrated.

“Not just the dresses Mark. I’d like a little time with that thing I’ve been rubbing, plus a little conversation, and some companionship. You know, the usual boy girl stuff,” Tracy said.

Okay, fine, but you know all this stuff about me and I don’t know anything about you,” Mark said.

“Me? Oh, man I’m an open book Mark,” Tracy said and then added, “geek, too smart for most of the boys growing up. Intimidated them way too much so they hid away from me. Turned to dolls. Mom was a seamstress so I sewed. I’m the one that got the lab to start using the Play Pals.”

“So how did this thing with me come about,” Mark asked and added, “I mean why is it so hot for you?”

“Boys in dresses,” Tracy said and then added, “was actually boys as dolls back when I was a little girl. Like I said I loved dolls and making doll clothes so when I’d get a boy to play with me he’d be a doll and the only thing I had were my own clothes so he had to be a girl doll wearing my clothes. Pretty soon I made him diapers and snap on plastic panties”

“Did he complain,” Mark asked feeling the pangs of excitement over wishing he’d been one of those boys back then.

“Like I said Mark, I was smarter than they were and I’d learned a few things about playing with them. You’re not the first boy that’s gotten a little rub before a diaper honey,” Tracy said snickering.

“I knew it,” Mark said.

“What? Sweetheart, it’s called foreplay,” Tracy said and added, “it’s just mine is a little kinky is all. Anyway, so I’d convince the boy it was in his best interest to dress up as one of my dolls and it was.”

“Did you ever get caught,” Mark asked.

“Sometimes and almost always I got blamed,” Tracy said but that’s the nature of the beast,” Tracy said and then added, “which is why I actually got into the play pals and robotics. I had visions of creating robot dolls when I was in high school. That sort of grew into medical robots.”

“So that’s how you came to be there when I came to be there,” Mark said.

“Exactly,” Tracy said and added, “when you landed and SAL started dressing you I nearly fainted dead away. I was literally watching my ultimate fantasy. I snuck away twice to change my loaner pads, or I would have soaked my skirt. Thank God for Carol because I didn’t have any pads with me.”

“So me getting diapered and put into a dress was a turn on for you,” Mark asked.

“No, me diapering you and putting you into a dress is a turn on for me,” Tracy said and then added, “and for that I’m willing... no make that eager to make sure you have the best sexual experience you’ve ever had.”

“Well, so far those rubs have been pretty good,” Mark said.

“Well if you like those, wait till you experience a couple of my other tricks,” Tracy said as she slowed and turned into the driveway of a well kept home.

“Is this your place,” Mark asked.

“Mine and the banks,” Tracy said before adding, “on not too much more than you’re now making.”

Tracy grabbed the packages after pulling into the spacious garage. First thing Mark noted was how neat it was. Shelves held the usual clutter but there was a decent workbench clearly leaning towards electronics. The lawnmower was radio control or looked like it.

Come on and I’ll start your clothes, change, and get you started then we can have breakfast,” Tracy said.

Tracy carried the packages past the kitchen but had taken Mark’s hand and walked down the hall before turning into a girlish bedroom.

“This your room,” Mark asked. It was full of dolls of all sizes in cabinets and on shelves. There were a dozen on the floor standing and sitting and several on the bed that she moved.

Guest room,” Tracy said and then added, ‘your room as a guest. Go ahead and get out of those things and I’ll get you into your diaper then you can watch me get into my nightgown. I’m thinking we’ll eat, then shower and change again for bed which is my normal routine.”

“Okay,” Mark said quietly, nervously.

She emptied the packages on the bed and carefully opened the package of diapers as Mark removed his shoes and socks. His pants and underpants followed badly wet that she took to the washer. She added his tee and socks when he was naked.

She went to a dresser and opened it and pulled a baby’s blanket from a drawer. It was doll sized but was perfect as a changing pad when she laid it down on the bed spread. It was bright white with a tinted pink satin ribbon edge. She patted the blanket for Mark as she opened the soft thick disposable and laid it flat.

“Hint,” Tracy said turning to Mark who stood modestly covering himself. He had pulled a tissue from a box on top of the dresser because he was still dripping as Tracy added, “a diaper will fix that precious.”

“I know,” Mark said moving to the bed as he added, “which is funny, because it started it.”

Mark climbed up on the bed, crawled over the blanket till he was hovering over it then maneuvered so his butt was above it before he settled on top. As soon as his bottom settled he began dripping more. His penis had hardened excitedly.

Tracy went to the pile and broke the seal on the baby powder and sat that next to Mark then did the same on the baby pants package pulling one pair of the two out. She shook that pair open. They were milky white, cute and crinkly. The pacifier followed and that she teased against Mark’s mouth,

“Here, nurse on this till I can give you a bottle or my breasts are free,” Tracy said bending to kiss his cheek. Mark nearly lost it then but held on as he laid back on the bed. He spread his legs allowing Tracy to stand between his knees.

Tracy took up the baby powder and began covering him in it. It looked like she was trying to turn him pure white and it was way above where the diaper would go. She stood between his knees shaking it over him then rubbing it in. Over his chest which included tiny circles around his nipples then over his belly and sides.

“No matter where you walk this morning, I want to see and smell baby,” Tracy said twisting the baby powder closed. Mark was beside himself with the passion of her gestures and that smell which now combined with the diaper's touch as she pulled it between his legs.

Luvs had generously filled their size 6 down the center so it puffed greatly, but it was designed to cuddle and caress his testicles when she pulled it against them. What it didn’t caress she did when she pressed her hand between his thighs and massaged the diaper there as she pulled it snug.

The ruffled bands, those so called triple leak guards now looked like he was wearing ruffled panties. She almost hated to cover them with the baby pants but they were “baby pants” she mused and babies she reasoned needed to be wearing waterproof panties to pat.

She hurriedly closed the diaper with a sensuous rub to join the front to the back and pull the tape closed doing both sides before she shivered. It was pure foreplay and nothing more for her as she ran both hands together at the front of his diaper to the sides down to inside of the thighs.

From the thighs she pushed fingers into the ruffles to slid those around the edge but she’d pushed far enough to touch his testicles. She watched the pacifier to judge how well she was doing and snickered at her success when he’d bite at it every once in a while. She went to the waist slid fingers down into it and found the head of his penis instantly causing him to jerk.

“You are so ready aren't you precious,” Tracy said undulating her hips a little as she added, “and so is mommy, baby.”


Mark wasn’t sure what she meant till she bent slightly and took his hand to guide it to her skirt and under it. He found her panties and pad but she pushed him past both to the dampness leaving him there so she could return to his diaper. She placed both hands on his diapered hips but her thumbs now on either side of his erection.

Mark meanwhile slipped further between her legs and wiggled a finger and was rewarded by a thrust forward. He matched her thrust with his own against her thumbs and countered her move by bringing his left hand to join his right.

Tracy immediately moved so she was straddling Mark while lifting her skirt so her panties were now free to slip over his diaper. She bent forward grabbing his bottom with both hands allowing Mark to go under her skirt and half slip to grab hers. Mark instead of the bottom slid down a little and held on to the back of her thighs as she began sliding back and forth over his diaper.

They were having dry sex with her sliding her panties over his diaper but it was clear her sensitive vulva was channeled over his penis as she pressed hard with each thrust. Likewise she could feel his tip and shaft for the length of his little diaper as he matched her motion. They were both moaning. The climaxes were almost timed perfectly.

Mark instinctively wrapped his legs around her legs trapping her against him as she fell flat over him. Her face was right against his as she bit his nose playfully before she pulled his pacifier to French kiss him passionately. He kissed her back hard then their tongues danced together like swords causing them to snicker before she withdrew and teased his pacifier back in.

“I’m going to change my panties and put on an ugly nightdress and make us breakfast. Come in get a tee on and sit in the kitchen with me,” Tracy said getting up. She moved to the closet, opened it and Mark discovered only a two foot section had been left for a guest. The rest was shelving dedicated to dolls.

That tee she referred to was a Companion Doll Tee shirt that was a light pastel pink with Barbie written across the front in script. And from an array of shoes she found a black patent pair on the third try that fit him that she closed without socks.

“Sometimes little girls, or boys dressing like them, don’t wear socks,” Tracy said standing up from closing the second shoe.

Tracy’s ugly nightdress was a short sparkly tee shirt with Princess written on it that she wore over a fresh pair of panties holding a large flat pad. She had stepped into white flats and had tied her hair back with a rubber band. Mark was sitting in the kitchen when she came in. He was still nursing the pacifier.

“Want some orange juice,” Tracy said washing her hands.

“Please,” Mark said removing the pacifier to answer moving to the sink to wash his.

In the pantry next to the refrigerator were baby bottles from tiny to real size and sippy cups. She grabbed a baby’s bottle in an opaque pink and a sippy cup with Mini mouse on it. The orange juice went into the sippy cup. Mark drank from that as she gathered eggs, bacon, and potatoes from a bag in the freezer.

“Here, you do the toast,” She said showing him where the butter and bread was after getting the toaster down. It felt so ordinary but standing at the table in his diaper looking down at his Mary Jane shoes, with the toaster and that occasional pat from Tracy said otherwise.

It was oddly wonderful the smells of cooking against the act of cooking against the notion of being babied by someone that liked treating him like a baby.

“So when was the first time you actually wore one of your sister’s diapers,” Tracy asked.

Mark was drinking out of the sippy cup and feeling the full effects of his treatment. His endorphins having flooded his body had kept him naturally high since they’d left work and he wasn’t coming down any time soon. He realized he had little to hide from this woman.

“I was six. I took a pair of baby pants from a cousin that was three and still wet the bed. Couldn't get any of his disposables but the baby pants fit in a pocket so I took those. I’d put one of my sisters diaper on under the baby pants,” Mark said and the added, “I was eight when I started wearing them to bed.”

“You are awesome,” Tracy said coming over and picking him up to kiss him before going back to finish the bacon.

Breakfast was consumed ravenously with Mark sitting on Tracy’s lap for a short time just to play a little till he moved to his own chair so they could finish. Mark got a stool to help clean the dishes and Tracy filled a baby’s bottle with juice for their naps.

Tracy drew a baby bath for Mark and filled with it with Luv’s Baby Soft perfumed Bubble Bath which was her girly bath. When Mark asked if he’d smell like a girl when they got to work that night she said most likely but no one would notice because they all smelled like girls. Mark snickered at that.

Then Mark asked if it would seem odd him going in wearing the same clothes. Tracy said they could stop by his house and get a change of clothes. He could call after they slept and tell them he’d gotten the job and would be there processing in for a few hours more before his first shift which was tonight. He didn’t think about smelling like a girl and stopping at home.

It all sounded so logical and then Mark stepped out of his diaper and pulled his Barbie shirt off, undid his girly shoes and into the foaming bubbles. He had a soft wash cloth and a bar of Dove soap. Tracy went off to her room. Mark was to go to his room if he finished first.

“So when did you start wearing your sister’s clothes,” Tracy asked as she rubbed baby oil between Mark’s testicles as he laid on her bed. Mark wasn’t even aware that he was being questioned in the haze she was drawing him into.

“I was Ten when she turned four and some of her things began to fit. Nothing that the arms went though, not at first but jumpers fit and skirts. Panties that sort of thing and her shoes. I wasn’t growing very fast by then. When she started Kindergarten I could almost wear anything of hers and by six some of her stuff fit perfect.,” Mark said and added, “I was twelve by then.

“So you could easily fit into her pageant dresses,” Tracy said.

“Every one of them,” Mark noted as he added, “everything in that box fit me perfectly.”

“So it was just that one time,” Tracy asked.

“Mom knew or thought she knew.” Mark said and added, “she’d say things that suggested it.”

“Really? Like what,” Tracy asked.

“Your sister is going through a lot of diapers. I’ve gotten extra and put a box under your sink because there is no more room under her’s. Don’t let me forget them. That sort of thing,” Mark said and then added, “then one time about her panties when she said, “when you’re rinsing your underwear honey, use warm water and soap or the stain sets.”

“You rinse your underwear,” Tracy said.

“No, that’s just it,” Mark said and added, “the only underwear I ever rinsed was my sisters to get the stains out. She was telling me to use warm water and soap instead of cold. She knew I was wearing her panties. She said it again a while later about a slip. Said she had to put it in the good will bag that morning for Saturday because it was stained. I got to pull it out.”

“You’re mom’s pretty smart,” Tracy said.

“Yes she is, come to think about it,” Mark said.

“Now come in here and lets get you dressed before your family gets here,” Tracy said.

“What,” Mark said.

“I said come in here, we need to get you into a dress, and matching panties over a diaper. I’ve invited your family,” Tracy said and added, “your sister and mom are on their over to help celebrate you new job. I promised them I’d put you in one of your new uniforms.”

Mark looked like he'd been shot.

“Kidding,” Tracy said.

“Don’t even kid like that,” Mark said.

“I’m sorry, it seemed kind of funny at the moment but you’re right,” Tracy said and then added, “but truth be told I’ll bet your mother and sister would be perfectly fine if she knew what you were doing.”

“They’d laugh themselves sick,” Mark said.

“Maybe, at first,” Tracy said but then added, “but not after they realized how important what you do was.”

“Still a scary thought,” Mark said.

“Perhaps in the future,” Tracy said before adding, “meanwhile for the present, I need to get some sleep and I like sleeping with a doll and today it’s you dolly, so get up here so I can dress you.”

Mark, this time eager to be diapered and already smelling fresh from his baby bath laid over the new diaper with enthusiasm. He was greeted with his pacifier and took it happily.

Unlike before he was oiled with gentle genital caresses that Tracy did with great and loving care. She followed that with baby powder again and closed his diaper with her attention to detail. He was caressed every step of the way.

She was in a flowery polyester robe that gave away nothing as she diapered him. When she was done she took his hand and walked him to the third bedroom of the three bedroom house. It was where she obviously did her sewing and like the closet in the guest room only part of it, maybe half was now used for hanging.

The other half also held shelves and drawers. She opened the one she obviously wanted and went though a pile of items folded within, obviously nylon and found whatever it was she was looking for and brought it out. She carefully unfolded it to show a baby doll set in a soft lemon yellow. Between the folds was a matching panty almost perfectly round and nearly folded.

“Baby doll with bubble panties. Perfect for sleeping in,” Tracy said tossing the baby doll over her shoulder. Mark stepped into the panties but hardly noticing since the diaper and pacifier was getting his attention, till they started up his leg. The mirror quickly showed why they were called bubble panties.

“Cute,” Mark said removing the pacifier to tell her that.

“Aren't they,” Tracy said before adding,”so adorable this set. Come on, into the top.”

Mark held his arms out and the top went on easily. It was two layers with the bottom an opaque nylon slightly longer than the top layer. It was ruffled with nylon while the top, a chiffon was hemmed in one inch lace. That lace was used as a ruffle around the puffy sleeves. Tracy showed Mark a picture of a Patti Play Pal doll in a magazine wearing the same outfit.

“Well Patti, do you like it,” Tracy asked.

“I do,” Mark said feeling giddy at the comparison.

“Well my little doll then let’s turn in and try and get some sleep before work,” Tracy said taking his hand to walk him to her room. She was yawning, making him yawn. He realized then just how tired he was. He was sure the meal and hot bath, plus the hours, not to mention the stress and sex had taken it’s toll.”

When Tracy removed her robe she was in an identical baby doll set except for size as she draped the robe over the chair at her vanity. She tossed the covers back and pulled a cord that set blackout drapes closed. She climbed in bed then patted the sheets on her side inviting Mark in.

Mark climbed in and cuddled next to her. She put an arm over his side drawing him closer so he spooned with his bottom pressing against her panties. He could feel her warm breast pressing against his shoulders. She reached up turned his head and bent her to kiss him and said “thanks for so much honesty and playfulness”.

“You’re welcome,” Mark whispered. He wouldn’t remember falling asleep or the pacifier she gently pushed back into his mouth after the kiss.

They woke facing each other, embraced, Mark wrapped in nylon, on his side with the diaper between his legs. He had never felt so indulged, pampered, he wasn’t sure what the word was he needed, but he liked indulged. He remembered that first time his sister’s diapers fit and closed around him and waking in it. This was like that morning.

“Hey, come here and let me check to see if you’re wet and if not, wet,” Tracy said nudging Mark close as she moved her hand from the ruffled gather around his right leg. He was already charged from the urge to urinate but her probing was bringing him to full arousal just as he looked at the nightstand.

Tracy had brought his phone and charger in with her’s in a little silver box. His phone had his mother’s call app on it. The box itself was a battery that sat on a charger in the kitchen. It was nice she said because she kept her keys and lipstick in the box as well.


“Who’s calling,” Tracy asked.

“My mother,” Mark said picking the phone up as he hit to two number code for home.

“Hey, you guys called,” Mark said when his sister answered.

“You need to call mom, she’s got her cell,” Trisha said sounding in a panic.

“What’s up,” Mark said.

“It’s your job? I guess they copied your Social Security wrong. Last number or last two numbers? Not sure. Mom got that taken care of, but then they said they needed a copy of your birth certificate before you start tonight and when mom couldn’t get hold of you she got worried and took it to the lab so they could copy it before personnel goes home,” Trisha said.

“Mom took the day off,” Mark asked.

“No, she got off early so she could get your birth certificate. Thought it was important enough,” Trisha said.

“Mom went to the lab? What do you mean mom went to the lab,” Mark said in a sudden panic as he added, “when?”

“About an hour ago,” Trisha said and added, “where have you been? She tried to call you?”

“I’ve been sleeping, here. I told you that,” Mark said looking at his phone and seeing the message, and then added, “and I”m working their graveyard tonight. I was going to swing by and get a change of clothes.”

“Your boss had called, and mentioned what I’d told you and then when mom said she’d bring by your birth certificate your boss also suggested a change of clothes so mom packed a few of your things to bring with her,” Trisha said.

“Some of my things? My boss told her what exactly,” Mark asked.

“I don’t know,” Mark, but mom went to your room and packed a small bag for you,” Trisha said and then added, “what exactly are you doing that you need clothes?”

“I’ll talk to you when I see you,” Mark said hanging up in a panic.

“My mother talked with the boss? Who’s the boss and what would she say to her,” Mark asked.

“I’m not sure,” Tracy said sounding nervous herself as she added, “it could be Susan Atwood, Program Manager for the SAL 9000 project or Joann Baker Director Of Engineering you met them both last night. Susan was the tall one, Joan was the older woman.

“I get that they might want my birth certificate or fix a mistake on my Social Security but why the clothes,” Mark asked.

“I have no clue,” Tracy said and then added, “did you get any messages from your mother?

“Wait,” Mark said looking at his phone gain. He was so nervous he didn’t look past the one from home and yes, he had gotten a message from his mother.

He hit play on that one:

“Hi honey,” Mark’s mother Helen answered and added, “you brat. You could have been a little more specific about what you were going to be doing when you talked with your sister. And this friend Tracy, I’d like to meet her in the future if you don’t mind. Wait, let me call you back from the bedroom. Your sister doesn’t need to hear this part.”

Mark was sick to his stomach over nerves when he pressed the second message:

“Hi honey, it’s me.” Mark’s mother said and then added, “anyway, when they called about the birth certificate I talked with Susan and she explain about your job and we got to talking about when you were dressing in your sister’s pageant things and well, one thing led to another, and she thought you might be more comfortable wearing one of those dresses. I don’t know if it’s going to make any difference that you wore a particular brand of diapers or not?

Mark played both for Tracy who stood there in shocked attention.

“Well precious, it’ looks like the only person who doesn’t know you like wearing little girl dresses and diapers is your sister at the moment and if I had to guess, that’s not going to last too long.” Tracy said and added, “so I’d say it’s pretty safe to call your mom.”

“Good idea,” Mark said punching in his mother’s cell phone.

“Hey, you still at Tracy’s,” Mark’s mother asked and then added, “and I’m suppose to ask if you’re dressed as a boy or as one of her Patti Play Pal dolls. If you’re dressed as a doll, I want pictures.”

“Mom,” Mark said not sure what to say. He had it on speaker for Tracy’s sake.

“Hold on,” Tracy said taking Mark’s phone and taking a picture that she immediately sent to his mother.

“What the hell,” Mark said as his phone pinged.

“Oh my God, I haven’t see those kind of pajamas in decades? Tracy, can you hear me,” Helen asked.

“I can Mrs. Rosen and it’s very nice to meet you,” Tracy said.

“And you too dear. Thank you for the photo,” Helen said as she added, “Susan said you sew? Is that some of your work?”

“It is,” Tracy said and then added, “hold on a second as she moved to stand alongside of Mark before grabbing the phone again to take a selfie of both of them side by side. Again Mark’s phone pinged as the imaged reached his mother’s phone.

“Oh that is too much,” Helen said and then added, “Mark, hang on to her, she’s a treasure.”

Mark looked at Tracy like he’d been struck my lightning. He was in a baby doll nightgown and obviously diapered standing next to a girl he’d just met also in an adult version of the same style nightgown and his mother was treating it like an everyday occurrence.

Not only that but as some point she had gone up to the attic and gathered some, he wasn’t sure how much, of his sister’s pageant clothes to bring to the lab for him to wear believing he’d be more comfortable.

Meanwhile his mother was at the lab meeting with his new boss and learning about what he did which he wasn’t sure exactly other than to be mostly patient while a robot changed him from a small person originally male into a cute female in a little girl’s dress over diapers? Hello? And she liked the girl dominating him...

“Mom I’ve got to get ready for work,” Mark said.

“Honey, I’m looking at your pictures! It seems to me you pretty much are,” Helen said snickering as she added, “I know, I know. Now don’t get in a huff. But remember, I’ve known about your little proclivity for a long time now. Oh, are you coming home after work or going to Tracy’s again. If you're going to Tracy’s will you let me have her cell and address. And you really should tell your sister.”

“Okay mom. I’ll be here after work. Tracy can call you on her phone,” Mark said suddenly realizing there was absolutely nothing he was going to say that would change anything. His mother knew it all. Every bit of it and it seems so did Susan his boss now and of course Tracy. That most likely meant everyone at his new job might also know as he added, “Jesus!”

“What,” Tracy asked.

“Seems the only person that doesn’t know what I’ve done is my sister,” Mark said and then added, “and maybe SAL.”

“Well, you take care of sis and I’ll take care of mom. Then we can get dressed,” Tracy said just as her phone rang causing her to add, “hold on.”

“Hello,” Tracy says and then added, “hi Susan. Really? I can ask. Hold on? Mark?”

“Yes,” Mark says.

“Now that the trials are entering the next phase, they went promotional shots. They want you dressed and standing next to an actual Patti Play Pal doll. The thing is management is going to be there already so she’s asking would you like to arrive dressed or get dressed after arriving,” Tracy asks and adds, “arriving would mean traveling so you look like a little girl, and not a boy.”

“So wait a second, we’d leave here with me looking like one of your dolls, but that would include a wig,” Mark asked.


“Exactly,” Tracy said.

“Diapered, “ Mark whispered.

“Of course,” Tracy said and then joining him in whispers added, “and whichever dress we chose would include matching panties.”

“I guess if they want photo’s,” Mark said nervously.

“Susan, Mark’s okay coming into work dressed as a doll,” Tracy said and then after a pause added, “gee, that would be up to you boss. We’re pretty flexible. No seriously, I’ve got at least five really cute dresses with petticoats like that one and all of them have matching panties. Descriptions? Hold on as she started to walk:”

Tracy move into the sewing room and Mark followed. Tracy opened the closet to a colorful array of dresses but the fancier ones were hanging on the left side. The closet was split in half with the left half two hanging poles and no shelves. Tracy separated all but one dress on the top pole.

“Ready,” Tracy said and added, “okay first of all he’d be wearing lacy socks and black patent Mary Jane shoes with all of the dresses I’m going to describe. This first one is a really gorgeous shade of peach, almost pink with a bodice of white satin under lace. Got that? Right.

Decorating the bodice at each corner is ribbon rosettes in peach. It’s got a very cute white eyelet front collar and I made this one with matching bows for the wrist. Very girlish. It’s got a fully lined taffeta and organdy slip and petticoat and large hair bow. The panties are peach with white ruffles and lacy legs. This will have a matching sash. Sending the image now.”

Tracy slid that dress to the side and moved another in front of the camera.

Second dress,” Tracy says and added, “this one is a really cute sheer in pink nylon sheer but in a dotted Swiss. The underskirt is satin in pink. Very light, almost a blush. It's a nice combination of overskirt of sheer nylon on a cute taffeta underskirt. Very swishy.

Very little girl with lots of tricolor pink rosettes going around the waist. I’ve made bows for the wrist like the peach dress but this on has two hair bows for a split pony tail. Like I said, very little girlish This one also has a taffeta and nylon petticoat with lots of lace and sheer layers. Another swishy one. Hold on, sending the image now.”

Tracy waited for the image to clear then slid another in place.

“Sure, how about an aqua. I’ve got a sheer to die for. This one is also very little girlish it is an organdy fully lined in taffeta with the addition of a nylon bodice and Peter Pan collar trimmed in lace. I did the trim to match the puffy sleeves. I think you’ll love this one because I added tiny embroidery rosette on the front trim and the most adorable little satin bows at the sleeves and neck. It’s got the fullest skirt and most layers of slips of the three....”

“What,” Tracy said stopping.

“Oh yes, lots of petticoats. This one had a lot of taffeta in the slip and is a little shorter because I made the bubble panties with the intention of them showing. Yes, ruffles across the bottom but I added lace around the legs too. Over a diaper they are adorable.

Like little beach balls under the dress. I know makes my heart flutter. The sash is huge and I’ve got a single large hair bow. This one is terribly sissy. I mean that, even for a girl. Hold on I’m sending the picture now.”

Tracy waited.

“That one,” Tracy said and added, “yes, me too. Now? Going to make for a long night without a nap. Really, that would be great. No, he could do a bottle in the middle of it. Sure, I’ll tell him. No, we were just getting up. Fine, we’ll see you then.”

“What’s up,” Mark said without hinting that he’d already soiled himself just sitting there in the chair listening to the dress descriptions. That last one he’d been listening to had been done with a slow diaper rub and just as she got to taffeta slip part which one of his sister’s dresses had, he lost it. He was still squirting when she talked about the bubble panties showing.

“You precious are going to work as a little girl in the most delightful dress,” Tracy said lifting the aqua version from the rack. She moved down and lifted a bouffant slip that had been popular for toddlers during the Patti Play Pal era as she added, “Susan wants the panties to show no matter what.”

Mark’s erection, instead of going away remained. The notion of wearing that dress with that slip and suddenly those panties she was unclipping from the hanger nearly caused him to faint. He was back in his attic again, naked stepping into his sister’s fancy panties soiling the baby pants he already wore under the panties he’d put on in her room. He could hardly walk once they grew slippery. It was like that now.

“Oh, my sissy likes the notion of wearing these doesn’t she,” Tracy said and added, “going to get off again?”

“Again,” Mark said looking confused.

“Didn’t you get off in the chair,” Tracy said snickering.

“I.. Maybe a little,” Mark said and then added, “how did you know?”

“Oh precious,” Tracy said and then laughed as she added, “first of all there is no such thing as getting off a little and whenever a boy’s hands is anywhere near his penis and he’s not going to the bathroom he’s getting off.”

Mark blushed.

“Okay, I’m going to change and then I’ll get you dressed,” Tracy said and then added, “what a first day you’re going to have.”

“I’ve already had my first day,” Mark said.

“No, that was your interview day, which you passed,” Tracy said from halfway down the hall before turning into her bedroom. She was gone maybe five minutes before she reappeared and added, “okay honey, let’s turn you into a sweet adorable photogenic little girl for our press people.”

“So what is it they’re doing,” Mark asked following Tracy into the spare room to be changed. That part he was looking forward to. Actually he was looking forward to the dress as well but only to play in and not to make the drive to the lab which was 45 minutes away in the light of day.

“Well, I suspect since they’re about to start live trials or rather since they’ve started live trials they want to promote that with pictures of their latest and most important asset, namely you,” Tracy said.

“These pictures.... these pictures don’t go out to the general public do they,” Mark asked.

“I’m afraid so precious,” Tracy said and added, “that was a given. Thought you knew that? But then again how would you. You sort of skipped the normal interview process. You came through the back door... No, that’s not true, you came through the top hatch.”

“Wait,” Mark said and than added, “so okay, the pictures go public, I get that, but if they’re seeing a little girl. They’re not seeing the name right? I mean the public might still be thinking it’s still just a little girl right?”

“Nice try pumpkin, but no,” Tracy said and added, “the world will know that underneath all that fluff and puff is a pretty little man. They might do a side by side. Mark, you’re pretty famous right now because what you’re doing is pretty spectacular. I know you don’t think so because of the way you’re dressed and all but you really are very brave.”

“How so,” Mark asked.

“Well, no matter how you look or what you’re wearing you’re still a man walking under the Sword of Damocles. You are still putting your faith into the hands of a lot of people that built that robot and coded it to do the right thing. What you are testing will be used to justify and verify the release and launch of that entire module in a couple of years,” Tracy said.

“I’m not sure my sister and her friends and the guys I know are going to see it as risky as you do. Their just going to see me in diapered, ruffled panties and a pretty dress.,” Mark said.

“Well, just for the record,” That’s the way I see you as well. The other stuff is noble and all that but it doesn’t change how it gets me hot,” Tracy said as she started removing Mark’s nightgown and panties. His diaper was sodden.

Tracy used wipes to clean him then oil again which was becoming the one of the best parts about being put into diapers. If he had the courage he would have liked to ask his mother if she oiled him as a baby that way but he didn’t dare. He also wasn't sure he wanted to know.

“I thought you masturbated,” Tracy asked.

“I did, but you’re fluffing me,” Mark said.

“Where’d you learn such a naughty word,” Tracy asked.

“When you’re as small as I am, a lot of sex comes from Rosy Palm and her five sisters while watching pornography,” Mark said as he added, “I watched a lot of guys getting fluffed for their roles.”

“Wait, did you watch porn or did you want to learn to star in porn,” Tracy asked laughing.

“I was thinking that I was having so much sex of late that I’d start needing a fluffer,” Mark said.

“Okay Mark, you realize that a fluffer is a person employed to keep a male porn performer's penis erect on the set right? I mean it’s what they do? They are actually considered part of the makeup department. So far your problem has been getting rid of your erection, not in getting one,” Tracy said.

“You’re right,” I guess I don’t really need a fluffer so much as a... what’s the opposite of a fluffer in a porn movie,” Mark asked.

“Everyone that co-stars in the movie, Dufus,” Tracy said.

“Oh, right,” Mark said laughing.

“So do you, or rather did you dress up at home,” Tracy asked.

“Sometimes. Not as often as I wanted to if that’s what you’re asking,” Mark said blushing as Tracy wiped her hands to rid them of the baby oil. She picked up the baby powder and started coating him with that. With the baby powder done he was tapped into a Luv’s disposable diaper.

“I’m really beginning to like those,” Mark said feeling the soft cushiony center cuddle his testicles as those triple leak guards looking more like ruffled bands made them more girlish.

“Honestly Mark, I think you were just meant to stay in diapers and I was meant to make sure of that,” Tracy said sealing him in with a firm press of the front before closing both sides as she added, “remind me to rub you the right way before we go into the lab or you’re liable to embarrass the ladies when SAL changes you.”

“I know,” Mark sand and added, “I can’t help it.”

“Well, we will just have to cross that bridge when we come to it,” Tracy said before adding, “meanwhile let’s get you into your going to grandma’s dress.”

“Grandma’s,” Mark asked.

“SAL,” Tracy said. picking up the aqua colored doll dress that Susan had chosen as she added, “you think you need a fluffer now, wait till I get these sheer skirts and taffeta slips over you. Not to mention your little bubble panties and ruffles.”

“Too late,” Mark said pressing over his diaper as Tracy lifted the slip to glide it gently over Mark’s head. It didn’t have far to go and slid easily down to stop just an inch or so below his diaper. Tracy stood behind and daintily pinched the seams where the petticoats met the bodice and slid the slip to and fro to let the petticoats flair a little.

With that done she gathered the dress, unzipped it, undid the button and lowered it over Mark’s head. Like the slip it didn’t have far to go and the multiple gores allowed the dress to lay over the fullness of the slips easily. Those layers of the slip, added to the layers of the dress made the skirts almost stand straight out.

“You are going to break hearts tonight,” Tracy said fussing with the Peter Pan collar and its lace before doing the same with the cute nylon bodice. Everything matched as Tracy gently pushed Mark back to the vanity bench to sit. His socks were lacy and ruffled matching the dress in style but colored in pure white and a stark contrast to the shiny black Mary Jane's.

She had him stand and turn for the zipper, button and sash that she tied twice to get the bow perfect. It matched the bow for his hair which was in the closet on a Styrofoam head. Tracy pulled the head down, removed the pins and with it the hair before sitting where he had to fix the wig in place.

Mark’s transformation took a major turn with the hair and another with the bow when she opened the large clip and slid it over a clump of hair. She fussed with the skirt, slips and sleeves then the hair and back again. Mark was convinced she was just fussing.

“Are you doing anything or just messing around,” Mark asked.

“Considering this fluffing the doll,’ Tracy said laughing as she went under Mark’s dress, petticoats and slip to wiggle a finger into his panties and diaper.

He jumped back laughing.

“I think we’re ready,” Tracy said as she stood and asked, “where did you put your new badge?”

“It was in my pocket,” Mark said and then added, “you put it on the counter.”

“Next to my keys and phone. It’s in the charging box,” Tracy said and added, “we’re good to go.”

Tracy added blusher to Mark’s cheeks and lipstick which was Mark’s first time, promising to pierce his ears within a couple of days when there was a chance. He blushed when she made him bring his lips together as they walked out the door and into the garage as the garage door opened. The late afternoon sun caught Mark’s attention more than anything else.

“My God, I’m going outside,” Mark said.

“Well how about that dolly,” Tracy said getting in on the driver’s side. Mark opened his side and climbed in but with difficulty considering the layers and volume. His actions prompted Tracy to add, “hey, go back out and stand with your back to the seat, place your left arm on the seat, right arm on the door and lift yourself so your bottom can glide into the seat. Then turn facing the dashboard, fluff your pretty little dress and slips then buckle yourself in.”

Mark climbed out and did as Tracy said which turned out to be much easier and far more girlish because the folds of the slip and skirt were following his bottom like folding an umbrella. He turned, fluffed his skirts and as much as he could his slips, which was a delightful way to play, then found his seatbelt and buckled up. He fluffed some more before kicking his feet up to admire his Mary Jane shoes and ruffled socks. He could see himself in the right side mirror.

“Oh my God, will you sit back so I can back the car out of the garage,” Tracy said and then added, “and remind me to buy a mirror to put in the car to keep you busy.”

“Really,” Mark said.

“Sit still,” Tracy said as she backed out. The garage door came down by itself as she cleared the door. Her neighbor waved and she waved back. Mark didn’t and suddenly wanted to slide down in his seat.

“I thank she saw me,” Mark said.

“I know she saw you and she’s wondering who’s little girl you are. She knows I’m not married so she’s thinking niece? cousin? Maybe I’m babysitting someone’s little girl? She’s making a mental note to someday ask.” Tracy said.

“What are you going to tell her.” Mark asked.

“That’s easy,” Tracy said and then added, “can you believe that was a young man. Found him trying to climb into the kitchen that night you saw us. Forced him into those doll clothes at gun point. That morning you saw us I had a gun on him and was driving him to the sheriffs department. You didn’t read about it? Gosh, I thought for sure it would made the six o’clock news.”

“You’re kidding right,” Mark asked.

“I don’t know? Can you imagine her face if I did tell her that,” Tracy said and then added, “especially when she sees you again.”

“Exactly,” Mark said and then added, “how would you even explain something like that.”

“You were released on your own recognizance,” Tracy says and added, “you know, rebellious teenager, Just turned eighteen. We talked, I promised not to press charges if you came home and did exactly as I said. I’ll tell her I’m sewing a cute little maid’s outfit with ruffled panties that you’ll be wearing till you work off your sentence. You know what, I might even offer her your services and see if she takes the bait?”

“I’m not talking to you anymore,” Mark said as his erection began sliding within his diaper as he added, “would I be wearing a diaper under the maid panties?”

“You are truly becoming a very serious little sissy and what’s with this thing you’ve got for diapers,” Tracy asked.

“I think it’s my size back then when my sister was born. They helped me regress I suppose. Not sure, but once I masturbated in one, I was hooked, and when SAL put me into that one the other night, it’s all I can think about,” Mark said.

“I know,” Tracy said and added, “me to. I’m obsessed with you. Carol too. She’s not as bold as I but she had as much drool coming down her face as I did that night.”

“What’s she into,” Mark asked.

“You, but with what, I’m not sure,” Tracy said and then added, “and that would be between you and her.”

“SHE’S ADROABLE,” a woman yelled when they pulled to a stop.

“What,” Tracy asked as she rolled down Mark’s window.

“You’re little girl. She’s adorable,” The woman said in a more normal voice as she added, “you don’t see that kind of style anymore. It’s so refreshing. Reminds me of my days when I was a little girl.”

“I know, his sister wore that to her first pageant a couple of weeks ago,” Tracy said and then added, “caught him trying it on this morning in her bedroom. We’re going to pick her up at her recital. I think he makes a very adorable little girl, don’t you? He soiled the panties so badly I had to stop and get him into diapers.”

“Good heavens,” The woman said rolling her window up. Her tires squealed when the light changed.

“What did I say,” Tracy wondered looking over at Mark who was sitting there with his mouth open.

“My sister’s pageant dress? Are you kidding,” Mark said and added, “was that your idea of a joke. Do you know what you just did to my heart rate?”

“Come on, do you really want to roll through town just looking like a little girl,” Tracy said, “where’s the fun in that? No adventure, no excitement? How boring is that?”

“It would be nice not to be humiliated along the way,” Mark said.

“Oh stop,” Tracy said and then as she slowed as the next light changed to yellow. There was a man in a pick up truck slowing alongside as well. His window was open and he was looking at both. He was leering at Mark.

The man and Tracy stopped exactly at the same time and the man leaned even further.

“Do you see that,” Tracy yelled loud enough so the man could clearly hear what she was saying as she added, “he’s just like your uncle. That’s why I told you not to let him put you into a dress. Little boys should not be dressed like little girls.”

The man at first looked confused, then shocked, then disgusted. He quickly jumped back into his seat, rolled his window up and looked straight ahead. He didn’t even glance over at Mark. When the light change he sped off just like the woman did.

“See that honey,” Tracy said and added, “they’re worse off than you are.”

“Is this your way of getting even for something,” Mark asked.

“No, it’s my way of showing you how the worse that can happen is nothing more frightening that people looking more scared than you are,” Tracy said and then added, “which hopefully is you being totally relaxed by the time you arrive.”

“You think,” Mark asked smiling at the notion because he was falling into the lull she was drawing him into. Each time she drew him into a situation that petrified him, which turned out not to be so scary he found himself not only relieved but relaxed even more.

“Don’t your feel a little more mellow,” Tracy asked.

Maybe a little,” Mark said as he saw the lab barrier coming up.

They went thought the campus entrance and turned off for the science labs. Robotics was the last building built pre-war and of the only one still made of brick. It had been gutted in 1968 and brought up to code inside to keep the brick facade. Mark’s stomach began dancing a cute Irish jig that quickly sped up to a normal three/four time.

“There they are,” Tracy said pointing out the obvious. The photo van was one of the modern European versions with an awning that could be pulled out of an aluminum case bolted alongside the vans roof. Cameras on tripods had already been mounted and men were sitting at small tables with folding chairs playing cards.


“Oh crap. No, no, no. This can’t be! Quick, turn around, hurry,” Mark pleaded sliding down in the seat.

“What,” Tracy asked and then adding, “is it your mother? She still here?”

“No, it’s my sister? She’s here,” Mark said and then asked, “did you get a text or anything?”

Tracy looked at her phone for a moment scrolled a second and nodded.

“It’s a text and reads: On my way, don’t tell Mark. I want to surprise him. Hi, I’m Trisha, Mark’s sister,” Tracy said and then added, “it was sent just when we left the apartment so she was on the road when we were.”

“I can’t let her see me like this,” Mark said.

“Sure you can,” Tracy said and then added, “if you think about it, besides a few select friends and a couple of bullies that might still have the hot's for you, your sister and mother are the only two left that didn’t really know you’re out.”

“Wait,” Mark said and then added, “out? Out where? I’m not out! What’s out? Where did I come out it?”

“Duh! Mark,” Tracy said and added, “do I need to point out the obvious? You’ve been in your sister’s diapers since you were six. That’s twelve years baby. I’m going to go with simple diaper fetish at least. Might even push for paraphilic infantilism but probably not because I know for a fact you don’t derive any sexual pleasure from wearing diapers right? NOT!”

“Okay, okay,” Mark said and added, “I’m out on the diapers, but they don’t need to know about those, so can you please stop.

“So nothing on the infantile behavior? You’re not into nursing a breast, sucking on a baby’s pacifier, baby bottle or any of those behaviors then right,” Tracy asked.

“Yes, yes, fine,” Mark said and added, “that too. Now please turn around.”

“Wait, what about the dresses,” Tracy said slowing and added, “are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party? Oh, sorry, wrong questionnaire? Have you ever worn girl’s panties, slips, other forms of lingerie or a dress for sexual pleasure?”

“You know I have,” Mark said lowering himself even more as he added, “so what’s your point?”

“Tranny,” Tracy said and added, “clearly you’re getting sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex my little sissy baby. Which makes you a transvestite. Damn, you’re all over the spectrum of naughty things. So admit that you’re nothing but a little sissy baby who loves diapers and pretty little dresses and is desperate for a mommy type and I’ll take you home with me tonight.

“Fine, I’m a nothing but a little sissy baby who loves diapers and pretty little dresses and is desperate for a mommy type,” Mark said and added, “there are you satisfied?”

“Very,” Tracy said bending over to kiss him lightly on the lips as she pulled into her parking space.

“Wait, I admitted I was everything you said I was,” Mark said and added, “so we can leave?”

“Don’t be silly? We’ve got a whole night ahead of us. Besides, your sister is here with you mother,” Tracy said and then added, “you’re telling me you spent all that time getting all dolled up to be seen, just to turn around and leave without letting them see you?”

“Yes,” Mark said as Tracy opened her door.

“Well, it’s quickly becoming a moot point, because here comes our boss, the promotional people, your sister, mother and Carol who is going to want to know all the wonderful details of our time together,” Tracy said as Mark pulled his own door handle she added, “tell you what, go give your sister and mom a hug, get your pictures and I’ll see that Carol is as wet as you are when her shift starts.”

“Oh my God Mark,” Trisha said running up to him and giving him a hug as she added, “if I knew you looked this cute as a little girl I would have been putting you in my dresses years ago. Mom, look at him? This is my older brother?”

“I know honey,” Mark’s mother said catching up as he walked towards the promotion people and Susan.

“Hi mom,” Mark said.

“Hi baby,” Mark’s mother said as she came up and hugged him before adding, “I was trying to tell Hazel, you know Hazel, the one that bakes those God awful prune cookies at Christmas, what you do and she couldn’t imagine it. Her words: a boy in diapers and little girl dresses playing house with a mommy robot? Her words, she called it the last frontier.”

“You’re telling the neighbors, mom,” Mark asked.

“Just Hazel honey,” We were having coffee and I’m very proud of you. Oh, and I’ve brought down all of Trisha’s pageant things. I managed to put her panties, stockings and camisoles, plus a couple of slips in one drawer. Her bouffant slips and dresses are hanging in your closet. I think we gave the shoes to Goodwill if I remember, but I don’t see why you can’t get another pair.”

“Thanks mom,” Mark said deciding not to try and argue with her.

“My friends Cindy and Sandy both have little sisters and they said that maybe some time next week we could all get together and have a little mini pageant. You could be my pretend little sister,” Trisha said bursting into a riotous laugh.

“Very funny Trisha,” Mark said.

“I’m just saying,” Trisha said and then added between snorts and chortles, “but only Sandy’s sister is still in diapers.”

“Keep it up,” Mark said as Susan arrived.

“You ready,” Susan asked.

“More than ready,” Mark said as he turned to walk off with the photographer.

“Honey,” Mark’s mother yelled.

“What,” Mark asked turning towards his mother.

“I don’t know which brand of diapers you wear,” She said and then added, “I was going to get a package on the way home but I don’t know the brand?”

“We use Pampers here at the lab Mrs. Rosen, he’s in a size 6. But Tracy said she had him in a Luv’s size 6 at her place, so either of those should work,” Susan said turning to join in.

Mark was walking open mouth looking from his mother to his boss. He couldn’t believe what he was just hearing. His boss and mother were discussing diapers for him for home use.

“Thank you Ms. Atwood,” Mark’s mother said and then added, what about panties? Baby panties?”

“Just the plastic lined rumba styles with the dresses. Like he’s wearing now,” Susan said as Tracy and Carol caught up.

“Did I miss much,” Tracy asked.

“Shoot me now,” Mark said as he added, “they are talking about baby pants. Susan and my mother. My mother wants to know what kind of baby pants to buy?

“Dappi brand Mrs. Rosen. They make a really great baby panty. It’s a lot like Gerber's,” Tracy yelled at Mark’s mother and added, “and Carol says you might also try the Huggies size six disposable diapers. They’ve got the ruffled leak guards like the Luv’s.”

Mark’s sister was losing it big time as he watched. He was never going to live it down. Then his phone pinged. He was holding a black patent Patti Play Pal purse that he wished he’d left back at Tracy’s house as he unsnapped it. It was his sister.

“Unicorns or fairy’s,” Trisha wrote.

“For what,” Marked typed back not sure what the hell she was texting. He knew it wasn’t going to be good.

“For your room.” Trisha replied, and added “now that I’ve got a little sister I want to see that she gets a proper room and I was thinking about themes? So I’m asking: Unicorn or fairy?”

“Look what you’ve done,” Mark said showing Tracy his phone. Tracy looked at the text.

“Unicorn,” Tracy said and then added, “unicorns have more pinks and lavenders. Fairies tend towards the greens and blues.”

“I’m getting nowhere with everyone,” Mark said in frustration as he sighed.

“What,” Tracy whispered as they reached the area where they were going to take the outside pictures. It was the Robotics Lab sign. They wanted Mark standing next to the life size image of Robby the Robot created for the movie Forbidden Planet. It was huge compared to him.

Even Mark’s sister began to adore her brother’s “cuteness” as they posed him under the light modifier umbrellas they had set up nearby. Two were on tripods, another was hung nearby on a large pole. There was a poof sound and a bright light, then another.

The photographer was walking around stopping, standing, dipping and snapping images while telling Mark to smile, show his dimples, put a finger on a cheek, turn his face, grin. Smile, think of pretty dresses, Cinderella and all things little girl, seemingly ignorant that Mark was not a six year old girl.

Then the photographer said he wanted Mark to bend just a little to pick a flower. Mark knew exactly why he said that and watched or did so till the man went behind him and the flashes began. He was getting his ruffled panties on film.

“Pervert,” Mark whispered as a series of shots went off as the man grew closer.

“Okay, that’s a wrap,” the photographer said before adding, “I can get the inside shots when the shift starts.”

“Okay people,” Susan said clapping her hands before adding, “we’re done with the outside shots, about ten minutes before we go on-line so get you hugs done and lets get inside and the rest of these photos taken care of.”

Mark turned to his mother and sister who were coming over. Both had their cell phones out which meant most of the pictures the company had were also on their cell phones.

“Hey, I do love you, in spite of the teasing and whatever you are into it’s okay with me,” Trisha said hugging Mark.

“That’s double for me honey,” Mark’s mother said and then added, “and your diapers will be in your room when you... I mean if you get home tonight.”

“Thank’s mom. I’m using the Luv’s at Tracy’s.” Mark said then turned back to his sister and said,” love you to sis and I’ve decided to go with the unicorn. It’s got more pastels.”

His sister laughed. His mother looked at both curiously.

Mark walked inside with Tracy and Carol, petticoats bouncing. He turned to see his sister and mother walking back to their cars. It was an amazing visit. If he went home tonight he would have all of his sister’s pageant clothes hanging in his closet and a drawer full of lingerie.

Not only that but his mother was going to buy him a package of diapers, Luv’s, Pampers or perhaps Huggies on her way home. He had an erection just considering which package might be in his bathroom. His mother was buying him diapers for him to wear to bed? He was still processing that one.

Meanwhile he was walking next to his girlfriend who insisted he be her sissy baby. How could he not feel prissy. All that on top of a job that was paying him to be a sissy baby for a robot. He was never going to be macho, he knew that years ago when the doctor trying to cheer him up said he’d see a growth spurt and never did.

Now, as he laughed, he was seeing nothing but spurts more times than he could count. If sexual satisfaction was a man’s measure of success and some of his friends had once teased him because that’s how they measured theirs... they were huge losers compared to him.

He’d lost count over how many times he’d been brought to climax since late Thursday night when all of this started. It was funny he mused. He was having sex at this very moment. Just walking was getting him off right in his diaper as the petticoats bounced over his ruffled panties.

“What are you snickering over,” Tracy said.

“Poor SAL having to change my diaper when we start tonight,” Mark said.


“Hello Mary,” SAL said over the soft whir of her servos and motors, there were light hisses and soft snaps as joints and hinges moved. SAL was testing herself against her protocols.

“That’s a lovely wig,” SAL said.

“Thank you, Tracy loaned it to me so I could ride in dressed for the photographers,” Mark said.

“I know, I’ve reviewed the pictures in the database. Very pretty,” You make a very pretty little girl,” SAL said and then added, “they are very excited over the opportunity of having a boy to promote in a dress. They want to market the surprise.”

“That should be quite a surprise,” Mark said.

“Would you like to keep the hair on,” SAL said and added, “and pretend you are Mary?”

“I’d like that,” Mark said.

“Then we shall do that.” SAL said gently picking Mark up at the waist. Mark felt light headed and giddy as he gently rose from the floor and began to travel across the room to the changing table. According to protocol he had stepped into the Larger closet like box first as his starting point. His doll box Susan called it.

“Are you hearing this exchange,” Susan said to Joann.

“I am,” Joann answered lifting a headset from one ear before adding, “SAL is interaction with Mark as she might a little girl. Or trying to.”

“No, she’s actually reasoned it out,” Susan said and added, “she knows Mark is male dressed female. In fact, she knows he’s older than a little girl.”

“Interesting,” Joann said and then added as she turned to Tracy, “does our programing in any way allow for adjustments in either gender or age discrepancies?”

“No ma’am,” Tracy said and then added, “when we were building the code we did build in primary and secondary sex characteristics. That was normal for base algorithms, plus for databases we’ve included the MD Dictionary. That included the current version of Global Medical Knowledge in general. I should note we brought in the specifics on childhood development. That part covered the section on physical growth and sexual maturation of adolescents up to adult.”

“So what are you saying Tracy,” Joann asked.

“Ma’am, SAL knows the difference between a child and an adult, and a boy and a girl.” Tracy said.

“So the dress or diaper isn’t going to confuse her,” Joann asked.

“No ma’am, any more than that wig just did,” Tracy said and then cleared her throat.

"Something else Tracy," Susan asked.

"Ma'am, we also included several comprehensive dictionaries and medical references including the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders into her data base," Tracy said.

"Help me understand what you're saying," Joann said.

"She knows about a fetish and fetish types including role play within lifestyles," Tracy said.

"Interesting," Susan said and added, "which explains why she might want to play within context to Mark's situation."

"Yes ma'am," Tracy said.

"We might want to keep that part of this program to ourselves," Susan said.

"Yes ma'am," Tracy said smiling.

“Fair enough,” Joann said watching SAL gently set Mark down on the changing table. The robot’s manipulators and carefully removed the dress and slip over the wig leaving the wig in place after gently removing the hair bow. Other manipulators had held the wig and volume of hair down as the dress came up and away then the slip.

With Mark still in the rumba panties over his diaper and ruffled lacy socks and Mary Jane shoes the wig made him look very much like a little girl.

“He is very passable even without the dress,’ Carol whispered as she continued with her scans. Tracy had asked if she’d worn a pad in and Carol had opened her purse to reveal a Good night diaper for little girls that wet their beds at night. “Found out these fit perfectly. So does a pacifier when I’m using a vibrator.”

“Naughty girl,” Tracy said and then added, “I may have to bring you home to play with my dolly.”

“Oh yes please,” Carol begged.

“What the hell is she doing,” Joann asked.

Both Carol and Tracy not paying attention at the moment looked first at the monitors before looking at the big screen. SAL had removed Mark’s diaper but had left the rumba panties on near the knees. Why wasn’t clear till she brought them back before lifting them to squirt baby lotion over Mark’s penis.

“Will I’ll be damned,” Tracy said a bit too loudly.

“What,” Joann asked.

“SAL is about to masturbate our test subject,” Tracy said.

“Impossible,” Joann said just as SAL replaced the plastic lined nylon covered rumba panties before laying a manipulator over Mark’s erection.

You could hear the vibration starting over the loud speaker and even if you couldn’t Mark’s moan was very clear when it came. The toes of Mark’s Mary Jane shoes turned in and he arched his back pushing his pink panties up as the manipulator rotated around Mark’s penis. It couldn’t have lasted more than a minute before Mark collapsed.

“SAL, this is Susan Atwood, Program Manager, requesting voice recognition priority alpha zero one three five override,” Susan said and then added, “please interrupt program and state the last subjects interaction and purpose?”

Mark fell back against the changing table breathing heavily. At the moment he wasn’t part of any conversation.

“Subject Mary experienced arterial dilation of his corpora cavernosa causing it to engorge forcing a penile erection. I detected that erection during Mary’s diaper examination.”

"He got a hard on," Tracy said.

“Okay,” Susan said looking at Tracy and then added, “I get that SAL, but what prompted you to take action?”

“When I touched Mary’s diaper there was an increased heat bloom indicated additional arousal. With further action needed and with it additional stimulation to change his diaper I reasoned there would be further risk that his vas deferens tubes would retract with immediate ejection of semen.” SAL said.

"I can definitely confirm that bloom," Carol said. Tracy looked over and snickered.

"She's saying that she thought if she touched him while changing his diaper he'd go off," Tracy said.

"I got that Tracy," Susan said in frustration turning back to the mike.

“So you decided to masturbate him,” Susan said.

“I furthered reasoned that he was already wearing plasticized panties under his nylon panties which would capture his seminal fluid release without harm. That release would only require a minor intervention and a few milliliters of lubricating fluid to complete his ejaculation thus forcing his semen into his plasticized rumba panties to end his erection, or what you call masturbating him.”

“To what end,” Joann asked.

“So he would climax and return to a normal state,” SAL said noting the obvious to a few snickers throughout the room.

“I need to get out more,” Joann said with her own snicker.

“Is that going to happen every time he needs a diaper changed,” Susan asked.

“God I hope so,” Carol said not realizing she said it out loud.

“We’re not doing a porn film girls Carol,” Susan said.

“Yes ma’am,” Carol noted trying desperately not to smile, because she was as she clipped the video to download to another disk.

SAL used baby wipes inside the rumba panties then around Mark’s penis. SAL neatly hung the dress and slips then continued cleaning the rumba panties that went into a bio hazard bag according to protocol. Marks Mary Jane shoes and socks went into a bag for disposable outside which was diverted back to Tracy. As were the rumba panties, dress and slip.

Mark was diapered and put into a onesie then moved to a high chair to be fed from a lengthy test cycle on a Gerber Baby Food jar of beef barley. He hated the carrots and tolerated the chocolate pudding. At the end of dinner with a score of 93 out of a hundred he was laid down with a bottle.

They lost three points on the locking mechanism on the tray which pointed to a flaw in the camera positioning system and two more points when the computer couldn’t wipe Mark’s chin twice in a row Whatever it was in the code preventing that second wipe had to be looked at. There was two more points when the spoon glanced Mark’s cheek. No big deal for a spoon but it could have been a scalpel.

It was then as he sat in his diaper and onesie in the conference room sipping casually from his baby bottle with no regard for what he was doing that he realized how critical it was they get it right. They had interrupted the test allowing for the meeting.

There was no measurement of the force when the spoon glanced his cheek so they wanted Mark’s feedback. Two of the programmers were from the building and didn’t work in the test lab and thought he was a little girl when they were brought into the conference room.

They sat and Mark was drinking from the baby bottle without giving it any conscious thought. He’s pink sleeper had pink bears on it and clearly he was in diapers as he sat there with his head just slightly above the table. The two programmers thought it odd, whispered something then listened to Susan’s explanation of what happened. When she said Mary’s cheek it didn’t change their view of Mark.

“Go ahead Mary tell them how hard it was going along your cheek,” Susan said.

“It would have cut fairly deeply had it been a scalpel,” Mark said in his normal boy’s voice taking the baby bottle from his mouth to speak.

He was a total contradiction to their view. His long hair, the pink ribbon, the pink onesie with the bright pink bear on the front. His bulging diaper sitting there. The baby bottle half full of milk and him drinking from it with the three women with him. Then suddenly this slightly high but clearly male voice and not a young sounding baby girl voice. Both men sat stunned with their mouths open.

"Well," Susan asked.

“I’d have to study her... I mean it,” one of them said.

“I’d have to agree,” the other added.

“We’re going to need some suggestions on where in the code to look,” Susan said and then added, “thank you guys.”

“You’re welcome,” Both said at the same time as they got up and immediately bumped into each other, until they finally agreed on which way to turn for the door, made the turn and then left. The conference room wall was glass and Mark was scrutinized down the whole fifteen feet of wall.

“Think they are a little confused,” Tracy asked.

“You think,” Carol said.

“I think one of them will be masturbating under his bed sheets over Mark,” Susan said.

“Which,” Tracy and Carol asked before Mark could.

“The one that said I’d have to study her,” Susan said and added, “Clearly a Freudian slip. He wanted to study Mark all right.”

“Okay guys, before we go out there for the second half we need to talk about the elephant in the room or that episode with SAL and Mark’s vibrating panties at the start of the shift. I suspect that’s going to happen at least once maybe twice a night,” Susan said.

“That’s my hope,” Mark said playing with the nipple of the baby bottle.

“Well, at the risk of our grants, I’m not sure I want one or two sessions showing you being masturbated by our robot in every four hour segment of tape, Susan said as she added, “so we’ve got to come up with an alternative solution.”

“Thought about that,” Tracy said and added, “would you consider leasing a small motor home or trailer for the site? Trailer would work best. Say something similar to what they use on site for movies. Nothing fancy, just enough for makeup, changes and a little discretion.”

“Flesh colored panties,” Carol said and added, “nylon, tight mesh, they use them in sex scenes where they don’t want genital contact. Very hard to see on camera.”

“Another excellent idea,” Susan said and then added, “let’s take care of both those items as soon as possible. You okay with what they’ve proposed?”

“Absolutely,” Mark said and added, “last thing I want to be is a porn star dressed like a little girl.”

“Well, there goes the idea I have for my next movie,” Carol said snickering.

“Got a title,” Mark asked.

“Mommy does Didees,” Carol said and then added, “it’s a work in progress.”

Tracy and Mark shook their heads.

“All right guys, let’s focus. We got the latest problems loaded up, lets go tackle the second half.”

The rest of the night went normally. Mark was put down, fed another bottle, changed from a disposable diaper into cloth then back to a disposable, fit into a car seat, stroller and mock up of a bathroom changing station. From three AM to four AM he was given five different medications simulated by colored water and Jello.

To Mark’s surprise he had jeans, shirt, shoes and socks and a jacket to change into and he was exhausted. So was Tracy. Mark asked if she could give him a rain check for the night and drive him home. Truth was he was anxious to see what his mother had managed with his sister’s clothes and what sort of diapers were waiting for him.

Tracy hugged and said she too could use the rest and wanted to know how it went when he came to work the following night. Tracy and Carol were going to spend some of their morning working on their solutions so it was Susan who volunteered to drive Mark home.


It was 8:30 in the morning when Mark walked into the house.

His mother was walking out, kissed him and said she left a note. He needed to call Hazel first thing while he was eating breakfast, she had some kind of business proposal. His sister came out of her room, hugged him and turned back for her room. Her first class wasn’t until ten. Mark put off going to his room or taking a shower and called Hazel.

“Hi Hazel,” Mark said when Hazel picked up the phone. She promised him no more than an hour then he could go back home and sleep. She guaranteed it would be worth his while. He really liked Hazel, now more than ever because she was a seamstress and had made some of his sister’s dresses.

“Hello honey, I know you’re tired so I won’t take a lot of your time,” Hazel said swinging the door wider to let mark in.

She made tea and sat immediately to pitch him a job. He was surprised. She knew about the one he had and far more than what his mother could have told her. Forbes, she noted happily, regarding investments in robotics she added and showed him data on the company that was backing the school he was involved in.

She was a little vague at first but mention that she knew he was wearing dresses his girlfriend was making. Patti Play Pal dresses with bonnets and panties for some, slips for others. That came from his mother. She wasn’t even sure it was his girlfriend until he confirmed it. That also was his mother’s doing.

He was a little shocked at how matter of fact he took the information that she knew he was wearing dresses for work. It seemed to becoming old news that he was dressing like a little girl and the feedback was hardly even newsworthy all of a sudden. She too seemed unruffled by his crossdressing.

She actually seemed excited to know he wore diapers, but she stopped there to talk first about the job. She said he had a good job, well paying but she’d be surprised if it went past 12 months before it dried up. She was right about him not knowing where he might go from there. He had no clue.

Before the lab he hadn’t worked much and that too was true. Then the proposal: She wanted Mark to become kind of her partner in a business. In the beginning it would be part time, maybe two hours a day if he could handle it, less if he couldn’t. She would be very flexible. Demand would fall off dramatically after the beginning.

She knew about Tracy but didn’t know Tracy, and intended to talk with her in the very near future but she wanted to talk with Mark first. The deal was this. Tracy was doing fairly well selling Patti Play Pal dresses with those matching panties, bonnets, mittens and slips or so Hazel believed. Mark wasn’t sure about all that, but to humor her he said that appeared to be so.

Hazel to wanted to sell based on the Patti Play Pal doll, but in her case she would be selling diapers and plastic panties and the like. The “like” being mostly baby items from the Patti Play Pal period like bibs and bonnets. She believed she could do just as well on Ebay. Perhaps not as well as Tracy but well enough. What she was hoping is that Mark could help her do that.

For Mark’s help Hazel was willing to share what she made in sales or pay him a wage depending on how he saw himself in their new venture. Once there was a substantial volume in an item or items she would have them made offshore somewhere. She wasn’t sure where yet but that would be her job to find out.

Mark actually grew excited over the prospects, even more so realizing he could even afford a car with hand controls between what he might make with Hazel and the lab. That’s when he pushed Hazel for more details. She paused and asked him his sizes, wrote them down, looked at them and laughed. A moment later she left for a room off the hall. She returned with a box that she sat at Mark’s feet and immediately pulled the first item out. Mark was looking at a diaper.

“Are you ready for the nuts and bolts of this,” Hazel asked.

“Yes,” Mark said.

She had guessed at his sizes she said and between the conversation with his mother and late last night she came up with what she had in that box. What she hoped was that over the next few weeks, not sure how long actually, she’d have more. A lot more she noted as she let the diaper hang open.

“So, you come home from work at the lab, stop here, just briefly mind you, and I diaper you,” Hazel said and then added, “that is to say I diaper you with our the latest and greatest diaper and plastic panty. I’ve got at least a dozen designs to sew in your size which of course is Patti Play Pal’s sizes. Okay so far?”

“Okay,” Mark said trying to swallow.

“Good. Now then, if I diaper you in a new design we do lots of poses and pictures and listing information in a binder for that particular design A real solid Ebay profile. If it’s just a little upgrade or color change we just take a few photos to update and add it to the original. As we do each and are happy with the design, I make a bunch, put them in numbered boxes, and listing them on Ebay for sale,” Hazel said and added, “got that so far.

“I do,” Mark said.

“So each day you come over I diaper you, you approve the design and that design gets released for production. You go home till the next day and we do it again,” Hazel said and then added, “and we do that till we’ve got a nice set of diapers, plastic panties, bibs, bonnets, maybe some tee shirts and whatever else tickles our fancy.”

“And you’ve got some designs right now,” Mark asked.

“Right now. Literally,” Hazel said and added, “what I’d like to do, if you’re willing, is put you in one now and let you wear it home use it, see how it works. Then come back and we add that to the profile.”

“Wait? You want to diaper me so I can use that diaper,” Mark said and then added with a suspicious look, "Hazel, if you're selling these for dolls, why would you care how they work?"

“Well, I was just thinking that it might make it more credible," Hazel said and added, "you know, we promote them as being real. We could say they are so real they can actually be used."

“Hold on a second,” Mark said and then added, “now why would you do that? Is this all because of me being in diapers or something? Hazel, you just want to see if I'm willing to sleep in this stuff or what?”

“I Just heard rumors honey,” Hazel said before adding “so yes, I have heard you wear diapers at night.”

“I’m wearing diapers at work to test a robot,” Mark said deciding not to tell Hazel about his time with Tracy.

“So I’m wasting my time then aren't I,” Hazel said.

“Yes and no. I’m not going to wear a diaper home to wet in that’s for sure,” Mark said but added, “but I like the idea of helping you sell diapers and plastic pants and those accessories on Ebay. So yes, I’m in.”

“Oh I knew I made the right choice picking you,” Hazel said getting up a little and kissing Mark on the cheek.

“So what kind of diapers will I be wearing or better still what’s my first diaper going to be,” Mark asked.

I thought I’d start you out wearing the best. The All in One or AIO,” Hazel said lifting the one she’d been holding back up again as she added, “Personally I love this one the most. It’s a fitted diaper with a baby pants or waterproof cover. Works just like a disposable. Just put it on and fasten the snaps and go.

“So the diaper and baby pants are sewn together,” Mark said looking the diaper baby pants combination.

“Exactly,” Hazel said and added, “that is the best thing about these Mark. You get the diaper and baby pants as a single unit. Bad thing is they are hard to clean because the diaper and plastic panties wash and dry differently . However, when you get a chance to try this one on, I think you’ll like they way they feel.”

“Are these that you’re showing me in my size,” Mark asked.

“Yes,” Like I said, right after I talked with your mom and sister and found out you were wearing the dresses I made for your sister I kind of knew your sizes because I knew those sizes. I’ve been sewing feverishly ever since.

Mark was going to say something about not wearing his sister’s clothes but it just wasn’t worth it anymore. He was so deeply committed to nearly everyone that trying to convince them otherwise was an exercise in futility.

He was forever some kind of sissy baby and it all happened within a couple of days. Funny thing is he kept finding these awesome reasons for admitting he was a sissy baby like here, now, at Hazel’s. So when do I get these?

“When I make the soakers,” Hazel said and then added, “ give me a couple of days to finish the inserts and a couple more designs then I’ll put together a diaper bag for you and well plan our next moves. Gee, I’m wondering if it might even be better if you sleep over here during the profiles and listings?”

Mark simply shook his head. He was going to need a social calendar. Hazel was dipping into the box of diaper designs and missed it, but he wasn’t sure he could take the stress of having another place where a woman was going to spend her time putting him into diapers. Then again, she wasn’t bad to look at and he wondered what her reaction would be the first time she saw his erection?

Mark couldn’t help but imagine just that. He was caressing the diaper and feeling baby pants that covered the diaper. He could easily imagine himself actually wearing it. Mark was feeling slightly flush over the look of that hourglass shape and wings hugging him then it was Hazel looming over him closing the diaper around him. He felt suddenly woozy

“You okay,” Hazel asked.

“Just tired,” Mark said and then thought - too damn much sex.

“Of course you are! Honey, let’s stop. No need to exhaust over this,” Hazel said and added, “I’d love nothing better than to put you into this diaper right now, but it can wait. Go home, gets some sleep and I’ll continue to sew. When the time comes I’ll start powdering you proper, okay?”

“Sounds wonderful,” Mark said yawning as he stood, stretched and hugged Hazel before heading for her front door. Hazel hugged him again. He was exhausted, some of which the difference in the hours. He wasn’t use to shifting hours like this. Then there Hazel and her surprise about doing business with him. He was wondering if Tracy was awake.

Mark walked home. From the window Hazel watched and licked her lips. She was holding a bolt of baby pink satin in her hand. She turned away from the window for her sewing room, she had a lot of work to do.


“Mom,” Mark whispered lovingly.

His sister had gone off to school, his mother was at work and he’d stumbled into the house forgetting his mother’s comments about the dresses, lingerie or buying him diapers till he opened his bedroom door.

On his bed was a baby’s changing pad with a still folded Luv's Ultra Leak guards Disposable Diapers, Size 6. It had become his favorite since staying at Tracy’s place or rather since Tracy. He suspected, no he knew it was the ruffled leak guard gathers as he moved to the bed and fondled the silken edge.

His mother had purchased a new bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder, Baby Lotion and he wondered if she’d purchased the pink on purpose. He wanted to think so as he started to undress. He stopped at his shirt but was naked from the waist down when he went to the closet and discovered all seven of his sister’s pageant dresses now hung in his closet, plus the two bouffant slips.

He went to his dresser and found out his top drawer had been shifted down to the second which shared space with his tee shirts so the top was his girl stuff. The pageant panties, hair bows, lacy gloves, half slips and socks were now there. Then he saw the Shirley Temple Chiffon Baby Take A Bow Bonnet. That made him go back to see if the little dress was there and it was.

He would play in that set when he woke. He padded to the shower after leaving the shirt on the chair. Fastest shower ever he mused coming back into the room to open his new diaper and take the seal off the baby powder. With the diaper open he laid over it.

He was leaking badly when he laid back and tipped the baby powder over and began to cover himself in the silky talcum. He taped the diaper closed and rubbed himself maybe three times at most. He smiled over the speed at which he climaxed and the pleasure of it. It wasn’t just the pleasure but the warmth spreading over his body that swept him to a different place as he caressed his diaper.

Diaper! That’s when Hazel came back to him.

“Hello,” Tracy said and added, “miss me already? He misses me.”

“Who’s there,” Mark asked feeling guilty that he called.

“Carol,” Tracy said and then added, “She wore a Goodnight to work. I brought her home to show her what a proper diaper would feel like. No, the Luv’s don’t fit her! I had to stop and get a small adult but I made her buy them and explain to the lady at the register that she was having accidents. It’s all good. So what’s up?”

Mark told her about Hazel and that she wanted to make diapers for Patti Play Pal dolls using him as both a model and partner to sell on Ebay. He said his mother talked about Tracy and her dresses and thought the diapers might sell as well. Mark wanted to know if that was true or not?

Tracy said no but they would sell a few. What Mark had was another admirer. When she found out how old Hazel was and that she was single it was clear or at least Tracy believed that Hazel might be a Cougar. Mark felt very niave when he asked what a Cougar was.

Tracy said that an 18 year old and a 35 year old woman were both at their sexual peak. By definition a Cougar was a woman attracted to a man that was at least eight years junior to the woman. Mark was seventeen years junior to Hazel. Hazel wanted to have a sexual relationship with Mark.

In his case Tracy noted with a snicker the best way into his pants was to make them. What Tracy believed Hazel was doing was making the cloth diapers and those plastic panties as enticements to get Mark to lay down and be put into them. Ultimately she would most likely put him into her with apologies for her crudeness.

Mark’s dilemma is deciding if he wanted to spend time getting put into a bunch of cloth diapers and plastic panties made by a woman that wanted to have sex with him? Mark started gently rubbing his diapers again. Tracy could hear the soft crinkle and said so laughing. Mark, she said, was becoming a cult leader with a following.

Mark went to his dresser, found the camisole his sister wore with her half slips, slipped it over his head, took up the pacifier his mother had thought to purchase and slid between the covers. His new baby blanket with the pink satin edging went with him. He wasn’t sure when he fell asleep but the pacifier fell from his mouth a few seconds later.

Mark’s first dream was nursing Hazel’s breast. He was wearing one of her newly made cloth diapers under a pair of her soft plastic panties. That set, she told Mark, was not going on Ebay.


“Mark, it’s Hazel,” Trisha yelled from her room. She had yelled to grab the phone when it rang and Mark was just coming out of the shower. It was ten. He had an hour bus ride to get to work and wanted to eat first before he left.

“Hi Hazel, what’s up,” Mark said remembering the dream he’d had and almost sharing it before deciding it was too intimate.

“I remember when I was talking to your mom that you didn’t drive which I should have already known. Anyway, is that still true,” Hazel asked.

“It is,” Mark said and added, “too small for a normal size car without modifications and it’s been too expensive so far. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I thought, if you didn’t mind, I’d drive you in. I’ve can shop at Megs which is about six blocks from your campus so it’s kind of a twofer for me because I can cover some things I needed to talk over with you before I did that shopping.”

“What’s Megs,” Mark asked.

“It’s a fabric store, huge, 24 hour and I was going to go tomorrow after we talked in the morning then I thought about you needing that ride. So what do you think,” Hazel asked.

I think any reason not to ride the city bus is a good reason to say yes and thank you for the offer,” Mark said and added, “Eleven sound okay?”

“Eleven it is,” Hazel noted as she hung up the phone and went back to the diaper she was working on. This one would be mostly for play she mused. Two layers of Birdseye cotton sandwiching one inch of soft crushable baby batting. This diaper would go under a buttery soft pair of blush pink baby pants.

Mark was dressed as a boy when he walked over to meet with Hazel.

“Feels funny,” Mark said climbing into the car with his lunch.

He’d had dinner with his mother and sister spending some of it discussing what had gone on with both of them and him throughout the day. That proverbial Elephant in the room got mentioned by Mark when he thanked his mother for the diapers with a “your welcome” back and his sister for the dresses.

She was going to help him choose the one for Halloween and practice a talent just to have a reason to wear it more than once. It was, he said, nice being out. You could feel the change in the house his sister said wondering out loud why and then knowing as she took her brother’s hand.

“So about what we’re doing,” Hazel said and then added, “that is you and I and the third reason for driving you to work.”

“Third reason,” Mark said.

First because I need to talk before the fabric store, second because of that fabric store and the last because... hey, I’m already heading that way,” Hazel said.

“So I guess it’s the first,” Mark asked.

“It’s the first,” Hazel said and then added, “I was sewing the fitted and using this ultra soft cotton Birdseye fabric, seriously cuddles and while I’m sewing I’m wondering if those with your type of fetish, maybe you included, have an interest in something more?”

“More,” Mark asked already interested in just the notion of a diaper that could be described in terms that seriously cuddles.”

“I made an experimental diaper today that you’ll have to see and then judge,” Hazel said and then added, “that would definitely be considered strictly for the fetish side.”

“So is it like a normal diaper,” Mark asked.

“Okay, it starts that way, Hazel said and then added, “that is I start with two layers of Birdseye cotton then sandwich or place those on either side of a one inch thick piece of really crushable soft baby batting. Nice thing about the baby batting is it holds it’s shape pretty well.

“So you’re making a really thick diaper,” Mark said.

“Thick at first yes, but it doesn’t stop there,” Hazel said and then added, “that’s step one. “Step two is it’s contoured so it’s fitted. The real fetish part is more layers because I’m adding satin over the cotton layer. This is shiny side up satin.”

“I’m not sure I just followed that last part,” Mark said and added, “the shiny side up part?”

“Satin fabric, the better weaves have a lustrous, shiny surface, very silky to the touch on that lustrous side, with the other side dull,” Hazel said and then added, “I’m fixing the layer so the silky side is against the skin when the diaper is on.”

“Oh,” Mark said trying to keep his voice even. He got the implications of a diaper like that immediately.

“Not finished,” Hazel said as she added, “on top of the satin I’m adding a layer of lingerie nylon. Imagine first stepping into panties, then a slip and finally getting pinned into a diaper.”

“Wow,” Mark said.

“That’s wow under a buttery soft pair of blush pink fresh plastic vinyl baby pants,” Hazel said.

“I may loose my voice,” Mark said.

“The input I need from you and the reason I’m heading to the store is how would you like to be put into it,” Hazel asked.

Mark almost said with large amounts of baby powder and a bottle full of juice but didn’t.

“What do you mean,” Mark asked thinking she was offering him foreplay.

“Fasteners,” Hazel said and added, “if I do the contoured, which I think would be the best design for this type of diaper that leaves me with how to put you into it? Diaper pins, Velcro, snaps, that sort of thing. Changes the flap design a lot.”

“What would you suggest,” Mark asked now glad he didn't mention sex.

“You know, I’d probably go with the basic fitted diaper, the contoured, made it with the nylon ruffled around the legs so it’s gusseted but give it flaps with no attachments. Make the flaps generous but keep the attachments with diaper pins for now. See how that works then expand on it,” Hazel said.

Mark actually began to imagine getting pinned into a diaper like that. The whole notion was making him feel hornier, and it made his face grow hot. Hazel was talking again he realized.

"Although adding gussets around the legs will make it a little more snug fit, so I’m thinking I should add back elastic and gathers,” Hazel added.

“That would make sense,” Mark sad feeling dizzy as they made their way across town. He was looking out the window trying to break his train of thought as he added, “so what are you buying at the fabric store?”

“For the fetish diapers I want to get coordinated satin and chiffons,” Hazel said and added, “I’d like the satin to be a kind of bubble gum pink with the chiffon more a blush pink. That would take care of the inside layers. For the outside maybe a little darker on the chiffon. so the gathers show more.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Mark said.

“Really,” Hazel said and added, “so it would be something you’d wear as fetish wear?”

“Definitely,” Mark noted and then not knowing why he asked what color diaper pins?”

“What color would turn you on,” Hazel asked.

“Well, if you're going with pink,” Mark said and then added, “white or pink?”

“Pink,” Hazel said and then added, “to show through the panties.”

“We’re here,” Mark said as Hazel pulled up to the gate. He had intended to let her drive him all the way in but he needed the walk as he added, “thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome,” Hazel said and then added. “so, around nine or there about's?”

“If they don’t hold me over,” Mark said hoping the pad her had taken from his sister had kept his pants dry. He knew for a fact that without it the drive over would have been a disaster.


There was a note in Mark’s locker for him to go see Susan ASAP. Mark closed his locker and clocked in which the note also said. Susan was at her desk when Mark got to that part of the building.

“Hey,” Susan said and then added, “come in, sit!”

Mark did.

“Okay, so we’ve talked it over, Joann and I, and we’re thinking those flesh colored panties are part two to a two part answer. The first part is to go into the test sexually satiated. To that end we’ve set up a small utility room as Mark’s room with a cot, diapers, plastic panties, baby lotion and whatever else you might need to take care of... your urges. We clear,” Susan said.

“Yes ma’am,” Mark said as she added,

“We’ll give you an additional thirty minutes at over time rates to take care of yourself. Okay,” Susan added.

“Okay,” Mark said not sure if he dared say anything else.

“Go, it's the room right next to the lab dressing room,” Susan said and added, “when you’ve finished, just go in and get dressed per the normal test request sheet.”

“Got it,” Mark said.

“Go,” Susan said.

Mark found the room Susan described. His new locker was in here. It was small but adequate. There was a comfortable chair and small table next to it. Another table held a stack of flesh colored nylon panties his a size 3. Mark picked up a pair of the panties.

There were three boxes of diapers in size 6: Luv’s, Pampers and Huggies with a package of plastic panties laying next to those. The last items was a baby’s pacifier, baby lotion, the pink stuff and wipes. He found a white satin robe hanging on the door when he closed it. It covered a long mirror. Mark smiled as he began to undress.

In his locker were his Mary Jane shoes and lace socks after he’d put himself into the flesh colored panties. They were a snug fit which he suspected was their intent but looking at the mirror they did their job. Just standing there in the Mary Jane shoes and lacy socks he looked more like a girl than a boy. He smiled at the notion.

He took his cell phone out and snapped a couple of pictures before putting the robe on. He was feeling very refreshed when he headed for the dressing room. The note in his new room said the key pad entry was his last four social security numbers.

Susan nodded and smiled when Mark hung his robe up and displayed his new panties. Tracy was there as the designated attendee and she had already picked a lemon yellow dress over a white bouffant slip. The diaper was a Huggies. Mark went over to the changing table and started to get up on it when he heard Joann’s voice.

“They should almost be dressed,” Joann said.

Mark turned to see Joann holding the door open for a young woman and the two programmers from the night before. His heart skipped a beat since this time he wasn’t wearing a wig nor diaper. He had no idea who the girl was. She looked younger than Tracy or Carol. Even his sister.

“Okay, everyone,” Joan said waiting till everyone was facing her as she added, “This is Linda Naps. She’s our quality assurance analyst. I’ve asked her here to take notes on the run failures tonight. Hopefully there won’t be any and she’d die of boredom. We’ve also updated the proximity code which our two programmers here believe is the reason for that spoon touching Mark’s face. They wanted to be here for the runs tonight. Okay. That’s it, good luck to us all.”

“Remember what I said,” Tracy mumbled softly to Mark as she brought the diaper between Mark’s legs.

“About,” Mark asked.

“Those programmers,” Tracy said and then asked, “when you get a chance and you can do it without being obvious the Freudian slip one is diapered or he’s put on an extraordinary amount of weight overnight.”

“You’re kidding,” Mark said.

“Told you,” Tracy said and then added, “your people are everywhere. Now hold your arms up sissy and keep there till he’s seen your diaper under your slip.”

“Okay, Chamber is hot,” Susan said over the loud speaker as Mark backed into the doll box. Mark this time had been given a microphone and headset linked to Carol, but Tracy had been slaved in thanks to Carol and a three way plug.

“Carol, let Tracy know that I’ve made a visual and verified,” Mark said softly confirming that he’d seen the diaper on the programmer before adding, “test subject’s ready.”

“We’re set,” Carol said and added, “recoding.”

“New code is complied and verified,” Tracy said and added, “SAL is coming on line.”

“Hello Mary,” SAL said over the speaker as a manipulator came over and touched the dress before added, “one of my favorites.”

“Okay people heads up, we’re coming on the locking mechanism tray failure after feeding,” Tracy said as she watched the cycle begin and work flawlessly.

The second wipe of Mark’s chin couldn’t be verified but that spoon glancing Mark’s cheek had also been fixed. The code had been fixed with high fives given to the two programmers. There was one minor glitch when SAL dropped the baby bottle but no one saw that as too much of an issue. SAL was still lessoning finger pad pressure since she started working with the human. Linda had very little to write so there was no need for a conference.

When SAL carried Mark to the doll box ending that nights test leaving him yawning the first thing he saw before heading for the lab door was Carol talking to that diapered programmer. Mark snickered He wondered what their first date might look like with the two into diapers.

“Wow Mark,” Tracy said coming up and fluffing Mark’s dress as she added, “so where do I fit in my little social butterfly’s date book? I’m horny as hell and it looks like Cindy’s going to try and drag off that programmer and get him into or out of a diaper?”

“What,” Mark said not paying any attention and missing what Tracy had said.

“See,” Tracy noted. “It’s home to mommy and a diaper and bottle then to bed? Or, off to play with that Cougar who wants to pretend she’s making diapers for a business but in real life wants to get you into her bed and clamped onto her breast, Or? Curtain number three, Me?”

“See you guys,” Carol said before adding, “oh, this is Brad.”

“Hey Brad,” Mark said followed by Tracy. Brad said hi back nervously.

Carol mouthed the words: “He’s wet. Taking him home with me.”

“I asked you a question Mark,” Tracy said.

“What? Oh you did didn’t you,” Mark said and paused...

He has paused on purpose and then added, “let me see? Gosh, where to begin? Okay, this morning I’m meeting with my business partner Hazel. It’s right after work to try on a new diaper she promised to have ready.

She’s calling it a Fantasy Fetish Frolic. Going to spend an hour with her modeling it for Ebay. Mostly satin.

After that I’ll be home, most likely tape myself in diapers my mommy bought, take a bottle, and sleep for a bit in my I’m A Little Princess nightgown.

Later I’m meeting up with my sister over lunch then back to my room to go through my pageant dresses. I want one for Halloween to work on a sketch. I’m going for a Shirley Temple Good Ship Lollypop theme.

Of course you know I’m meeting you and SAL here tonight and tomorrow night for some more boring testing - lots of diapers and her poking under my little dress and slips.

Not to mention baby food, pacifiers, bottles and... well, you know how that robot can get? So many hands. so little time.

But that just got me to thinking! I am free during the day tomorrow. I mean so far that is. That’s assuming I can get a ride to your place and back. But I’ll need the proper motivation?

And of course that means some kind of bribe. At the very least that should be a new dress.”

“Oh my God, a sissy baby Diva,” Tracy said and then added with a snicker, “what color dress? You little sissy Diva.”

“Not sure but it’s absolutely got to match the Fantasy Fetish Frolic Fabric!

“Tell you what, I’ll have my business partner service call your service,” Mark said laughing and using his pinky in a kind of diva flick ducking Tracy’s swing as they walked to his new locker room.

He punched in the code to enter as Tracy pulled a marker out and wrote on the door.


The End

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