The Prisoner Wore Panties - Chapter 4

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Chapter Four – Over The Wire

“How did you get this Intelligence. You were in his bedroom? He fucked you didn’t he?” once again Steven could not control his petulance.

Danielle had been summoned to present the intelligence she had gained at the Oberst's house during the dinner the previous night. Wing Commander Smyth-Waddington had been angry with her for taking the interlude with Oberst Wessel. He was not naïve; he knew that Benny’s Girls traded sex for favours with the guards and also knew that Kurt Wessel had a reputation for lusting after the prettier and more effeminate of Benny’s Girls but he thought Danielle's actions last night were in very bad taste.

That said; Danielle claimed to have found vital intelligence and he was not going to say no to that.

Danielle was dressed in the brown skirt and jacket suit that she wore for many of the scenes in Clash by Night and Steven was also dressed in a civilian suit. They looked like a married couple arguing with each other as they strode across the prison compound. Danielle refused to be drawn on the matter of whether or not she’d had sex with the Oberst; as far as she was concerned it was none of Steven’s business.

They hushed themselves when they arrived at the Wing Commander’s hut. The Escape Committee posted a couple of ‘cockatoos’ outside the hut to make sure there were no guards around then bought the meeting to order.

“So what’s this vital intelligence you obtained for us last night and why must we bring forward your escape to opening night?” Wing Commander Smyth-Waddington got straight to the point.

“Why is our escape being bought forward?” Steven interjected.

“I’ve had just about enough of you Flight Lieutenant Boyd! One more interruption or tantrum and you’re off the Escape Committee,” Smithy growled.

Steven glowered at Danielle but kept silent.

“I found a packet of letters addressed to Oberst Wessel from Generallieutenant Ernst Huber, Commander 17th Infantry Division Frankfurt, in the Oberst’s bedroom,” Danielle began and Steven grated his teeth with anger when Danielle mentioned the word ‘bedroom’.

She handed over the letter she had taken from the Oberst’s house.

“The Generallieutenant is negotiating with the Oberst to supply prison work-gangs to help build fortifications around Frankfurt. The way I see it sir there are two ways to play it. One is to refuse to work because it is contrary to the Geneva Convention to make prisoners work for the enemy war effort or you could use the opportunity to gain more intelligence or even organise more escapes while the men are working outside the camp,” Danielle explained.

“But the pressing factor for me personally and for Flight Lieutenant Boyd is our looming escape. I believe I’ve found the perfect way to go over the wire, or should I say walk through the wire!” Danielle grinned.

She described how the inner security fence adjoined the Oberst’s house providing no security and then explained how the Oberst or one of predecessors had installed a private gate in the outer fence.

“We will only be able to use this means of escape once; then the Germans will fix their lapse in security but the opportunity to use it at all is limited, so I say we do so on the opening night of Clash by Night.”

“As Steven here said, the Oberst always puts on a party for the principals of the cast after opening night,” then Danielle extrapolated her escape plan.

“Bloody good Intel Colly err Danielle! You can leave the Escape Committee to make a decision on what to do with it, but work with The Shop with the view to yourself and Steven going over the wire on opening night. Get Benny to make it the night of a new moon so that it’s pitch black, we’ll alert the local Resistance to set up a rendezvous and safe house for you. One again jolly good! If I didn’t know it was Colly under that lipstick and powder I’d kiss your cheek,” Smithy made a waving motion, dismissing the two actors.

Steven was livid at being dismissed but he held his temper; at least until they got to the theatre.

“So what did it cost you? Your dignity? Your loyalty? Your shame?” Steven pushed Danielle on the shoulder to punctuate each sentence.

Finally Danielle had enough.

“I let the Oberst fuck me! But no, not really! I seduced him! I rubbed against him like a strumpet then presented myself to him like a harlot! I wriggled my buttocks and when he fucked me I moaned like a whore and came in my knickers!” Danielle screamed at him.

The rest of cast was awestruck; they stopped what they were doing and stared, fascinated by the performance.

This time Steven didn’t hold back. He slapped Danielle across the face.

Danielle's eyes filled with tears but she refused to cry or touch the red mark on her face. She kept her head held high and strode away to the back of the stage.

Benny clapped his hands loudly.

“Come on people we don’t have time for real life drama; we have a play to put on. Now let’s take it from act two scene four please,” Benny got everyone to focus on the task at hand but he was secretly dying to know what had bought that display on.

Danielle shucked out of her skirt and jacket and hung them on the coat hanger outside of the crawl space and crawled into her hidey-hole under the stage. She was livid and her face smarted. She was so angry with Steven that she couldn’t speak.

As she half-expected Steven to follow her. He too shucked out of his suit; Benny would never forgive any actor for ruining valuable wardrobe pieces. He looked ridiculous dressed in shirt, tie, underpants and socks but Danielle was in no mood for levity.

Danielle was lying on her back dressed in her slip, stockings, bra and panties. She had just lit a cigarette and was propped on her elbows.

“Look Danielle I’m sorry that I…” Steven never got to finish the sentence.

Danielle threw her cigarette away, grabbed his tie and pulled him on top of her. She crushed her lips against his and drove her tongue into his mouth. Steven was so surprised that at first he struggled but Danielle locked her legs around him and put her arms inside his shirt and held him tight while she savagely kissed him, dragging her nails across his flesh. She bit his lip and drew blood as she writhed under him; grinding her crotch against his.

Steven became tumescent despite his initial resistance and Danielle reached down and freed him from his underpants. She tore off her gaff and her own erect penis sprang free of its confines and tented her knickers. She rubbed her panty-clad cock on Steven’s and he groaned and responded in kind. Then she slipped his tumescent phallus inside her panties and positioned his glans at her sphincter and drove herself upwards, impaling herself on his penis.

She slavered at his mouth while she rutted beneath him, Steven drove himself in her as deep as he could and then withdrew and then thrust again. Danielle impatiently rose up and down; her legs locked around Steve’s back as she fucked him. The feeling of his rock-hard manhood scouring her unlubricated anus was at first painful, but delightfully painful; his pre-ejaculate soon provided enough lubrication and the pain eased.

Steven was astounded when she rolled him over and sat astride him, rocking back and forth on her heels; the feel of her tight anus squeezing his cock was bringing him to extremis. Danielle felt his need and impatiently freed her own penis from the confines of her panties. Steven gripped her hips and drove upward with all his might as he ejaculted deep inside her. Danielle stroked her cock and shot her load across Steven’s belly, she fell forward and kissed him passionately as she ground against him, her anus milking him of his seed as her own penis gushed forth the last of her spend.

Despite Steve’s desire to kiss and cuddle, Danielle pushed herself off him as soon as she had finished and began wiping herself with a towel that was kept in the hidey-hole just for such contrivances. She sat keeling with her knickers around her thighs while she replaced her gaff. Steven lay on the blanket panting; surprised and exhausted. He had never had a woman use him like that.

She threw the towel at Steven and began to back out the hidey-hole.

“Get cleaned up and get dressed; we’re on stage in twenty minutes,” she snarled at him and slammed the hatch shut behind her.

While she was dressing and fixing her makeup she saw Benny Benquist lurking nearby bursting with impatience to find out what had happened in the Oberst’s bedroom last night. Danielle strode over to him and snatched the pages for the scene they were about to rehearse out of his hand.

“I fucked the Oberst! Is that what you want to hear!” she hissed at him.

“Well! It’s not for me to take anyone’s inventory. Mary fucks him almost every opening night,” Benny flounced and began to walk away.

“And I just fucked Steven!” she called after him.

“Hope his bottom doesn’t hurt!” Benny called back and instinctively ducked as one of Danielle's high heels flew past his ear.

The rehearsal went well; Benny didn’t have to encourage Danielle and ‘the drifter, Earl Pfeiffer’ to engage each other passionately. Their love scenes were as equally passionate as the scenes where they fought vehemently; the actors didn’t really need to act, they simply personified how they felt about each other in real life.

Steven was desperate to ask Danielle where the impulse and motivation for their torrid interlude under the stage had come from but he refused to give her the satisfaction of asking, knowing full well that she would have a flippant reply ready. Between scenes they kept apart from each other.

“Trouble in paradise?” Mary Mayne asked as they shared cigarettes out the back of the theatre.

Danielle told her everything that had happened at the Oberst's house.

“The Oberst is a randy old goat but he knows how to wield that long thick sword of his,” Mary grinned.

“Apparently you have been impaled on it more that once?” Danielle's repartee was in good order.

“I’m his favourite; unless a pretty new thing arrives on his doorstep,” Mary looked pointedly at Danielle.

“Well I have a proposal for you that will see us both get to parry with the Oberst’s sword at the opening night party,” Danielle smirked.

“A threesome? You are moving up the world Miss Bouvier,” Mary was intrigued.

Danielle explained her plan to Mary but provided her with only limited information. Intelligence regarding planned escapes was kept very much ‘need to know’.

Danielle chased down Benny and told him that Smithy had green-lit her and Steven’s escape for the opening night of Clash by Night, and that he needed to open on the next new moon.

Benny took it like a bombshell; his lead actress and actor would be gone after their first performance.

“Look Mary Mayne has understudied my part and she will be as good as me and Steven’s understudy is already far better in the part than Steven is,” Danielle said.

“But you two now have the fire I need from my two lead performers,” Benny was nearly in tears.

“Well I suggest you arrange a little interlude between Mary Mayne and Bob Reilly so they can ignite a flame. Knowing Mary as I do, she will certainly inject some passion into their performance,” Danielle proposed.

“You know; I do love intrigue and playing matchmaker; I suppose I could get an appetite for what you propose,” Danielle could almost see the wheels turning inside Benny’s brain.

“Also I need you to use your influence with the Oberst to ensure that Steven, Mary and I get invited to the opening night party as the principal performers,” Danielle said instantly.

“I can do that darling. It will hopefully be the last time we are together until you get to Blighty. And when I get to Blighty will I meet Corporal Daniel Collingwood or will I meet the enchanting Miss Danielle Bouvier?” Benny’s eyes lit up.

Danielle just gave him a knowing smile and walked away. She then set her resolve and approached Steven.

“We need to go to The Shop together to finalise arrangements for our escape; Smithy green lighted it this morning and the next new moon is next Friday so Clash by Night will premier then,” Danielle said coolly.

“I see once again I have been left out of the decision making process and am being informed by a subordinate,” Steven sounded exasperated.

“Smithy told you that I am in charge of our escape. I’ve been over the wire before so I know what’s out there, I speak perfect French and very good German, and our backstory involves me being the principal. Why wouldn’t I be in charge? You’ve been told to leave your rank behind for this Steven. Don’t you want to get back to England?” Danielle was vexed because she once again had to deal with Stevens’s stubbornness.

“Go on your own for all I care! You really don’t need me; your cover will hold up without me,” Steven sulked.

“You don’t mean that,” Danielle put her hand on his shoulder.

“You know I have feelings for you but you behave like a whore,” Steven hissed.

Danielle laughed abruptly.

“Oh I’m so sorry Steven but the absurdness of that statement was just too much!” Danielle began.

“I’m a transvestite and yes I have feminine feelings and feel totally like a woman the reality is… well you know what the reality is.”

“Do you think I can live like this in England; live as a woman? I really want to and possibly will try to but I will eventually be exposed for what I am and my life won’t be worth living. You won’t want anyone to know that you were associated with me as Danielle.”

“And as for behaving like a whore I do what I have to do to ensure my escape; and I will possibly have to so again outside the wire. I do have feelings for you Steven but you make it almost impossible for me to lo.. to like you when you behave so petulantly,” Danielle sighed.

“You were going to say ‘love’,” Steven searched her eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Danielle turned away and rummaged in her purse for cigarettes as an excuse not to look at him.

“You were going to say ‘love’ and then you changed it to ‘like’,” Steven began to smile.

“You’re being silly,” Danielle blushed and pretended to remove a piece of tobacco from her tongue.

“You think what you want to think and I’ll think what I want to think. When shall we go to The Shop Madame Bouvier?” Steven grinned.

“No time like the present,” Danielle offered her hand and Steven took it.

Once again they looked like a married couple crossing the prison grounds.

“Looks like they’ve kissed and made up,” Mary commented to Benny as they both leaned against the wall of the Oberium Theatre, smoking.

“It’s like reading a cheap romance model; those two fight and then they make up, a match made in heaven,” Benny quipped and they both doubled over with laughter.

Aircraftman Harry Bollard, The Shop’s ‘procurer’ met Danielle and Steven and took them to the costume department first.

“The costumes we have made for you for the play will be adequate for your needs; you only want to carry a small suitcase each. When you finish the play we will have clothes laid out for you both to wear to the Oberst’s party and will pack the clothes you wore in the last scene of the play and you’re good to go. There will be underwear and a change of shoes in the cases too; please be careful with your stockings, they are ridiculously hard to come by and very expensive,” he eyed Danielle.

Next they moved onto the print shop which was busy running up posters for Clash by Night. Harry took them into a small closet for privacy.

“Here are your French National Identity cards issued by the Vichy government and German travel documents approving you both to travel to your final destination at Calais. Here is a ‘laissez passer’ signed by Generallieutenant Ernst Huber, Commander 17th Infantry Division Frankfurt authorising Madame Danielle Bouvier to travel to Calais in order to undertake interpreter duties at the Command Post for German Forces in the Pas-de-Calais.”

“That letter that you stole for the Oberst provided an excellent stencil for us to duplicate, especially the letterhead and the General’s signature,” he patted Danielle's shoulder.

“We will provide you with a small amount of Reichsmarks, but we expect our Resistance operatives to provide you with the rest of the funds you will need to complete your escape,” Harry explained.

“Everything you see here will be put into the two suitcases and left at a pre-determined pickup point of which I have not yet been informed. Need to know and all that,” Harry winked and tapped the side of nose.

“I know where that will be,” Danielle replied and Steven huffed as he once again felt left out.

The opening night of Clash by Night played to a packed house which was only to be expected as it was one of the few forms of creative entertainment the prisoners had. The audience comprised prisoners of war and their guards, even those guards who couldn’t speak English could follow the simple plot. The camp guard towers remained fully manned but the internal guard posts were denuded to allow the majority of the German soldiers to attend the play. All of Benny’s Girls dressed up for the occasion, even though most of them were not actually in the play. They paired off with both prisoners and guards depending on who took their fancy or who could provide them with appropriate recompense.

The play was a resounding success and Benny was thrilled. Of course the Oberst and his senior staff attended, as did Wing Commander Smyth-Waddington. Smithy and the Oberst’s senior staff declined the invitation to attend the opening night party however, but this expected. A select few of Benny’s Girls would be invited to amuse the male party guests and neither Smithy nor the Oberst's senior officers had the stomach for watching a bunch of transvestites’ flirt with the party guests. They also knew that some of them would sneak away for salacious rendezvous, which they found quite distasteful.

Wing Commander Smyth-Waddington also wanted to be ready in case the planned escape that night went awry. He also needed to be kept informed of its progress. Also, as the escape would be initiated from the Oberst’s house he didn’t want to be present, so that he had plausible deniability.

The Principals of the cast were of course invited and Danielle raced backstage after the curtain calls to get changed out of the suit she was wearing on stage. She freshened her makeup and slipped into the same red satin sheath-dress with sequin highlights and split up one side that she worn previously. She wished that she had something more practical to wear during the escape but she had to dress glamorous for the party to avoid suspicion. Harry Bollard himself took her suit and packed it away in her suitcase.

Props from various stage productions were delivered to the Oberst’s house to be used as party decorations. The guards paid scant attention to the two small suitcases that accompanied the props; the guards simply assumed that there were costumes or such inside the suitcases to be used for decoration. Harry Bollard had been informed where to leave the two suitcases, and with almost unfettered access to the house they were easily concealed.

Mary Mayne looked almost as stunning as Danielle, wearing the same dress but in blue. She and Danielle joined up with Steven Boyd, Bob Reilly and Benny Benquist who had somehow acquired a tuxedo for the occasion. Of the English party guests only Danielle, Steven, and Benny knew that an escape was going to be attempted.

After passing the reduced security at the guardhouse to the housing compound gate they entered the Oberst's house to a standing ovation. There had to be forty or fifty people milling around which was a perfect distraction for their task. As the principals it was expected that they would mingle and talk to each of guests, which they did. Danielle was keen to get away but she knew that being patient was essential. The plan needed to go like clockwork.

She managed to get Steven aside in a quiet alcove and explained the full detail of the escape plan.

“Myself and Mary are going to lure the Oberst upstairs to his bedroom and while Mary engages with him I’ll steal the key to the security gate. Our suitcases are hidden in the closet next to the backdoor; the most dangerous period will be crossing between the house and the fence and then across the cleared area before we get into the forest where we will be met by the Resistance,” Danielle explained.

“Why do you two need to get the Oberst into his bedroom?” Steven’s jealousy was surfacing again.

“I’ll be blunt Steven. The plan involves both of us seducing him and when Mary fucks him I will steal the key and she will keep him occupied long enough for us to get clear. I told you that I’d do whatever I have to. Is that clear enough?” Danielle said frankly.

Steven nodded.

“You need to be at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me when I come down and ensure that the hallway is clear while we make our escape. When I get to the landing halfway down the stairs you need to signal me when the coast is clear ok?” Danielle explained.

“Got it,” Steven said.

“Don’t go all sulky on me ok?” Danielle leaned into him and kissed him languidly.

He responded and pressed against her. She smiled around the kiss when she felt him becoming tumescent.

“Ok, here we go,” she disengaged from him and gave him a serious look.

Danielle found the Oberst engaging with Mary and Benny so she joined them, just as they had contrived.

“Ah! The beautiful Danielle,” Kurt Wessel had been drinking and was well into his cups.

He kissed Danielle's hand.

“We had a pleasant interlude at my dinner party did we not?” Kurt grinned.

Danielle figured he was trying to make Mary jealous. Benny slunk away leaving Kurt alone with the two stunning women.

“Oh Kurt how naughty of you! Was she as good as me?” Mary made light of the comment.

“I’m not sure,” Kurt leered at the two women.

“What if we find out Herr Wessel; maybe sample us both tonight and then decide?” Danielle gave him a lewd smile.

The Oberst ginned and nodded.

“What about here and now. No time like the present don’t you think?” Mary guided the Oberst’s hand to the split in her dress.

“You ladies are very forward and as much as I hate to leave my party guests I think it is an excellent idea,” Kurt put his arms around the waists of both girls and led them towards the stairs.

Benny and Steven looked knowingly at each other and strategically positioned themselves so they could monitor the stairs and the hallway leading to the back door.

Up in Kurt Wessel’s bedroom Danielle and Mary had Kurt undressed and lying on the bed; his rampant tool sticking up like a periscope. The girls had put down their purses and Danielle had purposely kicked off her heels. They lay either side of him and he took turns kissing them both. Danielle was stroking his cock, using the globules of pre-ejaculate to lubricate it as she worked her fingers up and down the shaft. There was little chance of premature ejaculation as the Oberst had imbibed quite heavily prior to and during the theatre performance.

When Danielle had him nice and hard she crept down the bed and began to fellate him while Mary kissed and caressed him. Danielle slavered at his manhood getting it rock hard and ready for Mary. She patted Mary on the buttocks to indicate that she had Kurt ready and Mary disengaged from Kurt and removed her knickers. She lay back on the big bed and hiked her dress up out of the way. Danielle encouraged Kurt to mount Mary, which he was more than willing to do and as Mary had been pre-lubricated he slipped right in and began to vigorously fuck her.

Once Danielle was happy that Mary had Kurt’s undivided attention as she fervidly kissed him while he rutted away at her, she quietly slipped off the bed and tiptoed over to dresser. She stealthily opened the drawer and carefully took the key ring from the corner, ensuring the keys didn’t jingle. She saw that the loaded Luger pistol was still in situ and she made a spur of the moment decision and took it.

She closed the drawer and looked over at the bed to see that Mary had her stocking-sheathed legs spread wide and her heels high so that Kurt could robustly shag her. She gave out a series of muffled groans as Kurt thrust his sizeable member in and out of her tight anus.

Mary held Kurt’s face to her neck and he slobbered at her neck and nibbled her earlobes; she winked at Danielle and mouthed ‘good luck’.

Danielle slinked out of the bedroom, picking up her purse and heels on the way out. She stuffed the pistol and the keys in her purse and padded down to the landing and looked anxiously at Steven. He was very happy that she had not been caught stealing the keys but they were still in danger; he looked up at her and shook his head. One of Benny’s girls and a German officer were canoodling in the passageway that led to the back door. They had to wait impatiently for about five minutes until the couple found an unlocked door to a parlour and slipped inside the room to consummate their desires.

Steven looked up at Danielle and nodded zealously and she wasted no time in padding down the stairs. At the bottom of the staircase she put her hand on the newel post to steady herself while she put on her high heels. She debated leaving them off or changing into flats before they left the house but if she left them off her feet would be cut to ribbons on the forest floor and if she stopped to change her shoes they would waste valuable time. Danielle was very adept at walking in her heels and was confident that unless she tripped over an obstruction of some sort she would be fine.

Steven had left the closet door near the backdoor ajar and he took out the two suitcases which were small but heavy; Danielle ran down to him and snatched her case and opened the backdoor as quickly and as quietly as she could. She stepped out into the cold night and Steven followed, closing the door behind him.

As they had hoped it would be, it was a pitch-black night and they stood stock-still and waited to get their night vision and then for the searchlight to pass over the outer fence.

“There!” Danielle whispered as the searchlight illuminated the outer pedestrian gate.

When the searchlight moved on they ran across the expanse between the house and the fence, their hearts racing. There was a moment of panic when in the dark Danielle couldn’t find the key to the gate and thought that her assumption that the key was on the keyring was totally incorrect.

“Bollocks!” she hissed as she tried in vain to get the big key in the lock.

“Let me try!” Steven hissed and snatched the keys from Danielle.

He felt the along the shank of largest of the keys until he found the bit, then he carefully guided it to the escutcheon plate and moved the pin end of the key across the plate in circular motion until it fell into the keyhole. He held his breath and turned the key.

The gate opened noiselessly outward and they quickly stepped through and locked the gate behind themselves. They ran across the flat open clearing for what seemed like an eternity and made the treeline just before the searchlight swept back across their path. They beat their way through forest, glad of the sparsity of undergrowth, until the woods enveloped them and Steven tossed the keys into a thicket. They waited for their eyes to adjust properly to the dark, and while they did so Steven pulled Danielle into his arms and kissed her. She dropped her suitcase and kissed him back.

A tap on the shoulder disturbed them and for a second they panicked believing they had been caught, but soon realised it was their Resistance contact.

“You take her hand and hold it tight, we are going to move fast,” the woman said to Steven in German.

Steven of course hardly understood a word and Danielle had to translate.

They moved off quickly through the forest, all the time waiting for the wail of the siren from the camp but they heard nothing but their own breathing. Danielle found it a little difficult being dressed in an evening gown and heels but Steven held onto her whenever she faltered. The woman obviously knew her way through the woods because it was so dark that they could only see inches before their faces.

Finally they came to a road where a car was waiting; its engine running. The woman indicated they should throw their suitcases in the trunk and climb in the back seat. It was cold and the heater either didn’t work or was not switched on; Steven pulled Danielle close to him as much to keep himself warm as her. He opened his mouth to talk but the woman placed a hand over his mouth.

“No talking until we get to the safe house,” she said abruptly; Danielle placed a finger to her lips as a means of interpretation.

The headlights of the car were fitted with visors that reduced their beam to small slivers of light that barely lit the road; Danielle and Steven had no idea where they were going and to honest, didn’t care. It was away from Stalag Luft Oberursel and that was all that mattered for now.

They passed farms and isolated buildings that were barely lit because of the blackout, and then they entered the suburbs of a large town. The woman leaned over the front passenger seat.

“When the car pulls up I will take you inside. No talking until we are inside and I tell you it’s ok to do so. Verstehen?” Danielle nodded and whispered in Steven’s ear.

Steven’s rudimentary German was virtually useless; he picked up every fourth or fifth word and he was so glad that Danielle was with him.

The car pulled into an unlit courtyard next to a two-story house and the woman leapt out before the car was fully stopped; she opened the back door and almost yanked Danielle out of the car. Stephen followed and they were quickly led inside while the driver took their suitcases from the trunk and followed them inside.

The woman led them down a long hallway past unlit rooms until they came to a back kitchen that was dimly lit by kerosene lamps. The woman’s demeanour changed immediately and she pulled Danielle into a hug and kissed each cheek in turn.

“My god Fraulein, that is a brilliant disguise! You look like a woman, you feel like a woman and you smell like a woman. You even walk like one,” the woman grinned.

“Yes and I even talk like one,” Danielle said in her Marlene Dietrich voice.

“Oh mein! I was advised that I would be connecting with a man and a another man disguised as a woman and I thought it was ridiculous… but you are wonderful; almost too pretty I think,” the woman said sceptically.

“But how rude of me; I am Frau Katerina Scholl and this is Herr Wilhelm Schmitt but he prefers to be called Willy,” she beamed.

“And we are Monsieur and Madame Stephan and Danielle Bouvier,” Danielle made introductions and translated for Steven.

Katerina was a slim, attractive woman who looked to be in her early fifties. She was dressed in a blue party dress and black low-heeled shoes, revealed when she shucked out of her heavy raincoat. Her makeup was a little on the heavy side but perfect and to Danielle's surprise she was wearing nylon stockings; a luxury that she wouldn’t have thought appropriate for a traipse through the woods.

Katerina noticed Danielle examining her.

“I have to keep up appearances Danielle. I am a wealthy widower and Willy is my handyman and driver; if we were pulled over by the Feldjägerkorps and I was wearing dungarees and a flat cap it would be very suspicious. Especially considering the way you are dressed; my cover would be that we have been to the party at Oberst Kurt Wessel’s house and are on our way home. As your people are want to say, better to embellish the truth than tell an out and out lie,” Katerina tapped the side of her nose and smiled.

Willy was dressed in a suit that seen better days but had once been expensive, his shoes were highly polished. He had grey hair and appeared to be in his early sixties but he was muscled and handsome. He was the strong silent type and Danielle wondered if he was more to Katerina than just a driver, handyman and bodyguard.

He had taken the liberty of opening their suitcases and was examining their documents.

“These are good; you will have no problems travelling with these so long as you present yourselves confidently. You speak very good German with a French inflection so that fits your story. Katerina is right however; you are undetectable as a woman but your good looks will attract attention you may not want. We will talk tomorrow but my advice to you is don’t try to hide your attractiveness, use it as an asset but don’t bring unnecessary attention to yourself, verstehen?” Wilhelm said in strong deep voice.

“I know that you escaped once before and was captured. You didn’t use the Resistance to help you last time but this time I think you might fare better. You understand that the German resistance consists of small and isolated groups. Most groups just attempt individual attacks on Nazis or sabotage acts, but because we are close to the POW camp we think we are better served helping prisoners of war, Jews, and other ‘deviants’ escape the Nazis,” Katerina extrapolated.

“I’ll tell you more tomorrow but for now lets get you to bed. Willy will show you up to your bedroom; I’m afraid you will be sharing a bed,” Katerina was obviously not aware of Danielle's full commitment to womanhood.

Danielle translated what Katerina had said to them while Steven went ahead and Willy followed them up the staircase to the second floor to the bedrooms. There appeared to be three, one for Katerina, one for Wilhelm and a spare, which they would occupy. A bathroom was located at the end of the corridor.

Willy put down their suitcases and closed the door behind him as he left. Danielle went over and locked the door. She could see that Steven was frustrated because he didn’t understand what was being said. She stepped in close and put her hands on his shoulder and kissed his cheek.

“Don’t worry. We’re safe. We’re both tired it’s been a long night so let’s get some rest,” she stepped away from Steven and sat at the small vanity table and began to take off her jewellery.

Steven turned away from her and quickly undressed. There was a wooden coat hanger behind the door and he hung up his suit and tie, stuffed his socks into his shoes and slid under the covers dressed only in his underpants.

The sheets were cool and the room was lit by a single gaslight but the bed soon warmed as he lay there watching Danielle undress.

She kicked off her high heels and slipped off the evening gown and lay it over the back of the chair and then rummaged in her suitcase. Steven admired her soft buttocks clad in tight-fitting satin panties as she bent over the case. She found a nylon negligee and pulled it over her head, he noticed that she had not yet removed her stockings. She turned her back on him and began to rummage in her underwear.

“Oh; that’s so much more comfortable,” she sighed as she took off her bra and tossed the breastforms on the table followed by the balled up tape from her gaff.

Steven made no comment; it was surreal being with Danielle in a real bedroom watching her undress.

Danielle sat down and began to unclasp her stockings.

“Don’t do that. The bed’s freezing; leave them on for now to keep your legs warm,” Steven whispered, his eyes lit by a mischievous smile.

“No ulterior motive then? And I suppose I should leave my makeup on?” Danielle raised her brows.

“I want to sleep Steven; I’m exhausted,” she sighed.

As she climbed in bed beside Steven she too realised how bizarre the situation was. Steven turned out the light and Danielle turned to him for a goodnight kiss.

He kissed her softly then brushed her lips with his fingertips.

“Do you realise how perfect your lips are?” he whispered.

“Here. Feel what you do to me when you are near,” he held her hand to chest and she could feel his heart beating fast.

She ran her fingers up to his face and then she kissed him; she put her hand around his neck and pulled him close, she moulded her body to his and kissed him again.

Steven’s hands went inside her negligee and at first she was embarrassed when they found her meagre breasts but he caressed them and her nipples hardened and he caressed them too. He lowered his mouth and sucked her nipples and gently bit them.

Danielle gasped; she was becoming hard.

His tongue made lazy circles around her breast, then continued down to her stomach. His fingers found her tumescent in her panties and lightly stoked her. Danielle ran her fingers through Steven’s hair wishing his lips would continue their journey down to her groin but he just languidly stroked her through her panties as his tongue explored her flat belly.

“Please,” Danielle whispered and tried to guide his head but he resisted.

Steven smiled; for the first time he was in control and he listened to her gasps, felt her responses, building the pleasure slowly. He licked the tip of her penis through her panties, lapping at the pre-ejaculate oozing through the satin.

“Oh come on Steven, please,” she begged.

Steven allowed Danielle to pull him back up her body and their lips locked and their tongues intertwined. Danielle struggled to rip off his underpants and when she did Steven deliberately held his lower body away form hers as she tried to lift herself up to him. He kissed her and stroked her nipples; he bit her earlobes and licked her long neck. He occasionally bushed against her pantied phallus but only briefly. Her body was on fire; her need profound.

“Oh Steven,” she tried to guide him to her, opening her legs and rising to meet him but he resisted.

He kissed her again as she gripped his manhood and her body shook with wantonness and the exigency of her desire.

Finally Steven allowed Danielle to guide him inside her knickers and he eased into her with such exquisite slowness that Danielle bit her lips. He pulled out ever so slowly and she tensed her sphincter trying to hold him inside. He pushed back inside and she moaned with pleasure.

“Danielle?” his breath was hot in her ear.

“Do you like this Danielle?” he teased as he slowly fucked her and she dug her fingernails into his flesh.

She raised herself up off the bed and encouraged him to quicken his pace; she was whimpering.

“Please fuck me Steven,” she gasped, unable to take the suspense any longer.

Steven drove himself inside her all the way and her legs locked around his torso. The spurred him on as he fucked her faster and faster, the bed squeaking and their cries becoming louder.

“Fuck me Steven! Fuck me!” Danielle screamed as she ejaculated into her knickers.

Steven drove himself all the way inside her and spent himself; they crushed their mouths together, drawing blood with the intensity of their kisses.

In the next room Frau Scholl bit her pillow to silence her moans; she had her hand inside knickers and was vigorously fingering herself listening to the noises in the bedroom next door.

To be continued

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Intrigue, action, and sex. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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This would make a good movie.