“Carlee, where are you hiding now, you stupid boy!” Desiree was looking for her mistake of a child.

Why she ever decided to carry the boy to full term, she’ll never know. She thought she gave birth to a girl, but as it turned out. She gave birth to a dam boy. She wouldn’t even call Carlee a boy, either. The dumb brat had the bottom of a girl, but no breast and her facial features made her look mannish.

Desiree finally finds Carlee upstairs in her bedroom playing a video game. She notices Carlee was wearing her brothers’ casts offs. She wasn’t worth buying anything for the girl.

Desiree goes over and shut the laptop lid. She looks at Carlee with anger on her face. She told Carlee to rake the backyard.

Carlee looks up at her mother and wonders what she did wrong this time. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another thing with her or her father.

“Why didn’t you rake the backyard?” Desiree stares down at Carlee as she on the floor before her closed laptop.

“Because dad said it was Robert’s job to do,” Carlee remembered her father telling her older brother to do it.

“Well, your brother is busy with something else. I want you to do it.” Desiree gave Robert some money, so he could go out with his friends.

“But it's not my job.” Carlee hated the fact that her brother and older sister got away with murder.

“I don’t care.” Desiree grabs Carlee by the hair and pulls her out of her room.

Once they are out in the hallway, she lets go of Carlee’s hair. She looks down at Carlee “go make yourself useful. You’re not good for anything else. No man would ever want to marry an ugly person like you. Why you didn’t come out looking like your siblings, I’ll never know.”

Desiree leaves Carlee laying on the hallway floor outside her bedroom. Why she never aborted the brat when she learned she was pregnant, she’ll never know. Her grades weren’t the best. Her brother and sister was straight-A student and was on the honor roll at school.

Carlee picks herself up off the floor and grabs her ugly tennis shoes her parents bought her. Her brother and sister got the best and most expensive shoes and clothes. She got her brother’s cast-offs. Her parents bought her the cheapest and ugliest shoes they could find.

When she complained about what they bought her, they either took it away or threw it into the trash can. She would have to dig it out of the trash if she wanted it. She puts on the only cold weather jacket she owned and goes out back and rakes the backyard.

She puts her headphones on and listens to music from the iPhone that use to belong to her brother. He had broken the screen on it and her parents gave it to her while buying him a brand-new iPhone. She knew a guy that could fix the screen for her.

She works outside raking and bagging all the leaves. She shivers as the temperature drops. By the time she is done raking the leaves and bagging them. It’s seven at night. She heads into the house through the garage and notices the place is quiet. She looks outside and both her parents’ cars were gone. She wonders through the house wondering where everyone was.

Carlee heads into the kitchen to see what was available to eat and found the refrigerator locked. Her parents caught her once going into the refrigerator to grab something to eat. She had been sent to her bedroom without food on something her sister did, but she got the blame. So, her father hired a locksmith to come in and put locks on all the cabinets, the deep freezer, and the refrigerator so she couldn’t get any food when they weren’t around.

That only stopped her for a few weeks. She stole her mother’s keys and made copies of them. She also learned to pick locks from her locksmith friend she hung with. She would skip school and hang out with him during the day. He never asked her why she was skipping school.

Carlee heads upstairs to her bedroom and removes the air vent cover. She hides any items she didn’t want her parents to find in the vent. She pulls out some money and a credit card that belonged to her father. He didn’t know she had applied for it in his name.

She maintained the account, so he would never know about it. She places the vent cover back where it was and grabs the scooter that use to belong to her brother. He was about to sell it because her parents bought him a nice 4x4 pickup truck for his birthday. She took it and hide it before he could sell it.

The person that came to buy it, was pissed. They had driven an hour to come and buy it from him. She had watched the interaction between him and the person from one of her hiding spots.

Carlee heads towards a pizzeria one of her friends worked at. She notices Shawn’s burgundy Mustang was in the parking lot. Which meant she could get a discount on her order.

She walks in and spots him in the kitchen making a pizza. She walks up to the counter “I’ll like a large Supreme pizza, please.”

Cassidy looks at the boy standing before her “Shawn, your boyfriend is here.”

Shawn comes out from the kitchen, after placing the pizza he had been working on in the oven. He saw Hex standing at the counter.

“Same as usual, Hex?” Shawn knew the only reason she would be up here getting pizza was her parents didn’t feed her.

“Yeah, you know me too well.” Carlee hands over the money to the cashier.

Shawn walks over and gives Carlee ten percent off. He knew he’ll be asked about it, but he didn’t care. Carlee was a friend.

“Here you go, sir.” Cassidy hands the change to Carlee.

“Thank you.” Carlee wasn’t about to correct the cashier.

Most people who saw her mistook her for being a male. It was mostly because of the way her hair was cut and her brother’s cast-offs. She never got any of her sisters cast off, because they never fitted her body. She had no hips, no ass, no curves, and no breasts. She could walk around with her shirt off and no one could tell the difference between her chest and the chest of a twelve-year-old boy. Her mother butchered her hair.

The strange thing was, her mother spent a lot of money on her sister’s hair and her own hair, but when it came to her hair. Her mother just chopped it off and didn’t care how Carlee looked. Like her mother always said to her. No man is interested in an ugly flat chested person that looks more like a boy, then a girl.

She sits down and waits for her pizza. While she is waiting for her pizza, she pulls her iPhone out and plays one of her games on it. After six minutes, her pizza is ready.

“Hey Hex, your pizza is ready.” Shawn pulls it out and cuts it up. He box’s it up for her.

“Thanks. Hey, do you mind if I hang at your place till you get home?” Carlee didn’t want to go back home for a while.

“Nay, I don’t mind. Just tell Harry I said it was okay.” Shawn knew how Carlee’s home life was.

“Thanks. See, you when you get off.” Carlee rides over towards Shawn’s and Harry’s place.

She spots Harry’s Jeep in his assigned parking space. She parks the scooter she was riding at a tree she could lock it up at. The manager didn’t like her locking it up at one of the columns, so she either uses a tree or chain it to the front of Harry’s Jeep.

Once the scooter is locked up, she heads up to the second floor and over toward 3B and knocks. The door opens after a few minutes.

“Pizza!” As she walks past Harry.

“You can have it Hex. What brings you over here tonight?” Harry closes the front door and heads back to his ham radio.

“Shawn said I could hang with you guys.” Carlee sets her pizza on the coffee table and goes and grabs a beer from the refrigerator.

Harry and Shawn didn’t care if she drunk beer or liquor in their place. Both were retired communication experts from the Navy. Harry worked for Naval Intelligences and Shawn was a communication officer aboard the USS Nimitz. They taught her how to break encrypted communications and how to build her own unit.

They also taught her how to scan for radio frequencies for the remote fobs for cars and changed the station's is that the car radio receiver, receives. She could even mess with the onboard GPS systems.

Hex just enjoys the pizza and grabs a second beer, after finishing her first one. When she was finished with her second beer and finished off half of the large pizza she brought with her. She puts the rest in their refrigerator and sits next to Harry to see what he is working on.

“So, who are you talking with tonight?” Hex was curious.

“A truck driver in Montana. He is carrying a load for Walmart.” Harry glances at Hex to see what she was doing.

Hex just smiles at him. She knew that he knew she likes to eavesdrop on the police frequencies and the emergency band. Sometimes, she likes to break into people’s cameras they have on their televisions, cellphones and in their homes to see what is going on.

“I promise not to do anything illegal.”

“Fine, you can use the spare unit until Shawn comes home.” Harry couldn’t believe he was letting Hex use their spare unit.

Hex keeps her promise as she listens to a few cell phone calls and checks the area around them for signals. She couldn’t believe how many people were using their phones and electronic devices. She listens in on the radio frequency a few cab drivers use. She tracks them by their GPS locators.

Around midnight, Shawn comes home. He spots Hex on their spare unit.

“Are you spending the night or are you going home tonight?”

Hex takes the micky mouse headset she had on, off and looks at Shawn. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. It wasn’t like her parents would miss her.

“I guess I should head home.” She shuts the spare unit down and grabs her jacket.

“You know, your welcome to stay here.” Shawn didn’t mean to run her off.

“I know. There’s half a pizza left in the refrigerator.”

“Be careful, going home.”

“I will and thanks.” Hex walks down to her scooter and heads home.

As she approaches the house. She notices none of the lights were on. She uses her keys to enter through the garage and hide the scooter. She knows the alarm system would be armed. She enters the house carefully and disarms the system, till she gets to the stairs and rearms the system. Her parents thought she didn’t know the security code.

She creeps towards her bedroom and enters it, without anyone knowing. As she is undressing, her bedroom door is slammed open. Her father was standing in her doorway with a belt in his hand and anger on his face.

“How dare you sneak into this house like a thief.” As he starts to swing the belt at her.

Hex yells each time it hits her. She tries protecting her face, but the belt hits right across her nose. She tries to fight back against her father, but he overpowers her and spanks her ass as hard as he could.

“Your mother should have aborted you when she found out she was pregnant with you. You’re a good for nothing stupid brat, that should have been killed at birth.” He whips her one more time across her back, before leaving her crying and curled up in a ball in the corner of her bedroom.

Carlee’s father storms out of the bedroom and slams the door behind him. He locks the door, before heading back to his bedroom. He and his wife should have aborted the useless brat, instead of having her.

Carlee cries for the next hour. Every inch of her body hurt, as she moved around gathering what belonged to her and pack it all up in the yellow pillow cases she was forced to use. It was another thing her parents made her use. Where her sibling got nice pretty, clean bedding, hers was the second hand that her parents bought at thrift stores or flea markets.

She opens her bedroom window and climbs down the emergency rope ladder she kept. She manages to make it back to the garage and gets her scooter. She takes a power drill from the workbench and drills holes in all the tires on the cars. She would have smashed the windows, but the alarms would have gone off.

She heads back to Shawn and Harry’s place and knocks on the door. She was still debating if she should call the police on them or just swat them? When the door opens, Shawn was standing there just in his boxers.

“Do you mind if I crash here?” As Hex holds back the tears.

Shawn takes one look at Hex and saw all the bruising and blood on her “what happened to you?” as he steps aside to let her in.

“My father took his anger out on me and I am tired of being their punching bag.” Hex walks in and head towards the liquor cabinet and grab a
bottle of Jack Daniels, Shawn keeps.

“You should call the police and have his ass arrested.” As Shawn shuts the door.

“Wouldn’t do any good. The bastards would say I started it, like last time. They did that to me the last time I called the police. I ended up going to jail overnight.” Hex opens the bottle of Jack Daniels and takes a swig of it.

Shawn just shakes his head as he heads to the hall closet to grab a pillow, blanket, and sheets for Hex to sleep on. He walks back into the living room and set up the hideaway bed for Hex. He and Harry didn’t mind letting Hex stay with them. She was more like a son to them. There wasn’t anything girly about her.

“Here, give me the bottle and go take a hot shower. Some of those whip marks on your body look nasty.” Shawn takes the half-empty Jack Daniel bottle out of Hex’s hand and helps her to the bathroom.

He gets the shower going and starts undressing Hex. The only thing that gave any hint that she was a girl, was her crotch area. She didn’t even have any pubic hair down in her crotch area. She looked like a twelve-year-old boy.

He helps her into the shower and tends to the whip marks. Once she was washed and dried. He slips a pair of clean boxers on her and a clean t-shirt. He escorts her over to the hideaway bed and tucks her in.

Shawn heads towards his bedroom to get some sleep. He wonder why Hex’s father, beat her as badly as he did? He slowly drifts off to sleep.

When morning time comes around, Harry comes walking into the living room and spots Hex curled up on the hideaway. It wasn’t unusual to find her either sleeping on the sofa or the hideaway. However, he has never seen her with so many bruises and whelps before. He wonders what happened to her.

He goes about fixing himself some coffee and listening to the news. He keeps it down, so not to wake Hex. He spots the half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on the dining room table. He wonders if Hex drunk the bottle.

Shawn comes into the kitchen thirty minutes later. He had on just a pair of boxers.

“Morning.” As Shawn makes himself a cup of coffee.

“Morning. What happened to Hex and who finished off half of the Jack Daniels?” Harry points towards the bottle.

“Hex’s father went to town on her last night. You should see the rest of her body. I’m surprised she could lay down last night.” Shawn was worried about Hex.

“Why didn’t she call the police?” Harry was curious about that.

“Because the last time I did. My parents and siblings said I started the altercation and I was lead away to jail for the night.” Hex heard Shawn
and Harry talking about her and woke her up.

“To answer your second question about the liquor. I drunk half the bottle, so I could numb myself from feeling the pain from being whipped.” Hex stumbles towards the coffee pot.

“So, your parents are going to get away with beating you?” Harry watches Hex as she pours herself a cup of coffee.

“I wouldn’t say that, either. I’m going to have them swatted.” Hex takes a sip of her coffee.

Hex moves carefully over to a bar stool and winces as she sits down on the stool. She knew from past experiences, that it was going to take her a week to recover.

“Do you want cereal or frozen waffles for breakfast?” Shawn was willing to fix breakfast for Hex.

“I’m alright with just coffee.” Hex wasn’t a breakfast person.

After breakfast Hex slips on a pair of faded pair of jeans. Her waist was smaller than her brothers. So, the jeans she had on were a pair her mother found at a thrift store.

She digs through the clothes she brought with her, till she finds her favorite t-shirt. It had DeadPool on it and behind him, it said Bad Ass, Smart Ass, Great Ass, DeadPool. She switches out of the t-shirt Shawn put her in.

Harry was watching Hex as she changed the t-shirt and notices how flat chested she was. She saw all the whip marks she received last night. They were still red against her skin.

“Hex, how old are you?” Harry was curious.

“I’ll be seventeen in a few weeks.” Hex runs her fingers through her extremely short dark brown hair.

She wishes it was a little longer, but her mother cut it extremely short. Looking at her, you would think she was in the military with the way she had been cut. She hated it and wanted it to grow out.

Harry looks at Hex as she stood looking towards him. He still couldn’t get over the fact Hex’s chest was so flat.

“I have a personal question for you, Hex. Have you had any periods?” Harry felt embarrassed asking the question, but he wonders if she has had a medical problem.

“Nope, I haven’t had any periods and I don’t have a vagina opening either. I told my mother, but her comment to me was I should never be allowed to reproduce. Because I was a freak and a mistake. That she should have listened to my father about me.”

“That’s harsh.” Shawn couldn’t believe Hex’s own mother said that about her.

“Is your older sister, like you?”

“You mean miss perfect? No, she has everything a normal girl should have and then some. She used to embarrass me in front of her friends
and our relatives by holding up a plastic doll and telling them I was just like the doll, no gender.” Hex holds back the tears that threaten to leak.

Shawn walks over and holds Hex gently. He was careful not to hold her too tightly because of her injuries. Once Hex has let all the tears she has been holding back escape. She wipes her eyes and head to the bathroom to freshen up.

Later, in the afternoon, she buys a paid phone and waits till her parents and siblings are asleep. She calls the police and reported that her father and mother had kidnapped some kids and were holding them hostage. She watches from across the street from the shadows as the police storm her parent's house and brings them out in handcuffs.

Hex wishes she could do more to them for what they have done to her, but she would live with this. She watches as they are hauled away to jail. She returns to Shawn’s and Harry’s apartment.

During the year she works with various friends of hers under the table and learns how to install and disable security systems. When she isn’t working installing security systems with her friend Jake. Hex becomes the assistant to her friend Chris and learns about safes and such. She moves out of Shawn’s and Harry’s place and bought a house of her own down near the river.

It was a fixer-upper, but she didn’t mind putting the work in. The name she used to buy it was from a homeless man’s wallet. She found him dead one night on her way to Shawn’s and Harry’s place. So, she took his wallet and any identification he had. She did call the police to let them know.

Since most people thought Hex was a guy anyway. She started dressing like a guy and building up her arm and chest muscle. She does wonder why she doesn’t have a vagina opening. She makes an appointment with a doctor to get an examination done.

Carlee was nervous when she showed up for her appointment. She’s never been to a doctor before. As she waits in the waiting room, she wonders what she should expect.

“Carlee Winslow, Dr. Anderson will see you now.” Nurse Irwin watches as a young man comes walking into the back.

Nurse Irwin leads Carlee to examination room 3. Once they were in the room.

“I’m going to take your basic vitals and Dr. Anderson will exam you afterward. Here is a paper gown for you to put on.” Nurse Irwin hands the paper gown to Carlee.

Carlee goes behind a screen and changes out of her clothes and into the gown. She felt a little self-conscious as she comes back out and over to the examination table. Carlee does as Nurse Irwin takes her height, weight, blood pressure, temperature and draw some blood.

“There, that should do it. Make yourself comfortable and Doctor Anderson will be right in.” Nurse Irwin leaves Carlee in the examination room.

She sits there and wonders what the doctor is going to say. After a few minutes, an older gentleman comes into the examination room. He was looking at the vitals nurse Irwin took.

Doctor Anderson looks at the young man waiting for him. He double checks the records and noticed that the record said he was a she.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Winslow?”

“I was wondering if you could tell me if I have anything else missing inside of me. I wasn’t born with a vagina opening and I haven't gone through puberty yet. So, I was wondering if I was missing anything else that makes me a girl?” Carlee was curious.

“Let’s find out. Now lay back and relax.” Dr. Anderson has Carlee put her feet in the stirrups and examine Carlee.

He does an ultrasound on her abdomen and discovers she was missing her whole reproductive organs. The only thing she had was a malformed ovary on her right-hand side of her body. Dr. Anderson looks at Carlee as she lays on the examination table.

“The ultrasound is showing that your reproductive organs never formed. It also shows that the one ovary you do have didn’t form properly. That is why you haven’t form secondary sex characteristics. Now, if it had been caught earlier, you could have been placed on estrogen and you would have developed normally. I can prescribe a prescription for you to take, to build-up your estrogen levels. Your body might go ahead and start filling out more.”

Carlee was mad her mother had cheated her out of developing into a woman. She could have started on estrogen pills and developed a nice body. Now, she could stay like she was or have a so, so body.

Carlee looks at the doctor “can I think about it?”

“Yes, just let me know what you want to do. Go ahead and get dress.” Dr. Anderson leaves Carlee along, so she could get dress in private.

Carlee thinks about what the doctor told her, as she gets dress. She’s gone this long living like she has, why change now? Once she is dressed, Carlee goes out and pay for her medical visit. She pays in cash and afterward, head back to her new house to think.

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