A Sissy For Christmas -Part 5

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Once they go to back room, the witch closed the door. Melissa could barely see anything at all until the witch turned on a light switch near the wall. The room was mostly empty, except for a few boxes along with plenty of cobwebs and dust. It was about as creepy as the rest of the store, Melissa decided.

“You are quite the good little sub”, the witch commended. “I’ve seen you in action. If you can survive what I have in store for you tonight, you can have your little witch back. But be forewarned this is not going to be an afternoon of Tiffany’s childish games for you”.

Melissa stepped back “Wait what do you-?”

Before Melissa could say anything else, the witch snapped her fingers and two identical burly men in front of Melissa.

Melissa let out a squeak of fear. “No please…I can’t”, her voice and body both trembling.

“Now, now we have a deal remember?”, the witch said.

Melissa gave a half nod before she found herself pushed to the ground on all fours. One of the men positioned himself directly behind her while the other stood in front of her. The witch stood between them both, observing the whole thing. Melissa looked up at the witch pleadingly, as she saw the witch whisper something to each of them men, and all of them laughed looking down at her.

When she least expected it, Melissa felt her backside get rammed, as she yelped in surprise. Another thrust, and she let out another cry. It felt painful, but oddly enough she sort of felt pleasured by it. But then immediately disgusted, realizing she felt that way. Another push, and Melissa thought she was going to break. It was too much, Melissa couldn’t help herself as she started to moan.

“What a good little slut”, said the witch.

Melissa looked up. “No..”, was all she could squeak out before she felt herself get rammed again.

The witch motioned to the second man, who unzipped his pants, revealing his massive 11.5 cock. Melissa assumed that his twin’s was just as
big, from the feeling of it. He knelt down in front of Melissa.

“Suck it, slut!”, he commanded.

Melissa didn’t want to but she knew she had no choice and so she went to work with the nasty deed. And it was nasty as both men rammed her from both ends, she could barely keep up . Having a strong gag reflex didn’t help either as she tried to suck deep but felt like throwing up.
Finally after a few minutes which felt like hours, both men at the same time reached their climax- spraying Melissa in a bath of cum. This was by far the worst part, as her face, clothes and her hair were caked with it. Melissa sat up, feeling tiny as both of the men got up and looked her over. One spit in her face, while the other reached out and smeared the cum around her face, completely ruining her makeup as it mixed with mascara tracks.

“Stop it!’, she whined in a tiny voice.

One of the men pushed Melissa on her back. “What did you say, you little sissy slut?” , causing her to yelp in surprise.

“I think she needs to be taught another lesson”, his twin said, as the first man held Melissa down.

“That’s enough, boys!”, said the witch. “Let her go!!” Within an instant the two men vanished as quickly as they appeared.

Melissa put her hand to her head, feeling dazed. The witch was standing by the exit, looking ready to leave. Melissa stood and followed her out.

“My goodness, Melissa…you certainly look a mess”, said the witch as she looked at the cum stains on Melissa’s clothes and lifted a tangle strand of Melissa’s hair which was now damp and matted.

“Yeah”, Melissa muttered, still feeling out of it. “I feel so sore and tired”.

“Sure you do”, the witch said in a soothing voice, placing her hand on Melissa’s shoulder. “You should go home and get some rest, take a shower...”.

“I definitely need a shower”, Melissa agreed. She looked around the store blearily at all the mannequins who just stared back at her with blank expressions.

“Wait- mannequins?”, Melissa started saying, her mind trying to piece things back together. “The mannequin in the window!!!” Melissa rushed over to where Tiffany was, knowing that the mannequin had some kind of importance but couldn’t remember what.

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that”, said the witch coming over. “Its just another mannequin”.

“Just a mannequin”, Melissa repeated.

“Melissa, no!!! Don’t do this!”, Tiffany thought suddenly realizing what was happening. “Don’t let her get inside your head and control you”.

Melissa gave Tiffany another glance, still unsure.

“Please”, Tiffany begged.

“Its just a mannequin, my dear”, said the witch a final time, placing both her hands on Melissa’s shoulder, her tone revealing obvious annoyance.

Melissa flinched slightly and turned away from Tiffany- and in that moment Tiffany could feel her own heart break inside of her.

“Melissa…..”, she wanted to call out so badly but couldn’t. It was hopeless..she really was stuck like this forever now, and the other witch had won. Tiffany wanted to cry, and even though it was probably just her imagination, she felt a single warm tear making its way down her plastic

Maybe it really was real because Melissa saw it too just by chance as she glanced back one more time. “But mannequins can’t cry…”, Melissa said, touching Tiffany’s cheek, and catching the tear as everything suddenly came back to her.

“Tiffany!!!!”, Melissa said , hugging her close as she finally remembered. “I’m so sorry, my love”, she said, starting to cry too now. “You have to turn her back now!!”, Melissa told the witch, still holding onto Tiffany.

The witch just looked at her, unwavering. “Excuse me?”

“You said if I did as you said you’d change her back!!”, Melissa said, trying not to cry. “So now you have to help me!!”

The witch laughed. “Oh Melissa, you misunderstood..I never said I’d change her back..I said you could have her back..and that’s what you’ll get. You can have her back, just as she is”.

“Nooo! I have to- oh I’m sorry, Tiffany”, Melissa said sobbing now, caressing Tiffany’s face. She looked into her eyes which seemed to still hold all their usual passionate emotion that Melissa loved so much, and suddenly felt the compulsion to kiss her frozen lips.

Tiffany started to feel less stiff- a lot less stiff. She felt herself take a deep breath, as she hugged Melissa back and practically fell into her arms.

“Hey love”, Tiffany said, as Melissa quickly caught and steadied her.

“You’re ok!!”, Melissa said completely surprised. “How did this happen? I didn’t do anything did I?”

“Didn’t you ever read fairytales growing up?”, Tiffany teased. “True love’s kiss”, as she kissed her back.

“OMG!!! Its just like Snow White!!!”, said Melissa giggling.

Tiffany pulled back slighty. “Um love”, she said with an awkward laugh. “No offense, but you kind of need a shower. What happened?”, she asked as she tried to run her hand through Melissa’s hair which seemed hopelessly tangled and sticky.

Melissa sighed and rolled her eyes. “Yeah I know. Long story. Umm but at least I have you to help me…because I think I really need it”.

“I’m sorry to break up this happy little reunion”, interrupted the witch, who’d been standing there. “But you both are not about to walk out of
here, unpunished”.

Melissa stepped in front of Tiffany, who rolled her eyes. “God, when are you going to give up already? You lost..your magic can’t beat true love- that’s what saved Melissa and me both times- so game over”

The witch for once didn’t have her usual sickly smile on, but instead looked angry. Like she was outsmarted and wasn’t happy about it.

“Careful, Tiff”, said Melissa, as she stepped back and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“What else can she do to us?”, Tiffany asked.

“Umm I think we just spent all day seeing firsthand what she can do…don’t tempt her”, Melissa warned.

“That mannequin bit is seriously getting old”, Tiffany said rolling her eyes. “If one of us gets turned into one again, then so what? We know how to break the spell now…besides aren’t you forgetting something? I’m a witch”

“Unless we both get turned into mannequins at the same time”, said Melissa.

“Enough!”, shouted the witch. “This particular exchange about my magical abilities has been quite interesting but I must agree, it is time to step things up”.

Melissa grabbed Tiffany’s hand and squeezed. “Please, love”, she whispered. “I hope you can beat whatever she tries to throw at us now”.

“Yes, Tiffany”, said the witch. “I’d like to see how you get out of this one. Grab her!!”

It took Tiffany a few seconds to understand who the witch was talking to when she realized it was Melissa, who grabbed her from behind.

“Wha-?”, Tiffany gasped, trying to put together what was happening. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, love”, said Melissa. “This isn’t me…I don’t want to do this but I can’t help it”.

“But you can’t let her control you!”, said Tiffany, desperately trying to get out of Melissa’s grasp. “You have to try to fight it!!”

“Hold her still”, the witch instructed.”I have had enough of watching this little spoiled brat’s amateur use of magic- if you won’t use your magic properly then you won’t have it!”

Melissa gasped. “Can she do that? I didn’t think it was possible that a witch could take another witch’s powers away”.

Tiffany shook her head. “Not unless…she’s more powerful than we thought. There’s a Royal order of witches that’s very old and extremely powerful, and they can strip other witches of their magic at will. I knew there were some members left..I just didn’t think …”

The witch smiled again. “Surprise surprise, Tiffany. Looks like you did do your homework after all.Keep her from moving, Melissa”.

Tiffany continued to try to struggle free, surprised at Melissa’s strength. “Please don’t let her do this!”

Melissa kissed Tiffany’s neck softly.”I’m sorry sweetie…you know I’d never do anything to hurt you on purpose”.

Tiffany leaned into Melissa. “It’s ok, love..I know. The fact that she’s using you to get to me is just because she knows it’ll hurt more coming from you”.

The witch got into position and began to say a spell.

“No!!”, said Melissa, and at the very last second pushed Tiffany out of the way, as the two fell on the ground.

Laying side by side, Melissa’s arm still around her, Tiffany slowly started to sit up. “Melissa”, she whispered, nudging her gently.

Melissa opened her eyes and dropped her arm, letting Tiffany go. “I told you I wouldn’t let her hurt you”.

Tiffany smiled. “Thanks, honey”.

THE END...for now

Should there be a sequel? Let me know your thoughts below!!

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