Music School Chapter 8

Once everyone was back at the studio and seated in the reception area. Terry looks at everyone seated before him.

“I’m sorry for spoiling your day off, but I have a special request. My uncle and his partners have a restaurant in Atlanta and would like for us to come and play for them. The drawback is, they want us to play a certain style of music we don’t normally play, except for you Lindsey and Tessa.” Terry looks towards both girls.

“You mean, were being hired to play jazz for your uncle?” Lindsey was surprised.

“Yeah, and he gave us a list of songs he wants us to play as well.” Terry holds up the printout and hands it to the nearest person.

Jermaine accepts the papers and looks at the list of music that Terry’s uncle wanted them to play. Some of them he recognized and some of them he never heard of. He passes the list around the room. When it gets to Lindsey and Tessa, the two recognized the music.

“Terry, these are Jazz and Big Band songs. Jazz music we can do, but the big band music isn’t something we do.” Lindsey didn’t know people still did big band music.

“I know, so we are going to practice the music. We have a week to learn that list.” Terry didn’t want to disappoint his uncle.

“How much are we getting paid and what are we supposed to wear?” Ian was curious about that.

“We are getting paid twelve hundred for the gig. We’ll be staying at a house my uncle owns while we are there. As for clothes, we are going to be dress in old-style suits and the ladies will be wearing evening dresses.”

“Is this a weekend gig?” Lindsey and the rest of the band needed to know.

“Yes, but we are going down there Thursday night. So, you’ll need to get permission from your parents to miss class on Friday.” Terry didn’t think everyone’s parents would mind.

“So, when is the gig?” Tessa knew she had to plan with her boss.

“End of next week.”

“Are you saying we have only four days to learn all this music?” Lindsey shakes the papers in her hands.

“Yep, we have to learn all that music and...” As he looks at everyone “you, Tessa, Maxine, Kaja need to get a black evening gown you can perform in. I’ve made arrangements with a men’s suit shop for me, Krist, Jamie, Jermaine and Ian to get fitted for suits for the gig.”

“How come me and Maxine need to buy evening gowns?” Kaja was curious about that.

“Because the band is going to need you and Maxine. Maxine, because you will be handling our sound system. You because some of these pieces will require an extra player and we all know you play the piano. You can replace Lindsey on the synthesizer and Lindsey can play the trumpet.” Terry looks at Lindsey.

“Terry, I haven’t practiced on the trumpet.” Lindsey just bought the French horn.

“I know, but I also know how talented you are as well. It shouldn’t take you long to learn how to play the trumpet. You have a natural talent,
Lindsey.” Terry figures Lindsey will be able to play by the time they leave.

“Flattery will not help you this time, Terry. Also, where am I going to get a trumpet?” Lindsey didn’t know anyone who had one.

“Already got you one. I called Mr. Simmons and he recommended the music store our school uses to fix and refurbish our school instruments. The owner said that it has been in his store for several years and it is a Bach 180S43 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet. Whatever that means.” Terry wasn’t familiar with trumpets.

“It means its one of the best trumpets around. A lot of famous professional trumpet players play that trumpet.” Lindsey had done some research on that trumpet.

It was next on her list to learn how to play. Now, it looks like her plans have been moved up.

“So, we have a week to learn how to play all the sheet music and I have to learn how to play the trumpet as well, plus get a nice evening dress to play in.” Lindsey didn’t like this at all. It meant, she wasn’t going to get any sleep this coming week and be missing school on Friday.

Tessa looks over towards Lindsey “we could wear the black dresses we got for the orchestra.”

“True, I hadn’t thought about that.” Lindsey forgot about the black dresses Barbara bought her to perform in.

“That still leaves me and Kaja.” Maxine looks over towards Lindsey and Tessa.

“That’s no problem, there’s a nice dress shop in downtown that will have dresses you and Kaja will like.” Tessa knew the owner.

She was into the Goth and Steampunk culture. She made nice dresses and clothing that was perfect for both cultures.

“Alright, let’s check it out after the meeting.” Maxine figures they might as well get it done today.

“Is there anything else you would like to spring on us?” Everyone looks at Terry.

“Nope, that was all.”

“Before everyone leaves, I have a request for all of you.” Jamie had stood up with his girlfriend Christy beside him.

“What’s that?” Lindsey was curious.

“I want to join the band.” Christy knew she needed the band's approval if she intended to join.

“What position are you thinking about taking?” Terry and Lindsey were curious.

“Lead singer. Right now, it’s split between Terry and Jamie. Along with you guys. You need a lead singer for the group.” Christy has traveled with them and knew how well they work together, but they have been missing something.

“Well, the rules are you have a 90-day probation period. I have no problem with it. How about you Terry?” Lindsey looks over towards Terry.

“As long as the rest of the band has no problem, I’m willing to give her a try.” Terry looks at all the other members.

“Let’s see how things play out during the ninety days.” Ian didn’t see a problem.

“I agree.” Tessa figures it couldn’t hurt the group unless Jamie’s and Christy’s relationship cause problems.

“Well, since that has been settled, you need to come with us to buy a dress.” Maxine starts heading towards the front door.

The rest of the ladies follow. Krist turns the game on and heads into the kitchen to fix a snack tray for him and the guys.

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