Binary Part 12- Finale

Mercy is used with the approval of Dorothy Colleen. Hopefully I got her right.

November 12th, 2016 Parents' Day at Whateley Academy

Megan got a surprise as her former crush Fidget called her over. He blushed as he introduced her to a pretty girl who was tall, skinny, and had what felt like large breasts to Megan. Fidget awkwardly told her "this is my girlfriend Stacy. I wanted her to meet the girl who kept me from doing something stupid last year. She's happy that you have adapted as well, we both know all too hard how periods are."

Megan blushed while he tried to get rid of the memories. Stacy walked her to a quiet spot and told her "he's a dream. He likes you a lot. I know from what he said about you that you had a crush. I loved him as a friend and had I not fallen for him over the summer I was hoping you'd date him. He's a great guy, and you will make a guy happy some day. Please don't hate him because of me, he cares about you."

Megan hugged her and tried to hide her tears. She Stacy offered her a soothing "he knows a few boys who might like you. Express is one who he speaks highly of, he's given you a few looks and Fidget has a lot of respect for him standing up for you to the other boys in your year.

Stacy indicated for her to look in his direction and she saw a quick blush and move away from her view by the boy. He was cute and was one of the few who never joked about Morgan and her being close. He also was smart and focused, he did look at her chest in class like boys tended to do but he didn't leer nor did he make her uncomfortable or eye her like a steak.

In contrast to Express and his gentlemanly actions, Itchy and Twitchy were acting up as normal by giving the girls of the school leers and making lewd jokes about them. They were among the many students whose families weren't attending due to financial reasons, with each being the sons of hardworking parents and older siblings who couldn't afford to come by to see them. It stung them deeply that others had family who could see them every weekend while they had to endure with not seeing their own until Christmas break and it may not even happen at all.

The two thought that they could have fun with the girls who had rejected them during the year being as obnoxious as possible so they provoked the desired response from them that made others embarrass the unfortunate girls. That might normally work, but they chose the wrong targets. Megan and Morgan had a lot of experience with people like them and were ready for their antics even if they didn't know it.

With Mathias Walsh somewhere on campus waiting for the moment to strike the girls were on high alert, something that would put both boys into a tough situation as they chose to go after them while all of their family were there: Taurus, Alice, Maya, Lillian, Abby, Amy, Aqua, and Vinny. The twins would not take any grief from anyone who tried to do harm to their future sisters and Vinny was familiar with boys trying to get at his daughter for her refusing their unwanted advances. The only non-mutants among them were probably the fiercest protectors of the girls, especially the devious twins.

The family arrived in three cars, with the twins immediately rushing for Molly, Megan bolting right for Maya, and Morgan unsure what to do despite Lillian and Maya telling her that she was going to be their daughter. Lillian hugged her deeply while Taurus took over and hugged her even tighter, with the man enjoying the tingle as the nanite shock intentionally made him feel it. Despite knowing that he was not a danger to her, the nanites still knew to give him a shock just for fun.

Taurus grinned as the little things were essentially telling him that the cared about him, which he was glad to know. He had to be pulled back by Alice as she told the nanites "it's nice to see you girls, too." The nanites turned red for a second before going back into Morgan, with Morgan still not able to say a lot due to the shock of being put on display by her powers.

Itchy and Twitchy waited until the big Taurus was out of earshot to start making snide jokes about the girls, with Morgan being particularly targeted due to her larger size as the exemplar curse of having a well-endowed, well muscled, and tall body was starting to fully take hold in her. Their big mistake was making it with Amy and Abby in earshot as the twins turned and gave them the look of death, the two boys trying hard not to laugh at the girls' threatening faces but not noticing the towering Lillian behind them. She happily stated "you boys really know how to make a bad impression on people, your antics are well known and your remarks are not appreciated by any girl."

Lillian caused the two to run off scared, with the two apologizing profusely and all of the other junior high kids laughing at them getting embarrassed so completely. She just shook her head and smiled as the twins were doing their best to protect their new sisters and get some fun against boys. She had to smile, it was only a matter of time before they would start to see boys as more than annoyances and as boyfriend material like Molly and Megan now did.

The family broke into three groups, with Aqua and Vinny leading Becky off to have her show them the campus while Megan went off with Lillian and Molly went off with the twins and Maya. Morgan was forced to go with Taurus and Alice, the two wanting her to relax as she knew something was about to happen and needed to calm herself before it happened. Taurus was the same way, only he hid his own angst deeper than Morgan and had his usual on-edge facade crumbling quicker than normal.

Morgan showed them around and told about her classes, with Pythagoras and Mr. Boothe happy with her progress while Dr. Zaius told of a girl who had a future in science if she chose to pursue it. Mr. Boothe showed off the program Morgan had written and explained just how money she had made the school then how much the students appreciated the help in beta-testing the program while earning a few dollars of their own. The students needed the money, with the help they received going a long way to helping them raise their grades in ways that the school hoped could be a harbinger of great results.

Her judo sensei was happy to tell them that she was a great help with the beginners and was working so well with Becky that she might be able to assist as a student teacher when she started as a high school student the next school year. Morgan blushed as Taurus gave her a raised eyebrow, Alice had to explain to him "she blacked out a lot of her memories, it's why we didn't know about Becky sooner. Mathias did a big number on her self-esteem and the school is helping restore her childhood."

In another room in the building, Megan and Molly introduced Maya, Lillian, and the twins to Tatsuo Ito. Maya gave him a strong glare but held her tongue while Lillian had to force her anger to remain in check. The twins weren't able to do either of that, Amy immediately asked if he was the meanie who ran off Morgan while Abby told him "you are not nice. Morgan is really good at martial arts. Uncle Vinny told us she was really good at Judo before she was taken away by her dad."

Ito tried to brush it off to which Megan told him "she's a Kukyū. You didn't notice it because you were so upset at what you accused her of doing and were looking for faults in her to not see that she knew another style but wasn't fully aware of it at the time. She didn't mention it because she blocked out what she did before our grandparents took her in and is still trying to remember a lot of what she knew before then. She's part of the demonstration that is being put on after lunch, she's going up against her former partner as part of the basic class display."

He tried to look like he wasn't concerned but both Maya and Lillian laughed at him. Maya angrily told her old sensei "you haven't changed a bit. You are biased against those who you can't quite figure out. I have known many former students who have had issues with you for acting like a tyrant on the mat but I never would have expected you to misjudge someone so badly and not bother to look past their issues as it's clear that she's suffering from PTSD and is only now receiving help. Her psychologist is helping but it took the one person she trusted completely in the past to help her break through her past."

Ito knew not to say anything more as it was the honest truth. He was a wise man, but even the wise can be foolish. He is rarely in the wrong with a student, but he was in the wrong with Morgan Pine.

When the group left, he inquired about the four with Molly and Megan. Amanda Tolman, his assistant, told him firmly "the two young girls are Molly Woods' sisters. Our former students are her new parents. Word through the grapevine is they are also adopting Morgan Pine, and are her aunts by blood."

He didn't say anything more, but she did notice a twinge of regret at failing a student who was an asset whom he could have used to help in his class. Tolman hated seeing him like that, but the elderly man was set in his ways and reacted on instinct. It was rare, but it happens even to the best of senseis.

Lunch was the usual fun as students weren't holding back and were happy to show off what they had learned so far that year to parents, with Vinny getting an eyeful as he was unused to mutant abilities as his father didn't use his powers much and Becky hid her powers well until her attack at school. He saw her being kept far away from by students her age, with the majority being kind enough to say hello and tell their parents what she could do with her powers and always getting gasps of shock in response.

The food was great. Vinny saw some things that were odd yet he accepted it as being normal there as the students who had the odd appetites were visibly suffering from GSD and had to have had an altered digestive system. The few who had odd appetites were sheepish but their parents showed they cared by assuring them, which was what mattered most to him.

Aqua groused that he missed the fun of the school as it was unknown when he was their age. He would not have afforded it, but it still stung that there was no place for him to go as a teenager to learn control. Becky just smiled and told him "it's why it's so important nowadays, there's even an elementary school for kids who are too young for junior high and who develop their powers. 'Normal' kids who go there too, Imp sends her daughter there. We aren't certain if she is 'normal' though since she has a habit of being able to get into trouble easily and sneaking around without being noticed."

On cue, the wily little girl named Karma appeared and gave a big grin to Becky. Becky rolled her eyes and told her "try to keep the dihydro oxide to a minimum. We don't want parents to get upset at a little kid having a 'gun' running around campus." Karma skipped along, with Becky knowing already that she planned to showcase her toy just to get people to react to it.

Aqua gave her a smirk, Becky groaned and told him firmly "don't tell her. It's funny to see the reactions because it's just water. She drew the image and Morgan created it for her. It's her pride and joy, it may even be a lot of fun if she learns that she could mark people with invisible ink hidden in the water."

Becky groaned and knew the little scamp was doing just that. It was within reason, Karma loved to be a pain to others when they upset her. She had a knack for it, just as her mother was to those who were in her way or who were trying to hurt her or those she loved.

Nearby, the twins were loving the school and wanted to go there. Molly looked saddened, while Maya told them woefully "being a mutant isn't a good thing. People hate us because they are afraid of us. You never see the downside of being a mutant: harassment from the MCO, Humanity First going after you constantly, being threatened by people who want to get away with hurting people. The list goes on and on. Your sisters are lucky to have family who loves them, but most mutants here have nobody but their friends and classmates. Many are sitting alone for a reason: they are truly alone in the world. You have been lucky, you never saw the bad things people do to us but that will change."

Lillian added "your former parents showed that even mutants can be terrible people. Some supervillains are nice people who do the wrong things for the right reasons. Your mom here used to steal things from others to extort people at the request of her contractors, but she never hurt anyone and she only did it to companies and people who were harming the environment and innocent people. Your birth parents used to destroy property in the name of catching criminals and stopping supervillains, they didn't care one bit that they sent scores of people to the hospital or that a dozen people died when the building your dad slammed a brick supervillain into collapsed on top of them. Mist saved the lives of many people by going inside of a burning building and getting them out, it's why she's employed by the state as a new urban search and rescue technician while your birth parents are rotting in jail awaiting trial for the attempted murders of your sisters."

Maya's story piqued the interest of several parents who were in costume. They were about to try to take her into custody but security chief Samantha Everheart explained to the "heroes" "Mist has admitted to the federal government and the state governors of the states that she has committed crimes in that she did what she did and at the request of the President himself she is pardoned by all of them. As part of her penance to the states, she is acting as search and rescue technician and is one of the most valuable ones at that: she can get where others can't and can take them to safety where it would take 'normals' days to reach. So you are trying to apprehend someone who has no reason to be detained as there are no active warrants for her arrests and whose detention is illegal as you have no authority to do so as this is federal land and you have no right to just grab anyone that you think is guilty of a crime. And before you claim that she is a villain and needs detention, we would take you into custody and remove you from the grounds, barring you from ever returning and seeking your own prosecution. Our faculty and staff is comprised of multiple former villains and heroes, so far the ones who have caused the most damage to our school have been the so-called heroes who ignored the rights of others- like yourself."

Sam nodded to Maya who simply finished her meal and walked away, with the girls seeing that people can be the opposite of what they appear to be to others. Heroes can be villains and villains heroes, it all wrested on the choices made. Abby and Amy learned a big lesson and were glad Maya was doing the right thing and trying to be a better person now that she retired from crime.

Morgan and Taurus ate a lot and caused a lot of eyebrows to get raised. Alice just grinned and told them to slow down, with both grunting at her statement but slowing as requested. They were quite a pair, she saw Taurus in Morgan so much so that she had to smile at Morgan being the child that Taurus had not had the chance to raise in his likeness, which he would never admit to but was clearly happy about.

When they were finished, Alice finally asked about the whole Microbyte situation. Morgan sighed and told the two "he's suffering from the early signs of Diedrick's Syndrome. It's a common occurrence in the gadgeteer and devisor community but he's getting hit hard. He's gifted, but he's having trouble with accepting that the makes mistakes that he never learns from. I don't provoke him, he just seems to be in a mindset that it's all my fault. He's good, but I found something that he couldn't do and it hurts him."

Morgan cut them off and admitted "yes, dad has the same issue. He's been able to mostly control it, but when it comes to us he loses all control. We are his trigger, anything involving you, mom, or me makes him start going off and wanting to destroy anyone in his way to kill us. It's why he's here today."

She nodded to them, telling them "I can feel the nanites burned into his arm, they are close enough now so that I can feel them again. They are telling me that he is preparing to harm us. I don't know where or when, just that he will go after us. It's not good, he has a lot of help hiding in plain sight."

Taurus signaled Sam who listened to what Morgan said. She called in to check on something and got an odd response back from the security officer in the communications center which concerned her. She did something odd with her eyes and then shot back an upset "they have control of several people in the control center but it's not something that we aren't prepared for. The transporter will get Morgan to the safe room without interference, only I have access to it. When he attacks, we will implement our plans. Don't worry about it, just defend yourself. I trust you have your pendant?"

She nodded then handed it to Taurus who handed it to Vinny. Vinny understood what was going on and knew to take Amy and Abby to safety if he wasn't himself engaged. He wasn't entirely defenseless, but he was concerned about the twins as they were perfect fodder for Mathias to use against them.

With nothing else to do, the group assembled for the trip to Holbrook Arena for the special presentation by the students. Morgan was nervous but a hug from Becky got her to calm herself and give her a sense of ease that things were going to be alright. Nobody dared say anything as they too had to perform in front of the same people and they could easily make a mistake.

Their actual presentation was quick and fast hitting as Becky was doing things that were unexpectedly fast and agile while Morgan reacted to her moves with quickness, reflexes, and a lot of brilliantly fast reactions to each of Becky's strikes. She was in her armor while Becky had her flaming wings and tail showing, with both making for a scary sight but one that was showing why they were students at the school as their powers were secondary to what they had been learning. The two never actually used their powers, the flames didn't harm Morgan and Becky never got shocked by Morgan's armor so it was all visual with both showing how dangerous their powers could by by shocking one of the energizers then burning a piece of broken wood tossed at her for visual effect.

As they exited the floor and waited backstage, Ito approached Morgan and tried to apologize for his behavior. Morgan accepted it, but added "if you just talked with Dr. Markham to understand who I am you would have learned the truth. I am still not up to speed on what I already knew, I don't think that I would have been in your class at all if Mrs. Carson knew that I knew judo. You have your own style of doing things, sometimes students are best left to learn another style as yours isn't for them. I respect that you are one of the greatest martial artists of all time, but I am not able to learn from you."

Morgan walked on, while Becky ensured that Ito didn't do anything. Ito was impressed with Morgan and let Tolman say a content "she's blooming into her own person. A lot of these kids will not be able to be as strong-willed as her around you, but she doesn't fear you as she used to which shows that she was right about not being able to learn from you. You really are more intimidating that you realize to kids."

The family split again, this time going to visit the classrooms that focused on their individual powers. Megan showed the shifter classroom, Morgan the manifestor classroom, Molly the psychic classroom, and Becky the flight training grounds. Becky felt that her father and grandfather would get a bigger kick out of showing off her skills in the air, especially as she was the only flier among the four girls.

Mathias was waiting for this break-up in the group and put into motion his plans. He had several of the mutants who owed him money and favors with him, all of whom were smuggled in under the auspices of being family to students. The poor saps who were subject to his suggestions were unable to resist his charm and willingly let his crew inside and helped them through security with nobody noticing them.

They split into four groups, with Mathias' group heading for Morgan and his parents. He was the only person whom he would allow to take out his parents and "daughter", with him never knowing that it was likely a fatal flaw in his plans. His nieces would have been easier targets, Morgan was now far too smart to fall for his tricks nor intimidated by his sheer force of will over her as she had been in the past.


The group sent after Becky was aware of her grandfather's powers but not fully up to date on her own powers. Becky had been able to control her fire to the point that she could manifest a large flame wall around her body that protected her from harm by small projectiles up to a 40mm grenade. It was able to act like a PK shell that deflected the momentum of the projectile but also the heat to caused the metal in the projectile to melt making the penetration almost nil and the force of the impact dissipated quickly.

She could also use her flames to create whips that could grab onto people and left no burns unless she chose to include heat. The same could be done for balls of fire, which she was able to make and throw giving her a distance weapon alongside her close-in weapon. She wasn't able to make a large fireball though, that was being worked on and might be possible in a year or two with practice.

All of that was in addition to her ability to fly, which used her wings of fire as well as air currents to keep her afloat for as long as she needed. She wasn't a fast flier, but she could maneuver easily and used the updrafts to turn away faster than others. Her wings were able to grow as large as she needed and with concentration she could carry three people but needed a break after her flight.

None of this was known to Mathias, he had no real intelligence about the girls except what he had on them before they left for the school. He never knew about their growing powers nor that the girls had a lot of people around who would protect them and counter whatever he threw at them. Becky was the most "vulnerable" but might have been the single most powerful among the family with her powers.

At the flight instruction field, Mercy was showing parents what their students could do. Becky was one of the favorites in the class as she had a unique ability and made for an impressive showcase. She was one of the few who could be trusted to showoff and not get hurt, with Mercy explaining the actions and how they were tough to teach with students trying hard to overdo simple instructions.

As they were in the midst of a demonstration of her corkscrew twists, shots rang out and people started to panic. Mercy tried to get a handle on the situation but was threatened by a group of six men with guns wearing heavy ballistic armor. She encouraged the parents to not do anything, she knew just who was being sought and why and knew that she was ready to right back.

Becky landed and readied herself, with Mercy doing the same. Mercy touched her shoulder and a pair of wings manifested then pressed her arm and a staff appeared. Becky just grinned and her hands started to glow red, with her whips ready to form and strike as soon as she flicked her wrists. Mercy did not try to dissuade her from striking, Becky would be safe from harm and the parents would move off to let them handle the situation while security came rushing.

The first two tried to get at Mercy, she whacked her staff at their guns before they could raise them at her. She tripped them off of their feet while a third tried to fire at her. She sensed what was happening and kicked at him, using her staff to pole vault into air over the attacker and land on his shoulders to which she used her momentum to tackle him to the ground while he landed hard on his gun, knocking the man out cold.

Becky had an easier time as she flung small fireballs at the three trying to go at her, with them dodging the obvious but unable to dodge her whips that struck them as they moved away. The heat was intense enough to burn through their armor, which was then followed-up by Becky jumping and tripping them. All of her actions left large holes which she grinned at as Aqua happily sent ice into their armor causing them to freeze in place on the ground.

He did the same to the ones who Mercy had taken down, only they required a little more finesse as they didn't have exposed skin. He was able to use the age-old "force of ice" which ripped open the joints and caused the ice to penetrate into the weakest points, freezing the men in place like their colleagues. The battle was over quickly, Mercy was pleased that Aqua chose to let security handle them instead of on his own as most would have done if someone tried to hurt their child.

When security reached them, they had trouble not laughing as six men with high-tech weapons caught in blocks of ice and shivering. The duty lieutenant asked for an explanation and with a dozen witnesses it was tough to not accept what Mercy had said as the truth. Becky was cautioned about taking matters into her own hands but given they were trying to specifically attack her and she tried to get away from the crowd they were powerless to do more than give her a look of anger but a nod of approval.


Over in the psy labs, Molly was showing Maya and the girls some tricks that she had learned. Abby and Amy were awe struck as she was more powerful than she had been before leaving for school and was able to lift both girls easily while reading their minds. She caused them to gasp and blush as she told them "you are too young for boyfriends and if either of our moms hear that you have been trying to kiss your classmates they will send you to an all-girls school."

She didn't have to use her telepathy for that, she knew the twins well. They were early bloomers and had heard from their own whispers that they liked some boys a lot. She simply knocked them down a few pegs for their own protection, they weren't ready for dating or boyfriends.

Molly was a "package deal psychic"(PDP) but wasn't as powerful in the empathy and telpathy areas of the psychic arts. She was lucky to have a strong telekinetic ability that was believed to one day get up to a TK-4 rating, but was still a low TK-3. She was strong, but with her former parents' actions and the fear of the adoption she was struggling to increase her abilities in class.

She was one of the strongest in her year, there weren't many who had been blessed with all three of the psychic arts abilities but she had them. The girls were in awe of her, they only remembered her doing a few tricks for them before she was sent to the school but she was wowing them with things that she had learned on her own and weren't hard to do. She had an audience as other parents watched her try to be a big sister to the girls and doing a good job of it while telling them that it was better that they never have any kind of mutant abilities and they were their own people.

Molly was a tough act to follow, which was lucky for the crowd as a group of six stormed inside the building and threatened to kill anyone who got in their way. Molly handed the twins Morgan's special pendant and pressed the button, jumping back out of the way as the girls teleported to a new location. Looking at Maya, she nodded and was ready for action.

Maya grinned and saw someone who would make things interesting. Louis Geitz was present for the "fun" and caused the men to try to hurt him as he didn't actually move from where he appeared to be standing but only caused everyone to laugh as it was impossible to do so as he was just a projection of his psychic wiill. This allowed Molly to rip the guns from their grip and away from them while Maya phased through each attacker in quick succession, causing them to gasp for breath as they were unable to breathe due to the sudden influx of water caused by her mist form.

Maya just grinned as the men passed out, with security entering and cuffing the men while calling for EMS for them as they needed help. Louis just smirked as Maya told the surprised officers "hey, they said 'freeze'...I thought that was an invitation to make them freeze. I only regret that it wasn't winter."

Everyone in earshot laughed as she was right. They couldn't discipline Molly as she had not done any real rules violation as she was technically showing her powers to the others, even if it just so happened to involve making weapons move from their owners. She got the same "don't do it again" look but a nod of approval that meant she was in the clear.

Maya grinned at doing something with her powers that was good instead of "evil". If she didn't react quickly the attackers would have harmed her and Molly with little regard for anyone around them. The protection of innocent bystanders mattered most, she protected them when others would have ignored them and tried to fight the attackers despite others possibly being harmed.


Over at the shifter labs, Megan and Lillian were watching some of the shifters change from their "base" form into various animals, plants, and objects. Some were subtle and needed explanation, while others were scary in how much trouble it was to change between forms. Megan was the last to go on, she had the widest array of shifting ability but hers was limited to just animals and only smaller ones so far.

Megan put on a performance as she became cats, dogs, goats, birds, and rodents. Her favorite form was a cat as they were easy to do, but she had been learning about mice and rats as they were able to go a lot of places without notice. The kids encouraged her to learn rodents despite her dislike of them, it was a smart thing to do and with the way she shifted she could go anywhere unnoticed by anyone.

Her shifts were getting quicker and quicker and causing Lillian concern. Megan sighed and told her "it isn't that big of an issue as it's part of the process. My body can handle it. I might not be able to change into animals larger than my human size but I don't mind being stuck with small mammals and birds for a bit when I am unable to change back. It's rare, but it does happen when I change too much too fast."

When the six attackers entered the lab and tried to strike Lillian Megan changed into a kitten and ran at them full speed, knocking them over then slashing at their armor trying to rip them open. She wisely chose one of the sharpest claws in the animal kingdom as her little cuts were digging into their lining and making small holes that Lillian happily exploited. She readied her hands to do some quick vines for when Megan finished, Megan was one step ahead of her and ensured she could get a clear shot at them.

Megan shifted into a black bear and ripped into the armor further, this time exposing the insides of their armor and even showing that two of them were wearing pink boxers with hearts over them. The lab gave a big laugh as the "big strong men" were humiliated by Megan without her knowing. She boxed them into a corner and whacked them hard against the wall, chipping the paint and knocking them out.

Lillian grinned and manifested strong vines around the six while security unarmed them and led the still-woozy men away. Lillian calmed Megan, who hugged her tightly and showed just how much you had to study your abilities and learn your strengths to be ready for action. She knew what animals to become to make the most impact in the shortest amount of time while waiting for help to arrive, it was a lesson that hadn't been taught yet but it was one worth telling to the other shifter students.


Across campus, Morgan was showing her grandparents her artwork and causing Alice to smile deeply at her showing places that she wanted to be but couldn't go yet. Several were of Boston Harbor and Wollaston Beach. The ones that caught her eye were the farm scenes, with old Bessie standing out and making her snicker as the old cow had never looked better.

Taurus shook his head at the images, it was clear to him that she missed Boston but knew she was safer at the school. The farm was a nice touch, even if Bessie was a pain to anyone but Alice and Lillian. He felt that the old cow was smarter than she seemed and made a connection to Morgan for her benefit.

Morgan waited for their reactions but didn't receive any. The Fabulous Imp came over and introduced herself to them officially and talked with them about Morgan and her art. Morgan blushed as she did a number on her for the quality and choice of locations and suggested she had a future in it if she wanted.

Imp knew what to say to make things smoother for Morgan, but was sincere in her words as Morgan did have a talent for art. She had an eye for scenery that was eye-catching as well as subdued. Little bits that she added that made the portrait "hers" were years ahead of her time but done with great talent.

As expected by the family, Imp was cut off from speaking by several men entering her classroom and yelling at everyone to move away from the family. Imp ignored them, only to see them try to strongarm her but leading to a jump, kick, then flash a smile as they made a huge mistake. Nobody in their right mind would dare attack The Imp and expect to get away cleanly, especially with her daughter close by.

Imp herded the six men towards Karma's hiding spot and watched as they were each soaked by Karma. The little girl giggled and kept squirting away until each was completely soaked and yelling at her. Imp told her "good job" then proceeded to tell Morgan to "do your thing" which led to Morgan shocking the six with her electrified tendrils that shot out of her arms while she was insulated from the actual shocks.

The six were steaming when Morgan let go, the chain reaction caused all six to short-out their weapons and cause Morgan to grumble "he really doesn't know the first thing about weapons design. I purposely made those to be water guns and he uses an electrical power source. They have no insulation, they short -out at the slightest shock. They are useless to anyone now."

Imp wrapped the group in their own netting and pulled them away from the door. Morgan gave her a nod to tell her that it was time and walked outside of the building with Taurus and Alice. The trio were expecting a showdown with Mathias and the time had come, his toying with them was over.


Outside on The Quad, the four groups merged together to force Mathias to face them in the open and where nobody else could get hurt. The Quad was large enough to accommodate dozens of people, and with security keeping everyone away it was devoid of bystanders. Mathis didn't bother to hide anymore so he walked out from his hiding spot in Kane Hall with the twins and Sam and tried to make a show of having the two girls completely under his control and doing whatever he wanted.

That could not have been further from the truth. Abby and Amy were smart enough to not let him touch them and when he did lay a hand on them their skin was covered so no actual contact was made. It was a quick bit of reaction but the twins weren't dumb- they listened to their new moms talk about what he could do with his powers and didn't let him make any contact with them allowing them free-will.

When they got close enough, Abby and Amy grinned and let Mathias talk himself into a monologue so he never noticed that they were about to strike. The guards on either side of them were kicked in the shins then between their legs causing the men to double-over in pain while the girls ran at full speed away from Mathias. With no pawns to use, Mathias had lost his only edge and was now facing down the full might of five adults, four teenagers, dozens of students and their parents, assembled security, and one severely pissed-off Sam Everheart.

Mathias growled "kill them all! Don't let any of them survive!" He tried to hide behind his minions but he made the mistake of believing that they'd keep him safe, but they had their own lives to think about.

Alice was angrier than she had ever been before and focused her hands in front of her then let loose a loud growl as she made a motion like she was firing a blast of something at three men. The trio started to scream in agony and ripped their helmets off as their eyes and ears were bleeding from whatever Alice had done. She just smirked, she was called Sensation for a reason: she could control the senses of others and had just sent a powerful blast of telepathic energy that overloaded their eyes and ears which caused them to reach the point of extreme pain causing them to bleed.

Close by, Lillian was handling four trying to shoot at her but failing due to her wall of vines and grass. She knew the Quad better than anyone and maneuvered them close to Shuster Hall and had the bushes and ivy ensnare them so much that they were plastered against the wall and unable to move. She then had the weapons ripped apart from the inside out by blades of grass causing a shower of sparks. It was then followed by cheers as Lillian walked away, with security arresting the four as the vines receded.

Becky took to the sky and drew the attention of four who tried to shoot at her but left themselves open to being attacked by Megan. Megan shifted into a ram and knocked one over, shattering his leg and causing a shrill scream then shifted into an alligator and snapped the leg of another as he tried to shoot at her. As she was biting into his leg the third and fourth tried to shoot at her but were hit by fireballs from Becky causing them to need to change their attention to her which allowed Megan to back away and shift back to human form.

Becky was quicker than the two and dodged left and right while letting them get boxed into a corner where Megan charged at them again, sending both into the wall and causing them to be knocked out. She moved off and had to sit down, she was now completely exhausted from the sudden changes but had done enough to save herself and Becky's lives. Vinny kept watch over her, with Vinny grabbing one of the weapons and pointing it at anyone who got close to Megan- be they security or hired goon.

Molly had four going for her and saw her anger unleashed on the four. She didn't let them get close, she ripped each of the guns from their hands and flung them hard against the wall causing a massive ball of fire as their electronics blew and caused the ammunition to go off harmlessly into the ground. Her look was one of pure hatred and anyone looking at her would have ran for cover.

The four men tried to advance on her with knives, she mentally flicked them out of their hands then lifted the four into the air, slammed them together several times until each was unconscious, then flung them against the wall next to the remnants of their guns. She stood tall over them and had to be backed off by security as they arrested the four while Molly was told to back away for their safety. She was on edge but complied, only relaxing when one of the security officers put an arm around her to assure her that she wasn't in any trouble for defending herself.

One of her classmates tried to make a joke about her but an angry glare from Molly as well as one of the security officers giving a terse "I didn't see you doing anything to stop them. Unless I am mistaken, each of you is able to do the same to a person yet you were scared stiff at the sight of the guns. She not only disarmed them twice, she easily took them out without so much as a second thought. You can tease her all you want, but she wasn't a coward. You folks on the other hand need change of panties and boxers, I see the wet marks from here."

Molly felt better now that her jealous detractors had gotten their asses handed to them by some of the toughest security officers and ones who had handled their bullying too many times to count. She was a rare person who didn't cause trouble, and who had their respect for keeping a cool head until she was provoked. Molly had also shown to the kids' parents the real face of their children away from home, something that would have lasting repercussions in the months to come for those students.

Aqua was having trouble getting his four into position but smirked as he spotted Karma and her little dihydro oxide gun ready to fire at the men. The little scamp refused to stay away and fired when they got close enough, drawing their attention and giving Aqua enough liquid to freeze them solid. Karma just smirked while Imp all but screamed at her for doing something so stupid, while Aqua happily told her "she knew what I could do and tried to give me what I needed. She's a true hero, protecting her friends from people trying to harm them."

Karma blushed and ran off, with Imp shaking her head and muttering that it was truly karmic justice. The little girl was her mother's daughter, even if she'd never admit it to herself. You didn't spend years in the criminal business without knowing a few of the indirect players and he had known Imp without having met her and saw in Karma the same attitude and sense of right and wrong as Imp showed.

Morgan and Taurus had the last six penned-in and ready to fight to the death. The two were Exemplars, thus could withstand their assaults and not flinch at the bullets riddling them. Mathias knew that Taurus could do that, but he had no clue just how strong, fast, and agile Morgan truly was.

Mathias tried to taunt his father but Taurus shook his head and boldly proclaimed "I have loved you the whole of your existence and never stopped loving you despite who you have become. You are my child no matter what, but you haven't seen that. You live in your own twisted world and blame all others for what goes wrong with your life. Your sister has never said or done anything to harm you, your sister-in-law is one of the most noble people despite her chosen profession, and your wife was a woman whom you should have loved for her heart and soul instead of as a way of getting at her sister. You are not the man you believe yourself to be, you are just an overgrown child who still blames everyone else for the choices that you make and the outcomes that you have caused. I love you, but not what you are."

Taurus struck the thugs with his head-on charge, one that was fitting his codename. He was like a bull on the rampage and moved through the six easily, not letting the bullets riddling his body take away any of the momentum that he had. When he finally stopped moving, all six were down and barely able to breathe as their ribs were broken and legs snapped from the impact of the charging Taurus.

Mathias realized that he was all alone and was about to face-off against his own child. Morgan angrily blurted out "I'm what you hate most: mom reborn. I look like her. I have her powers. I even have her personality. I'm what you fear the most- I am mom and I am what you wanted to be but never could!"

She armored-up and glowed red from anger and fury. Mathias' arm burned as the nanites in it tore out and left a permanent scar. Morgan let him make the first move but only ducked, grabbing onto his arm and flinging him to the ground hard. His arm burned at the mere touch of Morgan, with a loud scream of pain emanating from him as he felt every bit of the pain that he inflicted on her come out into him.

The once-powerful Mathias was reduced to tears as he tried to fight back. Every strike was met by a searing pain, every kick with a shock and smell of burned flesh. He was unable to make any sort of hits that didn't hurt him twice as hard.

He tried to taunt her while he hid his pain. Morgan ignored his words, they were meaningless to her. She could easily see that he was trying to work her over while he stabbed her with a hidden blade, he was intent on killing her and it was either him or her and she chose to save herself even if he was hurt.

Mathias knew that he was in deep trouble and tried to reason with Morgan. She showed no mercy, she let him talk himself into a corner as he offered her money, offered her the patents for all of the weapons that she had designed, then offered to ensure that she was never touched by The Syndicate again. All of that proved to show that Mathias was just a coward who only cared about himself.

It was all a bluff. She held the rights to all of the patents, he was flat broke due to his stupidity when he transferred his money after murdering Khaos, Ms. Manic, and Master Blaster, and The Syndicate was already aware of her through Maya. He had nothing to offer except lies and hot air.

Morgan didn't listen, she was beyond listening. She struck him one last time in the back, causing him to howl in pain before he backed off and let him collapse into a heap on the ground. She herself did the same, crying into Lillian and Maya's shoulders as they cradled the emotionally exhausted girl.

Taurus backed off as security approached, with Sam telling him "we can take it from here." He nodded then turned his attentions to the family and hugged the girls and carrying the exhausted Morgan in his arms while she tried to act like she was fine. Becky and Molly were the only ones still able to move on their own and did their best to corral the twins, with the twins just grinning at them.

Megan and Morgan were put to bed while Molly and Becky tried hard to not say anything to the others. The twins asked what the big deal was about their cottage as it didn't look any different from the others. Molly sat them down and told them "remember the old me? Well this cottage is made for kids like me. It's for boys who were born as girls, girls who were born as boys, and boys who like boys and girls who like girls and those in-between. It's a safe place for all of us who are considered 'sexual deviants'."

She had knowingly broken one of the biggest rules about Poe but it was done with two who could best hold the secret of the cottage. They looked at Becky who nodded, telling them "you know about Megan and Morgan but I'm different. I'm here because I like girls. I may not be any different than other girls but I am still not 'normal' by the standards of others."

The twins just shrugged and gave up the questioning. They didn't care about it and was happy that the girls were able to have their own place away from people who didn't like girls like them. Their minds weren't ready to comprehend the possibility that even as mutants there were people who were cruel to those who weren't exactly the same as other mutants.

Outside, Taurus and Alice greeted Mrs. Horton and Mr. Babich and expected the worst from them for bringing the twins inside without consulting with them first. Neither said anything as the twins came out and hugged the elders and awaited what the two house parents' remarks. The duo didn't have much to say, with Mr. Babich asking "any more fun expected or will that be it?"

Taurus shook his head while Alice explained "it's over. He had nothing else left in him and he's about to be in for the worst time anyone could give to a prisoner. He's a marked man, far too many will be ready to hurt him for what he did today. He's not going to survive for long, I'm sad to admit but he won't last the night as I doubt he won't be able to be held in the Roxbury C complex long before he's killed. He tried to hurt kids, tried to harm kids at Whateley, and tried to hurt a member of The Syndicate in good standing even if she is officially retired."

She knew best and accepted that it was the last time that she would see her son alive. Roxbury C was the toughest facility in the country and wouldn't let his actions go unpunished as he had mortal enemies of just about half of the inmates there. Few would cry at his passing, the family had made amends with this fact long before and accepted that Mathias was never going to change and only awaited word of his untimely demise from the prison.

The duo looked at Maya and Lillian holding hands and had Mrs. Horton smiling brightly at the couple. They tried to blush and turn away but she proudly told them "it's nice to see that you two stopped being little children and professed that you loved one another. I hope that you do the right thing for these girls as they need stable parental support."

The couple blushed again to which Taurus explained "they married in September after their last visit. It was a simple ceremony at town hall with only the twins and us in attendance. They had to be married so they could adopt all of the girls as their own daughters."

The group let the issue drop and waited for Morgan and Megan to awaken from their nap. The girls were upset but seeing the twins smiling they didn't say anything further. The twins led them outside to the adults and let them do the honors of telling them the big news.

Maya pulled out three envelopes from her purse and had Molly, Morgan, and Megan read them. Each were in tears as they read the orders from the family and probate court judge. They were all now the adopted daughters of Maya and Lillian Walsh, with the names Pine and Woods changed to Walsh.

The girls hugged their mothers deeply, with the twins joining them in a big embrace. The scene wasn't lost on others, who asked what it was all about. Mr. Mazzarin explained to the curious people "that is a family who have finalized their joining as the girls have been adopted by one or both parents. We here at Whateley are accepting of people of all race, gender, and sexuality regardless of what society says. We are proud that two of our alumnae have found love with each other and have given three of our new students the caring parents that they richly deserve. We have no issue with them, neither should you."

He had made his point to those who were about to make a nasty remark and let them know that he was supporting them and the school would not allow anyone to say or do something that would hurt the school. He personally didn't care about their sexuality, they had shown great care in keeping the school safe from harm. He was just glad that the girls' troubles were finally over and things could be normal.

The crowd dispersed and dirty looks were given to Maya and Lillian but saw scathing remarks shot to the ones glaring as friendships frayed and the real side of people was being shown. It was an expected outcome as what people were often wasn't what they showed themselves to be. Their children learned a tough lesson as their parents were a bunch of bigots and those who were friends with them would have to take a long look at just what they believed as it wasn't something that they wanted for themselves.

Mr. Mazzarin decided that it was best that the girls left for the night as things were about to get dicey. It didn't need saying, the MCO would be poking their heads into the campus and would want to steal the girls from them under the guise of "their own protection" and end up either dead or some place where they couldn't harm the MCO any more than Morgan had already done. The girls left with their families with Becky reluctantly parting from Morgan just as the first of the MCO drop ships made their landings and spread their power-suited occupants out across the campus.

Mr. Mazzarin just grinned and demanded that they leave. He was told that the MCO was taking control of the scene to prevent any mutants from leaving, to which he happily told them "I have already talked with your regional director and you are here without any authorization. If you so much as try to go near one of the students I have authorization to shoot to kill to protect the students. By all means, please try something. Your units are all targeted by snipers and our automated defenses. The only reason your ships were allowed to land without being destroyed is there were too many people on the ground who would have been injured by the burning debris."

The MCO officer in charge tried to make a strike at Mazzarin who who gave a signal and a split second later one of the dropships exploded into a fireball when a missile struck it from its hidden location in the trees. He gave another signal and power armored security personnel appeared and advanced on the MCO power armor, with students forming a perimeter around the non-power armored MCO agents and were ready to fight against any attempt to grab them. Mazzarin simply told the MCO agents "leave. I don't mind bringing the wrath of several gods down upon your agency for this blatant intrusion in violation of the rights of students as well as your agency's treaty with the US."

A new dropship landed, this one followed by several military dropships and heavy hardware escort fighters that was pointed directly at the MCO agents and dropships. One lone person emerged from the lead dropship, she had a scowl on her face that belied her normally calm demeanor. She walked past the Whateley security without needing to say anything, they knew exactly who she was and why she was there and was more than happy to let her do her duty.

Grace Winslow was not happy with the MCO agent in charge as well as the other agents who were at the school. She angrily told the men "per order of the DPA and the President of the United States, you are hereby placed under arrest for trespassing, attempted kidnapping, attempted murder, and all assets of your office are seized for investigation by the US Department of Justice. You are in violation of the DPA's treaty with our agency and are therefore impounded until further notice. You have chosen the wrong place to attack as this will not be ignored nor will it be swept aside. We operate in the US under a working agreement and that has been called into question thanks your your actions."

She nodded to the soldiers with her and watched as the MCO agents in the power armor tried to fight off the soldiers but surrendered to them when they saw that they were staring down the barrels of larger guns which they couldn't counter. Grace walked over to the agent in charge and personally smiled as he fought the US Marshals over being taken into custody. She happily told him "you really screwed the pooch. Multiple members of major superhero teams are here as are members of The Syndicate and other criminal organizations. This is Parents' Day! You seriously thought you'd just grab all of the students without repercussions? You are lucky you never left the ground or you'd be lucky to be alive."

She started listing off a dozen superhero groups, several known criminal empires, as well as the names of a dozen supervillains who had a long hatred of the MCO and were not afraid to kill agents if they tried to harm anyone who was connected to harming members of their family. The supervillains alone were dangerous, but add in that they had their own connections to powerful politicians, ambassadors, and major industrial companies things got worse for them. The MCO was in danger up to their eyeballs and none had any way of getting out of it.

Grace let the marshals take the MCO agents away and had the military commander ensure that all of the MCO equipment was disabled and transported away, with Grace calling her superiors and telling them that Whateley was secure and the MCO was leaving in full but the New Hampshire and Boston offices were in need of closure and revamping yet again. This would be the third time for each, it was at the point that the offices were intentionally being used by outside forces and they were about to face the full might of angry people who would no longer stand idly by as the agency abused their children.

She angrily told them "if you try to pull this stunt a third time, I can guarantee that this will be all-out war by the mutant community. the MCO won't survive, it needs to be redone. The hell with all of the Goodkinds and their money, the MCO isn't some tool to force their views on others and if you think that it is you will find out just how nasty mutants can be when it's their lives on the line. The President isn't going to accept it anymore. Either you reform or you die. You don't attack Whateley and expect it to be forgiven, not when they knew that you were doing it!"

The venom in her voice belied her knowledge, it was already too late. The President had put forth a bill that would expel the MCO from the US and force the MCO elsewhere to change or the MCO would be declared a criminal organization. The Goodkinds were unable to counter this declaration, it was too toxic even for their powerful influence over politicians and any attempt to circumvent it would lead to their own ties being used as a way of destroying the family fortunes once and for all.

The changes wouldn't be immediate and the worldwide fallout would take years to finalize and change, but the days of an international organization that was nothing more than a front for murder and torture of one group of people was over. She knew that she would be taken down in the fallout but she had her future in the DPA as she was one of the few who could be trusted to make the DPA into what the USA needed and not the MCO watchdogs that it had devolved into.


Down in Plainville, MA the girls watched the news of the MCO being forced to shut down in the USA as the President of the United States addressed the nation. The girls felt fear as it was clear that what Mathias had done had been the catalyst for the action but a smile from Lillian changed their views. It was Maya who explained "my last contract with The Syndicate was to secure vital evidence against the MCO and present it to the President. He has everything they ever did wrong and has decided that it was time to finally put an end to their actions. The group is not law enforcement so has no right to do any of what they were doing. He endured them, but trying to openly attack Whateley today under the auspices of protecting people who weren't even there is one step too far for them. He's doing what he has to do despite the repercussions from his rival party. It'll split the nation, but the vast majority are in favor of what he is doing. The MCO is finished in the US and will be finished elsewhere."

The girls watched TV and did homework then went to bed, with Morgan and Becky sharing a loving embrace as she led Morgan to her new bedroom before heading home herself. Lillian and Maya enjoyed a night of "fun" together as they finally felt that it was alright to do so as they were parents now and the girls were sound asleep. The two gave each other loving glances and kissed deeply before falling asleep in the other's arms.

The twins enjoyed sharing a room and even enjoyed hearing Megan complain about the rooster waking her up from a nice dream. The twins walked out to the barn and collected eggs then settled in to milk Bessie, with the cow mooing at Megan while not trying to kick her as usual. Megan got close and the old cow nodded at her, letting her milk her and giving her an understanding look as she finished.

As the twins led the milk away, Bessie seemed to want Megan to get closer then encouraged her to be a cow like her. When she changed, Bessie surprised her when she told Megan a soft "you are one of us now. I'm old enough to know you are different than you were before. I can understand you better than any other human. You are human but you are animal. You are no longer a child, I can hear your mother talking about you being a woman. You are your mother's daughter, even if you don't know it yet. I am proud of you, Megan. You are growing into a strong woman even if it doesn't show yet."

All of that sounded like a stream of moos and grunts to others but Megan could understand everything. It was another milestone for her, she could actually communicate with animals while she was the same animal. Bessie actually liked her and was trying to help her be a better person, it was the greatest news she had heard and made the years of being mean to Megan make sense.

Megan hugged Bessie when she shifted back to normal, with Bessie not making any movement. The other girls didn't say anything as it was clear that something happened that they couldn't understand but it was special to Megan. Maya and Lillian hugged and kissed Megan, who again cried as she told them what Bessie said they had talked about and why she was so hard on Megan leading the two to kiss and hug her deeply as they apologized to her for being so critical of her.

The family ate a late lunch then left for the school, with the twins staying with Taurus and Alice at their house for the day. At the school, the girls didn't talk to anyone else as they knew they'd want to know what went on the day before and why. The four were tired and focused on their homework, it was tough to disturb them when they were doing something that none of the others could argue about.


November 14th, 2016 Crystal Hall, Whateley Academy

The foursome entered Crystal Hall and all talking stopped. They ignored the silence and got their food, with Megan and Morgan again having their own specialized plates of fruits and vegetables with a load of high-sugar dessert alongside electrolyte drinks. Molly and Becky joined them in not eating meat, the two didn't have any reason to not eat meat but they chose to do the same as them in solidarity.

They tuned out the whispering and focused on eating, with the group then going to class as if they had nothing to speak of and not really caring what others had to say about them. Their classmates gave Megan and Morgan looks of concern and fear as they took their seats, thankfully they were saved from saying something by their teacher's arrival and Becky's own death glare. Class was swift and anyone who was about to talk to the girls was met with questions from their teacher, who ensured they were put on the spot.

After class, Morgan had an easier time as Dr. Zaius, Pythagoras, and Mr. Boothe left things alone and ensured that class was focused on their work and the various projects that were due soon. Morgan and Mr. Boothe talked about her nanites and what they were capable of, with her nanites' programming and understanding of computers being shown to be evolving as she learned more and more about them. She was happy to talk about them as they were different than other nanites, they weren't created by regular means as they were an extremely rare manifestation.

She was glad to make it to judo and a date with the mat as her sensei would have criticism regarding her technique used against her opponents on Parents' Day. It was prophetic as her sensei showed that she was smart in using her environment and powers against Mathias. Morgan didn't speak, she knew that no matter what she said would get twisted against her by her sensei as it was a brawl not judo.

Morgan and Becky sparred and helped the lower-tier students with their sparring and form, all while their sensei observed and nodded. Becky realized what was going on and smiled, Morgan was going to get a gift from her sensei as it was a big one- she was being promoted to Hachikyū from her previous rank. It had been only two months since school started, but she had plenty of time at the rank before it.

At the end of class, Morgan was called forward and given her belt by her sensei. It was a token gesture as the school wasn't affiliated with the establishment due to anti-mutant bias, but it was still done with honor and respect. Morgan accepted it and earned respect from her classmates, especially as Becky had a big smile on her face and told her that she'd be on the same level as her by the end of the years.

Dinner was interesting as Megan was talking with a boy named Zap from one of her classes. He was a mage who specialized in weather magic and natural spells. The two had spent a lot of time together in science and had a spark that both seemed to realize but didn't have the heart to act upon.

He seemed to be able to sense the true nature of people, from their emotions to their gender to their true intent towards people. He saw Morgan, Megan, Molly, and Becky and did double-takes but let it slide, now that he was so close to Megan he seemed to want to ask them about these sights but was wise to not do so out in the open. Molly could sense what he really wanted and smiled, he was fighting an urge in Megan but until he asked her the truth it was going to eat at him until he snapped.

The girls walked with him back to Poe, sitting him down and asking him point-blank what he felt about people who were different. He looked down in shame and told them that he didn't care about the fact that the girls had two mothers, they were better than his own mother had been to him before she found out that he was a mage. The girls felt that this was a good opening and let Megan do the honors.

She looked into his eyes and asked "what about people who change genders?" He looked down at his feet and tried to avoid the question but finally told her "I don't care. Honestly, I don't care as they have a lot to deal with that none of us will ever understand. You may change your body but you can't change who you are inside. People get big boobs but are still airheads, people get plastic surgery or go to BIT slicers to alter their being but never change what they are as a person. You are you no matter what."

He looked at Megan and asked "so you are becoming a boy?" Megan snorted then shot back "I was a boy until last year. I became a girl through and through. I am all girl now, complete with periods."

He cringed while Morgan and Molly added "she's not joking." Megan explained "I like you a lot. You are probably the only boy who has been nice to me because you understand me. Your answers prove it. I hope that you can accept my past because it's the truth. I was born as Michael Walsh but am Megan."

He saw the tears in her eyes and realized that it wasn't a joke. He looked to Morgan and Molly for help but the two waited for him to do something. He moved over to Megan and hugged her, telling her with a warm affection "you are pretty and smart. I wish I had a girlfriend who was as nice as you are."

Megan kissed him for saying that, with Molly and Morgan coughing to calm her before Mrs. Horton said something about their little bit of affection in the cottage common area. Molly had to take the lead and told him "Poe is a special cottage. You can't tell anyone about the people in here. We are all either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or changelings. All of us. Morgan and I were born as boys. Becky is a lesbian. All of us have to keep from showing our true selves to others due to the dangers of coming out here."

He nodded and asked "were you really a boy?" Molly nodded then showed him a picture of the old boy who looked nothing like the girl in front of him. Becky did the same for Morgan, the old Morgan was a scared little boy with feminine features and long hair but the girl in front of him was a confident beauty but he'd never admit it.

Mrs. Horton broke up the gathering. He was escorted out but told her that he'd never tell a soul what they had told him about themselves and the others in the cottage. She had a sense that he wouldn't dare break his vow, the way he looked at Megan belied his growing affection for her.

Over the weekend, the couple grew closer and finally became an open couple when Megan kissed him. Nobody dared to say anything about them being together as Megan's family was untouchable. She was practically royalty at the school due to her family's long connections to crime and their wealth being revealed to all.

Morgan and Molly got approached several times by groups who were looking to entice the sisters to join them. The Masterminds were told to take a hike as soon as they introduced themselves to the girls, their families were done with crime and the group was really just trying to use them to get a foothold in the criminal world. When Maya was brought up, the duo firmly told them that she severed all ties on her retirement and refused to take on any new work so using her as a reason to join was useless as nobody had anything to gain and the girls would refuse to help them get help from Maya regardless of being close to them or not.

The so-called Golden Kids were almost as bad. They wanted the girls for their money, each member of the group was from rich parents yet few were independently wealthy. Morgan had about $200 million in her bank account thanks to Mathias and her patents and was one of the few who could be claimed to be the richest person on campus.

The girls were touted as being the perfect new members, but the only questions they were asked was how rich they were. None of the girls answered, with Morgan saying "if you have to ask, you aren't in a place to know. Morgan tired quickly of their questions and attitude, refusing to deal with them anymore and when claimed to frauds she quickly told the group "I don't have to tout my money to show that I am better than everyone else. I have a lot of money, I am donating a lot of money to help kids attend school here and don't need to show off my wealth to make myself feel better. For all of your 'wealth' you are the most morally bankrupt people on this campus. Considering how many former villains there are in the faculty that is saying something about your character."

Her smackdown made the rounds of the school and caused the elitist brats to be ridiculed as Morgan had done what few dared to do: she told them off by telling the truth. She gave money to the school and was more than happy to do so and was not looking for anything in exchange, she didn't need them but it was apparent that the group needed her and the publicity that she brought to them.

The infamous Bad Seeds were at least extending a hand out of respect and not because they could use them, they had the same things in common with the four: they were the children of villains. The four at least heard them out and accepted provisional invitations, but weren't going to join them as part of their training teams nor in any escapades. The four were too closely linked to not be part of any other team except their own, and were expected to get Megan's new boyfriend to join the fun as well later on.

They accepted the invitation to join the group and spent a lot of time listening to the others talk about the things their parents were doing and cringing at some of the antics that they did while trying to keep their kids from learning the truth about their real lives. It was sweet at times, even if they weren't the best people. Parents can be villains but caring parents, Morgan happily told them that they should be glad that they were able to be good parents to them when they needed them most.

Twitch, the Wondercute member and Bad Seed member, was one of the few who wasn't happy with the girls joining the group. She still resented that Megan wouldn't join her group, but the way she treated her invisible rabbit Harvey it was clear that she was more concerned with cuteness than the fact that Megan was a human who could turn into animals. They had an uneasy truce, but Twitch was often in a bad mood whenever Megan was around.

It only seemed to get worse when the girls hung out with Penny Dreadful during weekends, working with her on her manifesting as they ignored the grossness of her "zombies" and got her to enjoy being around people who "got' her quirks. She was also able to get them to release some tension and talk to her as a friend, with Penny trying hard not to enjoy friendship. It was tough, but Penny did see them as some of the few people who she could call friends even if she'd never admit to it.

At the Thanksgiving break, Zap went home with Becky's father as Vinny took him under his care as as Zap's family refused to allow him to go home. The couples were kept apart at night but during the day it was clear that they had a closeness that nobody can deny. The two couples kissing in the barn while the twins snickered causing Lillian to shed tears as her little girls were now starting to act like a mature young women and giving her a sense of pride.


Things were calm and even quiet for the families after that. As everyone expected, Mathias was killed in jail under dubious circumstances but nobody took responsibility and those who inquired were told to let things go. The family mourned his death, but he was long since past being able to be forgiven.

The five were a tough team to deal with each being a powerful part with Morgan as their leader. They caught everyone by surprise by bettering several established teams and only fell short when they faced a team of stronger, more experienced juniors in their team tactics finals. They received great praise for preparing themselves for possible variables and adapting to the changing situation while others were in a state of flux when things changed unexpectedly.

As time went by, Molly found herself a boyfriend who joined their team and who was at first reluctant to believe her past but after realizing that he had no reason to hate her he accepted it and moved on. She was careful with him and fought off other girls who were jealous, but he eventually admitted that he was in love with her. They were close and her mothers were happy that he was accepting of her, but did caution him that if he did anything to harm her then they'd harm him 100 times worse.

The twins grew older and to their shock disappointment, did not develop powers. They were sad to accept that it was for the best as they were able to live normal lives despite their friends questioning why their sisters were at a boarding school and they were in a regular public school. The few who did realize why they were away didn't dare say anything, and the ones who might have had an issue with the trio being mutants were dumped as friends and saw themselves on the outs at their school.

With the money that she earned from her homework program, Morgan set up a special scholarship fund that went to pay for mutants whose families were destitute or who had no support. Several ended up in Poe, never knowing she was why they were there. She was happy to be anonymous, their safety mattered most to her and she was proud to see the fruits of her labor paying out in front of her eyes.

Molly graduated and became a psychologist who specialized in the care of kids who had gender issues. The next year, Megan and Morgan graduated and saw Morgan going on to become a toy and game designer while Megan went to college and medical school to become a veterinarian. None of the girls needed to work, yet they sought to work so they pulled their weight in society.

The entire family joined together to enjoy the marriage of Becky and Morgan, with Becky being told by Aqua that she was joining their families together in full instead of by choice. The Jones and Walsh families becoming one was the final nail in Taurus' past as the old-timers all retired from the game and let the next generation run things with the elders no longer taking any interest in how the empires that they had built were maintained or destroyed.

Years later, Morgan reflected on her life and smiled as her beautiful wife and children were happy and healthy and her large family of nieces, nephews, sisters, and brothers-in-law were all joined as one. She smiled at the group as she recalled how they got there and how they became one. She saw nothing but love and affection, with all of their children enjoying a better life than she could have ever imagined back when she was hiding in the subway of Boston.

The end.

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