Pen on a dirt road - Poem 3

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A right to be?

Is it given to a life,
the right to live?

I wonder, is it?
Am I to be,
or to die?

Has it been given to anyone
to dim out a life

even of a being that is caught up
in a journey to light,
from a darkened state?

Has it been given to
any one man
to impose death
on any one that is as I am?

This death imposed
is a life so cruel.

We are forced to die to
conformity, normality, morality
someone’s idea of who a g-d
should be to me.

Is this g-d then death to me?

The journey of life
it is a hard and rock filled road,
to each one of us
who find ourselves to be
on this callous Rock
a place of undeniable sorrow.

For to some of us
Torture is our companion,
to live and die,
twice in one lifetime.

A journey from the depths
of self-hatred, jailed within the self,
a physical purgatory.

To travel to an acceptable
newness of being,
but to be cursed unto gender exile
social ridicule and solitary darkness.

It is the tale of a migration
from without life, unto life
Adam and Eve reborn, redefined...

Darkness into light,
heaven and hell
humanity revealed.

This and more resides in us,
we are singularly magical creatures
gifted above all that is,
blessed and ultimately cursed.

For within us resides this
mysterious birth
a transcended gender;
the most complete and empty
of all beings in all of creation.

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