Pushing the Limits- Part 3

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Chapter 3: Because Two Can Keep A Secret…..

Once he got into the fitting room stall, Evan quickly unzipped his pants and dropped them, then pulled off his briefs. He examined the red plaid panties again, enjoying the silky feel of the material before carefully stepping into them and sliding them up to his hips. They went on easily enough, and the fabric felt amazing against his skin.

He turned to look at himself in the mirror. They actually looked pretty good…with the tiny ruffle, it almost gave the appearance that he had a cute perky butt. The only problem, as usual, was the big one….the bulge between his legs, which he knew usually got bigger when he got dressed up.

Just then, he heard a buzzing sound. He bent down to pull his phone out of his pants and noticed the time. 4:13. Damn…had it really already been that long? His break was almost over. He quickly scrolled to check his messages…it was a text from Chloe. Just to say hi, and ask how his night was.

Evan sighed. It was a sweet gesture, but he knew also that it was likely her way of checking up on him. He still hadn’t told her where he worked, and he knew she was getting suspicious. He quickly typed out a response that everything was fine, and he’d be home after 8 when the store closes. He glanced at the time again.

Now it was 4:15 exactly. His break was over, and he had to go back. He knew at the very least it would take a couple of minutes to change- on the other hand- maybe he wouldn’t have to…..as long as he remembered to take off the panties before he left that night.
Evan pulled his pants back on, and stuffed his briefs into his pocket before heading back out onto the sales floor.

Savannah was busy at the register, ringing up a customer. Evan noticed that there was another customer in the store, who looked like she might need help. He wasn’t sure if Savannah had already assisted her, but he decided to check on the customer to make sure.

“You finding everything ok?”, he asked, trying to sound both casual and helpful at the same time.

The customer smiled, as she looked up at him. She was a bit older…probably late 30’s, but not unattractive. She had a lean, athletic body, with shoulder length blonde hair.

“Well…it’s a little embarrassing. I want to get something tonight to surprise my husband with. Something to really make him say ‘Wow!! That’s the reason I married her’…you know? Just to reignite that spark”.

She blushed after appearing to suddenly realize how much she had disclosed.

“Sorry, that’s probably way too personal”, she said, quickly apologizing.

“Oh ..no its no problem”, Evan assured her.

Even though she had shared with him something that was a bit more intimate than he had expected, he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable about it.

“So what were you thinking?”, he asked.

“Well, do you have any suggestions?”, she countered, sounding almost desperate. “I mean…being a man yourself”.

“Uhh…well how about this?”, he suggested, holding up a blush colored bustier style teddy with black lace trim, and matching g-string panties.

“Simple, but still elegant, and definitely sexy…but without you know…too much”

“Hmm..”, she took the nightgown from him so she could further examine the details. “You really think I could pull this off?”,she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Evan could feel himself getting flushed, and his groin start to throb. It wasn’t tha he was imaging the customer in the matching set he had suggested, but instead he was fantasizing about himself in it…which was nothing new. A fairly typical occurrence at this job.
Still…he knew he had to keep things professional, and kept his focus on the customer, who seemed very intent on getting his approval. This was also somewhat of a common scenario for Evan at the store- except this is the first time he had ever assisted someone on the sales floor since he usually only worked as a cashier, or in the stockroom.

“I think..”, he began slowly, carefully choosing his words. “That your husband is going to realize he’s a very lucky man”.

A broad smile filled the customer’s face, confirming that he said what she wanted to hear. “Then its settled…I’ll take it!”, as she headed over towards the register.

“Nice job, Evan”, Savannah said, walking over to him, after she finished ringing up the customer he had just helped.

"Oh..you saw that huh?”, he asked laughing self-consciously.

“Well, whatever you said to her, it sure seemed like you made her day”, Savannah said with a giggle.

“Oh well, I..”, Evan nervously started to say.

“Why don’t you take the next customer?”, Savannah said coyly, peering out the store window briefly. “Since you’re doing so well”, she added turning back to him before making her way back to the register, just as the next customer came in.

This girl appeared to be in her late teens, or perhaps even early 20’s, and acted like she didn’t need any help at all, as she barely acknowledged Evan, while heading directly over to the folding tables where the panties were. The girl had on a low cut purple tank top over black leggings that appeared to be made of leather. Her hair was bleached almost white, which was in stark contrast to the tell-tale black roots that were starting to grow out.

“Oh my God…”, she said, all of a sudden, as she let out a loud laugh. “Seriously? A school girl skirt??”, she said, holding up the same type of g-string that Evan had tried on- and was still wearing- from earlier.

My thoughts exactly, he thought, hoping that his face wasn’t turning bright red.

“Ha…yeah. I know right?”, he said, trying to keep the conversation light. “We also..uh…have this one too”, he said holding up a g-string that was white with a pink lace ruffle and pink bow on the back.

“Umm…is that supposed Little Miss Bow Peep?”, the girl asked. “It’s actually kind of cute…”, she continued, taking a closer look.

Yeah, it is, Evan silently agreed, as he could feel his groin start to swell up.

“How much for each?”, she asked.

“Uh…they’re uhh..$14.50 each”, he said trying to keep his voice steady.

“Cool”, said the girl. “I’m gonna get a few of these”.

Evan desperately tried to calm himself down, as he knew the bulge in his pants was growing more noticeable. Worse yet, he knew if he came inside those panties- which he hadn’t even paid for- this would create an incredibly awkward situation.
Luckily, there weren’t many more customers that night, and it was 7:54 pm…almost time to close. Savannah began to close down the registers, while Evan tidied up around the store.

“Hey, its 8’o clock. Time to lock up”, Savannah announced a few minutes later, as she grabbed the keys and went over to close and lock the doors.

Oh…shit, Evan thought with a panic. They were done for the day, and he was still wearing the panties from before.

“Hey…uh Savannah? Did you clean out the fitting rooms before?”, he asked, trying to hide the nervousness in his voice.

Savannah looked up. “Hmm..no. Did you want to go check then?”

Evan quickly nodded. “Sure thing!”, he said as he practically raced over.

As soon as he got to the fitting rooms, Evan unzipped his pants without even bothering to lock the door. Just as he had feared, the panties were sticky with his own juices. This…wasn’t good. He had to get rid of them. Just then, he heard footsteps. Oh no.

“Evan….what are you….oh my god!!!”, Savannah exclaimed as she took in the sight of him wearing the cum-covered panties.

“Savannah!!!! I can explain!!!”, he said, frantically thinking up an excuse.

“You…you’re wearing a g-string”, she said. “And the tags are still on”, she noted.

“Savannah, please!!! I know how this looks…but please, please, please don’t say anything!!!”, Evan begged

Suddenly, a look came over Savannah’s face that Evan couldn’t quite read. She nodded quickly. “Ok... I won’t”, she agreed, almost too easily.
“Listen…get dressed and meet me back up front””, she added, as she turned to head out.

Evan nodded, grateful. “Yeah. I will…I’m just gonna get changed and then-“.

“No”, she said, turning back around to look him directly in the eyes. “Don’t get changed. Keep the panties on”, she instructed.

Evan stood there for a minute…not sure what to make of what she had just said. Sighing, not wanting to waste any more time, Evan pulled his pants back up, and zipped them, as he went to meet Savannah.

Hopefully not for his demise….

Savannah was waiting for him by the store entrance, with a sly smile on her face.

“So have fun tonight?”, she asked in a teasing tone; not exactly mean though- more like her voice had a hint of genuine curiosity in it.

“Look”, he began nervously. “I was just…”

“Evan”, she said in a tone that had just the right amount of authority in it to stop him in his tracks. “Are you still wearing them?”

He nodded. “Well..yeah. You told me to”.

“Good”, she said with a smile as she unlocked the door to let them both out.

Evan really just wanted to bolt out of the mall as quickly as possible, but he had a feeling she wasn’t done with him, or about to let him off the hook so easily.

“Let’s go shopping”, she said in a tone that sounded both wicked and cheerful at the same time.

Evan just looked at her, confused. “What- but the mall’s closing. And besides, I got to get home.”

“So? Who says we’re going shopping here?”, she said, as she grabbed his wrist and practically dragged him out to the parking lot. “And if I were you, I’d do as I told.”

“Ummm do you mind telling me where we are supposedly going then?”, he asked pointedly. “Because most stores don’t stay open late during the week...”

“ The Prickly Pear does”, she said as she unlocked both the driver and passenger side doors to her and beckoned for him to get in.

Evan let out another sigh. Prickly Pear was an adult sex toy store that was open 24 hours. Evan himself had been in there a few times just to look around, and had even thought about buying some things- not that he’d ever had a chance to use them. He wasn’t exactly sure how Savannah knew about it since she was only 18, and that was the minimum age to even get into the store, he knew. Then again, he was quickly learning that there was a lot about Savannah he didn’t know.

Savannah drove over to the store, which was about a 20 minute drive, and both were silent for the entire time. Evan was too nervous to talk, but wondered exactly what Savannah was thinking. Knowing that he’d be home later than promised, he quickly pulled out his phone and texted Chloe that he had to work late. He glanced over at Savannah, who, luckily, didn’t seem to notice. Eventually, Savannah pulled into the small shopping center in which the Prickly Pear was located.

As Evan got out of the car, he realized that the shopping center was directly across the street from the community college that Savannah said she went to, which was most likely how she knew about it. Evan took a deep breath as he and Savannah walked up towards the store; the bright pink and yellow neon letters of the store’s sign casting a weird illumination over the both of them. The entire theme of store itself was intended to be over-the top , as both the décor and merchandise were brightly colored, with the walls lined with various type of sex toys in an array of sizes and every color of the rainbow.

Evan found himself chuckling at the size of the dildo’s on one fixture, as some seemed so ridiculously large that it was hard to imagine anyone using them. He couldn’t deny, though, that the idea of it turned him on, as he could feel his cock once again start to swell. Meanwhile, Savannah apparently seemed to know what she was looking for, as she quickly found it and briskly walked back over to where Evan was and brushed up against him like a cat, causing him to jump slightly.

What had gotten into her?, he thought.

She usually was never so overtly flirtatious towards him. Quite the opposite actually. Then again, circumstances had changes slightly within the past few hours between them.

“Enjoying the view?”, she asked, her eyes sparkling mischievously .

Evan tried his best to maintain his composure, and rolled his eyes in response. “Ha...whatever. Umm…did you find whatever you were looking for here?”

“As a matter of fact, I did” she replied in a low kittenish voice that matched her sudden change in behavior perfectly.

She lifted up the item she had picked out for him to see. It was a black leather chastity belt. Evan knew exactly what it was, and had even fantasized about using one. But he could have never predicted that it would actually happen…at least in the way that the situation appeared to be unfolding now.

Evan vehemently shook his head, hoping that the growing bulge in his pants would get the message before Savannah saw it.

“No. No way. I’m not wearing that!!”, he said, trying to keep his voice down.

Savannah just looked at him, a smirk on her face. “We’ll see”, was her only reply as she headed towards the register to pay.

Evan glanced around nervously, wondering what her next move was going to be.

As they got back into the car and started driving back to the mall, Evan cleared his throat and tried to voice what was on his mind.

“Look…I’m not sure what kind of game you’re playing but there is no way that I’m going to wear…that”, he said, gesturing towards the bag on the seat next to him.

“Um, actually, yeah… you are. Or have you forgotten the events from earlier this evening, and a certain secret you asked me to keep?”, she asked, not taking her eyes of the road.

Evan’s breath caught in his throat. She had him and she knew it too. But how far did she expect things to go? It wasn’t like he could take that home and try it on tonight. Especially with Chloe.

“I guess I should have told you, since you don’t know already”, he started taking a different approach. “I’m dating someone so…this isn’t going to-“

“So..who says we’re in a relationship?” she replied with a laugh that almost sounded a bit forced, like perhaps she didn’t expect to hear what he had just said.

Either way, Savannah was hanging tough. She pulled back into the mall’s parking lot, and parked the car.

“Come on”, she beckoned to him, as she got out of the car, shopping bag in hand.

“The mall is closed”, he said, not sure where she intended to go.

“Yeah, but the restrooms aren’t”, she said, her usually wry expression back in place, as she started over towards the alcove where the public
restrooms were located.

“Savannah!!”, he hissed in a low whisper.

“Oh please”, she said, rolling her eyes. “I’m not going in with you”, she clarified as she handed him the bag. “Put the belt on…right now…and keep the panties on. Now!!”, she instructed.

Evan sighed, taking the bag from her, not bothering to argue. Once again, he unzipped his pants, and then shimmied out of the panties. He took the belt out of the bag and stared at it for a moment, not completely sure how to put it on. Still, he knew he had to do, and he wasn’t about to ask for help. He slipped it on around his waist, and then adjusted it to fit the girth of his current endowment- not wanting it to be tight, especially since he could feel himself getting more than a little heated over his current predicament, which meant he knew he might be expanding sooner than later. Still...something felt like it was missing...surely, there couldn't be anything else?

After that was done, he pulled the panties over the belt, even though it felt a bit comfortable since the belt was still somewhat loose. Next, he pulled his pants up, which seemed to make everything feel a bit tighter. He walked out of the restroom and came out to where Savannah was waiting, her back leaning against a wall, while she idly looked at her phone.

“Let me see!”, she whispered excitedly.

“Whoa…seriously?”, he asked, backing away from her.

“Yeah….just pull your pants down a little bit”, she said, her gaze unwavering.

“Oh my god”, he muttered, rolling his eyes. But still, nonetheless, complied with her order.

“Haha…wow. Is that belt too big for you?”, she teased, giggling.

“Shut up!”, he said, his voice just above a whisper. “You know I had to make it a little loose, in case I…well..you know”, he said, looking away from her.

“That’s the whole point of wearing that..its supposed to be tight”, she said, flipping her hair over shoulder. “Anyway, now for the finishing touch....", Savannah said, as Evan quickly realized that she had been holding a key in her hand that she was using to lock the device in place.

It definitely wasn't loose now.

That should fix your …little problem”, she said, emphasizing the word little.

Evan sighed, but was obviously relieved that it was over, as he zipped himself back up.The tight stiffness of the device was already causing him some discomfort, but nothing too excruciating...yet

“So just so you know….you can’t take that…or the panties off. Not until tomorrow. We’ll be closing again together…so I’ll set you free then”, she said, all traces of laughter gone from her voice, indicating that she was serious.

“Savannah, I can’t-“

“Evan…”, she reminded him, her voice taking on a sing-song playful quality, as her smile reappeared.

“Fine”, he grumbled, as he began to walk back to his car.

“Have a good night”, she called over her shoulder as she brushed past him.

Evan closed his eyes briefly as he got into his car, thinking over his situation. He’d have to wear boxers tonight. It was the only way to hide the belt. Luckily, Chloe had work early the next day so he would probably be able to just easily slip right into bed without a lot of questions- or anything else. That at least took care of his problems for tonight…..

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