Summer with Em - Part 8


Summer with Em Chapter 8
By Julie D Cole
I’m just picking back up on this story that I neglected in error. I intent to complete it shortly.

Em decided I should wear a white tunic style top with several buttons that was loose fitting and extended half way down my thighs to cover any evidence of a bulge (not much to show) and it complemented a pair of her black high waist leggings that reached my ankles. Without my binding my breasts were clearly visible so Em produced a white sports bra. She thought it looked OK but would have preferred I wore a bra.

We had breakfast and Em was smiling constantly and made regular positive comments in an attempt to build my confidence. She didn’t think I’d have any problem entering the ladies dressing rooms whilst shopping nor the ladies restrooms and she checked my rear view to ensure I was wearing the right choice of panties. She wasn’t happy so I was sent to change and provided with could only be described as a G string.

I’m sure that my voice raised a couple of notches since it tucked my bits tightly and she was delighted with both front and rear views. It didn’t feel as bad as I expected it to feel and even sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen was comfortable. I crossed my legs that brought a nod of approval from Em.

‘Completely natural. All girl now. Are you confident to come with us now?’

‘I suppose so but I’m not sure what mum would say if she knew.’

‘ What she doesn’t know about she can’t worry about. It’s just a bit of fun. Treat it as a new experience that is part of growing up. Manchester has lots of men who enjoy womens fashions and take advantage of their looks. I’ve met loads so you’ll be fine.’

‘Shall I wear my trainers and I’ve no pockets for anything.’

‘No chance. Come with me let’s find you some shoes and you can borrow a bag. You’re not ready for heels yet but you can try a pair so you can see how good you look.’

I was surprised when she opened the wardrobe cupboard. It was filled top to bottom with shoes of all types and colours with an emphasis on tall heels like most young women. I shook my head as she lifted out two or three pairs to try on. It was like being in a shoe store filled with expensive ranges.

‘Em I can’t wear these they are your best shoes and they are so girly.How many shoes can you wear?’

‘Look I hardly get chance to wear most of them and they soon go out of fashion and I give lots to charity. These I’ve selected will soon be heading that way so even if you damage them I am unlikely to miss them. Come on let’s see you raise to my level in a pair of heels.’

‘If you are sure but I can’t let anybody see me in them. What would they think. Don’t they hurt your feet?’

‘All girls find that heels take a bit of getting used to but the advantages far outweigh any pain that it short term. Women walk a certain way with small steps and one foot in front of the other and I’ve noticed you walk a bit like that rather than taking large man steps. You’ll notice how good your legs look in a high heel that attracts glances from men. What’s wrong with that?’

‘For you nothing but I’m looking for men to look the other way when we go out. They might attack me as some sort of pervert.’

‘Don’t try to kid me you’ll love it. We all do. Come on let’s see how you are in these. A three inch heel is perfect for those legs and leggings. They have a strap so it means your are less likely to trip.’

I had played around in mums high heels when growing up so when I stood and took my first steps it wasn’t a problem. I walked across the bedroom glancing in the tall mirrored wardrobe front. Where was the boy?

‘Well done I told you that you had the right walking technique. Who taught you to walk in a straight line and put your feet one in front of the other with small steps?’

‘Nobody did but I’ve watched mum and her friends and she’s dragged me to a few fashion shows. The models were so tall and slim with long legs.’

‘Yes we are not built for modelling but that shouldn’t stop us wearing the same types of heels they wear. Some of my shoes are really high end. If I pass this selection to you it’s a good excuse for me to buy more when we are in the Trafford Centre. The girls won’t try to stop me.’

‘How do you wear such high heels to go shopping? Aren’t they bad for your feet and knees?’

‘No but they can make your calves ache after a long day so we tend to carry some light flats with us and I have a couple of pairs that I keep at work. Your legs will soon strengthen and you’ll see they get even more shapely.’

‘Well if we do this again then maybe but for now I’ll just end up having an accident or showing you up.’

‘We’ll put them in your room and let you get used to them around the apartment or when we go down to the coffee shop or bar area. Try these?’

I tried the wedge heel shoe that didn’t feel as secure but they were broken in and they fitted comfortably. The others were set aside for later and I was told to wear them around the apartment whilst we cleared up the breakfast things and made our beds. I was sent downstairs to deposit our waste bags to the rubbish bins rather than using the waste disposal chutes down the corridor. Even though I had not applied any make-up I was presenting as a young woman and I passed a few people who smiled and said hello. I didn’t feel uncomfortable and walking in the wedges didn’t feel so bad as I expected. Well done Em for breaking them in.

Once back in the apartment Em sat me down and applied some foundation, eye make up and eye-liner. I was amazed at the transformation and Em said that there was no trace of her nephew and welcomed her niece to Manchester. We laughed a bit as she finished by applying a lipstick coating on my lips and we were ready. Em had selected a shoulder bag that she felt was easy for me to handle and big enough for my bits and pieces. She swopped my wallet for a leather purse and I transferred my cards and money.

‘Hold on to that with your life in case of snatchers and just carry one of these in the bag like we all have to do for emergency use only.’

‘What is it some sort of smoke bomb or alarm if I get robbed or attacked?’

‘No silly it’s a tampon. My friends or shop assistants might see inside your bag so better to let them see it. Then you are like any other girl.’

‘Who are your friends? What are they going to think and are they expecting me to tag along?’

‘Yes I told them my cousin was staying with me and we have the same family name of course. I didn’t want to seem old by telling them you were my niece. Anyway we don’t look much different in age do we?’

‘No I don’t suppose so and I am much happier to be your cousin whilst dressed like this and I know you’d like to have a younger sister so I guess it’s a half way house.’

‘Great so come on let’s go. We are meeting at 11-30 and we still have to get there and park.’

Once in the car Em explained her intentions for the rest of the day. Mostly it centred around some girly shopping for both of us and she dismissed my protests about my lack of funds. She was treating me that she said was the first opportunity she’d had for many years so I had a lot of credit in hand. She had no daughter and furthermore it was extremely unlikely that would ever occur.

‘But Em you are very beautiful and extremely popular so you must have had relationships. Maybe you have not met the right man yet but you still have time. You are still young enough to have a baby. Lot’s of women wait until they are ready. ’

‘Kim it is by choice and I do have lots of friends. But men are not high on my list for a relationship. I have always preferred relationships with more sensitive people and the most sensitive are women not men.’

I was taken aback since Em was so beautiful and she didn’t look like a lesbian. Luckily whilst I was thinking that I didn’t utter the words. It would have sounded so awful.

‘Does that mean most of your friends are women and you don’t like men?’

‘I don’t dislike men I just prefer female company although I do associate with several men who tend to be modern men and softer in nature.’

‘ So your friends who we are meeting today do prefer other women too?’

‘Yes they are partners and they live together. Amy and George. ‘

‘But George is a mans name.’

‘Yes it’s short for Georgina. I’ve been friends with them for a long time. They live as man and wife.’

‘But you said they are two women.’

‘Yes they are but George doesn’t need to have anything between his legs to be a man. They have a very good sexual relationship.’

‘So does that mean you have a girlfriend too.’

‘I used to have and we are still close friends. She just decided she preferred men. Although really she just caved in to the pressure from her parents. We still meet and have a good time but not as often as I’d like.’

We arrived at the Centre before we could complete the conversation and Em got a text to say Amy and George were in a Starbucks coffee shop on level 2.

As we arrived at Starbucks we saw them waving and I couldn’t stop myself from speaking. ‘Which one is the man?’


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