Pushing the Limits- Part 4

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Chapter 4: Punishment…and a Reward
Evan sighed, glancing at the time on his phone, when he awoke the next day. 10:13am. He had managed to fall asleep last night, which was better than he had expected…since he didn’t think he would be able to sleep at all. That didn’t change the fact that he now felt like he had been run over by a bus.

Ok maybe that was an exaggeration….but the lower half of his body was aching from a very distinct pain in his groin. He had to tried to remain on his best behavior while he was still awake last night, and not let his mind wander to anything that would even remotely turn him on- for fear of what might happen. Unfortunately, his subconscious apparently had other ideas, which had led to the nagging pain he couldn’t ignore of his penis being held tightly in place.

“Uggghh”, he groaned, finally tossing back the covers, and attempting to sit upright.

The day was just beginning for him, but the good thing was at least, he didn’t have class today. But then again, that would only make the day seem longer. He was scheduled to go into work today at 2pm. Only four hours to go…

Evan idly ran his hand through his hair, realizing that he would have to wait until after work to shower tonight. Sighing, he went to his closet, and after some deliberation, eventually settled on a loose fitting t-shirt and his least tightest pair of jeans. He pulled on the shirt, and carefully stepped into his jeans. It still felt somewhat awkward, but he knew he had no other choice at this point.

He decided to try and make the best of his current predicament, and run his errands. The grocery store was only a few blocks away from his apartment. On any other day, he would have just walked there, but since he was still experiencing a decent amount of pain and discomfort, he figured driving was the better option. Although he had never driven a car while wearing a chastity belt either, so that would be a new experience for him too.

As it turned out, the drive to the grocery store wasn’t bad, probably due to the fact that it was only about 5 minutes away. Once he got inside the store, he immediately began to feel a wave of self-consciousness come over him, as if people were looking at him. Of course, he knew that he was most likely imagining it, and there was no possible way that the other customers in the store knew why he was walking weird. There was just no way….

Evan quickly made his way through the market, grabbing the items he needed, so he could get back home as soon as possible. Things were going smoothly until he stopped over by the produce section. As he approached a display of pears, he could feel himself grow even more uncomfortable, as this particular type of fruit reminded him of certain events from the night before for obvious reasons. He tried to shake it off as best as he could; after all, it wasn’t exactly the most pleasurable memory- even though he did secretly find himself excited by the entire ordeal.

He walked over to the next to display…bananas. Now this was just getting silly. He’d never been aroused by the sight of fruit before. Yet…the bananas were the same shape and size- and color – as the dildos from the Prickly Pear.

“Oh my God….”, he muttered, almost grappling in pain from the pressure in his groin caused by its inability to expand- and release. This wasn’t good. He had to get out of there. He quickly rushed towards the self-checkout area towards the front of the store, and scanned all of his items, paid, and left.

By the time he got back home, it was almost 12. Evan didn’t even bother putting the groceries away, and instead just left them in bags on the floor. He nervously paced around his apartment. He could barely stand it. He HAD to get this thing off. He’d been trapped in it for over 12 hours now, and was still wearing his cum-laden stolen panties. He went into the kitchen and began looking for something he could use to pry the chastity belt off, but stopped short .

He really had no idea what to do, even if he did find something he could use. Was it worth risking injury to himself? Plus, he knew in the back of his mind, he’d have to face Savannah. He really had no clue why she had such a hold over him. Well, other than the simple fact that she was Jacqueline, the store owner’s daughter and would likely tell her mother along with the rest of the store employees what happened, which would result in him getting fired. And becoming a laughing stock. Suddenly, somehow, this predicament just seemed like less of a hassle.
After he calmed down a bit, it was just after 1:00pm. Evan knew he had to get to work soon, and was feeling an odd combination of both relief and anxiety. He contemplated getting changed, but figured it would be more trouble than it was worth. His mind briefly floated to a fantasy of getting changed into some of the stuff at Hidden Desires, but he quickly pushed the thought away, knowing it was only going to make his current situation worse.

Once Evan arrived at the store, he spotted Savannah and Jacqueline talking together. His heart started beating. Did Savannah tell her what happened? No…she wouldn’t. He took a deep breath and walked over. Jacqueline smiled as she saw him.

“Hi, Evan. You and Savannah are closing again tonight?”, she asked.

What was she getting at it?, he wondered. Oh God….was she about to..? No. Stay calm, he told himself

“Err…yes.”, he said, nervously.

Jacqueline’s green eyes had such a petrifying gaze, as she looked directly at him. It was almost as if she could see through him, which he hoped she couldn’t. He could see where Savannah got it from.

“Great. Savannah told me that you did really well last night on your shift, and that she is looking forward to continuing your training tonight”, Jacqueline told him. Her smile didn’t waiver.

“Um..er…training?”, he asked, his gaze shifting between the both of them.

“Yes. Since Savannah said you were so good with the customers last night, we thought it would be fitting to train you in sales as well. Although we did originally hire you for the roles of cashier and stockroom, we could always use another member on the sales team”, Jacqueline clarified.

Evan caught a quick glance at Savannah, who flashed him a playful smile.

“Right”, he said. “Yeah, that sounds great. Looking forward to it”.

“Glad to hear it”, she confirmed. “For now, though, I think the back room is in dire need of your expertise in organization, so I will have you work on that for the first two hours”.

Evan’s tendency to be compulsively neat was starting to become somewhat of a running joke at the store, but he honestly didn’t mind. Especially not on a day like today- when he relished the opportunity to be alone.

“Sure thing”, Evan replied, almost wanting to break into a run to get to the back.

About twenty minutes later, Evan heard the door open and Savannah walked in. Today she was dressed in a snug fitting dark red sweater and black calf- length boots over black leggings. Her long dark hair was tied in a messy bun near the top of her head, almost resembling a cheeky modern day Audrey Hepburn.

“So how was your night last night?”, she asked, trying to sound casual, but the wicked undertone in her voice was undeniable.

“Oh, God…don’t get me started. Not here. Not now”, he said. He honestly wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

“ Wow. That much fun, huh?”, she said with a grin.

“Savannah…please”, he said, trying to keep his voice low.

He knew he sounded like he was begging, but he didn’t want to get into it with her.

“Did you at least bring the key?”, he asked, his voice just barely above a whisper.

Savannah gave him a confused look. “What key?”, she asked.

Evan’s eyes went wide in a panic, just as Savannah start to break into a fit of giggles.

“Oh my god…kidding! Yeah. I have it”., she assured him.

Evan took a deep breath.”Ok…well uh…could you please…?”

Savannah seemed to briefly consider his request, before nodding and took the key out of her pocket. “Two minutes. Fitting room..I’ll make sure the coast stays clear but go NOW. I mean it…I swear there will be hell to pay if you’re even one second longer “.

He took the key, his fingers trembling. He didn’t completely trust her, but he had no choice if he wanted to be set free.

Evan paced over to the fitting room and quickly ducked in the first stall. He quickly dropped his pants, and gingerly began to work at lock. It came easier than expected, despite the fact that his fingers were fumbling from being nervous. He even briefly worried that Savannah gave him the wrong key. But it worked. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, the lock sprung loose, as did his cock after he peeled away the very sticky mess that the red plaid panties had become.

“Looks like you had a rough night after all”, said a voice from behind him.

Evan quickly turned around “ Savannah!! God...seriously…again?”

“Maybe you should try locking the door next time, she pointed out with a chuckle.

Evan sighed, realizing that she was right. He had been in such a hurry, he did forget to lock the door.

“I…I don’t wanna stay in these all night”, he said, suddenly feeling trapped by the situation. “But I don’t have anything to change into”.

Savannah’s expression suddenly softened, as she lifted up what she had been holding for Evan to see.

“Actually you do…take your pick”, she said, her voice playful again as she held up three pairs of g-strings.

Evan looked them over. They were cute. She knew his style….either that, or she purposely picked the girliest, lacy ones she could find. The first was a pale blue, that looked like they were made of satin with lace trim; the second was the Bow Peep white and pink version of the skirted g-string he was now all-too familiar with, and last pair was a black pair completely made out of lace with a rhinestone sewn on the front.

“Savannah…I can’t”, he said.

“It’s fine..these have been paid for. And I think after last night, you deserve a treat”, she told him, with a teasing smile. “Besides…how are you going to get better at selling our products unless you try them out?”, she said standing closer to him now, so that their hips touched.

Evan could feel his own urges taking over. It was no use….but then again why fight it? After all…he DID deserve a reward…..

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