Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.7

Rebecca shivers as she hides in a group of bushes and watched one of the men she had been hired to investigate. The perp she had under surveillance was inside some woman’s house having sex. She glances at her watch to see what time it was and couldn’t believe he’s been in there for at least two hours now.

The front door finally opens as she observes the person she has been following comes walking out. She watches as Benjamin Moore kisses a long black hair woman, wearing nothing, but a pink sheer night robe. She gets a picture of the woman’s face before she steps back inside the house.

Rebecca watches as Benjamin Moore walks over to his pick-up truck and climbs inside. He starts the truck up and leaves where they are. She gets up and rushes to her motorcycle and hops on and follows from a safe distance.

He makes a few stops along the way, before heading home. She watches as he pulls into the driveway at his home and heads inside the house. She parks and listens to the sounds coming from the bugs she planted in his home a few days ago.

She hears him taking a long pee and finally a shower. Rebecca gets off her motorcycle and makes her way over to his truck and retrieve the GPS bug she planted a few days ago. She switches it for a new one and makes her way back to her motorcycle.

After fifteen minutes she hears the shower stop and the sound of a porn video start playing. Rebecca couldn’t believe this man. He just had sex and now he wanted to watch porn. After about two in the morning, the porn he was watching stops and the house goes silent.

Rebecca backs her motorcycle up and heads home. She didn’t want to drive right in front of Benjamin Moore house. It takes her thirty minutes to get to her place. She presses the garage door remote and watches as the door opens. She pulls inside and closes the door behind her.

Once her garage door was closed. She gets off her motorcycle and remove her helmet and leaves it on the seat. Rebecca takes her camera and the GPS bug she switched out into the house. She’s greeted by a huge black and silver German Shepard.

“Hey, Dutch. How has my big boy been?” Rebecca pets him, before letting him out in the backyard to do his business.

She heads towards her home office and connects her camera to her computer. She downloads all the pictures she has taken all day long.
Rebecca also takes the GPS tracker she placed on the truck and download all the data on it. Once that had been taken care of. She backs the information up and heads to bed.

11:00 AM, Union 44 Auto Repair, Highlands, North Carolina:
Carol pulls into the parking lot of her father’s repair shop. It’s been years since she left Highland, NC and moved to Augusta, GA to work for the law firm Wolfhart, Harris, and Jackal. It wasn’t because of her father that she left, but because she was tired of small towns and wanted to experience life. Why her father wanted to stay in Highland, she’ll never understand.

The three-hour drive was uneventful as she gets out of her car and head inside the shop. As she walked in, she saw five people waiting in the reception area. There was a basket of muffins next to the coffee station.

There was no one at the counter, which wasn’t unusual. Carol walks up to the counter and rings the bell that was there. A few minutes later a man in his late forties comes walking in, He had a slight limp to his walk. He had short black hair and looked to spend a lot of time outside.
Carol didn’t know him, but she spotted his name on his shirt and had Jerry printed on it.

Jerry was in the garage getting some information cleared up that had been written on the repair ticket when he heard the bell ring. When he came from the garage area and into the office, he spotted a woman dress in a nice blouse and dark skirt that started just above her knees. She had shoulder length light brown hair and carrying a laptop case with her.

“What can I do for you, ma’am?” Jerry wonders who the young lady was. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember who she was.

“Hi, my name is Carol Higgins and I’m here to speak with Raven Mondragon. Is he available?”

“She’s out picking up some parts, but she’ll be back in a few minutes. If you’ll like to wait for her, she should be back in fifteen minutes.” Jerry
figures Raven should be on her way back, about now.

“Is Jordan Gifford available?” Carol wonders if her father was available.

“He’s out on a road call.” Their normal guy called in sick, so Jordan took the call.

“Man, I’m batting a thousand.” Carol couldn’t believe her father was out on a road call.

“It happens around here,” Jerry answers the phone as it rings.

Carol goes over and takes a seat, while she waits for Raven Mondragon. She takes her cellphone and checks her email. There were several
emails that she received. She reads them as she waits for Raven Mondragon.

Raven parks her pick-up in the available parking spot. She gets out and walks around to the passenger side to pick the box up off the passenger seat and carry it inside the shop.

Raven spots Jerry at the counter when she walks in “hey, Jerry they were out of the hand cleaner we normally use. So, I went down to Gregory’s supply store and picked it up there. It was a little more, but I know me, and the guys prefer it.” As Raven sets the box down on the counter.

“That’s fine, Raven.”

Carol looks up and spots a woman wearing one of her father’s company t-shirts and blue jeans that hugged the curves of her waist and hips standing before Jerry. The woman’s black wavy hair came just below her shoulders.

“Raven, there’s a woman here to see you. She’s sitting right behind you.” Jerry points towards Carol.

Raven turns around and spots the woman Jerry was pointing at. She was dress in a nice blouse and dark skirt that was just above her knees. She had shoulder length light brown hair and had a laptop case sitting near her feet. Raven notices she was wearing some expensive shoes.
Mrs. Mercer was teaching her about cheap ladies’ shoes and expensive ladies’ shoes.

Carol watched as the black hair woman Jerry was talking to turned around. She saw a young Hispanic looking woman looking at her. Her face looked nothing like the photo she had of Raven Mondragon. The face she was looking at was that of a young woman, not the face of a young Hispanic boy/man. Carol also noticed that her chest was bigger than her own. She had to be at least a cup or two bigger in the chest. She had a nice hourglass figure.

Carol stands up and walks over to her “hi, I’m Carol Higgins from Wolfhart, Harris, and Jackal. I was wondering if I could talk to you, Raven about your time at Rockingham Correctional Center.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Higgins. I don’t see why not. Jordan said if you showed up, that we could use his office to talk.” Raven had been informed that Mrs. Higgins would be showing up today to talk with her.

“Good, let me get my laptop case and we can begin.” Carol walks back over to where she was sitting and grab her laptop case.

She walks back over to Raven “lead on.”

Raven turns around and leads Carol into the garage and down past the door that leads to where Jerry operated from. They stop at a second door and Raven knocks on the door before entering. Raven didn’t know if Jordan was in his office working. They walk in and close the door behind them.

“Why don’t you sit behind my bosses’ desk and I’ll sit over here.” Raven sits down in the chair facing Jordan’s desk.

Carol pulls her laptop out and sets it up. She notices her father had several pictures of her and her mother on his desk. Her mother had cheated on her father and she ended up living with her mother. Her father had visitation rights and spent every other holiday with him.

She pulls her camera out “Ms. Mondragon would you mind if I took a picture of you?”

“Not at all.” Raven didn’t mind.

Carol takes a picture of Raven’s face and compares it to the picture she had. Even to her untrained eyes, she could tell that this wasn’t the same person that went into prison.

“Ms. Mondragon was this you when you enter Rockingham Correctional Center?” Carol hands a mug shot she had of Raven when she entered the correctional center.

Raven accepts it and looks down at the picture. She could remember the day it had been taken.

“Yes, this my picture.” She hands it back to Carol.

“Can you tell me what happened when you first went in?” Carol presses the recorded button on her laptop to record their conversation and

“I was taken to county and thrown into the local jail, till my trial. My public defender was just out of law school and did what he could for me, but it wasn’t much. The judge I had was Judge Anthony Stone. After he passed his sentence on me. I was taken along with twenty other inmates to Rockingham Correctional Center and made to strip, while they searched our bodies for contraband.

The guard that searched me, said something to another guard about me. I didn’t hear what he said, but it brought a smile to the other guard’s face. After they finished searching us, I was separated from the others and taken to C block and thrown into a jail cell with a guy named George Cohen.

At first, he was acting all nice to me and telling me that he’ll keep me safe. When it came time for lights out. I was crying and the next thing I know, George pulled me half off my bunk and had my pants down around my legs and was pushing me into the mattress saying I had to pay him for his protection.” Tears were leaking from Raven’s eyes as the memory of her first night surface.

Carol hands some tissue to Raven.

“Thank you.” Raven accepts them and wipes her eyes and blow her nose. She balls them up and tosses them into the trash.

“Are you alright to continue?” Carol didn’t want to push Raven.

Raven gets her emotions under control and nods her head yes. She had to remember that it was over with. George couldn’t hurt her anymore.

“How soon after he did that to you did the other inmates and guards start helping him?” Carol knew she needed to establish some sort of timeline.

“It was a few days later after George had his way with me, that I was passed to another fellow named Henri Sounds for marking. I was given two tattoos on my right shoulder. The first one was George’s mark to let the other prisoners know I was his property. The second one was to inform the inmates I was C block’s bitch.”

Carol looks at Raven with a puzzled look on her face “why would they mark you like the block’s property?”

“That was how they kept track of which queers, girls or whatever they call you were on the block. Also, unless you had permission from the owner/pimp. You couldn’t touch that girl. You were only allowed to touch the girls on your block.” Raven remembered a guy that had grabbed and raped her was punished by several men from her block.

“Do you still have these marks?” Carol wanted to get a picture of them.

“Yes, ma’am.” Rave takes her t-shirt off to let Carol see them.

Carol gets up and walks behind Raven and saw three sets of marks. She takes a picture of them. She also saw that the breast tissue of Raven’s were real. She had natural breasts.

“Raven, how did your body become so curvy and full?” Carol sits back down in the chair.

“The guards supplied the pimps that I was forced to work for with drugs. Nothing was ever given for free. In return for the hormones I was forced to take, I had to please the guards and do whatever they wanted. Sometimes it was having sex with them or they would get a bunch of us together and film us having sex.

One guard use to love doing all sorts of sadist things to a few of us. He enjoyed torturing us and allowing things to be done to people like me. He would film what was done to us.

The doctor of the prison also supplied the drugs it would take to change someone to be like me. He had an outside supplier that supplied him with his drugs. He didn’t just use shots either. He hooked us up to a dialysis machine or gave us a blood transfusion rich in estrogen and anti-androgens.” Raven remembered going to see the doctor several times and being hooked up.

“Did the Warden know about what was going on in his prison?” Carol figures the warden would have to be in on it.

“You have to be joking? The Warden, the doctor, four judges, several gang leaders, and prison guards are behind the whole damn thing. They figure out that some inmates were expendable. They were making money off everything. If it wasn’t from people like me being pimped out inside and outside the prison. It would be the money they were making off the films they made. They even had an illegal fighting arena inside the prison. That prison was as crooked as you could get.” Raven heard stories about the fighting arena.

“Why didn’t anyone report this to the department of prisons or to their lawyers?” Carol was wondering how this could go on.

“Who would believe a convict? Also, they wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them. The gang leaders and most of the prison guards are making nice money from the activities going on. Hell, my first parole officer was making money from all the convicts he was supervising.” Raven hadn’t known it at the time, but he was making money off what Dave took from them.

Carol didn’t know the corruption went this deep in the prison. The problem was, she needed proof of what went on inside the prison. However, that wasn’t what she was here for.

Raven and Carol continue talking about Raven’s time in prison and how she was sent there. Carol figures Judge Stone knew more then he was letting on.

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