A Witch's Gift

A hard thick cock. Just what the doctor had prescribed. Or to be more accurate Beatrice had diagnosed herself with. Good thing she had stumbled upon Justin. Just some random guy from a random bar. Fishing out his already hard dick she knew he was a prime catch. A good hard fuck and then she was out of Justin's flat and life.

Suddenly the door of Justin's bedroom burst open. Startled Bea turned around and stopped mid-movement just as she saw a woman her age entered.

"You thought you said you are-" she didn't come any further as she froze in place. Literally, as her whole body stopped reacting to her commands.

"Penny I can explain-" Justin started before he equally felt silent

"You asshole!" Penny shouted. "I told you I won't tolerate cheaters. And you-" She looked at Beatrice confused. "Who are you?"

Bea noticed her jaw slacking and took it as a sign that she could speak again. "I am Beatrice Sherman."

"Well, Beatrice Sherman. What are you doing here? And be honest," Penny ordered her.

"I wanted a hard and thick cock. It has been three months and I need something to take the edge off. So I looked for a one night stand." Bea blushed violently. Why had she told all those intimate details?

"Did you know that he had a girlfriend or that I am a witch?" Penny inquired further.

"He told me he is single," Beatrice admitted truthfully. More sheepishly she continued. "And witches aren't real, right?" The moment the words had left her mouth, she regretted them. The fact that the girlfriend could forbid her movement or coax embarrassing details out of her spoke of a different truth. Now she prayed with all her might that she won't end up like a toad or worse.

"Looks like he tricked you as much as me. Get out of here."

Her ability to move returned and Beatrice hadn't to be told twice. With haste, she grabbed her discarded clothes and threw them on. She was about to hurry out when Penny stopped her.

"Wait! You came here for a nice hard dick, right?"

Beatrice, not trusting her voice, just nodded.

"In that case, you need this." Penny walked over to Justin and with one quick yank his dick popped off. A moment later Beatrice caught the limp cock on instinct. Shocked she looked down and stared at the detached pecker.

"Now you can't cheat on me anymore," Penny told Justin. "Then again I have no use for a dickless boyfriend. I am done here. Never bother me again."

Beatrice was petrified by confusion. This was all so strange and now she could swear she could feel her fingers on the dick.

"What the fuck! I have a pussy?" Justin exclaimed. Bea looked up and saw he was right. Where his dick had been a new virgin pussy had its place. He also was able to move and speak again.

"That is mine!" He shouted and sprinted over to Beatrice. Just to roughly grab the dick in her gasp.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed in shock. She really could feel that dick. It was real. Especially the pain.

"Get out!" Justin shouted. He shoved her away in the direction of the door. "All your fault. Now my dick is- I can't even feel him anymore."

A moment later Beatrice stood before a closed door and no banging on it helped. She could still feel it. His hands on her dick. Prodding and pushing. Sometimes holding the base against something, maybe his pelvis, to reattach it? After a while, Beatrice gave up. This was all too strange. Surreal really. Maybe if she would go home and sleep it out the sensations would fade away. That was a good idea she decided. Maybe some hard stuff to ease her to sleep. After all, this was plain crazy. A roofie! That would explain it. She bet she was drugged. Witches. As if-

* * * * * * * * * *

A week later Beatrice woke up to a strange feeling. Hands stroking her dick. She could still feel it. Now and then Justin would try to reattach it. But today it was different. Her dick was stiff and he gave it a handjob. Just enough to keep it hard. Every time it got soft she could feel his hands on it. What was he doing?

She jumped up and headed to the shower. Maybe she had enough time to pay him a visit before work. This had to stop. It was the time that Justin faced the truth. It was her dick now. As silly as it sounded it was the truth.

Just as Beatrice entered the shower she felt something different. It was something entirely else too. Warm, wet and slippery. Most of all tight. It felt amazing, but still, Bea couldn't help to feel violated. Justin was fucking himself with her dick. Hastily she exited her shower. That and her work had to wait. She had to-

Her dick suddenly exploded and Beatrice collapsed on the ground. She just had an orgasm in the middle of her apartment without stimulating her body. It was kinda nice but gave way to a wave of burning anger. She had to see Justin and god help him if he was stubborn.

A half-hour later Bea was close to Justin's house and something happened that she had dreaded. Her dick got stiff again. Justin had tried now and then to go for a second round, but her dick had been spent. Now it had recovered and Beatrice dreaded what might happen next. She quickened her pace. Unwilling to suffer an orgasm in public.

She barely made it into his house when she felt herself enter him. By the time she got to his floor, she was panting heavily. Desperately she banged on his door and to her relief, she felt her dick slip out of Justin.

The moment he opened the door she was shouting and slipping past him. "You asshole. I can feel everything."

"You feel what?" Justin asked. She could still see the sheen of sweat on his face.

"The dick you idiot!"

"My dick?" Justin asked confused.

Eventually, Beatrice found her cock. She had felt it on some fabric and her first guess was right. It lay on his untidy bed. "No. My dick. I feel it and so it is mine. You want it back? Speak to your ex-girlfriend or go get another."

She put the cock in her purse and when Justin moved to stop her she slapped him. Hard. Angrily she stormed out of his apartment. She expected him to follow, but looking back she heard loud sobbing. Beatrice didn't care. That asshole could rot in hell.

* * * * * * * * * *

Beatrice drummed with her fingers on her desk. Two more hours to go. It was maddening. Her dick had found a new home in her lingerie drawer. Together with her not so lifelike and not sensitive cocks. Now she regretted it. The soft caress of her panties had seemed like a good idea. Now she knew better.

Every time she got even a little excited her dick sprang into action. Stiffening in the drawer and gliding over the lacy garments. She hadn't noticed that each time her dick shifted its position a little until it had bumped into the drawer side. The cool wood constantly reminded her of the offending body part.

One hour and fifty-eight minutes. Today her patience was truly tested.

* * * * * * * * * *

Beatrice arrived at her home and walked straight to her bedroom. Her dick was now safely propped in its own drawer. The bottom and sides hidden underneath soft blankets. However, it hadn't helped with her horniness. Ever since she got it her libido had doubled.

Now she couldn't bear it anymore. She grabbed a dick, one of the fake ones, and did go to work. Wet as she was, it didn't long until an orgasm ripped through her. Panting, she enjoyed her afterglow.

However, when her heartbeat calmed down she felt something strange. Her dick felt wet. Curious she opened her drawer and gave out a loud curse. Of course, she should have known. Her dick had balls. Meaning she just jizzed all over the carefully laid out blankets.

Annoyed she started to clean it and herself up.

* * * * * * * * * *

What was the saying? Curiosity killed the cat? Beatrice was no cat, but she was brimming with curiosity. Not the curiosity, but the distraction from it, nearly killed her today. Daydreams about dicks had always been a problem for her. Ever since her puberty. Now that she had her own it was worse.

So here she was. Two weeks after Bea got her own personal dick. It lay beside her on the bed. Already semi hard as she was already a little wet. She grabbed the base of her dick and pressed it and the balls down on her bed. With her other hand, she started slowly jerking her dick off. It felt strange and not very pleasant. That is until it got very hard. Eight or nine inches she guessed. All hers.

Then she discovered how sensitive the tip was. It didn't take long for her to come. For a moment it was intense and on instinct, her hips buckled. Jerking back and force. When her dick twitched the last time she could finally breath normal again.

"Eww," she exclaimed. Her whole hand was drizzled with cum. Only now she noticed how unprepared she was. No paper tissue close by. After a moment she sacrificed one of her socks.

After she had cleaned away the remains of her experiment she knew it wouldn't be the last time. It was quite different, but not in a bad way. Bea had to admit. She was hooked.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bea didn't need to look at her dick to know she was horny. Courtesy of a nice vibrator in her pussy turned to low. Just enough to get her dick hard as steel.

Her heart was beating a mile a minute. Was she really ready to do this? Then again she knew "horny Beatrice" could lead her into a lot of trouble. Mostly to questionable one night stands.

She usually hated blowjobs. Mostly because she didn't get anything out of it. Now, however, it was a different matter entirely. Beatrice swallowed hard and then opened her lips. Slowly her hands lifted her dick up and then her lips touched the crown of her cock.

It felt amazing. The wetness and warmth all around it and when she used her tongue. No wonder men liked blowjobs so much. She needed more and a moment later Bea was disappointed as she hit the back of her throat. Still, the tightness was amazing. She tried sucking and oh boy was it good. A moment later she gagged and coughed as cum had shot down her windpipe.

So she was definitely not an expert in giving head. But now Beatrice had to admit she had a damn good reason to change that.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bea walked down the street when another woman crossed her path. Beatrice turned her head and gave the woman a quick look of appreciation. That skirt did wonderfully highlight the tight butt walking by. She wouldn't mind stripping it off her.

She nearly stumbled as her mind caught up. Had she just stared after a woman and had a lewd thought? Was her dick messing with her head? Must be. Thanks to it she would now turn into a lesbian. Or had she already become one?

Distressed Bea looked around and saw several women she wouldn't mind doing. She started to panic a little until she saw a handsome guy walking by. She wouldn't push him out of her bed either.

Bea shook her head. So she wasn't a lesbian. Just Bi. She didn't know if that made it easier or harder. All she knew was that she had a hard-on just from thinking about sexy men and women. Her dick was hard like steel and begged for attention. Sadly, Bea wasn't anywhere near her apartment.

* * * * * * * * * *

The metal ring was cold against her skin. A part of her still found it strange to see the appendage as hers. Carefully she slipped the dick through the metal ring until it rested against her balls. She held her dick over her pelvis and strapped the leather belts holding the metal ring tight.

It felt strange at first. Her dick in a strap-on harness. It looked shrunken because of the cold metal. She gently gave it a few strokes and slowly her dick got hard. It was definitely easier to give herself a handjob with her dick strapped to her crotch.

She quickened her pace while thinking about men and woman in lewd poses. All too soon she bucked her hips and she came. Slowly her breathing normalized. Just in time to curse loudly. She had caught some of her jizz with a tissue, but most of it had missed it completely. Sighing once again she started to clean up the mess she had produced.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bea's heart was beating a mile a minute. How could it not? Here she was on another one night stand. Business as usual, but not quite so. Before her beckoned an already half naked vixen. Bea's soon to be first sex with another woman. She hadn't felt this nervous since ... her first time with a boy she guessed.

"I won't bite," the girl teased.

Eagerly Beatrice stepped forward but stopped before the bed.

"Wait. There is something I would like to try if you are game." She fished out her strap-on harness. Already loaded with her half hardened dick.

"It is a little too soft don't you think," the girl playfully mocked her.

"Oh, it will be harder and bigger. Trust me on that one. You see this is a new high tech toy I test out for a company. Very hush hush, but they tried to make a fake dick as real as possible. Want to give it a spin?"

The girl gave her a grin. "Normally I am the one wearing the strap-on, but sure. Let's give your high tech toy a spin."

Eagerly Bea stepped into the harness and slid it up her legs. Just the action of pulling the belts of the harness tight around her hips made her dick so much harder.

"Not bad," the girl commented. "Let's see if you can handle it too." She let herself fall on her back and pulled her legs apart and back. Giving Bea the impression of a big V or even more so an Arrow. The tip of it the goal of her desires.

Bea hadn't to be asked twice. She was on the bed and poised to push in deep a moment later. This was it. Her first time. She had no clue what to do. At least from this perspective. Her hesitation was overruled by her need and with a big trust, she slid into the already wet pussy of her partner.

Pulling in close she kissed the girl while grinding her dick with slow deliberate movements of her hip. Steadily she increased her thrusts as their making-out grew in intensity.

"Faster," the girl moaned and Beatrice was happy to oblige. With each thrust, her breasts and nipples dragged softly over her partner's counterparts. A delicious feeling to Bea. Almost regretting not having been Bi before getting her dick.

The lovely woman clamped her legs around Bea. Pulling her close in need. Her tight love channel squeezed Beatrice's dick into a tight embrace. It was too much for both of them. Together they came hard and their cries of ecstasy rivaled each other.

Both women lay together for a while. Silent as if a word could break the magic moment, but far from being without communication. Nuzzling, petting and small grinding made for an exquisite after play.

It was the girl who broke contact first. Slowly sliding down. Her hands undoing the buckles of Bea's strap-on. Once freed of the harness the girl slowly parted Beatrice's legs.

Bea mewed as she felt a tongue explore her netherly confines. Soon she was panting and twisting on the bed. When the tongue broke contact she moaned in protest. Then she felt something strange. As she made sense of it her eyes shot open.

She felt wetness touching her dick at the same time something hard brushed her pussy.

"Let me show you how I can handle it," the girl purred. Before Bea could open her mouth the girl pushed into her. With her own dick! Sensations threatened to overwhelm her. Being fucked by a dick she could handle. The sensations of using her dick too. But so far she had never experienced both at the same time. She had dreaded this moment. Fearing it might be too much. It was close. And as Bea came she had an orgasm, unlike anything she had ever felt before. It was intoxicating.

A deep haze of lust settled over her mind and she knew that her night with this girl was just beginning.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Beatrice woke up she expected the typical morning after regrets she always had. She always had a higher than normal libido. It leads her to a long string of one night stands. Each morning after she found her mind clear again and cursing herself that she had given into her libido's demands yet again.

But this morning she felt good. No regret snuck up on her. This had been more than a quick romp. Not just some drive-in sex. Finding herself still in bed with her partner the morning after was new. Unexpected. And remembering the previous night she knew why. It had been more than a quicky. The girl had quenched the thirst of her libido and then some.

And then her dick in her own vagina- Bea shook herself as those memories threatened to arouse her again. Speaking of. Where was her dick? She found the discarded strap-on under a fold of the blanket. As she held it up an ice cold feeling ran through her veins.

In preparation, she had put a condom on her dick. One that was now missing.

"Ready for a round two?" the girl asked as she stirred awake and saw Bea lifting the harness.

Meanwhile, Bea's thoughts ran rampage in another direction. "When did the condom missing?" she asked aloud.

"When I strapped it on the first time," the girl said as she hugged Bea from behind. "After all a condom on a toy is kind of silly," she whispered into Beatrice's ear.

All Bea could think of was pills. The small ones to avoid pregnancies. She had stopped taking them for a while ago. After all, she hadn't planned to sleep with a man for a while so what would have been the use. Now Bea faced a dire possibility. Had the girl impregnated her with her own dick? Could she even get pregnant? If so who would be the father? The Girl? Justin? Or even Bea herself?

Shuddering she untangled herself from the vixen behind her.

"I need to go," Bea said out loud.

"I know," the girl agreed. "That's how it works."

Beatrice stopped throwing on her clothes to look at the girl. "Work, you know? But what you did yesterday- I hope we see each other again." And to her surprise, Bea meant it too.

Then she hurried out of the apartment. In search of a pharmacy and a morning-after pill.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bea lazily lounged on her bed. She enjoyed the twin buzz. One vibro egg was buzzing around in her snatch. Set to low. Over it, she wore her favorite strap-on. In it, of course, her own dick. Slowly she rubbed a vibrating penis sleeve over it. Also set to low.

Slightly over a year had passed since she got her special gift from the witch. In that time she had learned many tricks. Edging herself like this would reward herself so much later.

The ringing of her doorbell made her curse. At first, she tried to ignore it, but whoever was there was persistent. She unbuckled the strap-on and pulled out the egg. Then again she couldn't stand being away from her own dick for long. So she pushed it into her own snatch before donning the rest of her clothes.

Opening the door to her apartment she found a bike courier. All yummy in spandex and such.

"Miss Beatrice Moore?"

"Yes, that is me."

"You've been served," he told her as he pushed a manila envelope to her.

Confused she took it. Thoughts about seducing the messenger eluded her as she opened the envelope. Justin! The original owner of her dick. Was he trying to sue her into giving back her cock? Something she found horrifying.

Then her frown deepened. Alimony? Was he suing her for child support? She overflew the rest of the letter. It stated here that "he" had given birth to a baby girl. That Beatrice was the suspected "father".

It was ridiculous! But then again, was it really? She remembered a vagina on Justin after the witch had popped off the dick. And Bea remembered all to well the one time Justin had used her dick on himself without her consent. And now she was supposed to pay for his misdeeds.

No way in hell. Furious she looked up the best lawyer available.

* * * * * * * * * *

As Bea entered the courtroom she was surprised how Justin looked. She barely recognized him. He had grown out his hair. Now reaching past his shoulders. He dressed differently too. Like a woman. And in his arm was a baby. Hers? What confused her, even more, was it was suckling on Justin's breasts.

More confusion threatened her as the court opened the session. Justin was now legally Justine. 100% biological woman.

Bea's lawyer assured her that the case would be dismissed. Their strategy was simple. A woman can't get another woman pregnant. But the opposition had an answer for this.

"I have here ten signed statements of women claiming to have sex with Miss Beatrice Moore," the lawyer of the opposition started. "Each describing Miss Moore wielding an oddly realistic sex toy shaped like a penis. All ten witnesses claim that Miss Moore admitted that this was an experimental toy her company developed. Mind you Miss Moore does not work for a company that specializes in sex toys. Rather she works for a pharmaceutical company."

Bea's own lawyer tried to shred the theory to pieces, but Bea soon knew they were losing ground.

"The very thought that a device like this exists is not as far-fetched as one might think. In today's day and age, many things are possible. I like to remind the court that Miss Justine Beyer was a man just a little over a year ago."

It was the nail in Bea's coffin. Eventually, the verdict of the judge proved as much.

"I hereby order Miss Moore to either provide said device to the court or submit to a DNA test. This session is adjourned."

Bea knew she couldn't hand over her dick. That only left the DNA test. Now pushed into a corner she gave Justine the evil eye, who did her best to avoid eye contact. With a sigh, she instructed her lawyer to go for the test.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a week later that Bea once again found herself in the same courtroom. Now everything was said and done. The only thing left was to hear the judge announce the result.

Beatrice nearly screamed when the judge fiddled too long to get the papers out of an envelope. Then he took his sweet time reading. Eventually, he looked up and gazed over those around. "This DNA test confirms that Beatrice Moore is not the father of Miss Beyer's child. I hereby dismiss this case and ..."

Bea didn't care for the rest. She slumped down in her chair. The relief was evident on her face. She enjoyed the moment while it lasted. But soon enough she was ushered out with the rest. The next court session was soon to begin.

Outside she spoke a few last words with her lawyer when she noticed Justine hover close by. Dismissing her lawyer she turned around and snapped at her. "What?"

"I just came to apologize," Justine started. "I knew it was a long shot."

"What do you mean by 'it was a long shot'?"

"Remember what you said to me? That I should go get another dick. I did. A lot actually. Then suddenly I got pregnant. Things did go downhill from there."

"Then why didn't you sue anyone of those guys?"

"I kind of- Never bothered to learn their names."

Bea groaned, but then thought better of it. It wasn't like she could name all the one night stands she had. "So why sue me at all?"

"I was desperate," Justine admitted. "My new active sex life cost me my job. Then I got pregnant. I was strapped for cash. It was a wonder I successfully settled with the energy drink company-"

"You sued an energy drink company? What for?"

"For turning me into a woman. I know. It was Penny who did, but they didn't know that. There were rumors somehow female hormones were found in their drinks and I just kinda jumped on it. Their settlement was nice, but I knew it wouldn't last."

"So you sued me for alimony. Sorry, but no game there. Guess you have to look for a job."

"I did. All I found was a waitress job and that doesn't pay much."

"Well, good luck. I can't help you."

"Wait!" Justine cried out. Then she came close and whispered to Beatrice. "Do you still got it?"

"Got what?"

"My dick."

"You mean MY dick," Bea corrected her. "And I ain't giving it back."

"I don't ask you to-"

"Then what do you want?"

"Well, my dick- Your dick. It's rather large and-"

Now it made click inside Bea's head. Justine got addicted to having a cock between her netherly lips. Not that Bea could fault her for it. She was just as bad addicted to it. At least until she got her own dick and her addiction shifted.

"Ask me again in a few months. When I am not so mad at you anymore." That being said, Bea turned around and walked away.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few months later Bea found herself walking to a diner downtown. She had an itch to scratch and knew a waitress that could help her. Bea came prepared. Her dick and strap-on harness both carefully packed into her purse.

She was just about to cross the street when she noticed a woman eyeing the diner from afar. To her surprise, Bea remembered her. With a grin, she adjusted her direction.

"Hard to believe she was once a man, right? All thanks to your magic."

Bea's words made the other woman jump. She looked shocked at her. "How do you know that-"

"You don't remember me?" Bea asked. "You gifted me his - well, her - dick. I guess it was only a minute and then I was out of your life. Your name was Penny, right?"

"The one night stand!" Penny exclaimed. "Now I remember."

"Can you ask why you are spying on your ex from across the street?" Then a frightening thought made it past Bea's lips. "You aren't here to give her back my dick, right?"

"What? No. I just came by to reminisce," Penny admitted. "Justin was an ass, but his best feature-"

It suddenly made click for Beatrice. Some girls got addicted to big schlongs. It was a craving not easily satisfied. At least for girls who hadn't their own magical dick.

"You know-" Beatrice started and tethered off until she got Penny's full attention. "His best feature is now my best feature. And I got it right now in my purse. I was looking forward to fucking a waitress silly in her break, but I might settle on a witch in need."

Bea held her hand open in an inviting manner and after a moment of hesitation, Penny grabbed it.

"Just so you know," Bea remarked as she led Penny to her apartment. "I won't cheat on you, because I don't do relationships."

* * * * * * * * * *

Bea was tapping impatiently on the small cafe's table. Penny was late. Not just now, but overall. Both women certainly weren't friends with benefits. The benefits were there. Just not the friendship. Those benefits had been a call from Penny two or three times a month. Asking for a romp. But after a few months, the calls had stopped.

Then, last day, Penny had called again. To meet. Not at Bea's or her own apartment, but out in the open. That made Bea curious.

Eventually, the door to the cafe opened and Bea spied Penny entering. It was obvious the witch was upset and as she came near Bea thought Penny's eyes looked puffy. Probably cried her eyes out not long ago.

They made it barely past greetings when Penny cried out. "He is cheating on me! I know it."

Bea furrowed her brow. "Who?"

"Brad!" It took Penny a moment to settle down. "I met him a few weeks back. Then we got steady a fortnight ago. And now- Something's changed."

"If it has been just a few weeks. Why not move on?" For Bea, it was that easy. Relationships always had her confused. Maybe that was the reason hers never lasted long.

"I would, but I haven't found someone with his-"

Beatrice narrowed her eyes. By now she knew a little of how the witch ticked. "He's got a big dick, doesn't he?"

The resulting blush told Bea everything she needed to know. Penny seemed to have a type. First Justin and now Brad. Bastard with a big pecker.

"You know there is a way to find out?" Bea said with a barely suppressed grin. "But there is a cost."

* * * * * * * * * *

"So, this is it," Brad exclaimed as he led Beatrice in his apartment.

"Nice, but not what I am here for," Bea commented with a mischievous grin. "Drop your pants and let me see what a catch I reeled in."

Brad did just that and gave a cocky "You won't be disappointed".

Bea's smile widened. "Nice. But before we start- You are really single? No jealous girlfriend busting in? Because I had that before."

"I am free as a bird," Brad stated. "And all yours for the night."

"You asshole!" The shout came from Penny who dropped her invisibility spell. Silently she had followed them the whole evening.

"Penny, I can explain-"

Bea was having none of it. She cut off Brad and cut in before Penny could start in earnest. "I think my work here is done. Penny? My payment?"

Penny looked stunned but caught herself a moment later. "You are right. A deal is a deal." She walked over to Brad who suddenly found himself immobilized.

A quick yank and a toss were all it needed. Bea held up her second magical dick in her hands. She could feel it too. "Nice doing business with you. I'll be going. Give me a call if you want to feel this dick between your legs again. Either of you."

With a chuckle, Beatrice left. Already deep into a fantasy of double penetrating Justine with her new and old dick.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bea was enjoying the afterglow. Another orgasm. It was just past breakfast, but she already has lost count how many she had this day. Which was entirely normal.

The buzzer to her door sounded and a moment later Bea's maid minced in her high heels to get it. Brittney, formerly Brad, came along nicely. Of course, the magic had run its course years ago. Nowadays it was just drilling her in the role of a maid. And in other ways, Bea mentally added with a grin.

As she heard her guests arriving, Beatrice straightened her dress. Not that the leather mini needed it. Bea just loved the feeling. Below the hem peeked out one of her favorite dicks. Formerly of Raul, Penny's fourth failed attempt at a relationship.

With a sigh, Bea stood up on her tight high leather boots and had to admit - again - that the magic and her dicks were changing her. With each one added she felt more dominant. Not to mention hornier.

For a moment she swayed on her feet. Not from the high heels, but from another orgasm. She glanced towards the room she called her "dick treasury". In it, Penny was busy going from one of her peckers to the next. Servicing them all. It was magic. Changing her as much as it did Bea. But, Penny's obsession for dicks grew in another way.

Brittney led in an emancipated young man. With the usual greetings done, it was time for business. "You've got the money?"

Reluctantly, the client put five thousand dollars on the coffee table. However, his hands remained on the wad of cash. "It really works?"

Bea gave an amused snort. "Of course. My very own maid used to be a guy. Maid! Show her."

Brittney minced over and lifted her skirt. Below it was a specially designed chastity belt. Most of it made of transparent plastic. Giving the world the full view of her wet needy snatch. To accompany it, the maid handed the client an album of photographs. Documenting the slow change from Brad to Brittney over the course of the year.

"When can we start?"

Bea grinned. This was all too easy. That money would soon be hers. "Just wait here."

With sure steps, she walked over to her "dick treasury". The view inside was magnificent. On one wall were her most prominent dicks. Gathered by catching cheating boyfriends of Penny's. All locked behind displays, safe for the one she was wearing right now. Of course, those weren't the only things locked away in this room.

Beatrice gaze shifted to Penny and the wall of service. The witch was busy giving a smallish cock of three inches a blowjob. They all were this small. The two hundred and eighty-seven cocks affixed there had one thing in common: they had been yanked off men mid-transition to becoming a woman. Their diminished size was the result of years taking female hormones. Until something better came along. The rumor of a woman who could yank off your dick for five thousand bucks. Instant vagina and the rest of the body would follow within a year.

"Penny, we got a client."

It took a moment for Bea's words to register. The witch let go of the small dick and needed a moment to get rid of her dazed lust ridden gaze. Then she begged Beatrice. "Please. Not another small one."

Bea gave a sigh. Always the same trouble. A few steps brought her close to the witch. Her finger found the big ring adorning the collar of her magical slave. A quick tuck and she had her slave starring at the very first cock Penny had yanked off for money.

"How long is this one?"

"Five and a half inches," Penny answered.

It was an old worn down path that repeated every time Bea brought a new client home. The next sentence was on her lips without a thought. "And how long was it when we first got it?"

"Barely three inches."

"That's right. Each time you serve one of my dicks they grow a tiny bit. Don't you want them to be big and firm? You do remember my promise, right?"

Bea's words drew Penny's gaze to the display of magnificent schlongs at the end of the room. "Each time you yank a clients penis clean off I fuck you with each of my cocks longer than eight inches. I do not force you to suck off all those small dicks. But you do know that if you are dedicated enough, those small pricks will one day join the big ones on the other wall. And then I will pound you with them too."

Penny gave a longing nod. Half lost in another daydream. Bea was having none of it. She tucked at the witch's collar and dragged her into the living room.

"Please excuse her appearance," Bea told the client. "And her smell."

The truth was that Penny reeked of cum. If one of Bea's dicks came then all of them did. While atrophied by years of hormone therapy they still produced some semen and nearly three hundred produced more than one dedicated maid could clean. Of course, Penny was always in the thick of it. Practically living in the dick treasury. Bea couldn't even remember when she had last seen Penny eat something besides cum or even sleep. Must be a side effect of the magic.

"Show us what you got so we can get over it."

The client didn't have to be told twice.

"Another small one," Penny said with a wince.

"Do it!" Bea urged her.

Once the deed was done, Bea left her client with the maid. Brittney would sort the newly made woman out and send her on the way. It was too much for Bea. Satisfied clients were always so clingy and joyful. Instead, she grabbed her personal witch's hand and led her to the bedroom. Time to fulfill her promise.

* * * * * * * * * *

The teacher of a flock of young apprentice witches gave them a stern warning look. "What you will see in the next room will be shocking. It is a warning display what can happen if you play fast and loose with magic. Especially done in anger. Mental discipline is paramount."

With those words, she led her students in and as predicted there were gasps and outcries of shock. It really was a grotesque view. Behind a wall of thick glass was a containment cell. It was filled to the brink with penises of all sizes. Half the room was flooded with semen. In between those schlongs were two dozen of women. Lost in ecstasy and fucking.

"How could something this vile happen?" one apprentice asked.

The teacher turned around and fixed her students with a stern gaze. "One of these 'service drones' in there used to be a witch. In anger, she used magic to server the penis off of a man and magically link it to another host. Then, she did it again and again. By now we can say that the initial magic has gone haywire and has corrupting influences. The produced semen is highly addictive. We lost a few witches in the initial containment of the subjects and later due to negligence."

"Teacher?" One of the students pointed towards the grotesque display. "Why is that one not moving? She looks kind of serene."

The teacher gave a quick glance. "That's the host. I think her name was Beatrice. Every penis you see in there is linked to her. As far as we can tell she experiences one orgasm every second or even more. She is the focal point of her drones and was propped up by them as if sitting on a throne. She, herself, wouldn't be able to do so. Having a constant wave of orgasm erodes one brain. We do not think-"


"- that she is capable of thought anymore."


Annoyed, the teacher broke off. "What?"

"She is pointing at us!" one student pointed out.

The teacher whirled around and her eyes grew wide. The host was really pointing, but it was the movement around her that horrified the teacher. The drones gathered and then ran again the glass wall.

"Out! Now!" She shouted.

A few students hadn't waited to hear the order. They were already rushing for the door.

"It is locked!" one cried out.

The teacher arrived and found out it was the truth. Locked. And by magic no less. "If the host is still sentient and she learned to control magic-"

A crashing sound made them all snap around. A few pieces of the glass wall had shattered, while more and more fractures appeared.

"We are doomed," the teacher whispered. "Not just us. The world-"

A steady flow of cum poured out of the cracks. The puddle outside the containment grew until it reached the frightened group. Then there was this smell. Growing arousal. Every fear drained away. As one they turned towards the host and her magnificent treasure hoard of cocks.

~ the end? ~

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