Feminine wiles

Feminine wiles

We had been sharing a flat for about three years now, Colette and I, because we had quite a lot in common. Both of us had always dreamt about becoming women, but while Colette was really serious about it and now in the last stage of her transition, meaning that she was pre-op, I had always been reluctant to start hormones, because I simply liked sex with girls too much.

OK, I was always the bottom, meaning that I liked girls to get on top of me, spread my legs and then take me in a kind of role reversal. Rarely one of them did not make me scream like a girl and some even enjoyed dressing me up in a sexy corset, garters and stockings, all of which I had quite a supply of in my closet. I knew how to make myself look pretty and almost convincing, but I was too afraid of losing the one thing, that gave me and most of my sex partners such satisfaction and one thing I was certain about: I’d never have sex with a man.

Another thing that made me hesitant as to transitioning was my work. It was difficult enough to convince people of the necessity to save energy and change their habits to a more sustainable lifestyle being a man and a successful technician, but I knew that once I’d show myself as who I truly wanted to be, all the idiotic prejudices about women and technology would b applied to me, too, if not worse even than to a cis woman and that would almost instantly cut off my so far a little more than sufficient income. As I was covering more than my due share of all the cost of the flat and bills, it would affect Colette, too, who was so close to becoming the cute, very feminine woman she really was inside. I simply could not do that to her. Never it occurred to me, that she could have a bad conscience with regard to me for exactly that reason.

Neither of us had many friends apart from the self help TG group, where we had first met, so when on a Friday night she went out clubbing I was amazed, even more so because she did not ask me to come, but since I rarely left the flat en femme I could not deny her the freedom to go and try to meet someone. To my surprise it made me slightly jealous and I had to face the fact, that her transition was actually making her more and more attractive for me, something that would sooner or later make things awkward between us, as she simply did not have a single dominant bone in her body.
Knowing her gone and on one hand wishing she might find someone to love, while on the other becoming jealous, I decided to pig out and spend the night watching TV, stuffing myself with delivered pizza and getting rather tipsy with red wine. Colette wasn’t back before I almost passed out on the couch and crawled into bed.

Saturday morning came and I slept in long enough to avoid a hangover. When I finally awoke I heard someone in Colette’s room, or rather two someones and then I saw a tall, rather intimidating well dressed man sneak by my door and leave, while there were noises that sounded like a mix of sexual pleasure and pain came from her room. ‘Fuck!’ I thought ‘What did Colette get herself into?’ I went to her door and wanted to knock, but I could not make heads or tails of the noises I heard and decided to go and make some brunch for the two of us.

I was dishing up the lot I had prepared on the counter we normally had breakfast at when she finally showed up, evidently attracted by the smells. But as she crossed the threshold of our kitchen and I looked I hardly recognised her other than that there was still more or less her face on top of the sexpot body she now sported. My bodies reaction was an instant erection.

“What the fuck?” I asked staring at her incredible body.

“I met someone last night.” she replied.

“Yeah, I saw the bugger sneak out. What did he do, inject you with his latest invention in nannites or something?”

“Something.” she replied smiling a sly smile “You like?”

“Colette,” I said “You’re a walking wet dream.”

“Well,” she said “why don’t we have breakfast and then go to find the sexy lingery I put out for you and make some dreams come true?”

“I don’t think you have the necessary physical equipment for that yet, even though I might be able to forget that the way the rest of you looks now.”

She moved closer and took my hand and put it right between her legs and I found a smooth silk covered crotch with vulva folds. I almost fell over with the shock.

“How! Why! Holy shit is it a fake?” I whispered.

“No, it is real and accompanied by the necessary interior organs to make me a full female. Now lets eat and then try it out.”

“You didn’t try it out with him?”

“No, he just made me change.”

All I could do was to shake my head in disbelief, but if she had prepared sexy lingery for me and wanted to fuck my brains out I sure was game. She was more than just sexy, around her the even the air seemed to be charged with sexual energy. And she was hungry, very hungry indeed, the transformation seemed to have taken a lot out of her. Ravenous she fell on the food and I enjoyed watching her, eating just little myself. When she was done a smile spread on her face and she took my hand, but she did not lead me to my bedroom but to the bathroom.

“Shave!” she commanded “All! Every single hair on your body below your brows. I want you smooth and feminine.”

“That whatever the something is has changed more than just your body, Colette. You have become my perfect lover.” I sighed.

As I did I saw a frown go over her features very quickly. So quickly, in fact, that I doubted what I thought to have seen instantly. Doing what she had commanded had my erection quickly come back and as I started to put the corset, stockings and heels on I could hardly contain myself any more. Still she insisted on full make-up before she finally pushed me onto my bed and on my back, spread my legs and got between them, easily managing to slip my almost painfully stiff member into her hot and incredibly moist sex. Then she started taking me like a woman and I practically melted, realising that I was giving myself to her, body mind and soul. It did not take long until I screamed like a girl on the summit of sexual pleasure and I felt myself pumping never before experienced amounts of sperm into her.

She purred almost like a cat and never let me go soft. Her vaginal muscles were gripping my penis, holding it in place and keeping it from softening. Again and again she brought me to orgasm, each more intense than the last even though the pumping got less and less, but that didn’t diminish the pleasure but rather seemed to enhance it. When I spurted what I though to be the last drops a thought crossed my mind, before I fell asleep.

Sunday morning came and I awoke with Colette still more or less on top of me, her breasts in delicious contact with mine. I smiled. Then I grabbed her head and kissed her with all the passion of the long suppressed woman inside. She moaned, then her eyes shot open and she looked at me and started crying.

“Don’t cry, Colette.” I tried to soothe her “I love you, thank you!”

“Noooo!” She wailed “I have made you a succubus, too.”

“No, my love,” I replied “You have made me a full woman. From now on we will feed on each other’s love instead of masculinity.”

“But I will still have this need! I did not want to do this to you, but I could not help myself. In return for becoming a full female I have to feed on masculinity and make my victims into succubi, too.”

“Did you sign a contract?” I asked grinning.

“Yes.” she sighed close to tears.

“And did it state how many you have to transform?”

“I don’t think so.”

“In that case I think the contract is fulfilled.” I deadpanned.


“In any case I have made you pregnant.” I replied with a smile.

There was a flash and in a cloud of yellow smoke the man I had seen leave appeared.

“Nobody can impregnate a succubus!" He thundered.

“Perhaps,” I replied with a smile “but I have impregnated the woman I love. Her contract was fulfilled.”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“Want to show me the clause that states how many she has to transform? I bet there isn’t one, seeing how cocksure you seem to be believing there is no need for one, Luzi.”

I expected there to be little clouds of sulphorous smoke to come from his nostrils then, but before he was able to reply I went on.

“Did you truly expect respect from me, when you have a name that reminds me of an annoying insect? Lucifer? Really?”

“You’ll pay in blood for this, if you do not take up your work as a succubus.” He fumed.

“But we do not have a contract, do we? I am just the father of her child.”

He looked at her long and hard. Then he noticed that glow, that only pregnant women ever have.

“You’ll have to pay for your freedom in blood! I’ll make sure of that.”

“Oh,” I replied with a giggle “can I have that in writing?”

He slammed his hand onto the dresser, where a parchment had suddenly appeared that he signed. Then he handed it to me and I read it carefully, took a pen and added the word full before freedom and added some more to the stipulations as to the payment in blood. I handed it back to him.

“There,” I said, I have agreed to a price in blood for our freedom that I will pay.”

Colette looked at me in horror.

“In installments.” I said looking at her.

Still she did not get it so I added the rest.


On that the two of us cracked up laughing and fell into each other’s arms while he disappeared in a cloud, the stink of which we had to air out of the house for hours.

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