The Demon and I

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Chapter One

My life was boring before I met Kaen, though met is not an entirely accurate way to describe our first encounter. I was David a thirty-five-year-old single warehouse worker. I was just an average middle age man nothing really to look at, in fact, if you saw me you probably forgot me a short time later. At five feet ten inches and a frame that could hide behind a light pole, I didn't really have ladies knocking on my door either. I spent most of my time at work or home watching anime. That changer a summer night last June.

Our encounter began as I was driving home from work late one night having pulled extra hours at the warehouse. It was a dark cloudy night, not a star in sight. The road home through was lined thickly with trees. It was dull enough to cause my tired mind to start to drift closer to sleep. I was barely able to keep my eyes open as I headed down the road. Then I was blinded by a bright light. It was the last thing I remember before waking up in a strange body hearing another voice in my head.

"Oh, you are awake. I wondered if you would ever make your presence known," a seductive women's voice filled my head. I was startled and tried to find where the voice was coming from only to find I could not move.

"This is not your body anymore," the voice spoke again. It felt as if it was all around me.

I finally managed to pull a few sentences to my mind, "what do you mean this is not my body anymore, and who are you?"

"He speaks," she said with a chuckle. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kaen second lieutenant of the demon gate guard. As for your body, well my entry on to Earth had an unforeseen impact. My body collided with your truck nearly killing you and causing quite a lot of damage to my original form. Lucky for me you could barely survive, in your condition, so I used your mass to repair my body and create a more suitable form for us to live in this world. We are quite beautiful if I say so myself."

My mind went numb, but I managed to get out, "I'm a demon?"

A hearty laugh filled my head, "No silly, I'm a demon. When I used your body to heal myself your soul and consciousness was absorbed as well. It's quite interesting really. Because of your soul, I am now able to hide my powers from the demon hunters. It's a huge score for me."

"Demon Hunters?" I replied in terror.

"Ah, yeah, well I didn't actually get permission to leave Hell. They really would like to get me back. I'm sure they have dispatched the demon hunters to bring me in," Kaen admitted very coyly. "I had spent a millennium standing guard at the gates of hell keeping the damned in and the angels out and always seeing the wonderment of life here on Earth. Can you blame a girl for wanting to escape?"

I started trying to move this body, I needed to try to get away. As much as I tried I couldn't get even a finger to twitch. I could see through the eyes into the dark room and I could make out the faint sound of an air conditioner running. I also felt the softness of the sheets that were wrapped around the body.

"Sweetie, you can't move our body yet. Your mind does not possess the strength yet to do that. You are but a passenger her with me at the helm" Kaen's tone was that as if she was addressing a child. I could feel a bit of resentment building for her by her tone.

Her tone suddenly changed as the body quickly sprung out of the bed and landed on the floor with extreme grace. "How would you like to see the new us," Kaen asked excitedly? I could feel from the way things were moving on the body that didn't move before, that I was now in a woman's body, but I couldn't say that really surprised me.

"Ummm, I guess," I replied knowing I had little choice in what this body did. Kaen reached out with her hand and flicked the light on. After a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, I see my new self in a full-length mirror. Standing there looking back was a fantasy girl ripped straight from the anime. It was short and petite except for the ginormous breast that only the girls in anime have. Perfect peach shaped ass, with a tail? The long tail reached out behind the body moving gracefully. I quickly looked at her head, and her beautiful face was topped by two ram horns growing out of the top of her forehead. Jet black hair sat on top of her head. Her face was an angelic Asian woman.

After she twisted and turned to allow me to see every inch of the new body I know inhabited she asked, "so I can tell you like what you see. I can feel how horny it is making you. I knew you would like it since I stole most of the look from your mind."

"But the horns and tail, you can't expect to go outside like that" I tried changing the subject because she was right I wanted her. She was the girl I fantasized about every night before I went to sleep.

"Oh those, no one can see them but us. In fact, no one can even tell they are there even if they touch them" she replied using her real voice. It sounded just a seductive and beautiful as it did when it was our minds talking. I felt another wave of excitement build in my mind.

"If you chose the way you looked after healing your body why have horns and tail at all? I would think you would want to look human" I asked confused.

"I'm a demon, silly. I can't get rid of my horns and tail. Besides, I know you like them." She said with a tease.

Kaen was right of course I did like them, I liked everything about her. She was not only exotic but sexy as hell, no pun intended. I still hadn't wrapped my head around the fact it was my body as well. Having no control over anything just made it like a surreal dream. It also made things very frustrating since I wanted to explore her body and see what it was like.
As Kaen walked away from the mirror, I started to think, wait a minute I'm dead. David is no more. I saw through her eyes the bedroom was someplace I had never been and what I assumed to be very expensive furniture. "How long ago did I die," I asked sadly?

"It has been little over six months. I thought you were never going to wake" she said not even stopping as she went through the closet.

Six months what the hell. "Why did it take so long for me to wake up?"

"How should I know? It's not like this is a common occurrence. I don't even know if it's ever happened before. It's not like demons are crashing down to Earth all the time. I've known you were there the entire time, but it seemed like your conscious needed to adjust to being in here with me before it let you wake up." She said calmly as she walked over to the dresser and grabbed a white bra and thong panties out and laid them on the bed.

"Where are we?" I asked finally curious about where we ended up at.
"We are at my apartment, here in beautiful Santa Monica. It is quite wonderous here."

Kaen headed over to the bathroom, I could see the size of the room and the furniture that adorned the room. The bedroom was huge and the furniture looked expensive as hell. There was a giant wooden dresser, a matching king bed with matching nightstands, and a large walk-in closet. A

"Kaen, how do you pay for all this?"

"I have my ways silly, plus I find that the men here are more than willing to assist me with just a sexy smile."

The connected bathroom was amazing with a large jacuzzi tub, separate glass shower, double sink covered with cosmetics and other tools I never had a use for when I was a man.

Kaen turned on the water for the shower and walked over to the toilet. I didn't even realize we had the need to pee, till I felt her go. It didn't really feel any different just weird not doing it standing up.

The humming that Kaen was doing in her mind was bleeding over into mine. I could hear the simple but lovely tune it was very soothing to listen to.
After she finished up on the toilet she walks over to the shower which has warmed up, causing steam to start to form.

The water on our skin was very satisfying, Kaen started rubbing soap all over our bodies and I felt the tingling sensation when she reached her breast. I felt her smile as she spent longer caressing them. My excitement was growing as she continued. I didn't even notice her stop humming while she was playing. I was lost in the pleasure I was feeling from her breast. Kaen woke me up with as she giggled in my mind. "I can tell you enjoyed that," Kaen said to me. "Just wait till you feel the pleasure from between our legs." She let off another giggle.

I was a little embarrassed that I was caught so easily enjoying it and that I was enjoying her touch, to begin with.

Kaen moved her hands down between her legs and started gently rubbing the outside of her pussy. I was flooded by a wave of pleasure that sent me over the edge causing our body to cum as well. The waves of ecstasy moved through our body. It was mind-numbingly wonderful.

"Oh now this is going to be really fun, it seems that with you conscious and feeling you have increased our sensation of pleasure tenfold," Kaen commented while panting.

Kaen finished washing and stepped out of the shower. This had to be the best shower that I have ever taken.

Kean got dressed and the bra just made her breast look like they had grown another size. The thong accented her shapely ass perfectly. Kaen went into the closet and picked out a pair of jeans that looked like there was no way they would fit. I was thankful though that she had chosen pants to wear and nothing slutty. Even if after she slid the jeans up it looked like they were just painted on. The top she grabbed was a simple white top with a plunging neckline. It left nothing to the imagination stretched tightly over her ample breast.

"Where are we going," I asked a little scared?

"Work," is all the Kaen said in return.

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Hell of a situation

laika's picture

Interesting start. And Kaen seems pretty nice for a demon, maybe a bit of a misfit down there in Hell, who never got into the whole Screwtape Letters-style total evil thing. Hope so anyway, since she has control of their body. Even thought it's not much the same this reminds me a bit of the Buffy spinoff series Angel somehow; maybe it's the LA setting; a place where a renegade minion of Hell might not be the nastiest creature you come across. And if she has to prey on humans to survive let's hope she goes after Harvey Weinstein. I also hope she/they can manage to stay out of the clutches the demon hunters, who you know won't take kindly to defectors. Anyway this looks like it's gonna be funl Welcome new author!

I like your first story so

I like your first story so far, can't wait to se where it goes from here.


WillowD's picture

I am also quite liking this story. I look forward to more. Thank you.

I'm still hoping for more

WillowD's picture

This charming story is off to a nice start.

And even if you never write another chapter for this story, thank you so SO much for writing the first one.

It got my attention

Wendy Jean's picture

Nothing offended my inner grammer Nazi, I'll be waiting for more.


Seems like a fun story so far. There were a few awkward sentences, but well-done overall.

Thanks for sharing, Sushi.

Talk about a rude awakening

Jamie Lee's picture

What a bummer, man one day and woman six months later, but not by choice. And with a demon at the controls. Had he wanted the change it sounds as though his choices would have been more subtle.

Um, where do they work, his old job?

Others have feelings too.

Having read Chapter 1, I am

Having read Chapter 1, I am terribly disappointed that there doesn't seem to be any more chapters as this is an intriguing story with a very clever plotline and for a first story posted here one of the best I've ever read. I do hope you return to it and write more chapters as it really deserves to continue.