Kelsey pt 13 *** A kymmie verse story*****

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Kelsey part 13

“Well it's the girl who gets the engagement ring.” Brook said not thinking.

“Uh, hello” Kelsey said motioning with both hands to her body. “What am I chopped liver” At that comment Maxie gave a small woof.

“Sorry sweetheart, I wasn't thinking.”

“We will go shopping for rings, tomorrow after work.” Kelsey reassured Brook.

“So, you going to take me for a ride or not.”

“I'll take you for a ride anytime you want love.”

“On your motorcycle would do for now”

“Sure thing,”
Turning to Maxie, “Maxie, go to grandma” She let out a little bark and took off like a shot. Out the door.

Kelsey opened the trunk on her bike, pulling out her riding jacket and helmet, out of her saddle bags she pulled out her riding boots and gloves.

She slipped off her beat up Nikes and pulled on her riding boots. Black just slightly different from cowboy boots, she put on her jacket and helmet. Lastly her gloves. Hopping on her bike, she started it up. The pro-charged V twin had a nasty growl. Kelsey reached down by her left leg and brought the bike up to riding height.
She walked the bike back out.

“hop on, I'll take you to the car to get your riding stuff.” Brook climbed on behind Kelsey.

Brook and Kelsey rode out front to the Marauder. Brook opened the trunk and pulled out her Jacket, gloves and helmet.

“Don't worry about your boots right now, this time. But any other please wear them.” Kelsey said.

Brook put her safety gear on. She climbed on behind Kelsey. They rode for almost an hour. All the time Brook held tight around Kelsey's waist. Slightly afraid. But Kelsey handled the big Harley with expertise.

The dealership was still going strong when they got back. Bikes still coming and going. Kelsey and Brook pulled around back and into the garage. Both Brook and Kelsey left their helmets in the trunk.

Brook seemed quiet. “Are you OK. Sweets?” Kelsey inquired.

“Just a little nervous. It was my first ride on the road. But I felt confidence in your abilities. You handled that bike like you have been riding for years.”

“Thanks, Sweets.”

Again, as they walked back to the main building. People were saying hi to Kelsey.
All of the sudden a pretty blonde came up to Kelsey threw her arms around her and gave her a deep kiss. The blonde was maybe a couple years older than Brook. During the kiss the blonde moved her right hand down between Kelsey's legs to rub her crotch.
When the blonde finally came up for air.

“UH, Hi, Jill.”

“Hi, Kelsey. Or is it Kennedy?”

“Jill it is Kelsey. I'd like you to meet my fiance, Brook. Honey this is my old girlfriend, Jill Sanders.”

“Uh, Hi. I am so sorry. I didn't know you were engaged. When is the happy day?”

“not until we are out of school.” Brook said slightly anoid.

“Well to redeem myself. If you are serious. Kelsey you know Smitty from the Devils”

“Yeah, I've known Smitty for years.”

“He's an ordained minister, I bet he would marry you two. I think that He knows a loop hole that would make it legal. For you two at your ages.”

“Really,” Both Brook and Kelsey said in unison. Then they looked at each other and smiled.

“Let's go find Smitty” Kelsey said.

“Thanks, Jill.” Brook said as she gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

As they walked into the crowd. “So, any others I need to know about?” Brook said as she took Kelsey's hand in her own.

“That was the only other girlfriend. The rest where boys from school. Jill taught me about how to please a woman.”

“Are you saying you slept with her?”

“Yeah, I sure did. It was great. Honey I am not a virgin, I have only had sex with Jill”

“Not with any boys.? Brook asked.

“Unless sucking cock is considered sex, I already told you I have sucked cock before.”
Kelsey lead Brook through the bikes and crowd. Over to a picnic table were about 8 Urban Devils.

One noticed Kelsey and Brook walk up, he gave a nod to another across from him. Who turned around. “Kelsey” He said. “how the hell are you.” He stood up and gave her a hug.

“I'm fine, Trapdoor. Can I speak to Smitty?”

Trapdoor noticed the guy across from him eyeing Kelsey and Brook. “Hey just cool it prospect. Kelsey is cool, her grandfather owns the joint. We don't want him or her for that matter on our bad side.”

“OK,” He said softly.

“Smitty” Trapdoor called. “Kelsey is looking for you.”

A huge muscular guy turned around. He came over to where her and Brook stood.
“Can I have a private word with him” She asked Trapdoor. He nodded.

Smitty, Kelsey and Brook walked about 10 ft from the group. Away from the noise of the motorcycles.

“So, What's up. Girl?” He asked.

“Well,” Swallowing, “Me and her want to get married. Jill told us you where ordained.”

“Please” Brook added.

“Yes, I am an ordained minister. Are you two sure?”

“Yes,” both Brook and Kelsey said in unison.

“Smitty, you've known me for how long. Have I ever done anything I was unsure of?”

“Nope, OK, it does get tricky. Kelsey you are 17 right.”

“Yeah.” Kelsey said.


“Brook” Brook answered.

“OK, Brook you are?” Smitty asked.


“Hummmmmm, Let me think a minute.”

Smitty thought, shook his head, though some more.

“You are Irish, Right, Kelsey?”


“MMMMM, that may work.”

“What?” Brook asked.

“Scottish is also Celtic. And as a Celtic you can marry as young as 14. Legally, I normally don't marry anyone unless they're of age. To many legal problems can pop up. But I will make an exception in this case. Since I've known you and your family for so long. That and I know that you wouldn't ask me to do it if you didn't really want to.”

“Yes” Again saying it in unison.

“First step is getting your license. When you go to the court house, you need to tell them. When asked your ages, you tell them it is under the Celtic marriage Decree of 1829. They may have to look it up as it is rarely used. Once they know it is under the Celtic Marriage Decree. You should be given the license. Nothing else is needed.”

“No blood tests or anything else?” Brook asked.

“The Decree voided that requirement. So as soon as you have it give me a call and I will get,” In a southern voice. “Get you youngens Hitched”

Kelsey gave him a big hug, “Thank you.”

“You two are welcome, remember I wouldn't pass it around much as it can be pain explaining over and over again.”

“We will get the required paperwork needed and give you a call.”

“OK,” Smitty said rejoining the other club members.

Turning to Brook, “So, sweetheart. Are you sure?”
Brook turned to Kelsey put her arms around her neck and gave her a deep kiss. In front of anyone who may have been watching. The explosion of love went off in both of them as it always does.

“Does that answer your question.” Book said.

“Yeah, I think it does. What about our parents?”

“They don't have to know. We can get married. Then have a regular ceremony when we get of age.”

“That does sound good. So, when is your lunch tomorrow?”

“I can take it when I want to.” Brook added.

“ OK, I will come get you. We can then get the Marauder taken care of and get our marriage license.”

“We have better get rings, then.” Kelsey said.

“Yeah, I do want a ring. We could get matching ones.”

“Sounds, like a plan. We can go shopping tomorrow evening”

Looking at her watch. It was quarter to 5.

Well we should head out they close at 5 today.”

Looking around Kelsey didn't see her Granma's Suburban. “looks like Granma, already took off. We can head towards their place. Grandpa will be leaving shortly.”

Once they got back to the car, they put their jackets in the back seat. And headed out.
Turning north they took Ortonville Rd, following it about 10 miles. Kelsey turned onto Blake wood trail, a small paved road. They drove about 2 miles until the end. Where a huge closed gate stood, the ornate arch over the gate, read McClord. The arch must have been 22 feet to the bottom.

As Kelsey pulled up the key pad, she noticed Brook looking up at it.

“It's so my Grandparents can get the motorhome out.”


The gates opened and Kelsey continued up the drive way. The driveway twisted for almost ½ mile.

“How much property do they have?” Brook asked.

“A section, which is 1 square mile. 640 Acres.”

“Is it all lawn.”

“They have some woods south of the house, and a couple ponds” Kelsey said as they drove past one.”

“Sweetheart that isn't a pond that is a damn lake.” Across they could see the main house.

“God damn, that is huge.” Brook said.

“Only 15 bedrooms, 12 full bathrooms. A bedroom for each of the family member to have their own.”

“you have your own room at your grandparents house.”

“Sure, I even decorated it myself. I don't have to share it with anyone. Actually, it will be ours soon.”

Kelsey pulled up in front of one of the garage doors of the 4-car attached garage. As soon as they closed the car door all hell broke loose. Barking started from the house, and by more than one dog.

“quiet” they heard Granma yell. Instant quiet. All of the sudden Maxie came tearing around the corner from the back of the house. Almost a blur, she ran around both of them then jumped into Kelsey's arms. Then began licking her face.

“Ok, Maxie mutt stop” Kelsey said as she put her down. Kelsey signaled for her to lie down. Maxie dropped like a rock. She began talking.

“Ah, is that what you should be doing.” Maxie talked back again. “Yeah, I know, OK take us to gramma.” With that Maxie took off towards the front door. She never got more than 10 feet from Brook and Kelsey. As soon as they got to the door Maxie sat in front of the door and waited.

When Brook and Kelsey got to the door, “Is this where gramma is?” Kelsey asked. Maxie gave a small bark. Kelsey opened the door and walked in. followed by Brook and Maxie.

Again, they followed Maxie through the house. Brook followed looking around in awe.

“The living room is bigger than my house.” Brook commented.

Brook also noticed a couple of maids doing house work. They wore the tiny French maid uniforms, both were only a couple years older than they were. They found Gramma in the huge kitchen, Cooking.

“Hi, Gramma.” Kelsey said. “Smells great.”

“Yeah, Gramma. It sure does.” Brook said a little apprehensive. Kelsey picked up on this wondered if it was just Gramma, the house, or all of it.

“No cook?” Brook whispered to Kelsey.

“Not for just us.” Gramma said. “We do have a cook on call, just in case”
Brook turned red with embarrassment. “Sorry. I didn't know”

“Brook, Honey. Not a worry. We were not always well off. We both worked hard to get the dealerships where they are today. Grandpa has a way with the stock market as Kelsey may have told you. Our children/ grandchildren are set up quite well for the future.”

“Yes, Gramma she knows.”

“How much?”

“All of it” Brook said.

“You, and your sisters, and your Mom.”

“Yeah, and my parents know too.” Brook added.

“Brook, how do you like your steak done”

“Well done, please.

“Gramma, I'm going to show Brook around, OK.”

“Sure, Hon. Dinner will be ready in about half hour.”

“MMM, can't wait it smells so good.” Brook said as she followed Kelsey.

Kelsey led Brook on a tour of the house. She showed Brook all the bedrooms. Including her own. Kelsey decorated it herself. Kelsey also had a dresser and closet of cloths.
Kelsey finished with the large indoor pool and hot tub.

“Do you have some swim suits in your room.”

“Yeah, but why?”

“So, we can go swimming if we want to”

“Why wear suits, we normally just skinny dip.”

“Skinny dip, your joking, What about your grandparents?”

“What about them. They don't care. They're the ones who suggested it.”

“Your grandparents are so cool.”

“Remember sweetheart, they are going to your grandparents too, soon enough.”
Smiling Brook commented “Yeah, you are right.”

“Excuse me, Miss Kelsey and Miss Brook.” Another maid was standing at the door.

“Yes, Cassie” Kelsey said.

“Mistress Whitney, says dinner is ready.”

“Thank you, Cassie.”

Cassie turned and walked back towards the dining room. Kelsey, Maxie and Brook followed.
Cassie also wore a short French maids’ uniform. Brook could swear she could see the bottom of Cassie's bare ass as her skirt bounced as she walked. But she wasn't sure. Cassie directed Kelsey and Brook towards the small dining room, then went about her business.

Brook and Kelsey sat down at the table. As Grandma came in from the kitchen, with 4 plates. Setting them down, one in front of each girl, one for herself, and one for grandpa.
They heard a rumble coming towards the house. “Grandpa, must be home” Kelsey said.
About 5 minutes later grandpa came in. He gave grandma and Kelsey a kiss and Brook a hug.

All of my stories are purely fictional, the some places are real, some are not. The names and personnel used in all my stories, are also fictional. They may be based on people I knew but, Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or un-dead are purely coincidental.

I write my stories as a fantasy. While based on this world. Things in my story could stretch reality. However I write my stories from my mind. I reserve all rights to my work. Any form of duplication without my permission is forbidden. Please enjoy reading them as I have in writing them.

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