Back to School Chp. 7

Carol knocks on Ginger’s and Melody’s bedroom door before entering. They were going to her parent’s funeral today. Nora had bought her a nice black dress to wear. She gave her a choice between wearing a suit or wearing a dress. Carol decided to wear a dress like Ginger and Melody were.

“How are you feeling Ginger.” Carol walks over to Ginger’s bed, where she was sitting.

“I’m doing fine. It only hurts when I laugh.” Ginger smiles at Carol.

“How are you doing, Carol?” Melody looks at her friend and felt sad for her.

“I’m alright.” Carol had cried her heart out for the past few days, while Nora and Kelly made funeral arrangements for Carol’s family.

Carol had family members that were coming to the funeral, along with her mother and father’s friends. She wanted to stay with Nora and Kelly for now because she felt safe with them. Carol helps Ginger along with Melody’s help towards the living room. Nora and Kelly were waiting for them when they entered.

“Are you going to be okay, Ginger?” Nora was concerned about her daughter’s injuries.

“I’ll be fine, mom.” Ginger had taken some pain pills for her abdomen wound.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Nora looks towards Carol.

She knew its been a rough week for Carol. Between going back to the house to get her mother’s address book and making the funeral arrangements. Nora did learn that when they went back, the computer’s hard drives were missing. Also, Carol’s parents’ laptops were missing their hard drives as well.

Nora wonders if the police took them or someone else did. She had a clean-up crew come in and remove the blood stains and clean the house as well. Until the matter of who killed Carol parents is solved. The house would remain empty.

Nora drives the Mercedes S600 she owns to the funeral. Carol was sitting in the back seat with Melody sitting behind Kelly and Ginger was sitting behind Nora. She glances in the rearview mirror occasionally, to see how Carol was doing. She could see the tears sliding down her cheeks.

Melody holds Carol’s right hand, as Ginger holds Carol’s left hand as they headed to the funeral. The trail of cars following Nora to the funeral was a long one. She parks her car, behind the hearse after they remove the casket from them.

Nora gets out of the car first to look around. Whoever the killer was that killed Carol’s parents. Who knows if he wouldn’t try to kill her now during the funeral? Once she was satisfied that everything was safe. She opens the passenger side door to let Kelly out of the car.

Kelly gets out and stands near the back-passenger door to let the girls out, while Nora stood guard over them. She was wearing one of her old suits that she wore when she was a DSS agent. She also had her handguns with her.

The far end of the funeral procession:
Sasha decided to attend the funeral of the couple killed. She wanted to see if the assassin that was sent to kill them, might try to take the child out. She was wearing a new outfit her aunt sent her. It was supposed to provide her protection against bullets and sharp objects.

Her cousin Ronnie was linked into her laptop and was going through all the hard drives she had connected to it. If there was anything of importance on those drives, he’ll find it. He was a cyber forensics specialist. As she pulls behind the next to the last car in the funeral procession. She spots movement near a mausoleum.

Sasha takes her binoculars out and spots a person dress as a maintenance worker pointing a rifle towards the funeral party. She slips her heels off and slips on her tennis shoes. She grabs her gun and slips out of her car. She moves quickly and quietly among the headstones and monuments towards him.

Morrison sighted in on the child he was told to kill. His employer wanted to make sure the DEA director received the message. He had found out that the boy of the couple he killed was now dressing as a girl. He had seen the Hispanic woman get out of the car the girl was riding in and looked around. He guessed she was some sort of bodyguard.

Just as he was about to shoot the girl. A white cloud appears in front of him. He starts coughing as he inhales whatever is in the cloud.

Sasha had managed to toss one of her specialty gimmick balls at the figure. The one she tossed at him, was filled with an irritant substance that caused you to cough uncontrollably. He drops his rifle as he tries to run away from the cloud.

Sasha chases after him as she slips two more golf ball size balls into her hand. She tosses them at him and manages to hit his head with them. They burst open and pepper him with a strong itching powder and a neon pink dye.

Morrison had no idea who the woman was chasing after him as he fights the urge to scratch himself. Whatever she hit him with was burning his skin and making him want to scratch his skin. He glances behind him and starts firing his gun at her.

Sasha takes cover behind a tree as bullets whizzed past her. She pulls her gun and fire back at him. The stuff she put in those golf balls should be working right now.

Morrison keeps running as the burning sensation from whatever he was hit with causes his skin to turn red. He could fill heat from the substance as it starts burning his skin. He makes it to his motorcycle and takes off.

“Damn!” Sasha watches as her target makes it to a motorcycle and drive off quickly.

Nora and the others heard the gunshots while the priest was delivering the eulogy. Nora took her gun out and stood protectively over Carol and her family. She looks in the direction where the gunshots were coming from and notices a woman with red hair wearing a black skirt suit, chasing after a man with brown hair and wearing green coveralls.

“Get to the car.” Nora rushes her family to the Mercedes. It was bulletproof and armored.

She had to carry Ginger because of her wound. It was stopping her from moving fast. She gets the girls and Kelly to the car. While she was running towards the car, she was wondering who the woman with red hair was.

Nora gets into the car. Just as she shuts the door, raindrops start falling from the sky.

“Are any of you hurt?” Nora glances at the girls and Kelly.

“We’re fine, mom.” Melody was holding Carol as she cried against her.

“I’m fine, mom.” Ginger was in a little pain, but she could deal with it.

“I’m fine sweetie,” Kelly looks at Nora and could tell she was concerned.

Nora relaxed some, but was still alert as she pulled the Mercedes from behind the two hearses. she kept her eyes out for any threats that might hurt her family. Nora was happy her family was safe. However, she wanted to know who that red hair woman was as she drives back home.

Sasha walks back to her car. She was pissed the guy had gotten away, but she’ll get him. She also figures she should have a talk with Mrs. Midnight as well. She gets in her car as the rain comes down and heads back to her hotel room.

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