Girls Just Want to Have Fun Chp. 8

Arthur, Wes, and Cassidy headed towards the King’s resident. They managed to go by the store to get the address without being seen. When they left Cassidy’s uncle’s house. They took an old logging road no one remembered. If Arthur wasn’t driving a Jeep, they wouldn’t have made it.

Once they were past where Cassidy lived. They could avoid the people looking for Wes.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Cassidy looks towards Wes. He drunk the whole mason jar of moonshine last night.

“Like my head is ready to split opening.” Wes was sitting behind Cassidy as Arthur drove them to the King’s resident.

“I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen to me.” Cassidy knew her moonshine tend to be on the extreme strong side.

Arthur just smirks at Cassidy’s comment. He knew how strong her moonshine was and how she waters down some, so it doesn’t affect people as strongly. He keeps looking in the rearview mirror to make sure they weren’t being followed.

They pull up the driveway to the King’s ranch and park next to Mr. King’s truck. Arthur gets out followed by Cassidy and Wes.

“Do you think they will let us look at the hutch?” Cassidy was curious.

“There is no reason he shouldn’t.” As Arthur walks up to the front door and knocks on it.

A few seconds after ringing the doorbell, it opens, and an old grey-haired man stands there. He had on a light blue shirt sleeve dress shirt and dress slacks.

“Can I help you?” Mr. King was wonder who the gentleman was standing before him.

“Hi, Mr. King. I’m Deputy Sheriff Arthur Battle and I was wondering if I could have a few words with you.”

“Sure, come on in.” Mr. King opens the door and steps aside to let Arthur, Cassidy, and Wes inside.

He escorts them to the living room and invites them to have a seat. He sits down in a high back leather chair. He watches as they sit down as well.

“Mr. King, do you still have that Hutch you bought from my store?” Wes looks at Mr. King

Mr. King turns his attention to Wes “yes, its in our spare bedroom. Why do you ask?”

“Because we need to see it. We won’t do any damage to it, I promise.” Wes knew there wasn’t any way that Mrs. King would have found the
secret compartment in the Hutch.

“Alright, if you’ll follow me.” Mr. King gets up out of his chair and leads Wes to the guest room.

Arthur and Cassidy had followed and been standing near the doorway watching Mr. King and Wes. Cassidy leans close to Arthur to whisper in his ear “do you think he might try to run?”

“If he does, he’ll have the two men that are looking for him on his trail.” Arthur had been thinking the same thing.

Wes looks inside the hutch and locates the secret compartment. He opens it and pulls out all the money inside.

“Man, I wish I knew it was in there.” Mr. King didn’t know about the money hidden in the Hutch.

“Trust me, Mr. King, you wouldn’t want the trouble this money brings.” Arthur didn’t want to see Mr. King get hurt.

Once Wes has all the money in the Hutch. He shows Mr. King the hidden compartment and opens it as well. That way if he wanted to hide something he could.

“Did you put this in there or wasn’t it already part of the Hutch?” Mr. King was curious.

“This particular model came with this feature. I bought it from the family that originally built this Hutch. Their great, great grandfather used to
hide his money in here.” Wes bought a lot of antiques from that family.

Once Wes was done showing Mr. King the secret compartment. They leave the King’s residents and head back to Arthur’s place. The guys looking for Wes wouldn’t think to look there for Wes.

While they are there, she fixes lunch for Wes and Arthur. Cassidy wonder what their next move should be? Should they just give the money over to the two guys or should they set them up and arrest them?

“Guys, lunch is ready.” Cassidy walks into the living room where the guys were and spotted Arthur laying on the floor. Wes was nowhere to be seen.

“Why that little weasel.” Cassidy puts the serving tray down and goes over to check on Arthur.

Cassidy saw that he had a bump on the back of his head. She helps him up off the floor and onto the sofa.

“Wait here.” Cassidy heads to the kitchen and fill a ziplock bag with ice and wrap it with a towel.

She takes it back out to Arthur and presses it on the bump. Why did Wes do what she and Arthur thought he was going to do? Also, how did he catch Arthur off guard?

“Thanks.” As Arthur holds the ice pack against his head.

“So, how did Wes get the drop on you?”

“He hit me from behind, while I was getting the micro-recorder from the self over there.” Arthur felt like a fool for letting himself get knocked out as he did.

Cassidy couldn’t believe the creep had turned on them. They were trying to help him.

“So, what do we do now?” Cassidy wanted to arrest the creep for turning on them.

“We find Wes and arrest him. We also find the two guys that are looking for him as well. There are a few agents from the ATF looking for
moonshiners in town. I can let it slip that Wes is a moonshiner.” Arthur had learned about the agents just recently.

“Do they know about me?” Cassidy was concerned about being found out.

“No, I didn’t say anything about you. However, I would be careful while they are in town.” Arthur meant to talk to Cassidy about the ATF agents in town.

“Now, we have to figure out where Wes has gone too. Because I don’t think he is going to give the money back to those men. Why else would he hide it and not give it to them?” Cassidy checks the bump on Arthurs' head.

After a while, Arthur pulls his cellphone out and puts an APB for Wes. Once that was done, he gets up and heads out to his Jeep. He and Cassidy discover all four tires were slashed.

“Dam! I just got those tires three weeks ago.” Arthur was pissed. The tires on his Jeep were slashed.

Cassidy pulls her cellphone out and calls a friend of hers to come and get them. She wonders where Wes has gone to hide. The antique store would be useless, his home would be useless.

Arthur could tell Cassidy was thinking about something “what’s on your mind?”

“Where would Wes go? He’s on foot and carrying a lot of money?” Cassidy walks over to the road and looks down it.

“He’s got to be working with someone. I didn’t see anyone when he spent the night at my place.” Cassidy wonders who he could be working with.

After fifteen minutes, Cassidy’s friend shows up and gives them a ride back to her place.

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