K&P Services Chapter 19

Trenner's Garage, Walker, Kansas:
August snuggles against Butch as they laid in bed. She didn’t envy her sister telling Kat that an assassin had tried to kill her children. It was a good thing that she and Butch bought the other hangar for their place.

She knew Butch had to get up early in the morning and fly to Florida. He was going to be gone for a week picking up and delivering cargo for a client of theirs. She knew Rebecca was going to call Kat later in the morning. Her own child was sound asleep in the nursery.

When Morning comes, August gets up and fixes breakfast for Butch. His bags were already packed. She drives him over to the plane he was taking, which belonged to her sister. The maintenance crew had gone over the whole plane yesterday and found no problems with it. It was fueled and ready to go.

She gives Butch a goodbye kiss and heads back to their home to check on her niece and nephew. While she is checking on the twins, her
Uncle Benjamin pops his head in.

“You're up early.” Ben comes walking into the nursery where his nieces and nephews were.

“Butch had to leave early this morning to fly to Florida.” August covers up a yawn.

“You need coffee.” Ben looks at August and smile.

“I agree. However, before I can grab a cup. I need to check on my son.” August heads out of the twin’s bedroom and goes to her son’s room.

Her Uncle Ben could handle all the little ones in the nursery. She pops into her sons’ room and notices he was still asleep. She walks over to check on him. A smile appears on her face as she looks down into the crib.

Butch had been happy as a clam when he learned she was pregnant. He was even happier when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They named their son after Rebecca’s father since she was adopted by him, before he died.

August turns around and heads back towards her bedroom. She needed to start getting ready for work. It’s not like she has far to go. All she had to do was take the golf cart across the airfield towards Rebecca’s place.

Rebecca comes walking into the kitchen and spots August. She noticed she was dressed to head to work.

“Good morning, August.” Rebecca walks over to the coffee maker to brew herself some coffee.

“Morning sis. Have you called Kat yet?” August takes a sip of her coffee.

“Not yet. I asked Ben and his wife not to tell her yet.” Rebecca pops a coffee pod into the coffee maker and starts brewing her coffee.

“I don’t envy you.” August takes a sip of her coffee.

She knows how she would react if someone tried to kill her son. She would want revenge and would do whatever it took to get it.

“Neither do I.” Rebecca pulls her cellphone out and dials Kat’s number.

K&P Services, Knoxville, Tennessee:
Kat was up and at the office doing paperwork. Her assistant was off getting supplies for their office. The insurance papers she had to fill out for the two damaged SUV was something she hated to do. While she was finishing the last bit of paperwork, her cellphone starts ringing.

Kat looks at the number and notices it was Rebecca’s number. She answers the call “Hey Becca, is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine, Kat. However, I do have some news. Are you sitting down?” Rebecca watches as August stood nearby.

“Yeah, I’m sitting down.” Kat was worried now.

“We had an intruder last night. I think he had been sent to kill your twins.” Rebecca didn’t enjoy telling Kat this.

“Are my babies okay?” There was a growling sound in her voice.

Kat was feeling angry and concern for her children. She was very protective of her children. That was the reason she sent them to her Rebecca to protect them.

“They are fine. They were at August’s and Butch’s place with your brother and his wife. The guard dogs we have stopped the intruder.”

Rebecca was proud of her guard dogs. Brutus and Titus earned their keep by chewing on the assassin.

“What did the intruder look like?” Kat was trying not to get madder than she already felt.

“I’m sending you his picture now, sis.” Rebecca sends Kat the picture August took of their intruder.

Kat hears her cellphone beep as the picture comes through. She looks at it and didn’t recognize the person. She saw an Indian person looking back at her.

“Did you get the picture?” Rebecca was worried that Kat might not have received it.

“I got it and I don’t recognize the person. Why would an Indian assassin go after my children?” Kat hasn’t gone after any Indian people since
she has been bounty hunting.

“Beats me, sis. Can your US Marshal person help out?” Rebecca couldn’t figure out why an Indian assassin would be sent to kill two little babies.

“I’ll ask him. Thanks for protecting my children, Rebecca.”

“Hey, what are sisters for? You be careful Kat and watch your back. Who knows if there isn’t a second assassin out looking for you?” Rebecca was concerned about her sister.

“I will Becca. You take care as well.” Kat hopes whoever is after her, don’t go after her family again.

“Don’t worry about me. If I must, I have a place to go.” Rebecca figures they couldn’t touch her up in the air. They had a blimp at the airbase that they have been working on.

“I will worry Rebecca, you’re my sister. Take care.”

“You too.” Rebecca ends the call.

Kat looks at the picture again and wonders who this person was and why they were sent to kill her children. She dials Marshal Bullock’s number.

US Marshal Office, Knoxville, Tennessee:
Marshal Bullock and Marshal Running Bear were back at their office in Knoxville. Sebastião Tavares Rezende was in jail and now they could investigate who planted the explosives that destroyed the courthouse. Bullock was on his third cup of coffee as he read through all the reports, he had from the forensics that had been done so far.

As he was looking over a report, his cellphone starts ringing. He looks at the caller Id and notices it was Kat’s number. He presses the accept button “Hi Kat, what can I do for you?”

“I need a favor. Someone tried to kill my children in Kansas. My sister and her sister managed to stop them and took a picture of the person responsible. I was wondering if you could run the picture in your database and tell me who he is and who does he work for?” Kat was hoping
Bullock could help her.

“Sure, send me the picture and I’ll see what I can do for you.” Bullock figures he owes that much to Kat for what she and her crew have done.

Kat sends the photo to Bullock's cellphone. She could hear his phone beep letting him know he received it.

“I got it, Kat.” Bullock looks at the picture and the only thing he could see was an older Indian man with a few scars on his face.

“I don’t recognize the face, Kat.”

“Let me see it, Bullock.” Running Bear was curious.

Bullock shows Running Bear the picture. He wonders if Running Bear has ever encountered the person before. He didn’t know much about his new partner.

Running Bear examines the picture. He enlarges it to see who this person is. He did indeed look Indian. He could tell that right of way.

“Kat, where was this picture taken?” Running Bear was curious.

“At my sister’s place in Walker, Kansas. The Sheriff department there has him according to Rebecca.”

“Alright, I’ll let you know something once we figure out who this is.”

“Thanks.” Kat ends the call.

Kat looks at the back door when she hears it rattle. She had her hand near her handgun. She watches as the door opens and Carol comes walking in with her hands full.

“I’m back Kat. You can go and grab us some lunch.” Carol carries in the items she bought.

Kat releases her grip on her handgun. She grabs some money out of her purse as she stands up.

“Is there anything special you want for lunch?”

“A nice fresh salad will do, Kat.” Carol puts the items she had in her hands down on a nearby table.

“Okay.” Kat opens the back door.

Before she even takes two steps outside. Her body jerks as it gets hit by a bullet. Kat falls backward into the office.

Carol turned around when she heard the gunshot and watched as Kat falls backward and hits the floor. She rushes over to Kat and finds a bullet hole in the center of her chest. She calls the paramedics first and than call Paul.

Carol does what she can for Kat while waiting for the paramedics. She put pressure on the wound and tried to keep Kat from losing a lot of blood. The paramedics show-up as does Paul with three police cars following behind him.

Paul was at the law enforcement supply store they normally used. When he got a frantic call from Carol. She was so upset that he couldn’t make out what happened, till she calmed down. He had dropped what he was carrying and tore out of the parking lot in Kat’s old pick-up truck.
He passed several police cars doing sixty in a thirty miles per hour zone.

They chased him all the way back to the office and saw him jump out of the truck and rush to his wife. The paramedics had beaten him by a few seconds. He saw them trying to save Kat’s life.

The police didn’t try to arrest him after they saw why he had speed. Two of the officers recognized Kat right away. They had seen her up at the precinct a few times.

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