Change Order - Chapter 1 of 8

Change Order

Mike was asked to cover a shift by a knowing friend on their birthday. Because the scheduling boss made an incorrect assumption, he ended up being something he could only dream of.

Becky Reus
Proofread By Jamie M


Chapter One

I had decided to use my free admission employee perk on one of my days off. As I was roaming around Epcot enjoying the countries in the international section, I noticed that the Alice’s line was shorter than normal. Granted it may be because we were in one of Alice’s breaks.

Let me backup a little bit, I have not properly introduced myself. I am Mike Smith, a cast member employed by the mouse in the character department, which means I am also a friend of a character. I usually am a chipmunk, but occasionally I have been a duck or the head mouse himself. They have not approved me to be a face character, which is perfectly fine with me. Sometimes I am a female fur character, I really don’t mind that. I have personal reasons why that is not a issue, but I will never tell anyone those reasons.

“What is a fur or face character?” I hear you ask. In fur, you are in a full body suit, and you are not allowed to talk. In a face character, other people can see your face, and you can talk to them.

Oh, good, here comes Alice. I peer at her to see if I can figure out who her friend is today. She nods to me in recognition as she walks by me. She might know who I am, but I can’t figure out who she is behind that makeup and color changing contacts.

I waited for the two families in front of me to have their time with Alice before it was my turn. “Nice for you to join me today, Sir” Alice addressed me as she lead me in front of the Photopass photographer.

“Thank you Alice,” I replied back in a posh young girl voice. One our managers wouldn’t have a problem with Alice using.

Alice took a second, almost like she was fighting to stay in character. When she regained her composure, she asked, “Where are you visiting from?”

“From England,” I replied using the same voice, trying my hardest not to laugh. What I didn’t say was the word ‘New’ in front of the location.

Alice smiled, and then asked, “Would you like some pictures, L … Mike?”

“Yes please,” I quickly replied in my normal voice hoping that no one in line noticed that she knew my name without me giving it to her. I didn’t have a clue what she almost said before my name. Our managers would consider that breaking character, and she, and maybe myself, would be in big trouble if they found out.

After posing for the pictures, and offering the photographer my magic band I continued towards France for my ice cream which was my original destination.


Later that evening as I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?” I screamed out.

“Jennifer,” the disembodied voice replied back.

Looking down at the pink nightie I was wearing, I replied back, “Let me get dressed.”

After a few seconds, Jennifer replied so quiet that I barely heard it, “the way you're dressed is fine, Laura. Let me assure you that I am alone, too.”

Hearing that secret name I didn’t know if I should allow my coworker in or not. I also hadn’t a clue how she knew that name. I was afraid of blackmail as I slowly with a shaky hand opened the door.

Jennifer came in the dorm room, and I shut the door quickly so no one could see me in my nightie, therefore giving my secret away.

“If you are here to blackmail me, do it quickly please.” I told her.

Jennifer with a shocked voice, came over to me and hugged me. “Laura, I don’t plan on blackmailing you. I came to say you had me in stitches today with your voice during our interactions. I also came to ask a favor, something you are allowed to say no to.” She slowly lead me to the couch in the tiny room, that Disney provides their college program cast members.

“Back up here, I have a few questions Miss Anderson!” I told her.

Jennifer sighed, “Ok?”

“How do you know about Laura?”

“By being naughty, and looking over your shoulder at your phone and laptop. Sorry.” Jenn’s face got bright red with embarrassment.

I was trying not to be upset with her because I needed more details, “Who else knows?”

“I haven’t told anyone in the few months I have known, and never heard anyone gossiping about you being trans. I have heard fellow cast members saying you must be gay, though. You know how this group can gossip, Laura.” Jennifer told me. “I really shouldn’t have peeked, but something about you drove me nuts, and I was crushing on you. I was trying to see if you had a S.O.” She continued with a red face again.

I asked with a shocked voice “was?”

“I still wouldn’t mind dating you, but you probably currently hate my guts,” Jennifer responded while quietly crying on my shoulder.

Using my Silvermist voice, I replied while patting her, “I don’t hate you, Dew Drop.” Switching to my normal voice, “I do have plenty of reasons to be upset at you, but I will get over that eventually. Now let’s continue on our questions. Miss Alice, I am assuming you were her friend today.”

Jenn just nodded, and said “Yes, I was, you shocked me with your voice. You would would make a good Alice or Wendy with that voice.”

“The mouse will never allow that! You know that you broke character today right?” I told my friend.

She pleaded innocence, “I did not… at least I hope I didn’t. I don’t need a demerit on my record.”

“You called me by my name, without me giving it to you.” I told her.

Her face fell, “Did anyone notice?”

“I for sure wasn’t going to tell anyone, and if your photographer or attendant didn’t bring it up, I doubt it.” I reassured her, then continued with “What were you going to say before my name?”

She thought hard, as if she was rewinding the day, before meekly saying, “I am not exactly sure, maybe Laura.”

“Thankfully you didn’t,” I said glaring at her. I remember she had come to ask for a favor, “I seem to remember that you postponed my bedtime to ask for a favor.”

Slowly she said, “Is it possible for you to work for me?”

“When, why, and who are you supposed to be?” I asked.

Jennifer said “Next Friday, it is my birthday and my parents are going to be in town. I am supposed to be Vanellope that day. I will understand if you don’t want to be a female character.”

“Jennifer Anderson, I am occasionally Minnie and Daisy. My bigger concern is getting the signature approval for Van and they not changing you to Alice or Wendy at the last minute.” I told her. “Besides who is sitting here in a pink nightie. You don’t want your parents to meet your boyfriend?” I continued with her.

She coughed, “When did I get a boyfriend?” And then when she saw I was pointing at myself, she continued with, “I think you mean my girlfriend.” Which caused myself to cough, before she continued, “The idea is a good idea, but I really need someone to work for me, everyone I asked so far is either working already or turned me down.”

“What do I have to do?” I asked. I thought I had seen Jennifer excited side before, but she hugged me so quickly and strongly that we both fell down on the couch.

“You will do it!” She exclaimed, while hugging the stuffing out of me. She continued, “I will put in for the Change Order with Kayleigh. I will also work on getting her to teach you the signature, so you are approved.” Then she got an evil grin on her face, “I might even work on having you learn Alice’s.”

Groaning I said, “What for? The mouse is never gonna allow me to be Alice, even if I can do the voice. I don’t have the looks.”

Jennifer was staring intensely at me, before she spoke, “I am not sure, put a nice wig on your head and no one would know you were not born a girl. True you are flat chested, but I don’t have a big chest either. It would look out of place on us.”

“I need to get sleep before I have to go to work tomorrow. I will gladly be Vanellope for you, but I will not be Alice.” I told as I escorted her to the door.

Before she opened the door to leave, she kisses me softly on the cheek, before saying, “Thank you for taking my shift on your day off, Girlfriend.” With that said, she quickly was out the door.

I just stared at the now closed door, and tried to figure out how I went from present hunting in the closet to having a knowing friend and a maybe girlfriend in less than thirty minutes. I wasn’t sure if this new speed bump in my life was a good thing or not.


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