Katie Ann - Chapter 14: Can I Have One

Katie Ann

Nineteen year old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Becky Reus
Proofread By Jamie M


Chapter Fourteen: Can I Have One

Katie wasn’t in such a rush going back to her room this time after class. Her Daddie had given her thirty minutes today. She made sure everything she needed including her laundry was on her bed. She placed the library book inside her activities bag on top of her dirty laundry. Setting her keys and IDs in her laundry, she locked her purse in her drawer. Turning her phone off, she placed that with them too. Once she grabbed the ‘Secret Garden’ book she checked out of the library this week, she headed out into the cluster to wait.

Just as she expected, Tiffany was also in the common room. She told Tiff, “Get some lunch, sister. I will be fine.” The older girl assured Katie that she would get some lunch after the little girl left.

Shrugging, Katie just started reading her book, waiting for her Daddie. Almost three quarters of an hour later, her Daddie walked in the dorm frustrated. After seeing his girl he apologized, “Sorry for the lateness. Traffic was terrible, Buttercup.”

Looking at the clock she shrugged and replied, “It just turned one thirty, you are not late,” as she got up to hug him.

Seeing her low cut shirt she was wearing, he wondered out loud what she was wearing. She gave a reply of “A clean shirt, that I don’t mind losing. I haven’t done laundry in about a month. Clean clothes are in short supply.”

Tiffany couldn’t hold back her giggles from her little sister’s answer.

Katie Ann stuck out her tongue at her big sister for those giggles. That earned her a tap under the chin from Daddie, causing her to jump in surprise.

Taking her hand, he said, “let’s get you changed out of this waste of cloth on your body.” He led her to her dorm room, and put a new binder on her, after taking her shirt off. Soon she found a Hello Kitty t-shirt being pulled over her head. She noticed that he had thrown the shirt she used to be wearing in the trash in the room.

Then he had her lie down so he could put her in a diaper. Padding done, he put her back in the same jeans, and put her shoes back on. Having her sit on her bed, she felt him braiding her hair in pigtails. Soon she was feeling bows against her ears again, too.

Grabbing Katie Ann’s backpack and the laundry basket, he went through the door she opened for him, then she followed him through the door. Back in the commons, she gave Tiffany a hug goodbye, “See you Sunday, big sis.”

Tiffany amazed at the change again and had to get her wits about her. Returning the hug, she said, “You too little girl.”

Katie Ann started down the stairs towards the car, with her Daddie carrying her stuff behind her. Getting to the vehicle, he opened the back and set the items inside. They went to her car door, and then strapped her in her car seat. He made sure to take the key with him.

He headed back to the trunk to get her car bag, before closing the hatch. Setting it next to her, he closed the door. After walking to the driver seat, he started driving to his home.

Settling in for a hour ride, Katie reached in her activity bag. She found the coloring book, and two books, the “Secret Garden” book, and a new one, “Farmer Boy”. Where the other library book went, she wasn’t sure. She wondered if there was a magazine in there, since she liked to do them first, but found none this trip. She decided to continue reading the secret garden book for the ride.

They didn’t even leave Mountain before Daddie decided to get lunch, stopping at a Cracker Barrel. After releasing her from the harness, they went hand in hand to the restaurant. Katie Ann, noticing a rack of Halloween costumes tried to pull Daddie towards them. She was saying excitedly, “Daddie! Costumes!”

She was told food first, then they would look in the store. But she insisted on the costumes multiple times, causing him to reply. “I am sure I can find a corner in this place for your nose, Katie Ann Telgenhof.”

Knowing he would do it too, she quickly followed him to where the hostess sat them in the dining area. She was handed a children’s menu and a small packet of crayons as she sat down at the table.

Flipping the menu over to do the items on the back, Daddie made her pick an item from the front first. Pointing to the grilled cheese sandwich, Katie returned to her fun games. After her sandwich, and ice tea were done, she was made to wait till Daddie slowly finished his lunch.

Pulling him towards the costumes she said, “Can I get a costume Daddie? Plllleeeaaassseee!”

Finally back to the costumes, Daddie had her stand still, while he held a few up to her to size them. She was asked if she was a good girl. She responded with, while having puppy dog eyes, “Daddie, I am always a good girl.” That statement caused him to roll his eyes at her.

“Pick one of these, they appear to be your size,” she was instructed. She picked out a pink generic princess costume. Daddie tried it on her for size right in the store. Being satisfied with the fit, he put the pointy hat on her head. After that, he put neck strap under her chin. Leaving the whole kit and caboodle on her, he tied the sash of the costume. He grabbed the tags and led her to the cashier to pay for her new costume and the food.

Leading her still in the costume to car, she was helped into her carseat. He had to really bunch up the skirt to get to her crotch strap. Once he found the strap, he strapped her firmly in the seat. Getting in the front seat, he turned around and said to her, “You have me wrapped firmly around your thumb, silly girl.” He was thinking about how she just puppy dogged herself into a costume.

Shrugging, Katie Ann just turned back to her book for the continued ride. She was far in the fantasyland of her book, it felt like she was standing right next to Mary from the book. She was shortly pulled out of her book fantasyland by Daddie saying they were here.

Looking out of the front window she saw a large brick house. From her viewpoint she could just barely see a turret on the other corner of the front than the driveway. The front corner nearest her was a huge porch. It looked like to her that the house had to be built in the late 1800s. Daddie drove to the back, where he parked the car in an attached wood garage.

Unstrapping her, she was lead into a room he called the mud room. He stopped to take both of their shoes off. Next he led her into a large kitchen. She noticed that the table had a high chair sitting at it, she assumed that was for her. They went through the dining room, to what he called the parlour.

Handing her the activities bag, she was told to keep herself occupied while he got her stuff out of the car. Soon he was back and after struggling to checked her bottom under all her layers, he said to her, “Buttercup, You are only damp, I have set your homework at the kitchen table. You are to do that while I do your laundry.”

Back in the kitchen she saw that the high chair tray was off. She was surprised when he unexpectedly picked her up, and sat her on the chair. Scrunching up her princess costume skirt, he strapped her in. He then put her as close to the table as she could go. Patting her home work bag, he said “Have at it, Princess.”

Nodding, she said “Ok Daddie,” while getting her homework out.

He handed her a sippy cup full of ice tea before disappearing towards the mud room.


As she was doing the final bit of homework, Katie Ann knew she had a problem, a serious problem. She said loudly with some worry, “Daddie, my diaper is leaking badly.” Not knowing where he was. Not seeing a response she said it even louder and more worry in her voice.

She heard what sounded like footsteps running down the steps. After he skidded to a halt near her, he undid her from the highchair. Helping her down, he led her to the parlour. Once there he proceed to strip her of her soaked costume and jeans, after removing her hat. “I guess these will have to go to the laundry too, though technically you are suppose to lose these oversized jeans, anyways,” he told her as he helped her down on a changing pad.

While he was changing her, he asked, “Homework all done, Baby?”

“I finished the last little bit while I was screaming my head off,” she said with a smirk.

When she was finally changed, without putting pants on her, he picked her up and set her in front of the tv. Turning the television on to Disney Junior, he said to her, “I am going to clean your mess up in the kitchen and then cook us some dinner.”

She settled into watching the TV, snuggling up with a teddy bear she found in the room. Noticing Daddie coming back in the room, she was surprised when a pacifier got stuck in her mouth, before he left again.

A program on the TV later she was picked up and carried to the Kitchen. She was soon strapped in the highchair again, this time with the tray. With her bib around her neck, she found a hot dog on the bun cut into slices with baked beans in a princess plate set in front of her. After Daddie placed a sippy cup and toddler silverware next to it, she was instructed to eat it up. Once he finished his own cheeseburger, her face was scrubbed. She was then released and carried in front of the television again.

She heard the doorbell ring and watched Daddie go to the front door in the room. “Nice to always see you Jill, do you need help?” she heard Daddie say.

“Please, there is a container of my supplies in the car. So this is the little cutie I am going to do, Adam?”

“Yes that is Katie Ann,” Daddie said going out to the car.

Jill, a lady about Daddie’s age stepped in room holding a bag of materials. The regressed girl couldn’t make out what they all were, but one thing she could tell was there was at least two rolls of duct tape in there. After the words “the little cutie I am going to do” and Tiffany suspiciousness of Daddie, she started to get worried, no scratch that, she went straight to scared. She was so sure they were going to kill her and dispose of her body. She was so scared she started hyperventilating, and her heart rate raced. Next thing she knew the room was spinning and her breath was gone. Then everything blacked out.

Jill was setting stuff down in the kitchen for her tasks when she glanced at Katie Ann. With worry in her voice she asked Adam, “Did your little girl just black out and faint?”

Adam ran out of the kitchen so fast that Jill had to dodge him. He picked up the lifeless stiff girl and with worry said, “Kathleen? Stay here Kathleen. Daddie’s got you.”

Kathleen started coming to, finding herself on Daddie’s lap, still scared, tried to get away from him. She heard Daddie saying, “Kathleen! Relax! No one is going to hurt you. You being scared isn’t doing your body any good either.”

“Aunt Jill here, is going to make a dress form out of you. You will not be hurt.” He continued “take this aspirin, because your head is going to hurt,” handing her a pill while putting water against her lips.

“Arms up little one,” Auntie said. Which after the little one did it, she found her hello kitty tee being pulled off her. The shirt she had on the first time she meet Daddie last time was soon dropped over her head. This shirt was one of her favorites until he had seized it.

“Katie Ann can you stand in the middle of the room. No one is going to hurt you. You are too precious to hurt. Please hold your arms out straight so they are out of the way too,” Daddie instructed her.

Aunt Jill proceeded to wrap her with multiple lays of duct tape. Wrapping her neck area with shrink wrap before wrapping that too. When they were done, she had about three to four layers of duct tape on her from her lower bum to chin area. Katie noticed that they didn’t do her arms but they did her shoulders.

“Katie Ann, I need you to be completely still while I cut you out of this outfit. I don’t want the scissors nicking you,” Aunt Jill told her.

“What next?” Daddie asked as Aunt Jill was carefully and slowly cutting the little girl out of the duct tape dress form.

“You might want to make outfits for grown up her right? We do her chest next, leaving the messy one for last.”

Helping her to her highchair, he strapped her in. He then exchanged her binder for one of her Victoria Secret bras. They proceeded to wrap her chest and lower neck line with shrink wrap before duct taping the same area.

“I won’t mind if you ruin that bra, she is losing it anyways,” Daddie said, as Auntie cut her out.

He proceeded to take her bows out of her hair. He told her, “Buttercup, you are going to get really messy with this next thing we will do,” as he pulled a garbage bag that he had cut an opening in it over her head. She was protected with plastic from her neck down with only her head sticking out of the bag.

Taking what looked like a wig cap, Auntie covered her hair with it. Both of them then started to cover all exposed skin and the wig cap with vaseline. They ignored her eyes for now. Daddie instructed her, “Don’t taste this stuff, and especially don’t taste the stuff to come. They both icky, Sweetheart.” Putting a paper straw in her mouth, making sure it went in beyond her teeth, he continued with “Don’t crush this, and keep it as still as possible, actually keep your whole body as still as possible. We are going to make a mold of your head.”

They then started spreading what can only be described as slimy glob all over her head. When it was just her nose and eyes showing, she was instructed to close her eyes loosely. She felt more vaseline being put on her. She felt straws being pushed in her nose nostrils next. They spread the silicone over the remaining bits of her face, so she was entirely covered. She was told that was coat one of three, and then they promptly put the other two coats on her.

She was then wrapped in plaster, making it so they could easily split it in two later. When everything dried, they took the rear plaster half off her, and then slitting the back of the mold, slide it forward off her, taking extreme care of her ears and where the straws were.

Daddie took a wet wipe and cleaned her mouth and eyes area, and handed her a sippy cup of ice tea. Turning to Aunt Jill he said, “Thank you for your time and expertise.”

“I will let you know when the items are done. I think she deserves a well earned reward.”

“Her reward will have to be a cookie for now. It is time for a bath and then bedtime for her,” he told her Auntie, handing the still very messy girl a cookie. Then he helped Auntie Jill carry all the items back to her car.

Coming back to her, he unstrapped her. Slowly he carried her upstairs in her messy state to the bathroom, where the tub was already filled with bubbles. Taking the bag off over her head, and then losing the diaper and bra, all went in the trash in the room. After he removed the wig cap from her hair, he set the girl, whose face and neck was still mostly covered with vaseline, in the water. Taking wet wipes, he wiped as much of the vaseline he could off her face.

Handing her some toys, Daddie told her he would be back. After a bit, he came back and fully scrubbed the little girl so she looked and felt clean. Taking her out of the tub, she was dried with a towel and wrapped in itl, then led down the hall to a door.

Opening the door she noticed that it was a room with part of it inside the turret. The top of the walls were lavender with a painted flower and picket fence mural on the bottom half. All furniture in the room looked like dollhouses, and matched the bottom half of the walls. Above the picket fence toddler bed, with its dollhouse headboard was pink letters on the wall which spelled KATIE ANN in a graceful curve. The letters pointed out that this was indeed her room.

Leading her over to a changing table, he picked her up and strapped her down. After putting her padding and a binder on her, he took her down. Soon a princess nightie was dropped over her head and then he patted the toddler bed in the room.

After the little girl crawled in the bed, he tucked her in, and asked her, “how is your head?”

Katie Ann answered, “It huurrrtttsss Daddie.”

“Unfortunately I can’t give you another pill, it has not been long enough. We will be seeing a doctor about the dizziness and headaches that you have.” And with his piece spoken, he pulled a book from the dollhouse headboard, and started reading to the little girl.

When I was little, I was a baby.
When I was little, I cried a lot.
Now I use words.
When I was little, I didn’t know I was a girl.
My mom told me.1


1:When I was Little by Jamie Lee Curtis


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