Music School Chapter 11

Lindsey looks at her body as she stood nude before her full-length mirror. She was enjoying the three-way relationship she has between Kaja and Ian. She liked how Kaja made her feel when she touched her and when she touched Kaja. She also liked it when Ian and she made love. She liked feeling him sliding inside her body.

She gave him her first blow job last weekend. Kaja showed her how lesbian women made love as well. She glances down at her hidden cock “I wish I had the nerve to cut you off myself, so I can get a woman’s bottom and be like Kaja and my mother.”

Lindsey hated her penis and wishes all the time it would disappear. She looks at her breasts and hopes they get bigger. She wanted her breasts to be as big as Jessica Collins are. All the girls in her year were envious of how big Jessica’s breasts had gotten. She was wearing a D cup bra, while the other girls were either A cups or B cups. There were at least one or two girls that had C cups.

She checks under her arms and her legs to make she didn’t need to shave. She loved the fact that it took time for her hair to grow back after she had her pits and legs waxed. She had very little arm hair. It was baby fine.

Lindsey gets dress and fluffs her hair. She decided to wear a short skirt today at school. The weather was nice out and she liked showing off her toned legs. Barbara was taking her to school this morning. She grabs her backpack, her saxophone, and head towards the kitchen.

When she walks into the kitchen, Lindsey spots her mother drinking coffee. She noticed her mother was dressed in a business suit.

“You look nice, mom.” Lindsey walks over and pours herself a cup of coffee.

“Thanks, sweetie, you look nice as well.” Barbara looks over how her daughter was dress to make sure she didn’t look too tartly.

“It feels weird wearing something so short.” This was the first time Lindsey has worn a skirt this short before.

“Just remember to do what I taught you about sitting down and keeping your legs closed.” Barbara made sure to teach Lindsey the proper way of sitting in a skirt and dress. She also taught her the proper way of getting in and out of a car while wearing a skirt. She finishes her coffee and rinses out her coffee cup.

“Come on sweetie, let’s go.” Barbara had a meeting with a couple looking for a nice ranch property for sale.

Lindsey follows her mother out to the SUV she owned. Lindsey took a little bit of the money she earned performing and helped her mother buy a new car. She couldn’t wait till; she could get her learners permit. She sits back and enjoyed the ride to school.

Twenty minutes later, Barbara pulls up to Lindsey’s high school. She gets in line to drop her off.

“You have a nice day, sweetie.” Barbara leans over and places a kiss on Lindsey’s cheek.

“Thanks, mom.” As Lindsey gets out of the SUV and grabs her instrument and backpack.

Lindsey stands and watches her mother drive away, before heading inside the school towards her locker. As she is walking towards her locker, she spots several posters up on the wall announcing a battle of the band's contest.

“Lindsey, Hey Lindsey can I speak to you please?” Jacob spotted Lindsey walking towards her locker and wanted to talk to her.

Lindsey stops when she hears her name called. She turns around to see who was calling her and notices a light brown short hair teenage guy coming towards her. She stops and waits for him to catch up.

Jacob manages to catch up to Lindsey. He stops and looks at her.

“Hey, the school is putting on a battle of the bands contest and the student council wants you and another member of your band to act as
judges.” Jacob and the council president had talked about it at their last meeting.

“What if my band wanted to compete in it?” Lindsey thought the idea might be nice.

“Well, the contest is really for admirer bands and the council felt your band are professionals. So, you guys aren’t allowed to compete.”
Jacob thought the council was wrong, doing this to the band Lindsey was a member of, but after being on television and performing in the park and such. They felt it wasn’t fair to the other garage bands popping up.

Lindsey didn’t know if she felt insulted or honored. She looks at Jacob “when does the council meet, so I can talk with them?”

“This Friday after school in the council room.”

“Alright, let me talk with members of my band and we’ll see you on Friday.” Lindsey was going to send a text message to the group during lunch.

“Cool and thanks.” Jacob heads off to his first bell class.

Lindsey heads towards her first bell class as well. Throughout the day she gets compliments about the way she was dressed. She was enjoying wearing a skirt. She had to be careful going up the stairs because a few guys tried looking up her skirt.

By lunchtime, she was ready to sit down and enjoy lunch. She goes through the lunch line and grabs her lunch and milk. She spots the members of her band along with their friends sitting at their favorite table. She walks over and sits down next to them.

“Hey guys, how have your classes been today?”

“Good so far.” Kaja and Tessa had some classes together.

“Not me. I was informed today that I have to attend a JROTC event this weekend, so I won’t be available for anything.” Jermaine wasn’t looking forward to the event.

“You wanted to join the JROTC Jermaine.” Lindsey smiles sweetly at him.

“I know.” Jermaine wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.

“Don’t forget Lindsey, we have a performance this Friday evening.” Tessa just checked her cellphone to see what she had going on this weekend.

“I haven’t forgotten. I was approached today by Jacob this morning. If you haven’t noticed, the school is sponsoring a battle of the band contest and they want two of us to be judges for it.”

“Why don’t we enter into it?” Tessa looks towards Lindsey and the group to gauge their reaction.

“Because they have said we can’t. They consider us to be a professional band and it wouldn’t be fair to the other competitors.”

“That’s not fair to us. I was thinking about entering us into the contest.” Jamie thought it might be nice to enter.

“I know, but the student council is right. We have had a lot of exposure and such and it would be unfair to the other contestants. Plus, we would have to find someone to replace Terry. The rules say that the band has to be composed of members currently enrolled in school.” Ian had inquired about the contest.

A few of his friends had approached him to play in their band for the contest. He wouldn’t mind doing it, but he needed to ask the group about it.

“I have been approached by some friends and asked to play in their band for the contest.” Ian wouldn’t mind playing with them.

“I don’t see any problems with you doing that.” Jamie didn’t see why he couldn’t.

“Look, if any of you want to help your friends out during this contest, that is fine. The student council said that we couldn’t enter, meaning Dusty Gaskets.They didn’t say as members we couldn’t join other bands and help out.” Lindsey figures it wouldn’t hurt them any.

“So, you don’t mind us helping our friends out?” Tessa looks towards Jamie and Lindsey for an answer.

“Nope, if you want to help your friends out, go ahead. Just remember, I won’t show any favoritism.” Lindsey decided she would be a judge from their band.

“That goes double for me as well.” Kaja decided she would be a judge as well.

“Well, that matter is settled.” Lindsey finishes her lunch and heads to gym class next.

This week they were in the gym. Tessa was in Lindsey’s gym class. They changed into their gym clothes next to each other. Lindsey noticed that Tessa was finally growing some breasts.

“Looks like you finally are getting your wish.” Lindsey points towards Tessa’s chest.

“Yep, but they hurt when I move my arms.” Tessa was just getting used to her growing breasts.

“It won’t last long.” Lindsey knew from experience.

They go out and check in with their teacher. They were doing physical fitness this week. The coach has them run around the field. Lindsey had her knee brace on as she runs next to Tessa.

They do some short sprints and run some more. By the time they were done, Lindsey was sore, and Tessa was tired. They drag themselves to the locker room and freshen up some. Lindsey brought a package of baby wipes to freshen up.

“Try these, Tessa.” Lindsey hands her the wet napkins.

“Thanks.” She wipes herself down.

“I carry them with me, so the other girls don’t feel uncomfortable around me.” Lindsey starts getting dress.

When the bell rings, Tessa and Lindsey walk out of the girl’s locker room and towards the band practice room. They spot Mr. Simmons setting out new music for them to play.

“New music, Mr. Simmons.” Lindsey puts her instrument case down near her chair.

Tessa walks over to the piano Lindsey bought for the school. She asked Mr. Simmons who she should arrange to maintain the piano. It belonged to the school, but like their musical instruments, she wants to make sure it stayed tuned.

“Yes, you are going to be performing during half time at the football game.” Mr. Simmons picked a piece that would please the crowd and pump up the school spirit.

Lindsey looks over it as the other band members come walking in. The music looked interesting as she starts humming a few notes. She gets her saxophone out and fingers the notes on the saxophone without blowing air into it. Once everyone comes in and roll is taken. The class starts practicing new music.

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