Ginny's Story Chapter 92

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Ginny's Story

A novel by Karen Lockhart

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It's funny how things happen


Now all I had to do was manage Ellen's wedding. As the maid of honor, I had to round up the bridesmaids and the bride for a final fitting of gowns at Nordstroms.

Ellen and I agreed the bridesmaid's gowns should be usable again, rather than the ghastly ones some brides chose for their attendants. Those chosen for Wendy and me were Alfred Sung strapless, satin twill burgundy gowns that had a pleated skirt, with princess seams and a belted waist, very elegant. We were still arguing whether to have sparkly 4” heel shoes or color coordinated and finally plumped for the later.

Ellen's gown was an Elizabeth Halter A-Line wedding dress, the Savana Miller style costing $2000. It had a fitted bodice with cutouts, a plunging V-neck with a frothy skirt.

The fitter wanted the three of us there at 9 AM on Monday morning.

Guys have it so much easier; just rent a tux, or if you already had one, they're all set until the suit goes out of style. In Pete's case, he and his Best Man would be wearing full dress uniforms

Steve Brady would give Ellen away in place of her dad, and Pete's Best Man would handle the rest.

The next day I had to make an appearance at the club, just to talk with Hiram. When I arrived, the boys were holding up the end of the bar as usual.

I gave them a peck on the cheek, then slid behind the bar.

“Gentlemen, how would you two like to try a new cocktail? It's basically a simplified 'Boulevardier', called a “Denver Gentleman”

I seected two Collins glasses, filled them with ice, then poured in ¾ ounce of rye whiskey, then ¼ ounce of Campari in each; filled both glasses with soda water, topped with two dashes of Angostura bitters and an orange peel in each.

I then slid a glass in front of Hiram and Cathy.

Did I mention Cathy was here today?

From the smiles, I guess it was a success.

“That's a tasty cocktail.” Hiram said, “But I'll stick with my Cosmopolitan.”

Cathy just nodded and said “I'll stick with draft beer, sweetie, no offense.”

“Hiram, we need to talk about Candy Cane Club north. Ellen's wedding is taking up my time this week, but I'm prepared to check out the building with you anytime next week.”

“Why don't I meet you Tuesday morning at the diner in Peabody Square behind the Court House, around 9 AM?” he replied

“It's a date Hiram; my head should be back to normal by then. See you next week JACK.” I emphasized the word 'Jack' just to prevent surprises and have him look better than me.

He nodded, and toasted me with his beer schooner.

I went to Jean's dressing room to touch base with her on my schedule for the week and my meeting with Hiram.

“Do you want to take Tuesday off and go with us to check out buildings, or just relax on stage?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? Of course I'll go, maybe I can make Hiram a little nervous at the same time.”

“Be careful, Hiram owns the place not his son Ian, so don't go over the top. Okay honey?” I warned.

I then went to the parking lot and my car. I was shocked to find my windshield broken, with a rock sitting on the front seat.

I turned back to the club and found the phone number for a mobile glass replacement company. The bouncers had the number handy, it seems a rash of window breaking went on a year ago when a local group decided the club belonged elsewhere. They would drive through the parking lot with a bunch of baseball sized rocks, randomly breaking windows. Half the cars belonged at the Chinese restaurant next door. The police were called in and the vandalism stopped after one arrest. Maybe I was the specific target, rather than a random victim.

A van with a replacement windshield arrived after a 45 minute wait. I wasn't bored, I spent the time talking with the two giants employed as bouncers and guards.

Bobby-Joe and Kameel were sorry it happened, but I was able to recruit Bobby-Joe for the new club. He was a offensive Left tackle for the New York Jets until his left knee was blown out during a pre-season game in Buffalo.

In less than thirty minutes, I was ready to go! I asked if they serviced the North Shore also, when the guy said that they did, I tucked his business card in my wallet. Off I went, hopefully in time to pick up Wendy and meet Ellen at the bridal shop for our final dress fittings.
We made our appointment just in time! I have to say, Ellen looked worried and gave me the stink-eye when we arrived. The fitting went off without a hitch and we soon were on our way with our gowns.

In no time it was the day of the church rehearsal after which we would meet at the Kowloon Restaurant for dinner. Everyone knew each other except Steve Brady and Jack. When Steve found out that Jack was a utility infielder for the Red Sox, all they did was talk baseball. We call this talk, “Hot Stove League”.

With a bunch of “what-ifs” and “they should haves” it keeps us busy up here in the North East. This stops as soon as the baseball season starts around the first of April.

The dinner was on me and Steve but I had to fight with him over the check! (He won.) Steve Brady really is a wonderful guy, and more like a father than a boss to Ellen.

The following day was the wedding. I didn't know who was more nervous, me or Ellen. Wendy was just plain excited. We had an early night, but getting to sleep was difficult for all of us.

We were up early. Three women, one bathroom and a wedding day, what a combination! Wendy and I gave Ellen priority, it seemed only fair.

Ellen had booked a young woman photographer called Joni, which was just as well as we were still in our underwear when she arrived right on schedule. She actually thought we wanted some lingerie shots, but we explained we were just running late. She took some anyway, after the hairdresser and makeup artist had finished with us.

Weddings seem almost like a film production. We were quite capable of doing our own hair and makeup of course, but this was a special occasion. Joni was efficient and talented. Once we had donned our gowns, she went to work capturing us in a variety of poses, both singly and in groups and she was finished with minutes to spare before the limo arrived to take us to the church.

We were five minutes late in accordance with tradition, and a verger marshalled us in the church porch, waiting for the organist to start the traditional 'Here Comes the Bride'.

As we bridesmaids walked down the aisle, we could see Pete, his Best Man and Pete's brother, the groomsman, who I had never met. The men were very handsome in their full dress uniforms, the leather shining and their boots gleaming in the church's light.

All heads turned to watch Ellen being escorted down the aisle by Steve Brady. Steve handed her over to me and the tears started. It was a good thing my mascara was waterproof!

I handed Ellen to Pete and the minister started the ceremony. I confess I was so emotional I didn't hear a word, but I knew it was over when Pete kissed the bride!

Pete's fellow troopers formed a line out front with crossed swords all the way to the limo. The Best Man, Wendy and I entered the second limo and we headed to the restaurant for the reception. Wendy was still buzzing with excitement; it was only the second wedding she had ever attended and the first as a bridesmaid.

It was a typical wedding reception, although smaller than most, since neither Ellen, Wendy or I had any family members present, so the guests were all friends. Jack was there, looking very handsome. I felt I could get jealous of him; it didn't matter if he appeared as a man or woman, he still looked amazing! Hiram was also present. I had diplomatically invited his son Ian, but he had 'regretfully declined' due to some other engagement.

There were speeches of course, but they were restrained; the Best Man in particular seemed to have been reined in. Breaking with tradition, Ellen made a speech too and thanked Wendy and me, not just for our help on the day, but being the 'best friends any girl could wish to have'. I felt myself getting emotional, and I saw tears rolling down Wendy's cheek.

There was some dancing and Jack held me close and told me I looked incredibly beautiful and my dress was gorgeous.

“I'm thinking of renting it out if you know anyone who might be interested,” I said with a mischievous smile. Jack had the good grace to look embarrassed!

For once I wasn't behind the bar, but both Jack and Hiram paid me the compliment of saying they wished I had been!

Some time after cutting the cake, Pete and Ellen snuck out and started their honeymoon, leaving the Best Man to handle the wedding gifts. I gave him what help I could but I didn't have a car, mine was back at the condo.

When the reception was over, Wendy, Ariana and I piled into Jack's Escalade for the ride from Middleton back to the condo. Ariana was going to stay over, and I promised Jack a Pabst, so he came inside too. Jack lit a fire and with a drink in our hands, we celebrated the arrival of 2017 at midnight. I allowed Wendy a glass of wine and Ariana a margarita.

Jack left around 1 AM and after taking turns in the bathroom, we removed our makeup and changed our gowns for pajamas.

I tossed more logs on the fire and put on the telly to watch the new year being toasted around the world.

I always liked watching the New Year's celebration from Sydney, Australia. What a tremendous fireworks display! They are fourteen hours ahead of us in Boston, so this is normally the first celebration we see, followed by ceremonies from Europe.

However, we didn't stay up for them; Morpheus got to us in no time and didn't release us until daylight came.

To be continued.

Many thanks to Bronwen Welsh for her patience in editing and encouragement, making this story posible.

Special thanks to Tanya Allen for allowing me to use her Novel "The Candy Cane Club" in my story

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