Summer with Em - Part 16


Summer with Em - Part 16

By Julie D Cole

As I left the building I immediately noticed Frankies car that was immaculate and it looked as if it had just left the showroom. The top was down and she was leaning against it looking every bit the young executive with her sunglasses perched on her head and her hair tied back in a bun.

She immediately came forward to greet me as soon as she saw me step out of the door with a broad smile on her face.

‘Hi Kimmie you look amazing. Nice legs and looking cute as ever.’

She kissed me on both cheeks and took hold of my waist before opting to smudge my fresh lipstick. I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to collect my composure in case we were being observed by any of Em’s neighbors. I didn’t want to cause any embarrassment but at the same time somebody apart from my mother was holding me closely but slimmer and not so well endowed. Because I was in sports shoes Frankie was slightly taller than me and our breasts touched and seemed to immediately bond. I liked the feeling.

‘Are you ready to be spoiled and see some of the area Kimmie. I love your outfit. Good choice.’

‘Actually it was Em who recommended I dress like this and she has loaned me everything….. Apart from the underwear of course.’

‘Well she’s a star. I get the benefit. Don’t you just love her?’

Frankie opened to passenger door and I did my best to sit in the low seat without making a fool of myself. It was not easy and I had to hold onto Frankies arm to steady myself. I was relieved to be wearing shorts.

Frankie was smiling as she took her seat and started the engine. She revved the engine to demonstrate the power beneath the engine that might not have been well appreciated by the neighbors on a Sunday morning. I asked what was making her smile.

‘I was just looking up to Em’s window. She was waving to us so I thought I’d give her a few rev’s to thank her for bringing you to Manchester. Let me show you how this car goes. I have a route in mind that has some nice winding roads. It’s a great day for a drive.’

We were soon heading out of Manchester heading towards the nice surrounding countryside that would give Frankie chance to show how her car handled the smaller roads with twists and turns. En route we had a few fast starts from traffic lights at cross roads where Frankie challenged young male drivers and she left them standing every time. I could see now that she liked to intimidate men that scared me a bit. I thought I would have to be very careful not to upset her and let her know my true identity as Em had advised.

She clearly liked driving and her choice of German car certainly brought admiring glances and it was immaculate. The leather seat seemed to hug my butt and hips as if it had been made to measure. I tried to keep my knees together as Em had taught me even though I was wearing shorts. Frankie did keep glancing at them and commented on their slenderness. I decided to discreetly place my shoulder bag in my crutch area seeking my lipstick and compact mirror to check my lips. Just in case of any risk of my boy bits coming free. There was something stirring when she gazed into my eyes when we’d stopped at the last set of lights before she revved the engine and shot off to leave the two guys alongside us in her wake. Their VW Golf wasn’t fast enough and the driver stuck out his tongue at me.
I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was so close to a major city and Frankie could certainly handle the car like a professional driver. The sun was shining and with the top down I was pleased Em had recommended the baseball cap to avoid sunstroke and keep my hair in place.

‘Where are we heading Frankie please. Anywhere nice?’

‘Yep we are going over the hills to Darley Dale that is a nice village near Buxton that’s a favorite stop for me. With luck we can get a table outside since I know the owners. We were at school together in Buxton before I headed to University.’

I was impressed as we slowed to approach the pub. It was painted white and so quaint. At typical country pub popular with hikers and groups but today we were lucky. Frankie parked and opened the door for me taking my hand. She didn’t let go as we headed across the car park to the pub entrance. Frankies schoolfriend was attending to some guests and spotted us as we climbed the steps. She hugged Frankie and they were clearly good friends.

I looked out across the road at a cute old style red telephone box that mum had told me were common in her day before mobile phones. Alongside was a post box. This would have made the perfect scene for a Christmas card with a bit of snow around.
‘Sall this is a new friend who is up from London for the summer. She’s staying with Em in Manchester so I thought I’d show her where we grew up and enjoy a lunch together. Is Ian working today?’

Sally shook me by the hand and I tried to keep my grip as soft as possible. She was taller than both Frankie and I even in flats and her hair was tied back. An apron covered her ample breasts that might have distracted the customers. She wore a white teashirt and bright blue leggings. It seemed that Frankie and her had lived next door to each other growing up.

‘Anything I should know about Fran? Serious or casual?’

‘Nothing serious but tempted.’

I didn’t really know what they were talking about so I looked around at some of the customers. Most were dressed smartly rather than in walking gear so I was pleased we’d made the effort. There was a small table with a reserved sign and Sally pointed us towards it whilst she finished taking a lunch order.

Frankie sat alongside me so we could both look out and we looked at the menu. ‘How about a drink? Anything you like.’ I opted for a spring water since we were near Buxton and Frankie did the same.

I was conscious of the need to watch my weight so selected a Chicken Caesar Salad without the anchovies that were too strong for me. Frankie had the same. It was served by her friend Ian who came out to meet us and especially to welcome me. I stood up to greet him and he quickly looked me up and down before smiling. I was definitely passing and gaining in confidence each day. I was glad I’d worn clean underwear. His eyes seemed to penetrate outer layers. He kissed my cheek and I felt the roughness of his unshaven cheeks. I couldn’t believe I was being kissed by a man but at least there was no kissing on the lips.

It was a great venue and we were made very welcome. Frankie held my hand under the table interlocking our fingers and asked if I was enjoying myself. I was of course even though I was very nervous. It was my first real date with anybody and I wasn’t having to pay or do any of the work. Frankie seemed much nicer than the image she tried to present as an Alpha Female.

When our plates were cleared Frankie ordered coffees so we could sit and enjoy the sunshine since our table had the full benefit. It was an opportunity to tan my legs a little so I stretched them out moving them from under the table. I was glad I’d shaved them and used some of Em’s body cream. I wondered why I’d never thought of shaving them before since they looked better. Frankie put her hand on my right knee and asked if I exercised to keep them toned but apart from some walking in truth I’d done nothing since my school days. I wasn’t one for jogging or cycling although I was happy with sports like basketball and volleyball. Not that I was any good mainly due to my lack of height. Some friends would lift me up and tease me. It was usually to embarrass me and I was christened ‘Squirt’ that stuck with me all through my schooldays.

I remembered how embarrassing it was to be one of the smallest in the class especially in my early teens when the girls seemed to shoot up faster than most boys and with their breasts developing as well they seemed older and even they teased me. If they could see me now they’d be very surprised. I had grown at last even though I was short for a man and like all of them I had breasts. Probably bigger than quite a few of them. Fortunately not whilst at school or I don’t know what would have happened. They were frequently touched up by the more outgoing boys in the class especially the bustier ones.

Frankie brought me back to earth by asking what I was thinking about since I seemed to be in a reverie. I told her I’d been thinking about where I lived and the lack of countrysid and how lucky she had been to grow up near Buxton and Darley Dale that sounded like something from a childrens programme on CBeebies.

She laughed and said that she’d settle the bill and take me for a walk and then for a drive around where she’d lived and to see the sights of Darley Dale. She laughed and said it would only take ten minutes.

Ian and Sally came out to say goodbye and there were kisses all around. I watched how Frankie turned her cheeks to accept Ians kisses and copied her. I still felt his whiskers and at least he apologised and said he’d shave next time. Sally had taken off her apron and she had the most beautiful figure that was most unexpected for someone running a pub and restaurant. I could see her nipples that were prominent even though I could see bra straps. My own nipples seemed to want to say hello so I tried to cover them by folding my arms as best I could. Ian seemed to notice my fear and excused himself that was polite of him.

We waved goodbye and Frankie took my hand to help me down the steps at the front of the patio area onto the road and pointed to a small path at the other side that crossed a stream and said she wanted us to follow it through the small woodland to the top of the hill to lok over Darley Dale and Buxton. She assured me that it was safe and not too far if I was up to it and at least it was quiet and free of the public apart from hikers from time to time.

As we walked she asked if I was enjoying myself and what I thought of the pub and her friends. They’d been in a relationship since they were fourteen and they had taken over the pub from Ians grandfather that had hardly changed. They had music nights even though it was small and a hen racing event in August that she wanted me to come and see with her. She would then get chance to see old friends from Darley Dale.

I gave a half nod of acceptance but said she might prefer to go with a boyfriend but that I was available at the moment if needed. She smiled and said there were no men in her life other than those who reported to her and she was not looking. I was hesitant to follow up and tried to change the subject but she didn’t let the subject drop.

‘Kimmy I’m more comfortable with girlfriends and I just had a bad experience with a group of boys from school that has put me off them for life.’

‘But don’t you want to marry and have a family.’

‘Well I’d marry if I found the right person and if she wants then who knows we might adopt.’

I was a bit surprised because Frankie was very attractive and was doing well at work so she seemed quite a catch. She didn’t look like a lesbian.

What was I thinking? It was a good job I didn’t speak out. I had never met any so called lesbians before and in the last two days I’d become friends with 5 girls who preferred female company and seemed very happy in each-others company. I liked them all and they’d welcomed me. They all had good sense of humours and all of them had good jobs and were relatively well off. The world had changed a lot in my short lifetime.

As we passed the wood Frankie pointed up into the trees at the birds and it caused me to stumble as I wasn’t watching where I was going. I fell into her and she caught me and helped me to my feet facing me and holding me firmly until I got recovered my balance. Our faces were close together and she smiled and asked if I was OK.

‘Kimmie I’m surprised that boys didn’t chase after you because you are so sweet and beautiful? Would you be offended if I kissed you just to taste your lips. That’s a nice colour you chose.’

I didn’t get chance to answer yes or no before Frankie pulled me towards her and kissed me lightly on the lips. It wasn’t a long or passionate kiss (not that I was an expert) but I wished it had been longer. I couldn’t believe it since if I’d been dressed in my regular outfit with no make-up she wouldn’t even be in 5 miles of me.

We carried on to the top of the hill and she held my hand all the way. Once at the top she told me to close my eyes and stood behind me with her arms around me. ‘Now you can look. Did you ever see anything like this? Look down there is Darley Dale. You can just make out our old school. Across there is Buxton.’

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