Burger Queen Chp. 17

Alissa looks at herself in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Gregory had called from the garage and suggested they go out to Philly’s on a date tonight. She had finished all the paperwork she had piled up on her desk and paid all the bills. She missed just being a cook.

The specialty beer they were producing, and selling was doing well. The cider was selling off the truck, faster then they could stock it. The beer was doing extremely well at the barbecue restaurant.

She gathers her purse, after taking one more look in the mirror and head down to the catering van. Since Easter was approaching, they have been getting orders in to cater to several Easter dinners. So, far the catering business was breaking even. The food trucks and carts were making a profit and her share of the Barbecue restaurant was doing fine. She reinvested the money back into the restaurant.

She heads down to the catering van and drives over to Philly’s. It felt nice not to have to cook for herself. She pulls the catering van into an empty parking space. She spots Gregory’s shop truck. He bought the truck at an auto auction. When he got it back to the shop, he discovered why it had gone for as little as it did. It took him a few months to straighten the truck out and replace the engine and transmission.

Alissa walks into the restaurant and has to wait for a hostess to show up. The place looked busy and all the waiter/waitresses were busy helping customers. A young hostess with short light brown hair approaches the hostess podium. Alissa figures she must be 18yr. old or so.

“Welcome to Philly’s how many in your party?” Alice was happy that today was busy. She hopes she gets a decent tip.

“I’m meeting someone who is already here.” Alissa had glanced around for Gregory.

“Ah, yes. If you’ll follow me, please.” Alice escorts Alissa to a table in the back, where she couldn’t see.

“Your waitress will be with you in a few minutes.” Alice hands Alissa her menu

Gregory smiles at Alissa as she sat down. He loved how she looked.

“You look nice tonight.”

“Thank you. How was your day today?” Alissa takes a sip of her ice water.

“Busy, all the bays were full, and we still have cars we are waiting for parts for.” Gregory couldn’t believe how busy they got.

Their waitress shows up and takes their drink and food order. After she leaves, Gregory reaches into his pants pocket and pull out the wedding ring that use to belong to his grandmother. He holds it in front of him towards Alissa “Alissa, will you marry me?”

Alissa couldn’t believe that Gregory proposed to her in a restaurant, but it did make sense. Also, they have known each other for a long time and have recently been spending time together in bed.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.” Alissa holds her hand out, so Gregory could slide the ring onto her finger.

People around them clap and congratulated them as well.

Alissa blushes from embarrassment. She loved that Gregory proposed to her, but she never liked the spotlight. Now, she was in it. She looks
towards Gregory and could tell he enjoyed the attention they were getting.

The dinner arrives along with a bottle of champagne. Gregory was surprised when the bottle arrived. When he looks at the waitress to say

“It’s compliments from the management.” Their waitress had a big ole smile on her face.

“Thank you.” Alissa couldn’t believe that the management gave them a bottle of champagne.

They enjoy their meal and the champagne the management gave them. The manager also paid for their dinner that night. Gregory followed Alissa back to her place, where they celebrated the proposal most of the night.

When morning comes, Alissa was nice and comfortable snuggled against Gregory. She was pleased and happy. She just laid there happy.

Gregory glances down at Alissa and was happy she said yes to marrying him. He has known her since they attended the same culinary school. He slowly slides out of bed, so not to disturb her. He had to open the garage this morning.

He walks over to Alissa dresser and pulls out a change of clothes. He keeps a spare set of clothes at Alissa’s house, should he spend the night. He grabs them and heads into the master bathroom and takes a shower. Once he is done, he gets dress and places a kiss on Alissa’s cheek.

Several hours later, Alissa wakes-up and rushes to the bathroom. Her bladder was ready to empty itself. While she is sitting on the toilet, she holds her hand out in front of her and admires the engagement ring Gregory gave her last night.

Once she is done doing her business, she takes a shower and gets dress afterward. Alissa heads down to the catering kitchen to see if any orders had come in. As she walks out of the main house, she spots the inspector that hates her waiting for her.

“Good morning Inspector, what can I do for you?” Alissa was surprised because she hasn't expected him today.

“I’m here to do your yearly inspection or have you forgotten about that?” David didn’t like this woman.

“I’m not due for another month or so inspector.” Alissa knew she was due for her yearly inspection.

“Well, since I’m here. I might as well get it over with.” He starts walking towards the catering door kitchen door.

“Fine.” Alissa opens the door to the kitchen and steps aside while the inspector walks past her and into the kitchen.

Donald walks into the kitchen and starts looking at the thing. Everything he looks at so far is up today. He checks her walk-in freezer to check the expiration date of the items in there. Alissa watches him so he doesn’t try anything.

Donald glances back over his shoulder and notices that the owner was watching him. There was nothing he could do to sabotage the inspection. Her and the other person he had watching him when he came to inspect the food truck.

He gives her a B rating. She didn’t have anything out of place or wrong, but he didn’t like her.

“Here is your renewal. You passed.” As he hands her the rating.

Alissa looks at it and notices her had given her a B rating. It was the same thing she got last time. She looks at the report to see what caused her to lose points on the inspection.

“Have a nice day.” David walks out of the kitchen and towards his car.

Alissa goes inside and checks the items he marked and notices there wasn’t anything wrong with them. She takes a picture of the items and of the checklist he gave her. A B rating wasn’t bad, but she shouldn’t have gotten it. She had gotten an A rating.

She walks back to the house and to the security monitor. She reviews the video and watches as he goes about checking the items he marked off. There wasn’t anything wrong with the items. She burns a copy of the inspection and put everything together for her lawyer to handle the problem. She sends her an email and the evidence.

Once that was done, she checks her fax machine and notices an order had come in. It was a hundred wing count platter and they had already broken down how many of each type they wanted. The order wasn’t till this weekend and it was already paid for in full.

She marks her calendar and wonders how sales were going with the charts and truck out. Alissa loads the catering van up with stock and drives to each location. The first cart was doing okay and only needed a little bit of replenishment.

Alissa collects what they have made and replenish their change money. She moves onto the food truck and does the same thing. They, however, needed a major replenishment. They were almost out of everything. The last food cart was like the first cart. She replenishes the last cart, which only left a little bit left in the catering van.

She heads towards the bank to make the bank deposits. While in the bank she runs into a few old high school friends. They talk for a while, while she is in line waiting. The friend she was talking too, has been married for several years and had three children. They were in school right now.

By the time it was her turn at the counter, her old high school friend had finished her business and left. When she is done at the bank, she heads back to the catering kitchen to fix dinner for herself and Gregory.

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