Stuck in a Rut - Part 15

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is a normal 13 year old girl, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hasn’t been a girl born in over a century, what is normal?

Chapter 15.

I sat on the ground, my butt sore from landing on it after DeShaun’s father tossed me aside. Dad had gotten him to leave, and he left DeShaun there. I got up and hurried inside with DeShaun and Dad.

I showed him to the guest room, and joined Dad downstairs in his study. “What do we do now?”, I asked in a scared tone.

Dad looked at me and put his arm around my shoulder. “I’ll call Maggie Sullivan and get her to file a grant of temporary custody for DeShaun, and a restraining order against his Dad, barring him from contact with either of you. She owes me a couple favors.”, he said with a grim look on his face.

I gave him a hug and we sat down on the couch. DeShaun came down a few minutes later and sat on the other side of me. He held my hand as Dad looked over. “Thank you, Mr. Church. For letting me stay, I mean.”, he said.

“Call me Sid, please.” Dad said smiling. “It’s no problem. I know that things are tough for you. It’s hard to face the fact that the people that raised you can be so… hateful. You are welcome to stay here as long as you need.”

He looked over at DeShaun and got the ‘dad look’, “Remember though that Casey is my little girl, and my life. So be on your best behavior… Because You might be bigger and stronger than me, but there is nothing as scary as a parent protecting their child.”

DeShaun swallowed hard and nodded slowly. Good ol’ dad. I locked hands with him, and gently rubbed his hand with my thumb. He gave me a warm smile.

Mom came in with a bag of groceries, and Dad went to help unload the car. He looked over at us, raised an eyebrow. I blew him a raspberry as he turned to go.

DeShaun scooted closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders. “How are you coping?” he asked gently.

I sighed. “It’s tough. Slowly, day by day, hour by hour my body is betraying me. It hurts to pee, and it takes longer, and soon I’ll have to sit down to do it. My tits hurt, and are really sensitive. My ass feels huge. It’s awkward to walk, because I’m starting to get that girly swish to it. I hate it. And I don’t know if I hate it because I don’t want to be a girl, or if I hate it because I’m not enough of a girl.”

He looked at me sympathetically, and I reclined and laid my head in his lap. He softly rubbed my head and ran his fingers through my hair. I soon drifted off.

I woke up a little while later when DeShaun shifted positions. I looked up to see Mom and Dad smirking. I quickly sat up and blushed.

Dad spoke up. “DeShaun, if you are going to be staying here, there is something we need to do.”

DeShaun looked up at him, worried.

Dad grinned. “We are going to need to get you the essentials, come on let’s go. Casey, you can come too if you want.”

I hopped up and straightened out my hoodie and my sweats. “I’m coming!”, I said. We all went out and piled into the Cayenne, DeShaun was noticably guided to the front passenger seat, while Dad and I sat in the back.

We went back to the mall, stopping at Target first. Dad and DeShaun went off to get boys things, and mom pulled me aside. “Dear, I know you are having trouble dealing. I suggest some shopping therapy, it’s what we girls do.”, she said barely keeping a straight face.

We headed out of the store and into the mall heading for Victoria’s Secret, much to my embarrassment. I blushed and looked at her.

“Sweetie, I know you aren’t ready for this place yet. But you will need to be, and probably not too long from now.”

Mom led me through the area, and showed me different styles of bras and panties, explaining things like underwires, push-ups, and padding, I learned about demis and water bras and wonder bras. I never knew there were so many styles and varieties and purposes.

We wandered to the panties. French cuts, thongs, bikini, boy shorts, and so many more. I was admittedly overwhelmed. Mom gave me a hug. We wandered through the store, I looked at the manikins, wondering to myself what I would look like in them, wondering what sort of figure I would have. Would I be like Mom, busty with an hourglass physique? Would I be lithe and slender? I knew that I was starting to get a rounder butt, and that my breasts really were not doing much. I would be 14 soon, and I would still have a lot of growing to do, even after I finished the change-over. We walked over to the section of the store devoted to their pink line. Mom got some tank tops, sweats, tees and hoodies. She handed them to me and pointed me to the dressing room.

I looked at Mom and smiled. “Thanks for being the best mom ever”, I said. I would have hugged her, if not for the armful of clothing. I went into the dressing room and tried each and everyone on, stepping out to give mom a little fashion show. In the dressing room, I looked in the mirror and saw myself, not the male me. Rather the female one. The shorts and sweats showed off my derriere. I looked at my face.
The hard angles and more masculine features were fading. The softness and roundness of a more feminine appearance were taking hold. I didn’t look male, but I didn’t entirely look female either.

I took the outfits and picked out the ones that I thought would still fit after I was done changing. We walked to the register, and I put them down, shyly. Mom put her hand on my shoulder, and presented her credit card.

Mom’s phone rang, and she spoke to Dad, who was waiting over at the Caribou Coffee kiosk. We walked over and joined the men. I ordered a green tea, mom got a caramel cappuccino. Dad was having his usual black coffee, and DeShaun was drinking what appeared to be a black tea of some sort.

We went over what we had all bought, and just sat and talked. Dad had been talking to his friend in child services. She had pulled a few strings with a judge and had expedited a temporary custody agreement for DeShaun to stay with us. Due to Dad’s quick thinking, and his cellphone camera, the bruises on my arm from where his dad had grabbed me, combined with the bruise on DeShaun’s face had been convincing evidence.

After finishing our drinks, we all headed to Great Mandarin for dinner. I picked the buffet, and enticed DeShaun to do likewise. Mom ordered the General Tau’s chicken, and Dad went for the Szechuan Chicken. DeShaun and I went over to the buffet and loaded up our plates, I heaped my plate with the egg rolls, the teriyaki beef strips, crab legs, lo mein, fried rice, jumbo shrimp, sesame chicken, regular rice, and pork egg fu young. Deshaun lowered his head and shook it, before loading up his plate as well. We sat at the booth and everyone talked about what was going to happen next.

It was dad that broached the subject of permanent placement. DeShaun sighed, before speaking up. “I really don’t want to go back there. It’s not the physical stuff I worry about. I am serious about being there for Casey, in whatever way she’ll let me. But Mom and Dad are so racist. I would fear for her if I stayed there. I want to know she’s safe when I am around her.”

I interjected my two cents worth at that point. “What about your sister? If you could get in touch with her, would she take you in?”

He looked down and nodded. “She probably would, but I don’t know about my brother in law. I kind of took my parents side during the fight. I was young and stupid, and I felt mad that he took my big brother away from me. I sided with them, because I was living with them, and was afraid. I know I was stupid back then. But I don’t know if he can forgive me. And there are my nephews, I’ve never even met them.”

Dad lowered his head. “I know some people that owe me a few favors that might be able to track her down. I will call them tomorrow.”, he said as he patted DeShaun on the shoulder. I got up and went and got a second heaping plate of food. DeShaun looked at the huge mound of food, and shook his head in disbelief.

“What?”, I said defensively, “I need the extra calories because of the change.”

He snickered, and gave me a little smirk.

After that plate and a trip for thirds, we were finished. Dad and DeShaun went off to do some boy’s stuff, and Mom and I headed for more of our girl’s shopping.

We passed Claire’s, and I lingered. Mom looked at me. “Want to go in?”, she asked. I nodded and we went in. The sales girl came over and asked me if she could help me with anything.

I nodded and replied. “I… I’d like to get my ears pierced, please.”

I short time later, I was sitting and looking at the small studs in my ears, using Mom’s compact. We headed over after that to the salon, and Mom guided me in. Mom went over to the counter and talked to the receptionist. I picked up a book on hair styles. My hair had been getting a little long, and I found a longer bob cut that I liked, shorter with styled bangs that framed my face. When it was done, I looked in the mirror and shook my head, the short hair swinging around before bouncing back into place.

I looked over to Mom, who had gotten her long beautiful golden hair trimmed, and she smiled. I smiled back. After paying, we walked out and browsed at some shops, I looked at skirts and dresses. My masculinity wasn’t quite ready to accept those yet. Still there were very pretty dresses that I held up against myself, and could picture wearing… some day.

After turning opting not to get anything, and having also declined a manicure and pedicure, we went to hook back up with the men. DeShaun saw me, and my new and more feminine hairdo. I saw his drop. He was speechless, and I couldn’t help but smile. We walked back to the car, DeShaun with his arm around me. When we reached the house, he said good night to my parents. Then he kissed me, once Mom and Dad were out of the room.

He headed upstairs to the guest room. I sat on the couch and blushed bright red. I was getting a gushy, warm feeling in my chest, and my heart was beating rapidly. Even in my impotent state, I knew that I would be having all sorts of erotic dreams about him tonight, I knew that much. Fanning myself, I walked up the stairs, with perhaps a little extra sway and femininity in my walk. I reached my room, and lay down on the bed, gently touching my nipples and playing with them. I thought of him and began to breathe hard. I moaned softly, careful not to be heard.


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