Deep Cover Chapter 2

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Chapter Two



Scott normally didn’t care much about how he looked, well excluding the week he’d spent as “Rhonda,” but tonight he knew that he needed to look his best.  His light brown hair was slicked back and the designer black jeans and shirt were intended to show off his athletic build. 

“Are you ready yet, Eros?” Kevin asked from the other room.  Scott took another look in the mirror and nodded.  The dance club wasn’t exactly a rave but it was close enough that he needed to make sure he looked like he fit in.  “Rhonda has eyes on Carnifex, we need to get moving.”

Scott gave his masculine image one last look, ‘I can’t believe I was in Rhonda’s body for a week!’  He thought back still wanting to either shake his head or choke someone.  Being stuck as a normal human had sucked, but because this was a black op, no one else in the farm or in the agency could know so they had to pretend to be each other.  To keep things simple they’d moved into quarters set up in the farm for agents to use.  It had taken a full day for him to actually hear the words he was using instead of what he thought he was saying.  After that he’d felt a burning need to break down the block.  A day later he was able to look into a mirror and state his true name and gender.  That had resulted in a fierce headache and a wave of exhaustion.  Instead of seeking out CC or the Doctor he’d just gone to bed. 

Then on the morning of the third day he’d moved through his normal routine getting ready to go find the doctor.  All at once he’d been shocked when he glanced into a mirror to check his makeup and noticed he was wearing a sundress.  It showed off Rhonda’s boobs and highlighted her tight athletic waist.  ‘Sadly,’ Scott thought as he turned from side to side looking at his figure, ‘I wish my boobs were bigger and I don’t have much in the hips or ass department.’  Then he looked in the mirror examining his face.  There wasn’t much to work with here but he was happy to see that his makeup was perfect and he’d done it himself without really thinking about it.  Then it all hit him at once. 

“That son of a bitch!  I’ve been dressing and moving like a girl, even thinking about my looks the way a girl would and I didn’t even realize it.”  

He’d stormed off to confront the Doc, not noticing that even pissed he was moving in a natural feminine way.  After twenty minutes of searching he found her office locked.  Scott wasted no time pounding on the door angrily.  When there was no answer he put his ear to the door and heard a soft moaning.  It was the sound of a woman in the throws of passion.  Scott felt embarrassed to interrupt and then angry and returned to pounding on the door with his tiny fists trying to make as much noise as possible. 

About five minutes later the door opened up and a disheveled Debbie White poked her head out.  She wasn’t wearing her customary white lab coat and her loose blouse with its plunging sweetheart neck line and tasteful skirt showed off what Scott realized for the first time was a very sexy figure.  He felt a flash of jealousy.  ‘What would it feel like to be so sexy?’  Then he suppressed that thought was again angry.

“What is it Rhonda?” 

“My name is Scott Irons and I’m a man.” 

“You don’t look like a man to me.”  Rhonda in Scott’s body said opening the door wider and giving Scott a lascivious once over.  She had a pair of jeans on but wasn’t wearing a shirt, showing off Scott’s muscular chest and impressive arms in the process.  “In fact, I love the way you did your hair and makeup today.  Did you go shopping for that dress?  I don’t remember it.” 

“You like?”  Scott said, running a hand over the soft fabric.  “I picked it out yesterday when Tiffany took me shopping.”  Then he stopped . . . Realizing what he’d said and glared at the doctor.  “I’m also aware of you’re the compulsions!  Really?  Makeup?  Fashion?  Was all of that necessary?” 

Rhonda moved forward and tilted Scotts chin up so they could make eye contact.  Scott felt his heart race and a thrill rushed through him.  “I think you make a lovely woman.  Even if you don’t have much to work with in that body you still managed to make it look sexy, Scott.”  Then Rhonda leaned down and brushed her lips to his. 

Scott opened his mouth inviting Rhonda’s tongue in while feeling his body responding, his nipples becoming hard and a soft achy feeling blossoming in his groin.  He’d experimented a little in the shower and at night, enough to know what female arousal felt like and how satisfying an orgasm could be.  Now, suddenly, all he wanted was to get Rhonda alone and explore her delightful male body.  The empty achy feeling he’d learned to associate with feminine arousal intensified becoming a fire. 

“You’re ability to use Scott’s empathic skills is quite impressive.  I think you have a more subtle touch than he ever had.” 

Rhonda stroked Scott’s cheek with the back of her thick masculine hand, “I’ve been doing all of the exercises you gave me.”  Then she looked deeply into Scott’s eyes, “I really do love this male body of yours, sweetie.  Let’s make this swap permanent.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?  Did you know that your body has never had sex?  You’re a virgin!  I’d be willing to show you how grateful I am, if you agree to a permanent trade, all night long if you want.  I bet you’re a screamer.” 

Scott had been leaning into Rhonda’s hand, eyes half closed, and found himself nodding at her words.  The idea of a whole night alone with Rhonda sounded like heaven.  Then the words sank in and he pulled away breaking physical contact with Rhonda. 

“Wait, what?  Are you using my empathic ability on me?” 

“Of course not.  Your seduction talent only works on women after all.” 

It felt like the fog in his mind was lifting yet his body craved her touch.  He wanted nothing more than to bend over, hike up his dress, and give Rhonda full access to his moist pussy.  The image of Rhonda standing behind him, his dress flipped up and panties on the floor, as she rammed her massive tool into his hot sex made him tremble with need. 

“Fuck, no, I don’t want to make this permanent.”  He stepped further away shaking his head trying to clear it.

Scott glared at Rhonda.  He could still feel his nipples pressing aggressively against the fabric of his bra and he could almost smell the arousal from his soaking aching pussy.  He looked up and made eye contact with Rhonda and all at once he couldn’t look away.  Her blue eyes seemed to get deeper and brighter. 

“Scott, admit it.  You love the way your body feels.  Being a woman is as natural for you as breathing.  You know you want me to take you and show you the pleasures that your body has never known.  Why fight it?  Give me what I want and I promise I’ll have you screaming in delight.  You know you were born to be female.”

Scott trembled trying to fight the carnal desires filling his body.  An image swam into his mind, lying on his back in the bed in his room.  Rhonda between his legs using her mighty cock to bring him to one screaming orgasm after another.  He closed his eyes and took one calming breath after another clearing his mind with one of CCs mental techniques.  The pressure on his mind faded. 

“You’re an asshole Rhonda.  Stop using my power to mess with my mind.”  Then he glared at the doctor, “You two were hooking up, weren’t you?”

“That was very impressive Rhonda.  I’d say you have surpassed Scott in your ability to use his empathic gift.  If I were to put you in a bedroom with him and give you half a day I’m betting you’d have not only had sex with him but turned him into your willing servant.  He’d do anything to stay with you.”  Doctor White looked at Rhonda with a clearly satisfied expression.  “You’ve done very well with your training.” 

Scott stomped one foot.  “I never agreed to letting my body go around having sex.”

“Scott you are such a good girl.  You did a great job breaking down those blockers in only two days.  On top of that you resisted Rhonda’s empathic ability.  As a normal human girl I wouldn’t have thought that possible.  Well done.”  Scott felt a surge of happiness at the doctor’s words.  “However, good girls don’t ask impolite questions like that, you should be ashamed.” At Dr. White’s stern tone Scott felt his happiness evaporate and a lump form in his throat.  “Now, be a good girl. You have case files to study and a ballet lesson about to start.”

Scott felt embarrassed and ashamed of his outburst.  He was just frustrated and then he realized the doctor was right, he was behind on his homework.  He’d been so focused on breaking down the mental barriers he’d skipped his case study.  He needed to learn everything he could about Cindy, “Carnifex,” Snow.  Then he glanced at his wrist and the delicate feminine watch told him that if he didn’t hurry he’d miss a ballet lesson!  That would never do, he nodded and started to turn around when it hit him.  He didn’t need a ballet lesson.

“Damn it Doc!  You just did it to me.  That’s one of the compulsions CC built.  When you tell me to be a good girl I suddenly want to do whatever you suggest!  That is just wrong.  I want my body back.” 

Dr. White reached over and ran a small hand over Rhonda’s sculpted abs, “Hhmm . . . I don’t know.  Rhonda makes such a good Eros.  She takes power development more seriously than you.  For example, in the time she’s been a man she’s become a better fighter than you.  She’s used her projective empathy to sleep with several of the unattached female staff.  And, based on recent observation, she is a far better lover than any man I’ve ever been with.” 

Rhonda caught Debbie’s hand and moved it down to the growing bulge in her crotch.  “I had no idea how good a penis feels until you switched with me.  Factor in a nearly instant recovery time due to this body’s regeneration ability and I can have sex dozens of times a day.  My current record is five climaxes in one night.  That was with Susan, you remember her?  She’s a low level shapeshifter.  The two of you were friends with benefits back before you got tits and a pussy.  Anyway she wanted to know what I’ve been doing to get so much better in bed.”   

Scott made a fist with his hand and glared at Rhonda.  “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” 

“Of course.  Being a man is nice but a male mutant with B-Class physical powers is fantastic.  I understand why you want this body back.”  She turned to look at Doctor White who was still stroking Rhonda’s cock.  “Debbie wanted to test the limits of my recovery ability before you interrupted us.  I think I could do four climaxes per hour and keep that up for six or seven hours.  You could stay and help us test it, I’m not sure Debbie can take that much sex so I’ll need another partner or two.  But you’ll have to get naked and maybe put a bag over your head.” 

“Don’t be disgusting.”

Debbie looked up at Scott, “I’ll have CC swap you back when you make that request wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and no makeup and after you’ve studied Carnifex’s file.  Now shoo, good girls like you need to work on being graceful and feminine.” 

Scott nodded in defeat and didn’t try to fight the desire to go work on being more graceful.  It had taken two more days before he’d been able to put on a pair of jeans.  Another day before he could go without makeup.  On the seventh day he’d shown up with CC and asked to be swapped back.  When Dr. White had suggested that good girls didn’t want to be boys he’d told her to shut the fuck up and that he wasn’t a good girl.

Rhonda seemed disappointed when he and CC arrived to do the swap and for a moment he thought she might fight it. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to see what it feels like to have sex as a woman?  I know everything about that body and what it takes to please it.  Give me an hour and then if you still want to change back we’ll get CC.” 

Scott made sure not to make eye contact or allow Rhonda to touch him.  Even so he’d been tempted by her offer.  Then he remembered his powers and once he’d had his way with a woman he could get her to agree to almost anything, at least for a week or two.  His empathic influence faded over time.  ‘There is no way I can let her touch me.’ He thought.

“No I’m good.  CC change us back.” 

With that he’d fallen asleep.  He woke up back in his body and leapt to his feet. “YES!”  In the back of his mind he’d started to wonder if they were ever going to give him back his body.  It had been three more days before they’d got word that Carnifex was in town.  Fortunately for Scott the return to his body had been smooth and CC removed all the blocks.  He still caught Rhonda looking at him from time to time and he couldn’t tell if it was with lust for his body or desire to be him. 

Now he entered the rave and he could feel his senses being overwhelmed.  The noise was so loud, and the lights flashing all over made him want to throw up.  He took several deep breaths using techniques he’d learned to filter out the sensory overload. 

“She’s at the bar.  The end closest to the bathrooms.”

Rhonda’s comment came to Scott through the ear piece and he moved away from the door and through the crowd.  It took a few minutes but he saw a sexy red head wearing a black dress.  ‘Off the shoulders, plunging neckline, and it barely covers her crotch!  Damn she’s hot!’  Scott thought.  The pictures didn’t do Carnifex justice.  Scott reached up and got rid of the device in his ear and then moved to the bar.  A tall guy had already moved up next to her, not that it mattered.  Not being one to waste time he tapped the guy next to Carnifex on the shoulder. 

“Get lost buddy, the lady’s with me.” 

The guy turned and as soon as he did Scott saw he was a mutant.  His eyes were like those of a cat and there was something slightly off with his facial bones.  ‘A low powered physical mutation, probably a class A.’ 

“Why should I?  I just bought the lady a drink.  Why don’t you beat it before I beat you?”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Carnifex smirk and lean back to watch the men compete for her attention.  This obviously turned her on so Scott decided to make it good.  He grabbed the guy’s shoulder and started to squeeze. 

Just before the collar bone snapped the guy shouted, “Fuck!” and twisted away.  In the same movement he slashed a hand at Scott.  Time slowed down as his mutation kicked in and Scott saw the guy had one inch claws extending from the tips of each finger.  He leaned back so the slash missed and then careful not to hit too hard he punched the guy in the chin.  Abruptly, time seemed to resume its normal flow and the mutant spun around and collapsed to the floor. 

“Some mutants need to learn to respect there betters.”  He extended a hand, “I’m Scott.” 

“Cindy,” Carnifex said and Scott grinned at her Australian accent.  As their hands touched Scott activated his empathic ability.  Cindy lifted a red eyebrow.  “Really?  Physical mutation and empathic abilities?”

Scott was impressed, “How did you know.” 

“The way you moved just now made it easy.”  She tapped the bar stool next to her, “Have a seat.”   

As Scott climbed into the stool he saw a couple of bouncers make there way over.  Cindy waived at them and pointed to the guy still on the floor.  Without asking questions they picked him up and carried him toward the door. 

“I meant the empathic part.” Scott clarified.

“I’m a mutant too.  I have an exceptionally good shield so I felt it when you tried to use your talent on me.  I’d be offended, except that I really need a good fuck and you look like you’ll do nicely.” 

Cindy slid an arm through his, “I’ve got a hotel room a couple blocks away.  Come with me.” 

Scott knew better than to try to spot either Rhonda or Kevin.  They would be following looking for an opportunity for CC to knock Cindy out.  The walk to the hotel was quiet.  There was some traffic and a light mist but nothing like a real rain.  Scott thought about getting an Uber to protect Cindy from the water but when he glanced at her he saw that it wasn’t touching her.  Instead the rain stopped just before it hit her skin and ran off like she was wearing an invisible raincoat.

The cooler evening air and the mist felt refreshing to Scott after the heat, noise, and flashing lights inside the dance club.  Cindy was still holding his arm and abruptly Scott felt a wave of tingling energy flow over his skin from Cindy.  In a second she’d extended her shield to cover Scott. 

“There, no reason for either of us has to get wet.”  She flashed a sexy smile up at Scott, “Obviously you’re a mutant.  Have you been power tested?” 

“Naw, I don’t trust the government.  They’re happy to test and register every mutant they can but I’ve heard horror stories about them keeping track of you.” 

Cindy nodded, “Yeah, most developed countries want to keep track of those of us gifted with meta-human abilities.  What can you do?” 

Scott shrugged, “I’m strong, fast, my senses are sharp, and I’m pretty tough.  I heal quick, don’t get sick, and I can project emotions.  Although that skill isn’t very strong and seems to only work on women.” 

“What were you trying to do to me?”  Carnifex’s voice sounded amused. 

“Oh, I was going to push how much I’m attracted to you.  It doesn’t mean you’d just jump into bed with me but it does help.”  Then to change the subject he asked, “What about you?  Obviously, that shield is handy.  It stops the rain.  Do you have  a Psionic ability as well?” 

“I was power tested years ago.  I think the Australian government uses a different set of standards so I don’t know how it would translate here.  Yeah, the shield is pretty good.  I’m immune to almost everything.”  Then she giggled, “You were trying to emote a psi version of date rape at me.”

“No!  Of course not.  It doesn’t break down inhibitions or make you do something you don’t want to do.  My ability just helps . . . with seduction.” 

“For the record.  I enjoy sex.  If you’re good, I may keep you around.”

By this time they’d reached the hotel.  It wasn’t particularly fancy.  Each room had doors that opened directly to the parking lot and it only had two floors.  Cindy led Scott to the second floor and unlocked the door with an old fashioned metal key.  The room had a bed and a small table to one side.  Before Scott could take it in Cindy had wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body to his. 

“Kiss me you fool.”

Scott wasted no time pressing his lips to hers.  She tasted like mint and red wine, he slowly ran his hand down her bare back.  His fingers tingled a little as he ran them over her skin, ‘Is her shield still up?’  Then he moved on down to her tight bottom. 

“I need you.  Right now.” 

“Your wish is my command.”  Scott started to undue his belt but Cindy simply grabbed him around the waist and picked him up.  “What?” 

“Shush, don’t be a baby.” 

He could feel her shield around him as she carried him to the bed.  She dropped him onto his back and then she hiked up her dress.  She wasn’t wearing any panties and her hairless cunt already glistened with moisture.  Seeing his look she laughed. 

“If you were a human we’d have fucked in the bathroom.  I only bring mutants back for a bed.” 

She floated up over the bed and then Scott felt and heard his zipper moving.  “You’re also telekinetic?”

“Nope.  I can use my shield like an extension of me.  Right now I’ve got two long invisible hands unwrapping the goods.” 

Scott got his elbows under him in time to feel Cindy’s power grab his cock and expose it.  He was already semi-hard but her display was turning him on even more.  “Uhm, be careful?” 

“Hehehe . . . I thought you heal?  If I pull it off will a new one grow back?” 

“T-That’s not funny.” 

Cindy lowered herself to the bed straddling him.  Then she wrapped her hand around his dick.  For the first time since he met her Scott thought her shield might be down since her hand was hot on his meat.  She guided it to her moist entrance and he felt even more heat as sensitive skin met sensitive skin.  There was resistance and a slight popping sensation and then his dick was enveloped by her heat.   

“Ah, I needed this!”  Slowly, Cindy sank further and further down until Scott felt her clit rubbing the base of his shaft.  Eyes still closed she started rocking her hips up and down, “Mmmmm . . . right there.”  Energy grabbed his hips tilting them slightly and then working them up and down. 

“Feels great babe, but you’re doing all the work.” 

“You can help in a minute . . . I just need . . . ahhhhhhh” Her whole body shuddered and when her eyes flashed open they were glowing with a silver-white light.  “Ahhhh . . . you . . . need . . . to cum!” 

A force seemed to rip through Scott and he felt his balls clench up and then he felt it.  A powerful sensation raced through his dick, “OH, FUCK.” He moaned as he shot one long pulse after another into her depths.  Energy seemed to flow out of him and into Cindy along with his seed but Scott didn’t care.  The moment seemed to go on and on and Scott became lost in a world of carnal bliss.  When his senses returned he realized they floating a foot above the bed.  The energy faded and they slowly settled back onto the bed. 

Cindy looked down at him and grinned.  “That was nice.  You’re more powerful than I thought because that was a huge amount of energy.” 

“What?”  Scott could feel his heart racing, like he’d just run ten miles at his top speed, and his cock was still semi-hard and buried inside of Cindy.  “W-What was that?”

“I’ll let you in on a secret.  I feed off of sexual energy.  The more powerful the mutant the more energy I get.  Humans can give me a small boost, but you just loaded me up.”  Then she giggled twisting her hips and used an inner ring of muscles to squeeze his cock.  “Are we getting ready for round two?  How strong is your regeneration?” 

Scott reached up and ran a hand along her face.  He felt soft skin under his fingers for the first time and nodded.  “Keep doing that and I’ll be ready before you know it.  It feels like your shields are down?” 

“I like to use my power while having sex.  I like to see the fear or awe on my partners face.  Keeping a shield up keeps me safe but I enjoy feeling skin on skin.  Unzip me.” 

Scott reached around her back and tugged the zipper down.  Then Cindy lifted the dress up off her head.  For the first time Scott saw her full, magnificent breasts, with bright pink nipples the size of silver dollars. 

“No bra?  Not that I’m complaining.”

“Hehehehe . . . Why bother when I can use my power for support.”

He sat up and took one nipple into his mouth and sucked.  ‘I can’t wait until Rhonda is in her body.  I’m gonna love fucking her brains out on this Op!  It’ll give me a chance to show her how a real man fucks!’  With his other hand he softly messaged her other boob enjoying the feeling of soft luscious flesh. 

“Hmmm, nice.” 

Scott heard a soft click as the door opened but continued working Cindy’s nipple.  His dick now fully hardened and still deeply inside of her allowed him to start moving his hips up and down. 

“Ooohhhh . . . right there . . .”

Abruptly, Cindy collapsed forward and to one side.  Scott caught her and looked around to see CC standing in the door with Taser just behind him. 

“We have to move fast.  Carnifex’s contact in the Fists showed up right after you left.  Along with Hazard.”

“Hazard?  No way!” 

“Yup.  Rhonda has eyes on.  He’s the number two on the mutant most wanted list.  Rhonda called in for backup but we can’t afford to lose him.  She’s going to stay on him and directed us to execute plan B.” 

Scott rolled Cindy onto her back and pulled out as CC crossed the room.  He tried to sit up as CC reached down but instead of touching Cindy he rested his hand on Scott’s head.

“What? Plan B? Wai . . .”

Scott slumped to the bed next to Cindy, cock still standing proudly at attention.  “It’s too hard to do a swap while they’re awake.”  CC muttered.  Taser’s back was to the room as he peered out the door into the parking lot.  CC closed his eyes placing one hand on Cindy’s head and the other on Scott’s.  

Taser reached up to touch the ear piece in his right ear and then spoke into the mike attached to the lapel of his jacket.  “Copy all.” He glanced over his shoulder at CC and then back out at the parking lot.  “Make it quick CC.  Hazard left the club.  Rhonda is keeping a discreet tail but this could go sideways fast.  She needs help.” 

Then he continued, “Pretty clever of Eros, letting us know her shield was down.  I thought this mission was a fail when you tried to knock her out from the hallway and nothing happened.” 

“It’s not my fault, she was in range, but my power wouldn’t work.  We thought she was a telekinetic.  We didn’t know she has some kind of energy shield ability.”

  “No worries little man.  You have her mind?  How long can you hold her?” 

“I can hold up to five minds but only for a few minutes.  I can hold one or two minds for about an hour.  Now let me focus.” 


CC closed his eyes.  He had both minds now and he pushed Scott into the sexy red-head’s body.  Then he examined Cindy’s mind copying and adding as much as he dared to Scott.  This was delicate work.  Add too much and it could cause a split personality too little and Scott would make a mistake and be discovered.  Normally this took time but time was limited.  CC blocked Scott’s natural masculine mannerisms and added Cindy’s.  He blocked Scott’s speech pattern and overlaid Cindy’s giving him her sexy Australian accent.  Next he copied the skills Cindy had developed in the use of her power.  Finally he moved on to memories.  This was the hardest part.  They had to remain separate from Scott’s memories but accessible when he needed them. 

   CC stood up a little shaky and looked tired as he moved away from the bed.  “It’s done.  Harder than I thought it would be.  I had to rampage through Carnifex’s mind taking what I needed.  I’m not sure what I did to her but I gave Scott the best chance I could.” 

“It’ll have to be enough.  Wake him up, and then we’ve got to take his body and get out of here.”

CC nodded and then focused on the sexy red head, “Eros, wake up!” 

“. . . it one damn minute.”  Scott froze his cute feminine lips making an “O” in shock at the sound of his voice. 

 ‘Rhonda!  Bitch I bet you somehow set this up.’  He slowly sat up feeling a heavy weight shift on his chest and a euphoric ache in his crotch.  In fact his whole body burned with energy and carnal bliss. 

“What the fuck is going on?”  The soft menace in his new feminine voice got the attention of the two men in the room.  Without thinking about it he grabbed a bedsheet to cover his feminine assets. 

“Eros, the quick explanation is that just after we left the club Rhonda spotted Hazard.  She’s is tailing him but doesn’t have any backup yet.  We have to go.  You know how dangerous he is.  Rhonda directed us to go with plan B since you were already in bed with Carnifex rather than abort.  The Agency is scrambling to put together a strike team to take down Hazard so you are going to be on your own for a few hours.  You need to get back to the club.  Carnifex’s contact with the Fists showed up at the same time as Hazard.  Luckily it looks like a coincidence and they aren’t working together.  Check in when you get a chance.  Now we’ve gotta move.” 

Scott noticed something hot and sticky running down his inner thigh and grimaced.  “Of course, I understand.  But I want out of this body as soon as we can make an exchange.”  Then his professionalism kicked in, “I assume you’re holding Cindy’s mind?  Putting her into my body is a bad idea.”  

“Of course.”  CC nodded.  “I’ve also done my best to give you as much of Cindy as I could.  Remember your training.  You’ll need to practice her skills and use the psionic-disciplines I showed you to access her memories.” 

Taser crossed the room and paused looking down at Scott’s male naked body and it’s slowly softening cock.  “Do you want to-er-cover your-uhm-body before I take you down to the van?” 

For a moment Scott glared at Taser then standing up he wrapped the sheet around his busty form and scooped Cindy’s dress from the floor.  “Get out.  I’ll get to the club as soon as I clean up.”  His every movement looked natural and feminine.   

Taser looked over at CC.  “I’m not touching it.”

“Oh, for the love of god.” 

CC moved over to Eros’s unconscious body and laid a hand on his neck.  Scott’s eyes blinked.  Then he sat up.  CC was careful to maintain contact as Scott’s body stood up and then moving woodenly climbed into Scott’s discarded clothes. 

“I can control his body as long as I’m touching him.  Now come on, we need to get back to the van.” 




Scott looked into the mirror and slowly ran the tips of his tiny fingers over his smooth features.  The sexy red-head moved to match each gesture.  He didn’t want to believe what his eyes told him but his every sense was assaulted with feminine stimulus.  The weight of his soft breasts, much larger than the ones he’d had while in Rhonda’s body, the scent of Cindy Snow’s lavender and vanilla perfume mingled with the strong smell of sex, and the taste of the red wine she’d been drinking lingered on Scott’s tongue. 

“Fuck.  I’m Cindy Snow.  Carnifex.”  For the first time Scott realized that in addition to Cindy’s soft alto he’d inherited her Australian accent.  “What did CC do to me?”  He wondered and then felt more cum run down his leg.  “Eewww . . .” 

He quickly grabbed a wash cloth and getting it wet used it to clean up his new female crotch and thighs.  As he did he couldn’t help noticing that his whole body felt energized.  His senses were almost as sharp as they’d been in his own body and there was a knot of energy in his center.  He glanced over at the dress in the corner and suddenly it floated, spun around, and then the zipper slid down. 

It took him a moment to realize that his shield was up and that without really thinking about it he’d extended an invisible set of hands to pick up the dress.  Then it floated over to him and he lifted his arms allowing it to slip down his arms.  Once settled he caused the zipper to slide up the dress that now caressed his soft skin.  At the same time he knew there was a layer of energy between him and the dress. 

He gave his reflection a look and then an invisible brush swept through his hair.  Not trusting his control Scott stepped to the counter next to the sink and spent a few minutes refreshing his makeup.  He noticed that Cindy was a minimalist not needing a lot of beauty products to enhance her natural looks.  Once done he returned to the bedroom and was happy to see that CC, Taser, and his body were gone. 

“Okay.  Her powers seem to be coming to me naturally.  I wonder if CC had anything to do with that?”  He looked around the room spotting Carnifex’s shoes.  “I just need to go back and meet the Fist contact and see what it is they wanted with Cindy.” 




“What took so long?”  Agent Torres asked jumping into the back of the van. 

“I had to do the swap and then make a few adjustments.  Also, did you know Carnifex can shield her mind?” 

Rhonda nodded at Taser before looking at CC, “Shield her mind?  No, that wasn’t in any of our reports.”  She glanced down at the comatose body of Eros.  “How’d he take the change of plans?” 

“Not great, but he’s got his game face on.  He does want to be swapped out as soon as possible.” Kevin noted, eyes locked forward watching the run down bar with graffiti on the walls.  “Hazard is in there?” 

“Yeah, and the backup team is 20 minutes out.” 

“Agent Torres, I need to do something with Cindy’s mind.”  At Rhonda’s questioning look he continued. “We did the swap thirty minutes ago.  It took more out of me than it should have.  Carnifex’s power was fully amped and even with her shield down it was harder than it should have been to pull her out of her body.  Then I had to try to help Scott.  I’m just saying I don’t know how much longer I can hold her.  I doubt I can last twenty minutes.” 

“We can’t put her in Eros’s body.” Kevin noted.  “If she managed to wake up it would ruin the stakeout at a minimum.” 

“I could keep her knocked out.”

“We could use the additional firepower that Eros’s body brings particularly if we have to fight Hazard.”  Rhonda looked into CC’s eyes.  “Put me into Eros and Carnifex into me.  Then keep my body knocked out.” 

“Are you sure?  We don’t know how long before we can swap you out if you do this?” 

“Yeah, I’m sure.  I spent a week as Eros, a few days until we can swap him with me won’t be a problem.”

“I’d rather have Rhonda here using Scott’s abilities if Hazard spots us.” Kevin added sounding edgy. 

With that Rhonda lay down next to Scott’s body.  Then her body went still.  CC reached down and pressed a hand into each of their foreheads.  He remained focused for several seconds before letting out a deep sigh.  CC leaned back and rubbed his temples, “Fuck, I’m tired.” 

“You done?”


“Then wake up Torres.  I can use Eros’ help.” 

A moment later Scott’s male body groaned and sat up.  “God.  As often as we’ve practiced that it still feels weird to wake up in a different body.”  Then she stretched and grinned.  “At least it’s a body I’m familiar with.”  She looked over at CC, “You gonna be okay?” 

“Yeah.  I’m going to close my eyes for a few minutes.” 

“Sure thing pal.”  Rhonda moved up to the front of the van and settled into the passenger seat before looking at Taser.  “Kevin, once the backup team gets here we’ll need to come up with a plan to take him down.  Thoughts?” 




CC looked into the room from behind a glass wall.  Cindy, now in Rhonda’s body was sitting at a table her legs shackled to the chair she was in and her hands chained to a heavy metal grommet set into the heavy metal table.  The table was bolted to the floor.    The wall directly across from Cindy looked like a mirror to her and had two uses.  The first was that it allowed the team to stand in this room and observe what was going on in the interrogation room.  The second was that it forced the person in the chair to look into their reflection. 

Cindy had been left to stare for over an hour.  Watching her wake up, dazed and confused had been interesting.  Then she saw her reflection and thought it was another person for a moment.  She’d pulled at the handcuffs unsuccessfully trying to break free and that’s when CC figured she realized she didn’t have her powers.  She’d struggled, screamed, cried, and begged to be released.  At last she’d grown calm. 

“Time to talk to our guest.”  Rhonda chuckled and left the room. 

CC’s head still hurt from all the use of his powers.  He’d been forced to do three transfers in under an hour, hold one mind for most of that time, and try to give Eros as much help as he could in going undercover in Cindy’s body.  Blocks and compulsions always took a bit out of him but grafting in selected skills and copying memories was much harder.  His powers were in many ways weaker than a lot of telepaths.  He had to be touching his target if he were going to really use his gift.  Where most telepath’s could copy a memory, plant a new one, build a block or a compulsion in addition to a number of separate abilities like controlling the target without having to touch the victim. 

Even though he had to be touching a target for everything except his sleep skill CC’s strength was in the volume of mental data he could process.  Holding an entire mind inside his was almost unheard of . . . much less five.  Being able to put a mind into a different body was also unique.  However, CC lacked the skill and finesse to easily sort through and pick specific memories to copy.  A few powerful telepaths could rifle through a victim mind picking out the desired information in a few minutes.  He’d always envied that ability.  If he were in the interrogation room and if he was touching Cindy, then as Rhonda questioned her he’d see her memories.  It was useful but limited.  The problem was that he was still exhausted. 

CC had known for this operation to work he’d have to move memories from Cindy to Rhonda.  He’d been ready for that but moving them to Scott had turned out to be much harder particularly since Carnifex’s talent tried to interfere.  Instead of looking for specific memories he’d picked events that were important to Cindy and copied them.  Then he’d grabbed all of her memories from the last two weeks and gave them to Scott.  He just hoped it would be enough. 

The problem for Scott would be that he only had a week of practice accessing planted memories and he hadn’t yet been taught nearly enough psionic tricks.  CC had focused on training Rhonda.  They would have to make arrangements to get Scott some training or swap Rhonda into Carnifex’s body as soon as possible.  Even though it had been a rush job CC was proud of how he’d set up Scott’s mind.  If another telepath were to take a look, assuming they could get through Carnifex’s shield, Cindy’s personality template would be on top along with the last two weeks’ worth of memories.  To get anything else they’d have to dig into Scott’s mind.  The whole operation had stretched CC’s abilities to the limit. 

CC let out a sigh.  This Op was barely in motion and was already getting out of hand, particularly since they’d lost Hazard.  That bit of news hadn’t gone over with leadership very well.  Then CC grinned as he watched Rhonda start talking to Cindy.  After he’d woken up from his nap he’d spent some time working on Cindy, before he pulled her out of her coma.  At Rhonda’s direction he’d added a blocker or two that should help keep Cindy quiet and anonymous.  The tech guys had taken Rhonda’s DNA, prints, picture and built a new criminal identity one that would stand up to any level of government scrutiny.  It was best for everyone if no one knew who was in jail. 

Rhonda entered the room and moved to stand at one end of the table forcing Cindy to turn her head away from the mirror to look at Rhonda. 


“Cindy Snow, Carnifex, how does it feel to be a normal human?” 

Cindy glanced at her reflection before turning to glare at Rhonda.  There had been a brief hint of panic in that peek.  “YOU!  What did you do to me? And why?  I thought we were having fun!” 

“My name is Scott Irons, and it should be obvious.  I went undercover in that bar for the sole purpose of arresting you.  I’m an agent with a special government mutant affairs organization.”  Rhonda flashed Scott’s badge and credentials.  “You are guilty of a number of crimes, including murder, assault, and terrorism.”

“Not in this country.”

Rhonda ignored the interruption, “We’re going to send you to a special facility known as the Hole.  You will remain there until we need that body.  You will then be given another body and returned to the hole.  This will happen until you die.”  Rhonda said improvising and enjoying the look of shock on her former face. 

“No, that’s not possible.  Give me my body back.” 

“That’s not going to happen, ever.  You’re body and mutant abilities are too powerful for us to allow you to continue to abuse them.” 

“I-I’ll tell you anything you want to know.  I can explain how the Fists are getting drugs into the country.” 

“If we have the ability to put your mind into that body, don’t you think we can learn everything we need to know directly from your mind?”  Rhonda leaned down to look at her former body.  “There is nothing you can offer us that we can’t take with an Agency telepath.  What we really want to know is why the Fists are hiring powerful international mutant mercenaries.  What do they need so much muscle for?  Sadly, you don’t know.  But that’s okay, because the new Cindy Snow, Carnifex, will figure it out and pass that information on to us.” 

“I’m Carnifex!”  Cindy glared up at Rhonda.  “Fine. You need me to do the double agent thing?  Fine I’ll do it.  Now give me my body back.”

Rhonda grinned evilly down at Cindy making eye contact and pushing a sense of hopelessness and fear into her empathically.  “Give a known murderer a powerful mutant body?  I saw videos of what you did in Perth.  I think not.  Besides the current Cindy loves her body and powers.  She hated that body and couldn’t wait to escape it.” Rhonda gestured to Cindy, “You’ve seen what you now look like.  That body is physically fit, for a normal human, but it’s butt ugly.  There’s not a man alive who’d fuck you now.  Your nose is too big, tits are too small, and you don’t have those luscious feminine curves anymore.”  Rhonda leaned forward putting both hands on the table keeping eye contact.  “The new Cindy absolutely adores her looks and her new body.  I had to pull her away from the mirror.”

Rhonda’s former face was filled with horror and she tried to shake her head in denial.  Rhonda cupped Cindy’s chin, with a powerful masculine hand, making contact and forcing her to look into Rhonda’s eyes.  She empathically pushed a feeling of low self-esteem and inadequacy.  No man would ever find her attractive in that body. 

“If she succeeds in her mission she will be allowed to keep Cindy Snow’s sexy body for the rest of her life.  So, trust me when I saw, the new Cindy is highly motivated.”

Cindy whole body started shaking she tried to disavow what Rhonda told her but every inch of her new body felt . . . Weak.  Normal.  Ugly.  She closed her eyes breaking the eye contact Rhonda was using to push her empathically.  “No, no, no, no . . . give me back my power . . . my beautiful body . . .” 

“The only reason we’ve been having this conversation was so that I could look you in the eye and explain what was about to happen.  To make sure that even though there won’t be a trial you’ve had your day in court.  That and to say; Protocol 19-94-A.”

Cindy’s body went stiff as the mental block and compulsions CC had planted before waking her up took effect.  Abruptly, she slumped in her chair, drool dribbling from the corner of her mouth.  Then she blinked, shook her head, and slowly straightened up.

“Tell me your name.” 

Cindy looked up, “I’m Jane Smith.” 

“Are you a mutant?”

“I was.  Until my powers were blocked.”  Her voice sounded slightly unsure, but CC was confident that she was unaware of her actual answers. 

“Is this your normal, original, body?”


“Excellent.  Enjoy prison Jane.”  With that Rhonda turned around and left the room. 




“Explain to me again how this happened?”  Director Cox asked.

“Once Eros had made contact with the target, Carnifex, I spotted Joel Banks, a.k.a. Hazard enter the bar.” 

“You were the only one to spot Hazard?”

“Yes.  The team, Agent Kevin Brown and Chris Collins were trailing Agent Irons to the hotel.  I was the last to leave and that’s when I saw, and was able to make a positive ID on Hazard.” 

“That’s when you made the tactical decision to move to plan B and tail Hazard while calling for a backup team?”

“Yes, sir.” 

“But when the team arrived and assaulted the bar Hazard was gone?”

“Yes, sir.  We were in front and the bar has a back entrance.” 

“Isn’t it SOP to stakeout both entrances?”

“Yes sir.  However, Agent Collins was out cold from his exertions.  With Hazard being a B9 mutant splitting up the team seemed like a good way to get the team terminated.”

“Unless Hazard could identify you, which is doubtful, you should have moved into the bar to keep him under positive surveillance.” 

“Sir, Agent Brown is known to Hazard and I’d just been swapped into Eros.  I wasn’t confident that I could handle Hazard on my own.” 

“Of course not.  But you could have kept him under surveillance.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Director Cox stood up from the desk where he’d been sitting and Rhonda stood up.  “Damn it Torres.  This is a mess.  Finding and losing Hazard is bad.  That he is in Seattle means he’s up to something here.  Whenever he shows up dead bodies follow.”  The director shook his head, “I’m tempted to pull back our agents and notify the Governor.  We could flood the city with police and federal law enforcement augmented with government mutants.”

“Sir, flooding the area with agents would only tip Hazard off and the Fists would just shut down and move business elsewhere.  My team can still infiltrate the Fists, particularly with CC’s abilities.” 

The director glared at Rhonda.  “CC’s abilities are black ops.  No one can know about his abilities or that you aren’t the real Scott “Eros” Irons.  I’ve directed CC to adjust Taser’s memories.  He thinks the swap went off as originally planned.  Then the Hazard sighting happened.  He thinks you are Eros, and that the three of you responded and Hazard got away while you waited.  There are only four of us who know what’s going on, keep it that way.” 

“Yes, sir.  I’ll make contact with Carnifex.  The plan was to introduce Eros as her lover.  With CC’s help Scott and I can switch places.” 

“No.  CC’s skills are needed in D.C..  You didn’t think this was the only operation the Agency has going, did you?  For the rest of this mission you’ll have to be Agent Scott, Eros, Irons.  I expect you to assume his identity, CC can help if you need it before he leaves for D.C..  Now, has RHONDA made contact yet?”

“No, sir.” Rhonda lied.  “She’s moved out of the hotel Carnifex was using.  We assume she made contact with the Fists while we were chasing Hazard.  She knows protocol.  As soon as it’s safe she’ll make contact.” 

“Fine.  Notify me as soon as she does.  Stick with the new plan.  You’re Carnifex’s lover and boytoy.  Oh, and Rhonda, no more screw ups.  Now get out of my office.”   

Rhonda turned around had marched out of the Director’s office.  As she did she relaxed into a roguish grin.  ‘It worked.  Holy shit, it worked.  Fools.  Hazard was never there.  It was all a rouse to go with plan B.  This body is better than that of a wanted mercenary.  Eros had a reputation as a playboy and adequate agent.  That can’t change over night but I’ll be a much better agent than he ever was! I can’t wait to see the look on Scott’s cute little face the first time I stick my dick in him! 




Scott arrived at the club and looked around trying to absorb it all without being overwhelmed.  Everything looked bigger and the looks he got from the men gave him the oddest feeling.  He was thrilled by the obvious interest while being terrified at what their interest meant.  He focused on the psionic skill he’d learned from CC and tried to access some of Cindy’s recent memories.  A name and face floated to the font of his mind.  Armed with this information he made his way through the club, searching. 

“Hey, babe, wanna dance?”

“No.  Thanks.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

Scott pressed ahead.  The club was crowded and he had trouble seeing over everyone else.  ‘I haven’t been this short since junior high.’ An image of floating a few feet off the ground and looking around flashed through Scott’s mind.  In an instant he knew he just had to will it and the shield that covered him like a second skin would lift him into the air.  He suppressed the desire.  He didn’t want to draw more attention than he was already getting. 

Scott made it to the bar and climbed up onto a stool.  This gave him a better view of the club.  The bartender was busy so rather than demand a drink Scott used the time to search for his contact.  Abruptly he spotted Frank Chen.  Maybe thirty, good looking athletic body, and if Cindy’s memories were correct of Filipino and Chinese heritage.  He was a mutant as most of the Fists were.  A low powered Class B mutant shapeshifter.  He could shift his hands into blades and after studying traditional Filipino Eskrima he was quite deadly.

He was sitting at the other end of the bar so Scott gave him Cindy’s best lascivious wink.  Frank nodded and then got up and casually made his way over to Scott sliding into an empty stool next to him.  Cindy had been sure that Frank Chen was a fake name but Scott wasn’t sure.  The case file indicated that Solomon Chen was the leader of the Fists, this Frank person might be related.  Frank had given Scott a lustful look. 

“I must say, Miss Carnifex, you look delicious.” 

“Just Carnifex.  I’m not a lady.  I’ve already eaten tonight but you do look yummy.  Perhaps after our business is done we can have a little fun.” 

“In that case.  I have a car waiting.  Would you care to accompany me?  It will be better if we talk business in private.”

“Lead the way.” 

Scott felt a surge of satisfaction when they both stood up and he realized he was taller than Chen.  Scott allowed Frank to guide him through the club pressing a hand ito Scott’s lower back.  Scott tried to hit the right amount of sexy vixen and professional mercenary so he didn’t react when Chen slid his hand down to cup one of Scott’s perfect lower cheeks while they waited for the car. 

In a few minutes they were seated in the back of a limo facing each other with Scott on the bench facing forward while Frank had his back to the driver.  Scott noticed Frank couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of Scott’s tits.  Feeling playful Scott arched his back a little straining the dress.  ‘I had no idea a pair of boobs had so much power.’

“Where to sir?” 

Frank looked up into Scott’s face and lifted an eyebrow. 

“Just drive around.”  Scott answered.  Then added, “Now, to business?”

“Very well.  We are putting together a team for a job here in the States.  We need mutants not connected with the Fist’s.  How does a hundred grand for one week of your time sound?” 

“Like half of what I’m worth and like I’ll mostly be bored and irritated.  I don’t play well with others.” 

Frank pulled out a flip phone.  “Fine, two hundred.  Turn this on at noon tomorrow you’ll get instructions.” 

Without thinking Scott grabbed the phone with Cindy’s power causing it to float up out of Frank’s hand and into his then he gave Frank a hard look.  I’ll send an account number to an international account.  It’s secure and untraceable.  I want the full amount by noon tomorrow or the deals off.” 

“Half up front and half upon completion.” 


Scott gave him a hard look and extended a shield over Frank holding him immobile.  Then he cut off the flow of air.  Frank wanted to struggle but he couldn’t move Scott even felt him try to activate his talent but the shield was so tight over his hands all he accomplished turning them to steel. 

The guard in the front of the car looked into the rearview mirror and locked eyes with Scott.  Then his eyes went wide when he realized something was going on. 

“Don’t do anything or I’ll kill you.” 

Then Scott glanced at Frank sitting immobile and slowly turning red.  After counting to twenty Scott relaxed the shield on Frank’s mouth allowing him to talk and breathe.   

“Fucking bitch!  I’m part of the Fists of Anarchy!  You don’t want to mess with us!”

“I’m Carnifex.  I’m wanted on three continents and I’ve killed hundreds of men like you.  I don’t barter.  I state a price and you accept.  If you refuse, I walk.  Now this is a very simple question, do you want my services?” 

After a moment Frank responded angrily, “Yes.” 

“Then by noon tomorrow the money will be in this account.”  With that Scott pulled a card from Carnifex’s purse and dropped it on the seat next to Frank.  “Goodnight.” 

With that Scott opened the door and even though they were moving he willed his power to lift him into the dark sky flying away from the car while simultaneously releasing Frank.  ‘Being a chick sucks, but I could get used to these powers.’ He thought enjoying the sudden freedom of the open sky.  Scott returned to the hotel and using the room’s phone called the number he’d memorized for making contact with the Agency.  After using his PIN to authenticate instead of getting a person he was directed to leave a message.  

“This is Firefly,” he said using the code name they’d asked Rhonda to use once she was in Carnifex’s body.  “I’ve made initial contact and need a face-to-face with my back up as soon as possible.  I need a covert extraction.”  The he hung up.

He knew the odds were low that Rhonda or Taser would get the message in the next few minutes.  An agency analysist would get it.  That person would have no idea who he was or what mission he was on.  If he said he wanted CC to swap him out of Cindy’s body it would have violated too many security protocols.  He glanced around the room doing a quick mental inventory. 

“Carnifex travels light.”  He collected up the items Cindy had brought and focusing on her recent memories to his surprise he realized she had a cargo van parked a couple of blocks away.  He hurried to it and one look told him he’d had the wrong impression.  The bags of clothes, makeup, and piles of . . . stuff indicated she didn’t travel light. 

He got onto I-5 north and headed out of Seattle.  After ninety minutes Scott could feel his body growing tired.  He still had a burning knot of energy deep inside, energy he assumed he’d got from having sex.  He could also feel the energy shield buzzing along his skin and his body glowed with post sexual bliss.  But he was physically tired and knew he’d be lucky to keep his eyes open much longer.  It had been a long night and he needed rest.  Scott spotted a rest area that looked particularly secluded.  He searched Cindy’s memories and discovered that in addition to food and water the van carried sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, several bags of clothes, and cash.   Nights in Washington in early summer aren’t too bad and without wasting time he climbed into a sleeping bag and crashed.    

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Fun Read

terrynaut's picture

This is good stuff, with some nice depth. I really like the twists you've added.

The only predictable thing about this story was that Scott would end up as Cindy, and I didn't mind predicting that. The rest has been all fun surprises. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks and kudos (number 24).

- Terry


I'm glad your enjoying it. There is much more to come!


had a feeling Rhonda was

had a feeling Rhonda was lying, it just seemed to convenient for her to have a reason not to be there for the swap with Cindy


Makes you wonder how much she'll be trusted by the other agents and by Scott. I plan to post Ch 3 no later than Saturday.


I had a feeling the female agent...

would pull something to get his body and stick him in the Aussie terrorists body. Now she plans to f**k him as her and get control. I wonder if she realizes just how dangerous that attempt will be for her as him. I love the story. Great job.

I am a Proud mostly Native American woman. I am bi-polar. I am married, and mother to three boys. I hope we can be friends.

How will . . .

Rhonda seems to like being a man, or is it the power that comes with her mutant body? How does Scott deal with his new body? Will he agree to have sex . . . with anyone? You'll have to wait and see.